55+ Family Photo Color Schemes For a Perfect Photoshoot (2024)

Well coordinated family photo color schemes can do wonders for your family photo. Lets look at some essential color palettes for any season and any setting.

Want to organize a professional photo session, but don’t know how you can arrange photo-ready outfits for your loved ones? Family photo color schemes can take your next group photo to the next level. Creating one solid look between relatives can be tricky. No need to pull every article of clothing out of your closet and have a fashion emergency.

Today, we are talking all about family photo color schemes. We’ll take a glance at some essential color palettes for any season and any setting. Let us show you how to choose the right clothes for the right photoshoot.

What are the Best Colors to Wear for Family Pictures?       

With family photo color schemes, the goal is to construct a cohesive style that all your loved ones can achieve easily. Show off the unity between generations as well as your family’s unique personality through fashion. Planning ahead is crucial.  

A family photoshoot is not the occasion to scrape an outfit together the night before. Plan outfits way in advance. Collect input from your loved ones, what colors they feel comfortable and uncomfortable in, while you are orchestrating clothing options for the shoot. Even have the children voice their opinion on what they’d like to wear. You might be surprised by what your family has to say. 

The key to creating a beautiful color palette is knowing how to arrange colors together. Start with a base, neutral color. Simple, more natural toned colors tend to match well with just about any other color you pair with it. Consider shades of beige and off white as a start. Next, choose one or two other colors that reflect your family and the photoshoot setting. Be cautious, three or more colors will clutter the big picture. Additional colors can be anything under the rainbow. From pale pastels to the strikingly bold, pick the colors that catch your eye.

Need a nudge in the right direction? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Let us help brainstorm the right color scheme for you and your loved ones.   

Here are the popular color schemes:

  • Denim and tan
  • Brown and maroon
  • Denim, yellow and crimson
  • Navy, tan and cream
  • Glitter and white
  • Crimson, tan and denim
  • Red, grey and black
  • Navy and crimson
  • Blush and teal
  • Blush and white
  • Light blue, tan and white
  • Navy, yellow and white
  • Tan and white
  • Orange and teal
  • Light blue, tan and white
  • Blue, green and yellow

Best Colors for Family Pictures Outside

When choosing your family photo color scheme, it really depends on the setting of the photography session. If you are taking the photoshoot to the beach, choose muted tranquil hues. For beachfront photoshoots, you can’t go wrong with the classic all-white look. Crisp white clothes paired with muted tones look stunning against a beach background. However, be careful not to ruin your clean outfit with sand or seawater. Be extra watchful of young children who are included in the photograph. 

If your backdrop is a wooded area or an empty field, richer tones are a better option. Denim looks better against a forest setting. Partner a denim piece with a warm scarlet or burnt orange for a well put together look. Pops of vibrant yellows and stoney blues are gorgeous against a green, nature focused background. Bolder colors match better with an outdoor photoshoot than the lighter pastels. 

For most group photo sessions, neutral colors are your biggest supporters. Beige and shades of off white, such as ivory or eggshell, are safe choices. Those natural colors tend to blend well with any outdoor environment. Consider coupling articles of clothing with a white or tan colored piece. By doing so, it will make coordinating outfits much easier.  Not a khaki wearer? Denim jeans typically pair well with most colors. Choose similar tones of denim. Blue jeans look much different than light washed jeans, so keep that in mind. Make sure you stay consistent with your group’s style.  

No matter the time of the year, you and your family will want to dress to impress. Are you organizing a Winter holiday photoshoot? Or a playful summertime family photo? Let’s break down the ideal family photo color schemes for each season. 

Winter Family Photo Color Schemes

‘This the season to be jolly – and this the season for the winter family photoshoots!. The Winter holidays are a fantastic time to take some festive family photos. Most of your loved ones are already gathered together in celebration anyway. Why not take advantage of a cheerful opportunity? And afterwards, these snapshots make excellent gifts and greeting cards for relatives and friends. Let’s talk about the perfect color palette for a Winter themed photoshoot. 

 A soft beige or elegant ivory make for excellent base colors. Pairing creamy eggnog colors with striking bold colors will create a more festive color palette. In addition, a hint of royal purple or blue is a nice touch. Cozy and warm shades of brown also work well with this family photo color scheme. In keeping with the Christmas theme, ruby reds and emerald greens make for beautiful holiday color scheme.

If you want to dial the holiday spirit up a notch, coordinated sweaters is a fun idea too. Just be wary of patterns being too overwhelming or distracting. Another playful idea is to coordinate outfits around festive hats, like a red Santa hat or reindeer antlers. This will add more personality to the photograph.

All in all, find a balance between soft colors and bold colors when designing your winter family photo color scheme. Also, the cold weather provides a perfect excuse to accessorize. Consider using cute beanies, scarves, and boots, or even a pop of bright red lipstick to celebrate!

Here are the popular winter family photo color schemes:

  • White
  • Cream
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Medium to dark gray
  • Ruby red
  • Dark purple
  • Emerald green
  • Blue
  • Navy and crimson
  • Glitter and white
  • Crimson, tan and denim
  • Red, gray and black

Spring Family Photo Color Schemes

Once Spring has sprung, pastel hues come out to play. Embrace the softer, more feminine colors of the season. Lighter shades are all the rage during a springtime photo shoot. Baby blues, pinks, and lavenders suit the family photo color scheme for this season. Minty greens and canary yellows are lovely as well. What neutral colors match well with springy tones? Pale greys and creams partner so nicely with pastels. For example, a muted blue shirt and light tan pants will create a picture-perfect combination. 

Feel like coloring outside the lines? Just a simple floral print can become a feature point in the photo. Be careful with an overwhelming print, because it will be distracting in a negative way. Overall, the color palette for spring should reflect the newly bloomed flowers. Remember to keep the colors delicate and soft-hued. When creating your Spring family photo color schemes, don’t be afraid to play around with pastels and unleash your inner Easter egg.

Here are the popular spring family photo color schemes:

  • Pale peach
  • Blush pink
  • Mint green
  • Baby blue
  • Cream
  • Light gray
  • Soft yellow
  • Spring green
  • Lavender
  • Blush and teal
  • Blush and white
  • Light blue, tan and white
  • Navy, yellow and white

Summer Family Photo Color Schemes

Days are longer, nights are shorter, and it’s time for those nice tans to be shown off to the world. Summertime is the season for bold colors. Break out the vibrant, fun colors for this group photo. The desired color palette should resemble the tones of a sunset, with lots of warm hues. Shades of red, orange and pink will look stunning. Coral and salmon pink are gorgeous choices as well. If you are interested in wearing some cooler tones, try a brilliant turquoise, aqua green or a royal blue.

An example of a photo-ready color combo would be a seafoam green and a blush pink color. Focus on those eye-popping colors we adore for the season. Bring the heat with your Summer family photo color schemes!

Here are the popular summer family photo color schemes:

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Bold red
  • Bright orange
  • Bold pink
  • Turquoise
  • Royal blue
  • Tan and white
  • Orange and teal
  • Light blue, tan and white
  • Blue, green and yellow

Fall Family Photo Color Schemes

Out with the summer, in with the fall! Out with the piña coladas and in with the pumpkin lattes. When choosing the color scheme for a fall photoshoot, take inspiration from the foliage around you. Let the changing colors of the season be your guide. Center fall family photo color schemes around warm shades of gold and deep purples. Those hues are a cozy fit for an Autumn backdrop. Also, darker tones of red, like a crimson or maroon, are beautiful choices too. Wearing denim fits the theme of a fall family photo, and pairs well with many different colors.

Need some more ideas? Scarlet red and navy blue are a perfect match in an Autumn color palette. Couple basic denim jeans with a mustard yellow accessory. Fall in love with the colors of the season. Also, take advantage of the breezier weather to pile on the layers in the most attractive ways possible. The perfect layers can give you wonderful shape and blend colors in wonderful ways.

Here are the popular fall family photo color schemes:

  • Browns
  • Maroon
  • Denim
  • Mustard yellow
  • Burnt orange
  • Dark shades of green
  • Dark purple
  • Crimson
  • Neutrals

Best Colors to Wear for Professional Photos

In formal portraits, the color palette should have a more professional, less casual vibe. Darker hues are better suited for this kind of family photographs. Typically professional portraits are shot indoors, so dress accordingly. Think about what you would wear to a job interview.  Dark suits and the dress fit a formal photoshoot. For this type of photo session, serious tones, like black, burgundy or navy blue, are ideal. Need an easy to execute color scheme? Have your family wear all black. It’s an achievable look for all of your relatives. Everyone has at least one black item in their closet. 

Here’s a helpful tip for dressing younger children: choose an outfit that’s comfortable to wear. Say your kid hates wearing dresses. Don’t force them to wear one, scrap the idea altogether. If a child is unhappy or uncomfortable with their clothing, their disgruntled mood will show in the image. And no one wants to see a frown in a family photo. Get your children involved in picking what they would like to wear for the family photo while maintaining the overall color scheme.  

Color Schemes for Large Family Photos

Do the extended members of your family want to join in on the photo? The more the merrier! Grandparents, cousins, and siblings are all welcomed in the family photo session. A spectacular snapshot can really showcase the love between generations in a family. With more relatives getting involved, you’ll want to keep the family photo color scheme simple. Coordinate outfits with clothes that can be found in anyone’s closet. The all-white and beige look is a classic, as is wearing all black. Practically everyone owns at least one pair of jeans, so denim partnered with any other color is also a safe bet. 

If possible, discuss the overall theme with everyone in the family prior to the photo session. Every member of the family should be on the same page when it comes to the desired color palette for the group photo.

While matching in some capacity is visually pleasing to the eye, try not to have clothes match too much. Everyone’s outfits should not be identical to one another. If that happens, the overall image will appear quite boring and the individual personalities of your loved ones won’t shine through. 

Last-Minute Advice for Family Photo Attire

Here are some general tricks for choosing the best articles of clothing that work well with your family photo color schemes, for any occasion. First off, try on different clothes and practice poses, sitting and leaning forward. Your clothing should feel comfortable to stretch and move around in. 

A layered look, with coats and scarves, fits well with the outdoor theme. Just be sure to keep with your family photo color scheme. Another pro tip is to experiment with texture and patterns. Interesting fabric, like lace, wool, and tweed, really do photography well. In terms of patterns, avoid flashy and wild patterns, they can be distracting in an unflattering way. A well utilized patterned, like floral print or small polka dots, can actually become a statement piece in the image.          

Whatever kind of photo your loved ones are planning, let it reflect your family’s personality. Different colors give off different energies. Vibrant colors feel young and playful. Darker colors are formal and serious. Pick the colors that best suit you and your family. Generally, wearing neon colors to a photo session should be steered clear of. These “highlighter” tones are often distracting and don’t photograph well. However, a pop of bright color adds personality into the shot. Everything in moderation, right?

Make Memories with Style

Gather the whole family for a photo session and take snapshots that will make fantastic gifts and heartwarming keepsakes.

Organizing your family photo color schemes for the next group photo should be an enjoyable experience. Take inspiration from your family’s personality as well as the setting of the shoot to coordinate colorful outfits. Check the internet and look for color swatches and arrangements that catch your eye. 

When establishing your family photo color scheme, it’s important to build one cohesive appearance for the entire group. Do not over complicate with too many colors. Once again, do consider the season and setting when forming a color palette. And don’t be scared to play with prints and textures on the actual clothing. 

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What are the best colors to wear for family pictures?

First, start with a neutral base color. For example, shades of off white and beige tend to pair well with any one color or pattern. Next, incorporate two or three other colors to the palette, tones that reflect your family’s personality and the photoshoot’s theme. When in doubt, dress according to the setting of the photography session. If you’re heading to the beach, partner muted beige with crisp whites. For forest or empty field background, opt for more vibrant hues, such as crimson or stoney blue. From pale pastels to the strikingly bold, pick the colors that catch your eye.

What are the color schemes for family photos for fall?

Let the changing colors of the season be your inspiration. Warm tones of gold and purple will look stunning against a Fall background. In addition, darker shades of red, such as maroon, scarlet and burgundy are gorgeous as well. Navy blue is another excellent choice for an Autumn color palette. And a pop of yellow, found in a small accessory like a scarf or a headband, offers a bright accent to the overall picture. Couple any of these colors with basic denim pieces, like jeans or a jacket for a stylish outfit. Also, try to find plaid patterns that feature some of these fall colors. Plaid looks exceptional during an outdoorsy Autumn photoshoot. Fall in love with those beautiful fall colors.

What are the color schemes for family photos for spring?

During a springtime photoshoot, unleash your inner Easter egg. For this season, play around with soft pastels. Colors like baby blue, minty green, canary yellow and lavender all suit a spring photoshoot perfectly. Consider pairing lovely pastels with neutral tones, such as a pale grey or light tan. The muted base colors balance out the springtime colors. Accents of white, like a white sweater or stockings, will tie the look together. A great example of a complete outfit idea would be light tan khaki pants paired with light green shirt. All in all, a Spring color scheme should highlight those delicate, soft hued colors of the season.

What are the color schemes for family photos for summer?

When the Summertime rolls around, it’s all about those fun and bold colors. The desired color palette should resemble the tones of a sunset, with lots of vibrant hues. Experiment with shades of red, orange and pink in the color scheme of your family’s attire. Coral and salmon pink fit the summertime vibe. Looking for more cooler colors? Try brilliant tones such as turquoise, aqua green, or royal blue. Also, pairing seafoam green and blush pink together is a combination that will have you and your family looking photo ready. Focus on those eye popping colors we adore for the season.


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    • Yes, if you want great family photography, it’s imperative that you plan ahead. Last-minute planning results in uncoordinated colors and will, of course, not give you the same results. Glad you found this article helpful. Do let us know if we can add something more to even make it better. Thanks

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