Cake Smash Outfits for Boys and Girls (2022)

Follow these tips to find a cake smash outfit for boys and girls to celebrate your baby’s first birthday.

When planning a baby cake smash, one of the top considerations for parents beforehand is the outfit their baby will wear. There are going to be dozens of photos taken of this special day, so you’ll want to have something your baby looks cute in but feels comfortable wearing. 

When it comes to selecting outfits, there are separate considerations for a cake smash outfit for boys and girls in Singapore. By following our top tips listed below, you’ll be able to find an adorable yet practical outfit to wear to celebrate your baby’s first birthday.

Birthday portrait outfit for boys

Before you get started with the baby cake smash itself, you’ll want to go ahead and have a birthday portrait taken of your little boy. When choosing an outfit for the birthday portrait, you can generally go for something a little smarter than the cake smash outfit for boys in Singapore. 

One idea we love for boys is a shirt and suspenders, with a little bow tie to finish off the outfit. Navy and blue work perfectly together for boys and will make your little one look very dapper for the occasion. You could even use a white shirt for these images if you prefer because the cake won’t get anywhere near it. 

If you don’t think your baby will be comfortable in a traditional shirt, opt for a smart top or personalized t-shirt instead. 

For anyone worried about their baby overheating in long pants, consider opting for shorts instead. You can still find some lovely tailored shorts for boys today, which will look smart when paired with a shirt. 

Finally, if you think your little one will play around with the suspenders too much, opt for a knitted cable jumper without sleeves. They won’t overheat with this type of jumper, but it still creates that smart aesthetic for the photos.

Expect to spend between $50 and $80 depending on the store you choose to purchase from. Shoes, such as smart sneakers or Converse, can be worn for these photos, and you’ll be able to use them after as well. When choosing your outfit, try to avoid any long words or logos, as these don’t come out as well on the photos.

Cake smash outfit for boys

 When it comes to choosing a baby cake smash outfit for boys in Singapore, avoid any fancy clothes because of all the mess during the session. Keep your budget lower for this outfit, at about $30-40, as it’s likely you won’t be able to rescue it after. Most babies go without shoes for this part of the session, as they may find them uncomfortable when playing around with the cake. 

For boys, a small pair of shorts with suspenders in light or bold color is a great option. Try to avoid red or brown, as these both have a good look for this occasion. We recommend going for something a little brighter, such as bright blue, which will disguise some of the mess. 

However, if you don’t care about using the outfit again, white will show up the color of the cake well in the photos. By now, you should know if your baby’s skin is irritated by any materials, so make sure to avoid these when picking the outfit so they aren’t fidgeting around in the photos. 

To finish off the outfit, consider a fun hat, such as a knitted beanie or even a small top hat or bow tie. 

 Birthday portrait outfit for girls

When it comes to selecting an outfit for a girl, follow much of the advice we shared above regarding selecting a cake smash outfit for girls in Singapore. 

For the first outfit of the day, we recommend a pretty dress with a stylish tutu skirt. This will create adorable photos that you’ll treasure forever. If your baby isn’t into dresses, consider just a pretty top for this photo session. Stick to about $40-50 for the dress, and then consider adding any accessories you may want, such as a tiara or headband. 

If you do decide to put your child in shoes, a small pair of pretty ballet shoes will be a great choice to match with the dress.

As far as colours to wear for a baby cake smash, we think pink is a great choice for girls, but you could also consider purple, yellow, or orange. Avoid buying this outfit last minute to avoid any panic before the big day. 

It’s recommended that you buy three outfits in total for the session. One will be worn for the pre-cake smash shoot, one during the event, and one after to return home and for final photos. 

You may choose to follow a theme throughout, such as princesses or superheroes, and all the outfits should follow a similar colour scheme or theme.

Cake smash outfit for girls

Moving onto the cake smash outfit for girls in Singapore, you’ll probably want to stick with a similar colour scheme as the first outfit. Pink is one of our top choices for the main event, and you can easily find cute outfits and accessories in this colour. 

Try to reduce the amount of clothing on your child for the cake smash, and stick with a tutu, skirt, or basic romper. You don’t need to spend more than $30-40 on this outfit and avoid fancy materials that will likely get wrecked. 

For accessories, consider a pretty headband or just avoid using one at all. Cotton is a great material choice for this part of the day, as it’s soft and comfortable against your baby’s skin.

Cake smash family group photo

A big part of a baby cake smash is having group photos with your baby, their siblings, and the parents. 

Try to opt for a cohesive set of outfits for these photos, sticking to a similar theme or colour scheme. You may choose to match all of your outfits, especially if you have other young children, but for some parents, that is a step too far. 

For example, if you have a baby boy, various shades of blue can look great in photos, and the same for girls with pink. Don’t dress up too much as it’s very likely your clothes will get messy, and you’ll want to be able to freely move around and crouch on the floor with your baby. If you do fancy dressing up a little more, a shirt and khakis or a dress can look great for parents.


While all of these ideas would be great to use for your baby cake smash outfit for boys and girls, remember it’s completely up to you how you and your baby decide to dress on this special occasion. The main priority on this day should be your baby’s comfort, ensuring they are dressed in something they won’t be unhappy in for the whole day.

By planning your baby’s outfits, you won’t have to stress about what to wear last minute, and you can relax and enjoy the day even more. Also, if you are planning a cake smash photoshoot, do check out our posts on cake smash

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