15 Phenomenal Family photographers in Sydney (2024)

It's time for your photoshoot with your family. Our article will you help with shortlisting a family photographer in Sydney.

It’s time for your photoshoot with your family. Do you need help with shortlisting a family photographer in Sydney? Read our article to find out some of the most phenomenal family photographers.

Holidays are around the corner, and there is going to be a lot of family time. A family is an essential part of an individual’s life. Family portraits are a great way to show off a happy family. When you are looking for family photographers in Sydney, it can be useful to know what family photography is and who to hire for the photoshoot.

Looking for Family Photographers in Sydney?

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Creek Street Photography

Ronny has been doing family photography in Sydney for over 15 years. His style can be described as really natural and candid. He holds a Master of Arts majoring in Photography. Creek Street Portrait Studio is located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Ronny does lots of family photoshoots on the beach, bush, and parks all over the Northern Beaches, but also the rest of Sydney. The best place for the family photoshoot is where you feel the most comfortable or a location that has some meaning for you as a couple or for the family.

Some of the places Ronny does family portrait photography are Palm Beach, Avalon, Mona Vale, Warriewood, Turimetta, beach in the North, Collaroy Manly, and Freshwater Beach.

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Polly Jane Photography

Polly is a passionate lifestyle photographer, based in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire. She specializes in Family, Child, and Newborn Lifestyle Photography.

Polly feels like her eyes see everything through the lens and finds it almost impossible not to bring my camera with her, wherever she goes.
She is drawn to capturing pure Joy, Love, and Connection through photography. Polly loves beautiful light accompanied by happy and fun family moments playing out in front of her lens.

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Natasha Lesonie Photography

Natasha is a professional family photographer in Sydney, Australia. Her photography style is emotional, bright, and tender. Natasha likes to live in different places and countries, explore culture and lifestyle. With her family, she moved to Sydney a few years ago.

Photography is the second thing Natasha loves the most, after her family. It started in her childhood when her dad had a film camera and she spent a lot of time with him in a dark room.

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Barley Monk Photography

Barley is a father of 4 insane children. Chaos is just the norm in his family. He loves the energy that comes from the chaos and that’s why he loves being able to capture it.

Photography for Barley has been such a great way to be able to create those memories and see the look on other parents’ faces when they see their kids. He lets the children be mischievous in their family photo sessions.

Barley generally sets up a few photos by looking at the camera, to begin with, but after about 5 minutes he lets the children do whatever they want. Just when you start to worry that the perfect family photoshoot you imagined isn’t going to plan, Barley captures the magic in the raw moments.

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Daon Studio

Daon Studio specializes in baby and family studio portraiture. It is run by a husband and wife from 2014. Since then the business has grown into Daon Studio with the love of all the lovely families they’ve encountered along the way. Children are so precious to them and the baby stage of life is so short, which is why they love to capture these golden moments in time!

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Echo Life Photography

As a storyteller, Echo Life Photography’s photographer Kendyl wants to tell your story. The moments in your life can’t be repeated, but they can be held on to forever. Kendyl can capture the raw, gentle emotive moments mixed with the wildness of childhood and family life.

Kendyl, a family photographer in Sydney is drawn to people who are ready for adventure, bursting with love and the desire to be wholeheartedly present. She’d recommend her clients to leave all their chores and responsibilities and join her for an hour or two of playing in the sunshine, dancing on the sand, or gazing into the eyes of your little love.

Kendyl wants you to leave with not only stunning images but also the memory of a magical time spent together. We live in a world where busy is a state we can’t seem to get away from, and it feels like time is running away from us, let’s capture it.

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Photography is nothing but experimenting with light. With this thought, Vibhash started photography eight years back and has done it in India, Europe, and Australia. I click people, landscapes, products, real estate, and sports. My favorite genre is portraits, especially family portraits.

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Tiny Sparrow Photography

Vanessa from Tiny Sparrow Photography specializes in family, newborn, maternity, and dance photography and is based in the Sutherland Shire, Sydney.

Encapsulating a picture of your family with stunning hand-picked locations that have unique lighting scenarios or in your own home. Capturing the beauty of the natural environment around you, combined with the beauty in what makes you, you.

Her style is a lifestyle and candid seeking to capture you naturally. Vanessa loves to create photos that tell the story of your family and who you are. Sessions are relaxed and fun.

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Daniella Photography

With over 10 years of experience, Daniella is an amazing natural light family photographer in Sydney. Passionate about capturing the “quiet” moments, big and small so that you can remember them forever. Daniella’s photoshoots are very relaxed, fun, and natural and are designed to bring out your personality through authentic and honest photography.

As a Primary School Teacher and mum to 3 kids, Daniella knows how to connect with children of all ages resulting in stunning photographs that will last a lifetime.

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Honeydew Photography

Honeydew Photography is a Professional Family Photography Studio. It is fully equipped and located in Sydney (Eastgardens). The studio’s photographers create beautiful photographs of newborns, babies, children, and teens. Honeydew Photography also specializes in pet families, as well as glamour and boudoir sessions.

The studio is perfect for a wide range of photoshoots. They also have the option of using natural light or studio flash. Everyone enjoys their photoshoots here with their superb portrait artists. If you prefer a location shoot, that can also be arranged at the local beaches and parks.

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LittleManly Photography

LittleManly Photography, led by family photographer in Sydney – Elena, is situated in the Northern Beaches. Uniquely modern and natural lifestyle portraits of your family, newborn, and pregnancy. Your emotive photos collection will capture the connection of your family in a beautiful, informal way. The photos are shot in natural daylight to give a fresh, editorial feel.

LittleManly Photography gives a new definition to the idea of a portrait. Their style captures you, and your family, in a creative but authentic way. They collaborate on working with you in your happy place, where your children feel comfortable, whether it’s the beach, your home, or favourite place outdoors.

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MAX Family photography

MAX Family photography specializes in all kinds of family photography in Sydney. Choose your preferred location from their photographers’ selection of beautiful spots around Sydney with its iconic views and parklands.

The sessions done by Natalia, a family photographer in Syndey, are all about genuine emotions and leave you with beautiful images that you can’t wait to hang on your walls. Their style is natural and candid, we engage with kids through fun and intelligent play. Their favourite thing to capture is the parent-child relationship. It’s what they look for in every moment. It’s what helps build a story around. Also, the photographers like to use bold colors and contrasts to bring out the raw emotions in the images we’ve captured.

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VMpics Photography

Varun, the founder of VMpics Photography and family photographer in Sydney, is a software engineer by profession and a photographer by passion. He started taking photography seriously and made it his second profession in 2020 after he moved to Australia.

Over the past years, Varun has learned that it is important to know your equipment, light, composition, etc, but even more important is to make your client comfortable in front of the camera. And that is exactly what you get when you are shooting with Varun along with amazing captures. Varun loves to shoot families, maternity, and live events and I have been lucky to shoot numerous clients from various cultures and origins.

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Simone Photography

Simone, a family photographer in Sydney, aims to try and keep your photographic session as relaxed and candid as possible. She constantly seeks to capture who you are as a family- and the special bonds which exist between you.

Before your session, there will be a consultation – where Simone finds out more about your family’s interests, hobbies, and what it is you like to do together. Then, she will discuss the location- whether it’s your home garden, a nearby scenic park, the beach, or the forest- a place where you can all have fun and relax. Then, there will be a discussion on the shoot duration when the light is at its best, and then get together for some serious fun!

Simone’s favorite images are those natural ones- just relaxing and having fun together. It’s all about capturing those special little moments- and the beautiful bonds that exist within your family.

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YK2 Photography

Yelena is a family photographer in Sydney. Being a little girl, she enjoyed looking through her grandparents’ photo albums and asking questions about our ancestors. With the birth of her children, her love for photography was reborn.

She loves capturing every beautiful moment of their childhood and special memories. There is nothing more precious than a gift of memory.
Similar to life, Yelena’s style is bright and vibrant, full of color, smiles, and memories. I enjoy taking family portraits, whether it is your newborn baby or several generations together.

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There are so many reasons why people should consider doing a family photoshoot, but the main reason is to document your family’s memories for future generations. When your children are grown up, you can show them their childhood photos, and they can see how much they have grown throughout the years.

Family photoshoots are not only for the parents but also for the children. For example, you can take photos of your baby with each family member. This way, when your baby is older, they can look at the photos and see how much they have grown. Family photography is not only limited to taking photos of family members. Additionally, you can take photos with your pets.

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Why are family portraits important?

Your family portraits bring your family together regardless of your busy life. It reminds the love your family members have for each other. And, in hard times, your family portraits can bring comfort and can heal. Also, taking photos during the holiday season will help your family and you to treasure the moments even after many years later

How much does a family photo shoot cost?

On average a one-hour family shoot will cost $420. The prices could vary depending on different factors like the number of family members, location, and quantity of the photos. The price could be different for different photographers. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss it with the photographers and shortlist whoever aligns with your budget.

What time is best for outdoor family photos?

The golden hour would be the best because it gives a beautiful warmth to the pictures. However, it depends on what you want. You can also take photos during sunset or sunrise.

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