Break out the balloons and get the party started with birthday photography in Singapore. Whether it’s a family member’s birthday or your birthday, commemorate the occasion with fantastic photos taken by a professional photographer.

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Why Birthday Photography?

Children grow up so fast. Birthday snapshots turn into keepsakes that you and your family will treasure for the rest of your lives.

While at a party or a photoshoot, you will want to take great snapshots to capture those heartwarming memories of becoming one year older. Why fuss around with camera equipment when you should be having your birthday cake and eating it too? Enjoy the event and let a trained photographer handle the birthday photos.

Throughout the festivities, a professional will snap candid shots of you and your loved ones. Also, they will photograph all the small details at the party, from the colorful decorations to the birthday cake. And once the photoshoot is finished, these pictures can be used as thank you cards for your guests or cherish mementos framed in your home.

No matter if you are celebrating a 1st birthday or a 75th birthday, hire a birthday photographer in Singapore for your next celebration.

Not sure who to call or which photographer is right for you? Don’t worry, the folks here at ShutterTurf have got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best birthday photographers in Singapore, arranged alphabetically.


With three years of experience in professional photography, freelancer Alfredo has received rave reviews from numerous clients. Capturing genuine emotions is his strong suit. Alfredo is all about drawing out those natural smiles and expressions from his clients, making his photos truly beautiful.

He definitely won’t miss those elated expressions as a result of a birthday surprise. Authentic, unrehearsed moments shared between friends celebrating a birthday can turn into fantastic photos. Next time, simply enjoy the day and let a professional handle all the birthday photos.

Be sure to take a look at his gorgeous gallery, filled with magazine-worthy snapshots. For an upcoming birthday celebration, have a skilled photographer like Alfredo shoot some great photos.

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Based in Singapore, here is a freelance photographer Bertrand. As a photographer for over 5 years, he takes pride in every photo he takes. Using his skills in photography and photo editing, you can rest assured that the birthday boy or girl will be looking at their very best on their celebratory day.

Because he specializes in working with children, this photographer would be a perfect addition to any child’s birthday party. Have professional photographs taken of your kids while they are still small. If your little one’s birthday is coming up, then consider scheduling a photo session with Bertrand.

Other than birthday photography in Singapore, he is available for portrait and maternity photoshoots too.

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Considering himself a light shooter, Dirgan is always searching for the sunshine, taking the most stunning snapshots in natural light. For more professional looking pictures in a private setting, he also has access to studio space.

As a photographer, his goal is to preserve one of a kind moments in stunning photos to treasure for years to come. By hiring an experienced photographer, capture those wonderful birthday memories with precious pictures. Aside from birthday photography in Singapore, Dirgan is skilled with videography and drone photography as well.

For an upcoming birthday, think about scheduling a photoshoot with Dirgan to take photos of the special day.

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Next up is Freddy, an up-and-coming photographer based in Singapore. His main goal is to harness raw emotions in all of his snapshots. And his distinctive photography style is incredibly wide-ranging, specializing in everything from birthday parties and family shots to portraits and landscape shots.

An eager young photographer who is fantastic working with young children and toddlers, during a photoshoot. While some professionals can be expensive, Freddy offers reasonably priced services. Anyone could afford to have a birthday photoshoot to honor their special day. Memories of turning one year older should be cherished in spectacular photographs.

Looking for an affordable, collaborative photographer? Freddy is available for local and overseas assignments.

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Check out Idris, a photographer and videographer based out of Singapore. Dabbling in photography for almost ten years, his passion is to tell stories through eye-catching images. Specializing in everything from portraits to weddings to corporate events, Idris is an adaptable, multi-talented young photographer.

Able to excel in any photography setting, you can trust in his talent to make your next birthday celebration unforgettable with his amazing photos. His deep desire to take amazing photos as well as create a pleasant experience for his clients makes him one of the best birthday photographers in Singapore.

Book a photo session with Idris today and have a professional photographer cover the next significant event in your life.

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Do check out Jackie for your next birthday party. Bringing positive, natural energy to every photoshoot he is a part of, his remarkable commitment to the photography process is unwavering.

With 10 years of experience as a professional photographer under his belt, he is an expert in catching candid moments shared between loved ones. Guaranteed to put a lot of time and care into each photoshoot he is involved in. Your little birthday boy or girl will be the center of attention during one of Jackie’s photoshoots.

His brand of charming and sweet photos is utterly endearing. Aside from birthday photography in Singapore, Jackie snaps the loveliest wedding photos.

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Want to commemorate your child’s first birthday with a celebratory photoshoot? Schedule a photo session with Jaden. Sometimes, photographing children can be tricky. However, kids don’t stay small for long. Keep those memories of their youth with darling photographs taken by a professional like Jaden.

This family-oriented photographer is fantastic with kids and will keep things fun and relaxed during the shoot. At the party, a professional with snap candid shots of the children playing games, blowing out the candles, or opening their gifts. In adorable snapshots, capture the memories of your little one’s big day.

If you are not interested in birthday photography in Singapore, Jaden is also available for maternity and newborn photoshoots.

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birthday photography packages in Singapore - Shutterturf


Next, meet Ken. Offering premium photography and videography services, he continually strives for excellence and high-quality images in all of his projects. The majority of his clients continue to praise his exceptional work, pleased with the stunning photo results.

With top-notch expert skills, every picture taken is close to perfection. Having access to a professional studio, they can provide proper lighting and backdrops for a birthday themed photoshoot. For more extravagant birthday events for adults, Ken can also bring a stellar photo booth to the party, for even more fun.

Apart from birthday photography, Ken is also involved with corporate and commercial photography as well.

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Meet Michelle, one of the many talented birthday photographers in Singapore. Eager to experiment with new photography styles and techniques, her sweet, sentimental style is not to be missed. Each of her photos reflects life in it’s most honest form. Expressing authenticity in all of her work, her snapping lovely pictures at a birthday party will make those memories last forever.

Well versed in photographing families and children, timeless pictures will capture the happy emotions that come with celebrating a birthday. She draws beauty from even the most ordinary interactions shared between loved ones.

When you collaborate with Michelle, you are guaranteed photos that you will reminisce over for many years to come.

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Proficient in event photography, local photographer Noah has a keen eye for design and composition. Working as a professional photographer for three years, he’s an ambitious young man with impressive camera skills. Featuring his distinct modernist style, all of his photographs are interesting and attention-grabbing.

With Noah photographing the birthday festivities, you are guaranteed the photo results will be frame-worthy. Want to take birthday photos without the hassle of organizing an extravagant party? Not a problem! Noah can utilize a private studio space, equipped with lighting tools and backdrops.

Whether you have a big shindig or a birthday portrait, let Noah be the professional photographer shooting your next special occasion.

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Meet Raymond Yee. Being familiar with a variety of camera equipment, trust in his skills to take the perfect picture. In 2004, he discovered his love of photography and his flair for capturing people and still life. Featuring his simple yet sophisticated photography style, his photographs will encapsulate life in its purest form.

For an upcoming birthday, a professional like Ray takes pictures throughout the special occasion. While his specialty is outdoor photoshoots, you can count on him for beautiful portraits, graduation, and wedding pictures.

For an upcoming celebration, consider scheduling a photo session with Raymond . Let a photoshoot from a real photographer be the best gift you receive for your birthday.

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One of the most notable birthday photographers in Singapore, arrange a photo session with Russell in the near future. His goal is to create vivid images that come alive through eye-catching photos. With a background in product photography, he will shine a light on all the small, intricate details of the birthday party.

Russel can snap posed shots of party guests while also catching those great candid moments. Aside from birthday photography in Singapore, he specializes in food and corporate event photography as well.

If you would like to schedule a birthday shoot without having a party, Russell has a studio space equipped with lighting tools and backdrop furnishings.

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Each of Shiv’s snapshots reflects the true personality and emotion of the subject. Children grow up so fast. Have professionally done photos that let that childhood innocence and energy shine through. Nothing beats those charming images of a child having a blast at their birthday party.

This professional photographer will also take the time to photograph all the little details of the part, from the balloons to the presents to the cake.

Shivshootz Photography services offer newborn, wedding, and baby shower photoshoots. Check out their Instagram page to see beautiful shots from their previous projects.

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Graduated from Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia, Timothy received a Bachelor’s degree in photography and animation. Today, he has almost ten years of experience working as a professional photographer.

His creative mind and dedication to his craft make him one of the most talented birthday photographers in Singapore. When you let a skilled photographer shoot your birthday celebrations, the candid shots become works of art and cherished keepsakes.

Other than brilliant birthday photography, his true passion is food photography and family photoshoots. Check out his extensive portfolio on Shutterturf.

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Devoted to his craft, Wayne performs camera magic during every photoshoot. Snapping pictures of real people in motion, his photos are always dynamic and engaging. He strives to catch those unrehearsed, honest moments shared between loved ones.

Whether the party is indoors or outdoors, his unique, innovative photography style delivers incredible images. To Wayne, timing is everything, and communication is key. Finding the right angle at the right moment makes for near-perfect pictures. And collaborating with clients is equally important in ensuring the photoshoot runs smoothly.

By hiring a professional photographer like Wayne, you can be sure he will not miss any significant moment during the festivities. Aside from camera photography, Wayne is also involved with drone photography and videography.

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birthday photography packages in Singapore - Shutterturf

Have Your Birthday Cake and Eat it Too!

Singapore is home to some artistic and talented photographers. Anyone of these first-rate professionals will cover any celebratory event and capture all the joy expressed at a birthday party.

Whether it’s a first birthday or a 100th birthday, consider hiring a professional photographer for an upcoming celebration. Birthday photography in Singapore is rising in popularity.

Posed shots or candid moments can become lovely images. Birthday snapshots can preserve those happy memories in wonderful images. And once a photoshoot is finished, share the precious photos on social media or send prints to family and friends.

Are you planning a birthday celebration in the near future? Schedule an appointment with one of these birthday photographers in Singapore.