31 Outstanding Auckland Wedding Photographers (2024)

Your wedding day is approaching and you don’t have a photographer? Don’t worry, let's find you the perfect Auckland Wedding Photographer!

Weddings are all about love, commitment, and joy. They are one of the most precious occasions in a person’s life, the occasion they have thought of from a young age. This is the one day for which people plan for months and sometimes, even years and you would definitely need the perfect Auckland wedding photographer to capture these moments.

So much is the significance of this day that one puts their life’s savings into making it memorable. However, it comes to an end. Like all other good things, your wedding day will end and your married life will begin.

It’s going to be full of fun and joy, and beauty and happiness. The excitement and rush are all worth it until, one day, all start settling down. That’s when wedding pictures come into play. 

Wedding pictures add an element of unforeseeable joy to your good, not-so-good, and bad days. They are the reminders of the big day, the beautiful day when a new chapter in your life began. The pieces of glossy paper that once captured moments now smell like nostalgia.

You will show these pictures to your kids. Just think of them looking in awe at their parents’ younger days full of fun and joy. They will admire and learn from you, and picture themselves in your place someday. The wedding album will serve as a family heirloom being passed to each new generation. The hard-bound cover now serves as the gateway to another world, the one filled with love, happiness, and nostalgia. 

This is why you want your wedding pictures and videos to be unbelievably amazing. They are an investment, and the only way to make them worthy is to hire a good photographer.

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Kiri Marsters Photography

Kiri and Sunny are wedding photographers and videographers who capture over 45+ weddings a year. This husband-wife duo aims to tell your love story through candid, intimate, and unique moments that feel natural and enjoyable. These sentiments are reflected in your gallery and film.

Well-known for their expertise in wedding photography Auckland, Kiri and Sunny keep it lighthearted and fun to help take the stress out of your day. One thing to mention here is that, while they’re based in Auckland, they have experience in capturing weddings all over the country and the world.

They understand your situation and try to make the best out of it. They focus on people but also make sure to capture every other detail that makes your wedding day. Yes, you may include some crazy dance moves here!

If that sounds like something you might want, do go through their portfolio. If you like their style, they will be honored to be part of your special day. 

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Valo Photo & Cinema

Another good example of Auckland wedding photographer, Valo Photo & Cinema focuses on natural, documentary-style imagery. They are wedding photographers and videographers who are all about highly personalized narrative wedding pictures and videos. 

They prefer honest storytelling with an almost journalistic approach. So, they will interfere as little as possible on the day. 

Their style with both photography and videography is to capture those small moments that happen between the big ones, to find the art in the ordinary. It suits people who appreciate a good laugh and don’t take themselves too seriously. 

The most important thing for Valo Photo & Cinema is that you’re having a great time. They want you to enjoy the day fully assured that all those precious moments are being captured. The result will be a selection of timeless imagery that you will cherish for years to come, stories that make your wedding uniquely yours

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MS Photography

This Auckland wedding photographer specializes in portraits, weddings, and promotional photography that capture your brand, everyday moments, and those very special occasions in life.

MS Studio has always loved being creative and photography has been a life-long passion for them, so you often find them, camera in hand, a smile on their face, ready to shoot!

They very much enjoy photographing people and love weddings – the romance, tears, laughter, excitement, all of it. They consider it a real honor to be part of people’s most important day in life and being able to bring across the emotions and stories to remember forever.

MS Studio’s style of photography is relaxed and candid, meaning that they like to observe and capture natural moments rather than creating overly staged shots. They work with you to create the photographs you want and, if you’re a bit camera shy, do not worry. They will make sure the process is fun rather than stressful.

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Natalie Pasco Photography

Natalie Pasco Photography provides affordable wedding photography in New Zealand, mainly weddings in the Auckland and Bay of Plenty areas. 

Their clients may have already been married before or engaged for several years and mainly want a nice relaxed wedding, without the fuss! This is what they aim to ensure.

Well known for her expertise in wedding photography in Auckland, Natalie is a true gem. She is observant and has learned from her experience that many of the clients don’t like to be center stage and pose. They want her to capture candid moments while they enjoy their wedding day and spend time with their guests. 

So, she makes sure that they do that rather than spending hours away offsite with her. This Auckland wedding photographer captures the basics of a wedding and will provide you with one of the best affordable packages. 

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Dear White Productions

Dear White Productions is run by Daniel, another valuable Auckland wedding photographer. If you’re looking for paparazzi for the day then he is not the right guy for you. However, if you want someone high on life (and self-diagnosed crazy), can crack a joke, and is more of a friend than just a photographer, then look no further. You are at the right spot!

Daniel loves and specializes in capturing those real, intimate, and raw moments. He feels that those are what will help bring back memories in the years to come! Whether it’s your uncle singing “I WILL WALK 500 MILES” or your entire family doing the Macarena, those are the memories and images you’ll want to share and look back on.

And when the time is right to get a few of those epic shots to hang on your wall, Daniel will make sure you know exactly what to do to look like you both walked right out of a magazine! No need to stress about “I look derp in front of a camera!” because Daniel has got your back!

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Kalkoff Photography

Kalkoff Photography is all about getting inspired by people, their connections, and their nature. 

Sebastian is a photographer who loves capturing your connections above all else. 

Your wedding photographs will forever be your window into one of the most special days of your life. They will serve as your memory when words can’t describe the emotions you felt. That’s why your gallery will be timeless, emotional, and unapologetically reflective of you and your relationship. 

That’s where Sebastian will help you. He loves to photograph all over the North and South Island of New Zealand but calls the winterless north his home. The landscapes and cities provide the perfect backdrop for love. Whether you love the stillness of the rainforest, the tranquility of the coast, or the glitz of the big city, there’s something for everyone. 

Capturing your love in your element will leave you with memories and images you treasure forever. So, contact Kalkoff Photography to make your images timeless, fun, and all about you and your love.

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Roy Wang Photography and Video:

Roy Wang began his journey as an Auckland wedding photographer in 2012 after he finished his Master’s study in Hamilton. Since then, he has spent many summers capturing those special moments and precious memories for numerous couples and families. He has photographed over 500 weddings and pre-weddings for many happy couples.

His photography style is natural and he loves to capture the real moments of the wedding day. He specializes in the fine art of capturing candid moments in natural-light settings. 

Roy also specializes in creative, timeless wedding videography with a modern and candid appeal. His team of videographers has 7+ years of experience in wedding videography. They understand that Wedding Videography is so much more than documenting an event. They aim to capture your day as naturally and candidly as possible

With his creative, qualified professional background in wedding photography and photo editing, Roy feels on hand to help you create magical wedding memories. He feels blessed to be doing what he loves!

So, contact Roy Wang Photography for the best wedding photography Auckland services.

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Passion and Glow Photo + Video

Passion and Glow Studio is run by Matt & Amy – a husband and wife photography and videography team.

The couple’s photography style is natural, emotive, and passion-filled. They are all about capturing your big day in a story-telling approach, fueled by their passion for capturing weddings.

Matt and Amy work together as a team to capture every aspect of your love story, from getting ready until the first dance. They have got photos & videos all sorted for you through their various packages. They are also happy to customize them!.

Nature photography is another one of their specialties. So, they love to incorporate sunsets and even the stars into their work. So, if the idea of being photographed under the Milky Way with all the stars appeals to you, contact Passion and Glow Studio. They assure you the best services for wedding photography Auckland.

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Liam Soul Photo:

Liam is another top Auckland wedding photographer. He calls himself a professional third wheel, adventurous storyteller, and the one who captures moments of the wildly in love. 

He will be there for all those raw, intimate moments; nothing traditional, nothing fake, just you two the way you are. He wants you and your partner to look back on the moments and remember how they felt. 

Liam is down for the couples that break traditions and do things their way. After all, the wedding is about you two and your love for one another. Liam wants to witness this love. He wants to know what love truly means to you and create magic with you guys rather than just show up and take your picture. 

You will have so much fun running through the salty water as the sun dips below the horizon! Liam wants to capture those little moments with GIGANTIC feelings. The pictures will be all about things that make your heart beat a little harder, the things that give you butterflies. To him, this is art. 

So, for an adventurous wedding photography Auckland session, contact Liam. Whatever your adventure maybe, he will make sure you do this right and make forever moments together!

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Lionel Tan Photography

 Lionel is one of the go-to people for the best wedding photography Auckland services. He loves working with couples, who don’t take themselves too seriously and truly want to enjoy their wedding day. 

He will be there as you start planning your wedding. Lionel will provide suggestions where he can and share creative ideas with you to ensure you are on the same page for your big day! On the day of your wedding, he will stay in the shadows to capture beautiful candid moments, and when the direction is needed, I will provide that too. 

Keeping your wedding day relaxed and a wonderful experience is a part of what Lionel Tan does.

Being an Auckland Wedding Photographer, he enjoys traveling out of the city to photograph weddings and pre-wedding sessions. Regardless of where your wedding is going to be, Lionel would love to document it.

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Eva Bradley Photography:

Known for wedding photography in Auckland, Eva Bradley is one of New Zealand’s leading wedding photographers. She has been in the business for over 17 years and has built a strong reputation, the reputation of trust.

Her candid, documentary-style photography has a big emphasis on unposed, joyful moments. Big, beautiful landscapes with people at the heart of them dominate her portfolio. Also, Eva’s editing style is natural and true-to-life.

If this sounds like something you want, don’t hesitate to contact Eva. She is just a click away.

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Madlie & Co. photography studio

Madlie & Co. photography studio is a collective, serving those who value familial love, retrospection, and fine art. The team has a signature style that captures the raw, honest, and romantic essence of your unique wedding day.

Well-known for wedding photography in Auckland, Madison, and Ellie have their individual and complimenting photography styles. They expect your day to be photographed with their creative vision at the forefront – timeless editorial moments, blended with the honesty of a documentary. Trust us, their shared artistic values make any vision possible.

So, don’t hesitate. Contact Madlie & Co. now!

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Lydia Rachel Photography

Lydia is an adventurous Auckland wedding photographer, based in the city. She feels that she has one of the best jobs in the world and is blessed to have it! 

Weddings are her favorite. Being able to capture the sweet moments, unconditional love and authentic beauty that tell the story of someone’s big day is such a privilege. 

Lydia believes in being friends first so she would love to hang out with you and get to know you as a couple. Then, she will find the most gorgeous places to shoot and make sure that all of you have fun.

She believes that your wedding day should be full of joy and she is there to ensure it. She will make you feel not only comfortable but also joyful in front of the camera.

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La Rosa Wedding Photography 

La Rosa is another amazing studio you can contact for services in videography and wedding photography Auckland. The photographer-couple captures all the natural and beautiful love-filled moments of your big day. 

La Rosa has been featured on AW Member, Top Reviews NZ, and My Wedding Guide. 

They take the onus of capturing images on them so that you can enjoy yourself with your people with no worries. They aim to document the dream-like imagery you will look back on and remember your journey. Their candid style captures a consistent feel and uses mostly available light.

Rosa and Ahmad love to travel and click. They feel that their relationship offers them a different perspective and lets them technically and emotionally polish their art. They plan, imagine, decide, and refine every image until you are satisfied. 

The clients say that they are amazing. They talk about how their breaths were blown away by the sneak peeks. Ahmad and Rosa try to be their friends despite not comprising on professionalism. People love their efforts and accomodating nature. 

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Ritzy Studios

Ritz is a renowned Auckland wedding photographer and videographer. He believes that the two things that drive a wedding, love, and excitement, are contagious. So, he physically and emotionally blends in the wedding making the day memorable for all those involved. 

Ritz will document your wedding as it unfolds so that the day tells your story, the story of your relationship. He is more candid in his approach; he crafts and authentically retells your story. Ritz aspires to film weddings around the globe, and bask in love and culture.

The team also specializes in Indian (and other South Asian Weddings for that matter). 

His clients love his dedication and professionalism. They talk about how Ritz always tries to give his best at a wedding. 

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Perspectives Photo + Cinema

Another worthy Auckland wedding photographer, Perspectives Photo and Cinema is all about capturing your love in timeless photos and videos. 

They have stayed in the business for over 10 years and understand how important the day is for you. The photographers are ‘your cheerleaders, your crowd wranglers, your timekeepers’. The team of dynamic individuals is down for all sorts of adventure and creativity. 

This studio calls their style epic storytelling. While decorations and other things are cool, their focus is telling your story. They also work on albums and provide amazing wedding tips (having been in over 1000 weddings helps). They also believe in shooting engagement sessions at your home or anywhere abroad before or after the wedding. Needless to say, they are open to destination weddings. 

Perspectives Studios’ clients love them and feel happy and privileged. Along with skills and hard work, clients have praised the team’s attributes, detailed approach, and creativity. One client called Amber (from the team) the biggest ‘hype girl’. Despite that, professionalism hasn’t been impacted. 

If that sounds like something you want, contact Perspectives for the best wedding photography Auckland.

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Hollow and Co.

Led by Tom Hollow, this Auckland wedding photographer is a team of creatives. Tom specializes in fine art wedding photography and film-making. He takes projects from all across New Zealand and outside. 

The team has worked with over 150 weddings and has been featured on AW Member and New Zealand Weddings. They capture candid, calm, genuine moments, and celebrations. They follow a documentary style, capturing everything beautiful at the right time to tell a story, especially during celebration and family portrait types.

Clients love Tom’s fantastic and infectious personality that causes everyone around to be in the best mood. They love that the team is laid back and creative. Hollow and Co.’s previous clients have praised their shots and called them a gorgeous reflection of smiles and happiness of the day. 

The team aims to give a fun experience full of ‘laughs, coffee, crazy ideas’. They believe in not settling for what’s expected of them. If that sounds like something you want, don’t wait up; click on the link below!

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Justin Aitken Photographer

Justin is a wedding, family, and event photographer living in Tauranga, New Zealand. He is known for his documentary style of photographing weddings. 

Yes, he is more modern and less traditional. His style is interesting and current, yet timeless and natural. Justin aims to capture real emotions, connections, and love. 

He has been awarded the title of Wedding In-Camera Photographer of the Year at the 2020 Nikon/NZIPP Iris Awards. He was also the International Wedding Photographer of the year 2019 (IWPOTY). 

Justin realizes that the wedding day is jam-packed; it is full of emotions and nerves and tries to maintain calm and attentiveness. He makes it a point to keep fun, laugh, and celebrate on the heights, and delivers more than what’s expected of him. Contact Justin Aitken Photography to best experience wedding photography Auckland.

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Diana V Photography and Film

Diana is an Auckland wedding photographer with over 6 years of full-time experience. She lives between Auckland and London and is passionate about adventurous and rustic feels. She is often seen searching for natural light and going off the beaten track to find unexpected locations for her clients.

People who have worked with Diana find her wonderfully friendly, calm, positive. They love the way she directs and micro plans everything, seeming laid back at the same time. Although she sticks to time, she also makes sure that no one feels rushed. Diana’s clients appreciate her ability to capture the best bits of the day including love, laughter, and hip shots. 

Diana offers ‘relaxed wedding photography for adventurous people’. She loves going off the beaten track and capturing earthy, rich, rusty, and elegant colors. If non-posy, down-to-earth, and adventurous photographs are your thing, click on the link below!

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WOW Photography

This portrait photography studio is led by International award winner Master Photographer, Ilan Wittenburg. It has been featured on New Zealand Herald, Sunday Star-Times, NewsHub, Otago Daily Times, and the likes. Ilan has also been awarded the title of NZIPP 2020 Photographer of the year. He has been a finalist in the same year of NZIPP Iris awards – In-Camera Portrait, In-Camera Landscape, Travel.

Ilan captures moving, touching, and inspiring images. He matches his style to occasion; this includes creative, editorial, formal/classic portrait, photojournalistic, and candid. Ilan believes in being an observer rather than a director. So, you can be sure of great candid pictures here. 

Besides this, Wow Studio offers manual retouching services. They offer personalized products, amazing style, and great value.  

Their clients appreciate their creativity and professionalism. They have applauded Ilan’s sense of humor, creativity, and professionalism. 

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Evermore Photography

Another amazing Auckland wedding photographer, Gina Brumby is one of the most creative and relaxed people you will meet. She wants pictures to be a reflection of you and your love story and is up for both candid and posed shots.

Gina understands the importance of the day and plans with you. She knows that taking pictures can be tough and frustrating; so, she tries to make the shoot fun. Although she is known for other kinds of photography services, including commercial and baby shoots, Gina’s portraiture skills and eye for detail ensure a good wedding photography Auckland experience for her clients.

A client once called her a ‘photographic ninja’. All of them love how she blends with guests, and create a flexible, comfortable, and inviting experience. They say that, with Evermore Photography, their guests don’t feel like they are getting photographed. If that sounds like something you want, Evermore Photography is here for you!

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Jessica Photography

Jessica is a winning Auckland wedding photographer, who captures weddings from all across New Zealand and internationally. She is the winner of many Kodak Gold Awards and NZIPP Iris Awards.

Besides the wedding, you can book her services for other close occasions like engagement, pre-wedding, and trash the dress shoots. Jessica naturally captures people’s expressions with a fashion-forward influence. She always stays committed to the best picture.

So, be sure of her best work at every step of the journey. Be it capturing, editing, or retouching your pictures, Jessica got it all. 

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Samantha Donaldson Photography

Samantha is all about documenting your story. Besides wedding photography Auckland, she specializes in portrait and branding services. So, quality is one thing you can be sure of.

Samantha believes in going for the unplanned and authentic emotions. Honest connection, artistic charm, and emotive images are what she strives for.

Her clients love her skills and consider her a pro in keeping things natural. Her flair for getting the best light is well-known. They say that she surpasses their expectations and responds to even the toughest of changes with agility and grace. 

Here is the review by one of her clients: “In the lead up to our wedding she was consistently kind, professional, encouraging, and patient, and throughout the day itself she made us feel so at ease. She was so smiley and encouraging while also being calm and efficient, and she captured some of the most beautiful moments. We have not stopped receiving compliments about all of our photos.”

So, if you want a photographer who captures your personality well, click on the given link and be friends with Samantha. 

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Proshot Photography

Ellie is a renowned Auckland wedding photographer, who has a passion for fine art and natural light. She believes in capturing the couple’s personality and creating snapshots that you can look back at after years. 

Accoladed as one of the Top 100 Wedding Photographers in Australia and New Zealand by SLR Lounge, Ellie is also Junebug Wedding’s World’s Best Wedding Photographer. 

She is a genuine person who likes the craft of photography for the sake of it. She tries to hone her skills and never stops working towards perfection. 

One of her clients says, “I have worked with several photographers in the past, and Ellie is by far and away from my favorite, not just in terms of the quality and output of the photography and videography, but also the highly professional and wonderful, kind human being that she is. She is very responsive, flexible, brought a lot of good ideas, and most of all is so genuine and generous.”

People love how well she works under constraints and pressure; Ellie is as good as it gets. 

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Levien and Lens Photography

This Auckland wedding Photorgajhers works around candid documentary elopement and fine art engagement photography. The studio provides its services in and around Auckland, New Zealand, and surrounding areas mostly. 

Winner of the Best Couple Photographer by Looks Like Film 2018 and Top 100 Wedding Photographers in Australia and New Zealand by SLR Lounge, Olga is all about personality. She will capture your intimate and personal moments in an artful and story-like manner. She believes in clicking candid and natural images.

Her clients are blown away by her beautiful keepsakes. They love how she makes everyone feel comfortable and beautiful, without compromising on professionalism. Her incredible eye for amazing moments and details has been appreciated by many. 

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Chris Turner Photo + Video

Chris Turner is well-known for his expert wedding photography Auckland services. He is all about adventure, photography, and family. So, you know from the start that he is the one who will understand your situation best. 

Chris believes in capturing the moments in between the beautiful moments. He believes that the times when you aren’t posing are the times you are enjoying; they constitute the best clicks.

Before starting with the shoot, Chris will talk to you and know you. On the wedding day, he will make sure to keep you calm, guide you, and capture your most beautiful and fun moments. He is into an adventure so be assured that the pictures will be different from the ordinary.

So, if you are a fun and unique couple who wants to document their love, you are at the right place. Approach Chris Turner now! 

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Zahn Photo Studio

Zahn is an Auckland wedding photographer who loves to photograph ‘honest moments, beautiful places, and folks who believe love is worth celebrating. He offers professional wedding photography services in, around, and outside the country.

Zahn understands the importance of the day to you and wishes to document you on the day. He wishes to capture the humanity of your emotions on your big day. Zahn is real and raw. So, be ready to capture your tears, joy, mishaps, and wonderful unplanned moments.

If that sounds like something you would like, contact Zahn Photo Studio now.

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The Photo Studio

Another amazing wedding photographer, The Photo Studio offers a range of other services as well. These include pre-wedding, graduation, commercial, and even professional shoots. However, with their unique styling and experience, they have made a name for themselves in the wedding photography Auckland market. 

The Photo Studio has been in the game for over 18 years now, and have won ‘Kodak Gold Award’ Competition with 6 gold and 2 silver merits in the year 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2014. 

Click here to visit their website

Brydon Photography and Video

Brydon Photography is a family-owned wedding photography and videography business based in Delhi. They offer nationwide travel included packages to capture your wedding day in all its glory. 

Brydon’s style of photography is organic and natural with minimal posing. They specialize in capturing the impromptu aspects of your day like the sudden hugs, long embraces, heartfelt tears, and joyous laughs. Their family dynamic and laid-back attitude ensure comfort and expressiveness. 

Brydon Photography and Video have been named as one of Auckland’s most sought-after wedding photographers. 

Their clients praise their professionalism and thoroughness. 

One of them says. “In the lead up to the wedding, he made sure he knew what shots we wanted and of who, also always suggesting creative shots he thought would work well on the day. Tom’s laid-back personality put us totally at ease on our big day. Tom was always friendly and polite, and he did a great job at herding our friends and huge family about for the numerous group shots we wanted. His eye for cool photo opportunities and special moments has resulted in beautiful, totally natural-looking pics that have captured the feel of our day wonderfully.”

Click here to visit their website

Charlotte Christian Photography

Charlotte is another amazing photographer based in Auckland. However, she is open to travel to click your beautiful wedding pictures. Charlotte has over 10 years of wedding photography experience and a Bachelor’s Degree in Design and Visual Arts. 

She loves to document people, weddings, and engagements. Charlotte makes her clients feel comfortable and beautiful while documenting their stories. She observes and documents the natural, and composes a bit where needed. She believes that good connection, landscape, and light can compose great wedding photography Auckland experience for you.

Her clients say that she is responsive and appreciate that she goes out of her way to click great pictures. One of them says that she ‘captured pure magic with that (sunset) lightening’. Most of them even like engagement and preparation days with Charlotte.

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Kouki Photography

Michael is a professional Auckland wedding photographer who loves to capture the love shared by two people. He understands the power of memories and takes the responsibility to document them in the most beautiful way possible.

Since he is all about candid images, you don’t need to worry about being camera-shy and not wanting forced poses. Michael’s approach is ‘simple, seamless, and stress-free. He captures realistic images of the big day. So, be it a large celebration or an elopement, Kouki Photography is up for both.

Michael’s clients love his fun and reassuring nature. They love the team’s down-to-earth nature; each of their wants has been addressed in the best possible manner. 

If that seems like something you want, book Kouki Studios for the best wedding photography Auckland.

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Now that you are acquainted with a few of the best Auckland wedding photographers, you must have your favorites, right? 

That’s great. You are almost there. 

Now, talk to your partner about them. Show them the article and ask them to go through the photographers’ websites. Once you people have shortlisted the names, you can directly contact the photographers and schedule meetings with them.

It is recommended that you opt for a face-to-face meet. However, if that’s not feasible, you may as well facetime. Many of these photographers conduct destination wedding shoots, so people from other countries might also use the list. You also check out wedding photographers from beautiful cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Singapore.

After you are in touch with a photographer, talk to them well. Ask them all the relevant questions and see that everything is clear from the start. You don’t want to end up with an awkward wedding photoshoot on your wedding, right?

So, talk to your photographer and make sure that you blend with them. See if they can make guests comfortable. Inquire about reschedules and refunds. Also, consider the budget. 

You may also arrange for an engagement or pre-wedding shoot to gauge your compatibility. Just trust your instincts and make sure you are in a good space. 


How much does a wedding photographer cost NZ?

Wedding Photography in Auckland usually covers 10% of the wedding budget. It usually ranges from $2000 – $5000. It depends on the photographers. You can discuss with them and shortlist the ones whose services fit your budget.

Where can I take wedding photos in Auckland?

You can take your wedding photos in different parks or gardens. For example, you can shoot at Auckland Botanic Gardens, Japanese Gardens, and Falls Park. You can also take wedding photos at beaches like Bethells and Muriwai beach.

How long does it take a photographer to edit wedding photos?

It depends on the nature of the wedding. If it is a low-key wedding with fewer guests, the editing can be done within a week. On the other hand, if it is a big wedding with several guests, it can take several weeks to edit everything properly. While editing, the photographer checks each photo carefully to remove the red eyes, blurriness or correct the brightness. If you require the photos by a specific date, it is better to let your photographer know when you are booking. This will allow the photographer to plan his schedule accordingly.

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