Cake smash photography in Singapore! It’s a lesser-known trend but not something to be overlooked. Baby bump pictures? Sure. Newborn pictures? Essential. However, we often forget to celebrate every little moment of our small children’s lives, including their fascination with cake.

Face it, who doesn’t love cake?

Cake smash photography is a trend that began in the United States but has picked up attention across the world, particularly in Singapore. The benefit of cake smash photography is that the photoshoots are child-led. Are they hesitant and uncertain about playing with the cake?

The photographer works with them, playing, making faces, whatever is necessary to engage them. When the child grows bored, the photographer moves on with them.

Many of the cake smash photography studios in Singapore go out of their way to make the experience a time to remember, from providing outfits and showering facilities to working with you, the parent, in the smallest of details. After all, these moments pass far too quickly.

This is Cake Smash 🙂

Choosing a Studio for the Cake Smash Photoshoot

This list of Top Cake Smash Photographers in Singapore could well be overwhelming. Here are some recommendations we have for choosing the studio that would work best for you:

  • Consider location – how close is the studio to you? We have provided exact addresses.
  • Consider your specific wishlist. Some of the photographers focus on natural lighting, others on props, some on both. What feel do you want for your pictures specifically? (This is good to know for further communication with the studio as well.)
  • What are your special needs? Do you have older children who will be accompanying you? Consider the space available and other accommodations so that your older children will be entertained.
  • Double-check what the studio provides for the cake smash shoot, and what you will be expected to bring. At times the price of one studio may seem ridiculously high compared to another’s, but they may well provide more, including outfits and a professionally-made cake.

This said – on to the list!

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White Room Studio

“Your stories, our imagination!” is White Room Studio’s motto. Though gifted with many awards, the studio is still down-to-earth, focused on their customers’ stories.

Wondering what sets White Room Studio apart? Take a look at this real customer review: “It’s our first Christmas with our baby boy, and we wanted to capture the essence of all that is Christmas for little ones… White Room Studio did a FANTASTIC job… Excellent customer service and the photographs are just gorgeous—we are so in love!”

“They were very friendly and approachable and didn’t force anything but help you make your decision in terms of the attire, the appointment, and then shoot.” says another customer.

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Ashley Low Photography

First on our list is the one and only Ashley Low Photography. For cake smash photography, the studio provides clothing and has full showering facilities. This way, the cake can be fully smashed without fears of staining clothes or dealing with the mess afterward. Ashley works wonderfully with babies, spending time at the beginning of the photoshoot to build rapport and ensure the entire process is as pleasant as possible!

Furthermore, Ashley Low Photography is focused on impact. For every photoshoot, they donate $2 to a programme that helps educate children in India.

Their reviews are overwhelmingly positive, rating the service at “five out of five stars!”. Here is a quote from one of the client – “ the pictures come out very nicely, colors were vibrant, the quality of the album to the tiniest detail on the thumb drive case were even engraved with Ashleys initial shows how much pride and effort they emphasize on QUALITY.”

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Bambini Photography

Next – Bambini Photography! This studio specializes in maternity, baby, kids and family photography, focusing on the story of each and every client.

Bambini Photography recommends bringing towels, wet wipes, and an extra set of clothing. After all, cake smash photography is a mess.

This studio, in particular, is excellent at prompt, professional communication, from the moment that you send in your requests to the time of the photoshoot itself. Here’s a quote from one of their clients: “He (Daryl: photographer) was very professional yet casual enough to make people at ease. He tried to explain why certain photos were taken at certain angles.”

The studio is open to suggestions and discussions with clients, making the entire process a pleasurable experience.

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Chiichug Creations

Chiichug creation’s byline is “document your fleeting glimpse in our contemporary, evergreen and pastel mood”, and it certainly fits. Their portfolio is beautifully chic.

Photographers Geraldine and Wayne are according to one of their clients, willing to go the extra mile to ensure the relaxation of their small photography subjects.

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Confetti Peekture

Confetti Peektures – what a creative name – focuses on simplicity. With soft, romantic lighting and editing and minimal props, all of the focus is on the little customer. Confetti Peekture provides eggless and sugarless cake in a custom color for your child and a themed setup specific to you, as well as classical family photographs – before all of the mess begins!

Show up with a couple of outfits and Confetti Peektures will take care of the rest.

Here’s a quote from a satisfied customer – “Angie was a lovely photographer, super sweet and attentive. She took much care in delivering the styles of photos I liked and even helped me to change into my gown. Even though we were late for our photoshoot, she was still very friendly and accommodating. Thank you, Angie, for the wonderful experience and for the beautiful photos we can look back on for the rest of our lives!”

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Cottony Photography

Cottony Photography’s beautiful website speaks for itself.

Surprisingly enough, Cottony Photography is the only cake smash photography studio in Singapore that offers trades – possibly rendering this the best choice if you’re on a budget!

The reviewer’s comments reflect the photographers’ patience – “We were told to feed Daniel and have him sleeping. Usually he would sleep immediately after being fed but on this very day, he decided to be super awake. Era was an absolute angel about it. And she was super patient with Daniel. I guess now that to be able to take newborn shoots, the photographer must love kids, and must be patient with all of this. As new parents, we were flustered and trying our best to help and feeling bad along the way but she assured us that it’s all ok. The newborn photography shots came out a lot better than I thought it would.”

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Fion Boon

Fun fact – Fion Boon actually provides the cake for your cake smash photography session in Singapore! You will, however, need to bring your own outfits. The photoshoot takes place in the home of photographers Fion and Elmer, who are very attentive to your child’s every need.

The photography team is open for suggestions – including your child’s favorite songs and items that may aid in the photoshoot! Their set designs are beautifully crafted to fit your chosen color scheme.

Fion Boon is flexible and fun, willing to work with their props or your own. Regarding the cake, be sure to inform them of any allergies ahead of time.

Fion and Elmer are particularly good at close-up shots, so be sure to ask about that option! They provide every one of the images afterward, along with a 30 x 40cm high-resolution print copy of an image chosen by you. They even manage to print the image on canvas, for an additional fee.

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Jen Pan Photography

There is no one better than Jen Pan Photography for crystal-clear communication. While their photography style is old-fashioned and classic, they are far from left-behind.

Their customers are very pleased – “We were amazed at how fast they were – we got some sneak pics on the same day! Love the photos too!” says one, and another says “we were completely blown away by the experience and the pictures we have seen from the sneak peek. Working with Jen to organise the shoot was great… excellent communication and super clear about the details.”

Another unique feature – Jen Pan photography loves photographing the dark side. Their Whimsical Imaginary World brings your imaginative pictures to life. Definitely inquire about Jen Pan for your cake smash photography in Singapore!

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Littleones Photography

“We are very proud to have brought this super fun concept to Singapore Three years ago,” says Littleones Photography website, and this may very well be true.

In their comprehensive “Top Tips for the Ultimate Cake Smash”, the team recommends several things. First, preparing an outfit in advance (particularly something you don’t mind staining). Second, choose a white or light-colored cake. They also recommend big “1” candles, which tend to attract the baby’s attention.

Third, they recommend balloon backdrops! Brightly-colored balloons help raise everyone’s mood.

Fourth, prepare your child’s taste buds. As much of a bad idea as this may seem to be – feed your baby sugar. If they have never tried cake before the day of the photoshoot, this limits their comfort with it. Consider feeding them cake a time or two before the day of the cake smash.

Go with it. Everyone is stressed, and the Littleones Photography team understands it. However, they advise a relaxed and calm atmosphere while the child grows accustomed to touching the cake.

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Orange Studios

Tenth on our list is the famous Orange Studios of 73 Ubi Road, Singapore. Like many of the other studios on our list, they are of the utmost quality. Their cake smash is no exception. Beautiful minimalistic backgrounds and lovely cakes are secondary to the professionalism demonstrated by Ryan and Wini.

“Wini was patient and attentive towards both the mother’s and baby’s needs. She’s also very experienced in catching baby’s (hungry and tired) cues!” says one customer, “Ryan was professional and good in making the awkward couple (my husband and I) feels comfortable posing and smiling in front of the camera.”

The studio is also open for larger families, according to another review – “My elder kids had loads of fun running around the spacious and comfortable studio and were happily munching the cereal bars provided.”

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P.S. I Love You Photography

What is better than beautiful, efficient photography and excellent communication at reasonable prices? Passion for the craft! Ever since the birth of her first ten years ago, Patricia Seng has found pleasure in making her own props and photographing children all over the world.

The rustic, hand-made ambiance of her studio lends to a magical environment, unlike any other studio. Pastel colors are P.S. I Love You Photography’s prerogative! The studio offers several packages for optimum economy.

“Pat was very patient during the shoot! She knows how to engage the kids to get the best shots!” says one of their customers. “Patricia is very interactive with my 1-year-old boy and patient during the shoot. Would share tips on play activities for my boy as well. Enjoyed the photoshoot very much.” says another.

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Picspirations Photography

“Too often, life moves at such a fast pace that it seems to pass us by before we can fully appreciate it,” says Picspiration Photography. Their focus is on preventing time from passing unawares – offering photography for the various stages of life.

Various side projects, from a guide on taking photos from your smartphone to various books-in-progress showcase chief photographer Alexandria’s passion. “Unlike your wedding photos, you will find yourself going over your baby’s pictures again and again – because time flies so darn quickly and before you know it, that sleepy, sweet, milkaholic is a rampaging toddler revelling in flushing your watch down the toilet.” says one customer.

“This is why I am so glad we went to Alex from the start, to capture some amazing milestones in our little one’s life. Alex is amazing at coaxing smiles from grumpy faces, capturing those little moments between father and son, grandma and grandchild or the love between three generations in one photograph. Thank you for giving us some really beautiful pictures of our little family Alex – being a self conscious camera shy mom, I really appreciate how stress free and natural the shoots have been and look forward to the next milestone (cake smash!)”

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Sage Clover Photography

Hesitant to step into a photography studio, with all of the lighting and props so easily broken? We recommend Sage Clover photography. Kymberley (nicknamed Kym) makes use of solely natural light to create warm, dreamy photographs rich with detail – both indoors and out.

With communication over weeks before the photography session, Sage Clover Photography’s team prepares the perfect set of props and outfit options. The team has even been known to sew the outfits themselves! This may be your ideal studio for cake smash photography in Singapore.


“Cake smash is all about making a mess and loving every moment of it!”

Studioplay’s website is full of authentic, truly joyful cake smash pictures. They love dark brown and textured blue with exquisitely themed cakes.

“I’ve been using StudioPlay since my daughter’s newborn shoots and we have been going back annually to document her growing years! Throughout the years, we have been assigned to all different photographers and they are all very professional and engaging! Never fails to capture my daughter’s most natural smile! Studioplay’s team is willing to work with the unprecedented and unusual, putting the customer’s needs above all else. They become more of a family than mere photographers. 10/10 would recommend! ” says one customer.

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The Studio Loft

After eleven years in operation, The Studio Loft is nothing short of professional. Their fuss-free lighthearted photoshoots have been known to take as little as twenty minutes.

Check out their “Smash and Flash!” portfolio for an idea of their cake smash photography. The Studio Loft focuses on a personal connection, in spite of such short sessions. An all-women team, they balance “technical finesse, gorgeous lighting, and good old-fashioned artistry.”

Their prints are exquisite – “Newborn photography is such an art form and no one in Singapore does it better than Maryann at Studio Loft! The rest of the team also did such an amazing job with my eldest child to make the family photo session a fun experience. So many of the photos turned out amazing! My family and friends can’t stop raving about how beautiful the photos are!” says one customer!

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VIILevent Picture

Next up is VIILevent Picture, the ideal studio for your cake smash photography in Singapore. Though they also offer many other forms of photography, they are well aware of the benefits of cake smash photography.

Parents themselves, VIILeven Picture’s team, David and Wendy love this fun, joyful way of commemorating your child’s first birthday. They thrill in capturing the baby’s surprise, curiosity and delight as they tear into their first taste of cake.

Reviews are overwhelmingly positive – “Thank you so much VIILevent Photography (David and Wendy) for the great photos. Love all of them. We have nothing but good things to say about the experience we have with our daughter. we will surely see you again.” says one.

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Bespoke photography

Meet the band of keen-eyed photographers at Bespoke photography. Bringing an energetic and playful attitude to every photoshoot, this studio specializes in newborn and cake smash photography in Singapore. 

Dedicated to their craft, their vibrant and colorful brand of camera work will make anyone smile, especially parents and loved ones. They boast five-star reviews across the board, and previous clients are delighted with these sugary sweet photos. One past guest commented, “Our designated photographer was accommodating and creative. The pictures turned out beautiful as well.” 

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Earning 5-star reviews from over 100 clients, Yikeshu is one of the leading photography studios in Singapore. They are highly recommended for their services by past clients as one wrote, “Entire shooting session was relaxing, fuss-free, and most of all, enjoyable. Worth your money definitely.” 

Their team of photographers possesses a lighthearted and extravagant photography style and handle babies and toddlers with patience and care. During a photo session at this studio, festive decorations, like balloons, streamers, and string lights, are all provided. 

In addition to cake smash photography in Singapore, Yikeshu studio does bridal and maternity photo sessions as well.

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Tiny Todds

Tiny Todds is one of the best cake smash photography studios in Singapore. It was awarded the best kids, and family studio 2018/2019 by SPH young parents and best cake smash photography 2017 by parents world. 

For a comfortable cake smash photoshoot, the studio is furnished with proper baby changing area, nursing area, and is even bathroom equipped with baby bath tube for babies to wash up after their cake smash shoots. 

Past clients highly recommend Tiny Todds to anyone looking for a delightful cake smash session. Aside from cake smash photography in Singapore, this studio also provides maternity, birthday, children, and family photo services. 

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The Love Co

Willing to go the distance, the folks at The Love Co. Studio will create a tailor-made photo package for their customers. Offering a bespoke photoshoot, their simplistic yet honest photography style sometimes incorporates natural elements into their shots. 

Previous clients adore the work of The Love Co. One customer wrote, “A great place for studio photography, responsive team, and fast turnaround.” 

Besides cake smash photography in Singapore, they also offer event, maternity, and family photo services.

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Wrapping Up

Here we are – the Top 17 Cake Smash Photographers in Singapore! We understand that this list could well be overwhelming. Perhaps by this point you are thinking that maybe this is too much to consider.

Don’t allow FUD – Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt – keep you from experimenting with something new! Each of these cake smash photography studios go out of their way to make this service the ultimate experience, from providing clothing changes and/or the cake to offering service trades. Each studio works with your baby specifically, taking the entire photoshoot at their pace.

Also, be sure to check out our post on Cake smash photography. It will give you some great insights into – what to look for in a cake smash photographer, how to prepare for the photoshoot, the attire, the cake, the theme.. everything! Further, if there is still time for your baby to turn 1 but nevertheless you want to capture those gorgeous moments, see our step by step guide on newborn photography and our list of the top 33 photographers in Singapore specialing in newborn photography.

Peruse the list. Consider location, your specific wishlist, and your personal needs. Examine what exactly the studio of your choice provides – and then go for it.

Enjoy your cake smash photography session in Singapore!