100+ Family Photo Poses for Family Of 3,4,5,6 or more

In 100+ family photo poses, we cover different poses for your group photoshoot that will turn your loved ones into picture perfect models.

Family photo poses can be tricky at times. Staged positions may feel stiff and awkward for some people. Typically, a photo session is meant to flow seamlessly, making the subjects feel at ease. A professional photographer will guide you through the motions, making you and your loved ones look their best during a photoshoot.     

Well, you are in luck. Today, we are going over different poses and positions your family can try at the next group photoshoot. These natural looking poses will turn your loved ones into picture perfect models. To give you some inspiration, we’ll share some top notch ideas for family photo poses that trained professionals suggest during a photo session. 

Family Photo Poses With Baby and Toddlers

When taking photos with young children, it’s important to create a fun, playful environment. For candid shots, dance or play around. Try having your toddler pass under your legs. This action is guaranteed to bring laughter and smiles. Lifting or tossing your toddler into the air is a fun option as well. Be silly to make the photoshoot lively and carefree. Listen to music, sing songs and most importantly, talk to the child in a friendly manner. If the little ones are having a good time, you’ll be guaranteed to snap some great candid shots. 

It goes without saying, but infants do not move around so much. However, there are plenty of poses families can try when including a newborn into the snapshots. Parents can cuddle the infant in the bed or in the nursery. Pressing a kiss on their forehead or nuzzle their tiny face is a sweet position for newborn photos too. For a nice profile shot, prop the swaddled baby on your forearm, cradling the head and look down at the newborn. Maybe even brush noses with the little one. 

Embrace the imperfections when working with little ones. Babies crying or yawning will make sweet photos. Does your child want to wear a ridiculous outfit or dress up costume? Let them. Memories of your children playing pretend are moments that should be cherished in wonderful snapshots.

Family Photo Poses For 3

Three’s not a crowd in a professional photoshoot. There are a number of positions for three person families can do during a photo session. One idea is to hold hands with your kid and have them lead the way. Parents leaning forward and trailing behind their child always makes a great shot. Just chasing after their little one creates a lighthearted scene for a photo session. Another idea is to have the parents sit or crouch down to the child’s level, leaving the kid in the center of the photo. With this pose, all three heads are positioned at the same height. For a playful pose, have one parent carry the little one on their shoulders. The parents can kiss or embrace each other with their child looking down at them. 

Laying on the ground, belly side down is also an option. If this is an idea you would like to try, consider taking the photoshoot outdoors. Bring a picnic blanket or a clean sheet to lay down on. For a pop of color in your photos, find a blanket featuring a pattern, such as plaid or checkered design. Heading to the beach for a photoshoot? This laying down pose is also an excellent choice for that kind of setting. Some helpful advice: Hide a plastic sheet under the blanket, to prevent moisture from seeping through. 

Family Photo Poses For 4

For families of four, simply taking a stroll together can make a perfect picture. It’s all about establishing a symmetrical, balanced composition. There are a number of variations for this pose, so it’s quite versatile for any kind of family. Let the family amble about and then occasionally call out to them, having them turn to face the camera. By doing this, you can catch some nice, over the shoulder looks.

One classic option for family photo poses for 4 is to walk hand in hand together. Whether they walk along the beach, an open field or a dirt road, the image of a family joining hands as they take a stroll makes for a beautiful shot. If you are hoping for photos with a more personal vibe, have them make eye contact and talk to one another as they step forward. These honest photos will express the genuine connection and adoration between loved ones.  

Family Photo Poses For 5

Need fun family photo poses for 5? Consider sitting in a row, like a train. It is easy to execute group pose. Start with the youngest or smallest member of your family. Then, have them sit behind each other, one after another. This pose could be set on a short wall or ledge, using in a wide lens to photograph the entire shot. For an interesting vertical shot, have the family sitting on the front porch steps of their home. Have one or two family members sitting on the same step to create an interesting stacked look to the overall composition. 

If the family of five consists of three children, here’s a second idea for family photo poses. Bring the youngsters front and center, placed in the foreground of the image. Next, send the parents to the background, perhaps slightly out of focus. As the parents embrace or smooch in the background, the children can laugh and smile directly at the camera, making them the focal point of the shot. A silly rendition of this arrangement is for the kids to pretend to be horrified or disgusted. These family photo poses for 5 will bring a smile to anyone’s face. 

Family Photo Poses For 6

Professional photography sessions are meant to connect people together. When it comes to family photo poses for 6, it’s all about that physical closeness. This family bond can be found through natural touches and genuine affection. Shower your family members with love, giving them hugs and kisses. Also, leaning a head or a hand on someone’s shoulder works just as well. At the end of the day, the images should appear as though everyone is intertwined and linked together.

As a photographer, consider creating the appearance of rows among the generations. It is a simple arrangement to achieve for a professional photographer. Some people can sit on the ground, acting as the lowest tier. Then, others sit on armchairs or stools for the middle tier. The back row can be family members standing straight behind their loved ones. Try arranging it so each row is a single generation in the family tree.

Intimate actions will show off the unique connection between loved ones. Capture that special bond with professional photos. Once the photoshoot is complete, these pictures may become lovely framed prints to hang on the wall or above a fireplace.

Sibling Photo Ideas

When photographing young siblings, don’t forget to catch those little day-to-day moments. By giving them a mundane activity to do, this will create a great opportunity to snap some candid shots while making the kids feel relaxed in front of a camera. For example, take pictures of them as they read a storybook together or while they play outside with each other. If you are planning a holiday themed photoshoot, consider snapping photos of the children as they bake cookies or decorating the house with festive ornaments. Offer them activities they perform on a regular basis, so their expressions and movements won’t seem forced or staged.

Another idea is to have the older sibling try to pick up or carry their younger sibling. If one of the children is an infant, have the older siblings cradle the baby in the nursery or on a sofa. Having the small children snuggled up together or hugging one another makes for a heartwarming photo. The goal is to capture the one of a kind relationship between siblings through lovely photographs. 

Large Family Photo Ideas

Have a big family or want to include extended family members into the photoshoot? The more the merrier! Truly, there is no limit to how many family members can join a memorable photo session with a trained photographer. In terms of family photo poses, go back to basics. Simply lining up and standing side by side works with a large group. It’s the photographer’s job pose the subjects in different combinations, so no two people are standing in the exact same way. Have some of them bend their knee or rest a hand on their hip. Visually, this creates some interesting sharp angles in the overall composition of the image. 

As a photographer, you must be aware of spacing and composition. Heights of family members may vary, so arrange them in a way that is pleasing to the eye. Try not to have two people of the same height stand close together, it will ruin the symmetry of the overall image. Consider bringing chairs or stools to create a variety of heights. 

 No matter the number of people involved in a photoshoot, a professional photographer will find the right angles that flatter and includes everyone

Poses For Family Portraits

When it comes to poses for family portraits, you can’t go wrong with candid shots. As a photographer, you must create a relaxed environment so the subjects of your photos are comfortable and natural. Catch real candid moments shared between loved ones. Try snapping a few pictures as the family walks together to the next location. Their natural expressions will shine through in these honest snapshots. A picture of a family simply enjoying each other’s company makes a heartwarming prints.

Here’s a pro tip, have the parents or grandparents stand in the middle of the grouping. Then, arrange additional family members, like children and grandchildren, around them. This will turn them into the focal point of the image. Is there a young child attending the photoshoot? Another option is to have then be the center point of the pictures. Consider having all the members of a family looking and smiling at the little one. Charming photographs always come from this arrangement. Showcase the unique dynamic of an amazing family tree with family portraits you will cherish for the rest of your life.


Some folks might feel a bit tense and awkward about family photo poses. Modeling in front of a camera is sometimes intimidating. A trained photographer will ensure a relaxed photoshoot environment so that you and your loved ones will feel comfortable. Collaborate with your photographer and share your own ideas on what feels natural and what feels uncomfortable. 

When in doubt, try and capture the candid, intimate moments shared between loved ones. Have the family a mundane activity to do together and a professional photographer will work their camera magic, finding the beauty in real life moments. Every hug and every kiss will make heartwarming pictures. Even loved ones engaging in conversation or parents playing with their children are moments that can become lovely photos. Encapsulate that one of a kind family dynamic with awesome family photo poses. 

After the photo session is finished, the prints can become beautiful works of art in your home. Also, family photos make wonderful holiday cards that you can send to your family and friends. Family photo poses will turn you and your loved ones into the picture perfect models and have you looking your best while taking memorable snapshots.  

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