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Architecture Photography

You’re walking down the street when you glimpse the most stunning of buildings. Amazed, you whip out your phone and take a picture. By doing so, you’ve just engaged in architecture photography, a form of photography that focuses its composition on man-made buildings. From skyscrapers to huts, architecture photography seeks to capture the nature and reality of the buildings around us.

Architecture photography has a number of commercial and private purposes. For starters, it’s a primary resource used by real estate agents and companies to sell properties and advertise their brands. It’s also used as an education resource. Perhaps most interestingly, architecture photography is used to show off the form or nature of man-made architecture. If you’ve got an affinity for buildings and for picture taking, architecture photography may be your thing. This form of photography employs several techniques and emphasizes light, angles, and contrast to obtain the perfect shot. Each composition is largely determined by the nature of the shot. This means that the way you shoot a building will change based on the age, size, and purpose of the building.

What’s more, architecture photographers are tasked with finding the right balance between context and no-context in their shots. In many cases, architecture photography presents the viewer with straightforward shots of man-made buildings. In other cases, however, shots may artistically juxtapose these buildings with the building’s natural surroundings. Whether or not to include this context is up to the photographer and is determined by the purpose of the shot and nature of the composition.

If you’re looking to get into architecture photography, there are a number of tips you should keep in mind: play with your lighting, shoot at night, and use a longer lens, for starters.