13 Spectacular Family Photographers in Toronto (2024)

Time to take fun photos of your family? These family photographers in Toronto will definitely be able to help you out.

Family photography is an essential part of every family’s life. No matter how old the family members are, family photographs are always treasured for a lifetime. There are many ways that we can take a family photograph, but the best way is to use professional family photographers in Toronto so that you can be relaxed during the photo session.

Family photography is perfect to preserve memories and emotions. You might want to take family photos once a year, or on a special occasion. The photos should portray how important each family member is to one another. If taken at the right place and time these photos can be some of the most cherished memories for future generations. As such getting the right family photographer in Toronto is important to get quality pictures.

Looking for family photographers in Toronto?

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Mango Studios

The photographers from Mango Studios are storytellers first and foremost. Also, their approach is driven by your unique story, personality, tastes, and design interests. 

Each photographer is supported by a diligent full-time team dedicated to client services, here to support your every need. Additionally, they pride themselves on impeccable service and attention to detail. They make your photo session a stress-free success by pairing you up with the best photographer and producing outstanding photos.

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Stacey Naglie Photography

Stacey is one of the amazing family photographers in Toronto. Also, she loves making people feel beautiful through her photography. Her favorite part of photography is helping you tell your story. In addition, she loves to capture families’ unexpected sweet moments with candid photography. Stacey’s inspiration comes from you. Stacey’s photoshoots are fun and enlightening experiences.

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Kira Noel Photography

Kira is an outstanding family photographer in Toronto. Also, she is the right person if you are looking for a collection of playful, emotive images that tell a story. If you love the simplicity and enjoy having pictures taken in a relaxed environment, then Kira is the right person.

Kira prefers a more natural look as opposed to heavy use of Photoshop

Outside of photography, she is a mom of two rambunctious but adorable kids. 

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Jessica Nip Photography

Jessica’s goal is to make sure you are absolutely in love with your family photos. Whether at your home, outdoors, or in my Toronto studio, the images she creates will always focus on joy, love, and connection. Your photos should transport you to that season of life when you look at them

By keeping to organic tones, natural posing, and soft light, your images will not only be beautiful but will also stand the test of time. Also, the photographers will take care of all the details – from the beginning of the planning to your finished product. Therefore, you will have a relaxed, professional, and memorable portrait experience.

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Ten2Ten Photography

Ten2Ten Photography is all about capturing the real moments of your family with a unique and creative spin. Real emotions and real reactions.

In addition, the photographers shoot with purpose; this means they don’t just point the camera and click away – it means that there is forethought and care that goes into every photo we take.

Lastly, they believe in experience and in continued education; this is why Ten2Ten Photography consists only of experienced photographers who work tirelessly to improve their skills year after year.

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Lullamoon Photography

Adella from lullamoon.photography specializes in Newborn, Family, Kids, and Maternity photography in Toronto, Ontario. As a creative person, Adella has always been admired for good quality, unique photographs. Being pregnant with her third child, led Adella to a decision that she want to be a specialist in Newborn/Family photography and learn everything that exists in this style.

Adella has been trained with some of the award-winning photographers in the industry by attending workshops and purchasing tons of online video tutorials, investing in professional equipment, and multiple props to make creative high-quality photos.

As a mom, she knows that the first month after the delivery of a baby the time is blurred and memories are washed out. Only images can remind you about the cutest period of your infant time.

Adella truly believes that what she creates is a necessity. She is not just taking pretty pictures of babies or set up, she is taking beautiful detailed shots of their baby in their first few weeks of all their tiny fingers and hands, all these things that you forget. 

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Rebecca Sehn Photography

Rebecca is a family photographer in Toronto. She has specialized in photographing families for over a decade and has photographed hundreds of families all over the world. Also, she photographs families seasonally in Toronto, Vancouver, throughout Europe, and Hong Kong.

Rebecca’s portrait sessions are child-focused, with a “directed candid” approach. She exclusively photographs families and children, and her painterly photographs blend fine art, candid, and environmental portraiture with a unique sensibility of romance and whimsy.

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Light Voyage Photography

Olia is a family photographer in Toronto. She is a storyteller. She is based in the Northern part of Toronto GTA – Vaughan but can travel. Photography has taught her to see beauty in the most simple things. Finding the perfect moment of light and love between a couple or family in photography is Olia’s way of living in the moment and helping you tell your story.

Lastly, Olia offers portrait photography, family, maternity, boudoir, and much more. Capturing those candid moments between the clients and their loved ones Olia’s favorite aspect of her job.

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Lemons & Ants Studios

Lemons & Ants Studios is a family and newborn photography Toronto studio. Their mission is to document the recollection of you and your family’s stories and bring them to life in high-quality artwork. Also, they are located in Leslieville Toronto Beaches Area. They are Anthony and Le Man, father, and mother to three little ones Ellie, Caleb, and Abel. They are family photographer in Toronto.

Since the beginning, they’ve spent a considerable amount of time pouring through each other’s childhood archives. Getting to know each other and learning about their family history. From this experience, they wanted the same kind of experience for their kids.

They started pouring time into finding beautiful wall art pieces and archival quality albums. This has now become the core focus of newborn photography. In addition, they ensure each client leaves the session with something they can enjoy in their homes and be able to pass on to their children. Offering a custom shooting experience like no other.

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IC Concept Studio

IC concept studio is a Toronto-based photography service. Their main focus is to help clients capture their most natural smiles and laughter.

The photographers believe everyone is beautiful and inner happiness is the key to natural beauty. Since they have 10 years of experience in photography, they combine their experience, imagination, and creativity, to bring you the most fun and interactive photo experiences possible.

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Razeeb Chowdhury Photography

Razeeb Chowdhury is a family photographer in Toronto. He sides with the real chemistry of his clients and grabs the perfect story to tell with his lenses. Moreover, his unique personality and technique bring the real person out of the perfect strangers to the camera. Razeeb is Fast, Creative, and very Comfortable with his camera and clients!

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Jenn Inkol Photography

Jenn Inkol is a family photographer in Toronto. Her approach to photography celebrates all aspects of your beautiful growing family – every step of the way. Also, from baby bumps to practicing karate in the garage, she loves discovering what makes your family unique and the little things that bring you together.

It’s a laid-back, completely candid approach to illustrating life’s most significant and honest moments. It’s not about taking the perfect shot, but rather capturing moments that make you feel something in your gut.

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Storyteller Photography

Natalie D Souza owns Oakville-based StoryTeller Photography which services the GTA and surrounding areas. Natalie specializes in family, children, couple, maternity, engagement, and wedding photography in Toronto. Also, she always makes her clients and their families feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera.

Creating an exceptional client experience combined with the delivery of beautiful, captivating, and authentic images have been the driving force behind her photography. Her warm personality and talent behind the camera ensure a fun, relaxed environment that results in timeless images her clients are proud to display for generations to come.

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Outdoor and Indoor Family photography

There are two different family photography – outdoor and indoor!

Outdoor photography is generally taken in natural landscapes like parks, beaches, and gardens. On the other hand, indoor photography is taken in the studios. You can choose the location based on what you expect from the photo session. It is also recommended for you to discuss with your family members and the photographer.

Outdoor photography is more comfortable if you have small kids. It will allow them to be more candid and not restricted. Moreover, it provides an opportunity to get photos of your family and you in natural poses. The background to your photos is not limited and it will be different from any angle. However, you would have to do the photo session in the best natural light. It will be difficult to get proper photos if the natural lighting is not sufficient.

Indoor photography is not short of outdoor photography in aspect. You can also get different backgrounds and themes for your photo session. Have fun with more props. Most importantly, you can have your photo session at any time you want as long as the studio is open. Different lighting equipment could be used to provide the best lighting.


Family photography is very important, The family photographers mentioned in this article will help you capture life’s most precious moments and create images that will last a lifetime. We believe that every family is unique. Therefore, choose a photographer who will be able to give a session that aligns with your expectations.

You can indeed visit the website of the photographer you love and get to know more about them. Speak with them about your needs and wants for the session. Research different photoshoot ideas and get some inspiration. Book the photographer after everything has been discussed and enjoy the session with your family members.


Where can I take family photos in Toronto?

There are a lot of gorgeous places you can take your family photos. You can even take photos at your home which gives a very homely vibe. However, some of the places you can take photos are Edward garden, Grange Park, Rouge National Park. You can also try different studios if you want an indoor shoot.

Why should I take family photos?

Having a nice picture of your family with you at all times is one of the most useful things to have. Not only will you have something to show your children and grandchildren, but you will also have a great tool to remind you of all the good times you had together. Not to mention all the wonderful places you have been and the special times you have shared.

How can I take natural family photos?

You can take natural family photos at home and in gardens or parks. At home, you can have your kids do their daily activities and make your photographer click photos. The photographer can take pictures of your family and you having a fun conversation.
You can also take pictures in your backyard.

In gardens and parks, the photographers can capture candid moments of your family members playing and laughing with each other. Your photographer can take photos of your family relaxing and being comfortable in the park or garden-like being on a picnic.

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