5 Amazing Family Photographers in Singapore (2024)

Looking to get a family photoshoot in Singapore? Here are our top recommendations for family photographers in SIngapore plus reasons to get a family portrait.

Looking to have a family photoshoot in Singapore? Look no further. In this article, we will share with you the reasons to have a family photoshoot and our top recommendations for family photographers in Singapore.

Family photoshoots have become increasingly popular in the last few years, with these photos becoming great holiday cards and pieces of artwork. Family photos are the perfect way to capture a moment in time to look back on for years to come. 

Looking for a family photographer in Singapore?

Cherish your beautiful family moments for years. Tell us your preferred photoshoot date and time and any other preferences. Based on that, we will check the photographer’s availability. Once we confirm their availability, you can book the photoshoot session!

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Dirgan is a notable family photographer in Singapore, and his entire experience revolves around children, family, and photography.

He creates an heirloom of your generation through images, which your family can look over and extract the emotion instantly, over and over again. You will find that the collection of emotions that he captures is genuinely taken.

On average, he photographs 30 families in a year, either outdoor or in-studio. He believes every family is unique, and he is trained to work with them, engage and embrace them for who they are, and capture their genuine spirit.

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Wayne is devoted to the craft of photography and is a fantastic choice for a family photoshoot in Singapore. He performs camera magic during each shoot, with dynamic results. 

He aims to capture unrehearsed moments between families. He regularly shoots at large events, whether they are indoors or outdoors. Wayne is praised for his great communication skills and his ability to time his photography to capture those precious moments. 

He has fantastic collaboration skills and wants to ensure that your needs are fully met with his work. His photography collection highlights his innovative techniques, and you’ll be impressed by his high level of skill.

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Charles is a family man and understands the need to capture precious moments to serve as mementos for years to come. During his photoshoots, he focuses on the love between family members, capturing those spontaneous moments and affectionate touches. 

He likes to keep posing to a minimum to create more candid, natural results. Regardless of the size of your family, he will capture the dynamics of your relationships. 

He can shoot large, extended family celebrations as well as small, intimate moments with one child. Having worked in this field since 2011, Charles is praised for his positive outlook and fantastic results.

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Junliang is a very chill photographer and has nine years of experience. It started as a hobby during his poly days. But when he was pursuing his university degree, he realized that he wanted to do more freelancing photography.

There are many things that he likes about his amazing job. However, he, specifically, loves traveling from place to place and exploring different aspects of my country and its people. According to Junliang, all photoshoots are different from each other. Each of them has its vibe and stories. A photographer should be able to get the essence of the vibe.

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Mervin is a family photographer in Singapore, and he aims to capture your best and happiest moments in life with his natural and relaxed photography.

With more than 12 years of portrait photography experience, Mervin excels in photographing families having fun outdoors with returning customers who fondly remember him as a photographer or friend who enjoys interacting with children.

Just let him know the location you prefer, and he will recommend the best spots and the most suitable activities for that location, then have fun while Mervin faithfully captures your happy moments. Bright and vivid is the preferred style of photography, as recommended by most customers.

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Why have a family photoshoot?

Family dynamics are constantly changing, with new children being born and growing up so quickly in front of your eyes. A photo session is a perfect way to capture these fleeting moments and start a tradition of preserving these memories for years to come. 

The best thing about having a professional family photographer is that one of the adults won’t always miss being in the photos. Besides, having family photoshoots in Singapore can also be a lot of fun for the whole family and can create memories in themselves. 

The final result will create the perfect gift for extended family members that you can share on birthdays or holiday celebrations. These photos make fantastic cards that any relative will love to receive.

Shortlisting photographers for a family photoshoot in Singapore. 

Family photoshoots can be a blast if handled correctly. However, getting the right person to do it can be quite a challenge. Below are the top questions you can ask to narrow down who is ideal for family photography in Singapore. 

  • How many years have you been doing this? Photography takes time to get right. Furthermore, they need to have sufficient knowledge of what equipment to use to achieve the perfect shot. When asking about experience, also include questions that cover the equipment. As a rule of thumb, the more sophisticated the equipment, the higher the quality of photographs you should expect.  
  • What is your specialty? As with other professions, photography also comes with specific specialties. When pursuing family photography in Singapore, look for candidates that deal with family photoshoots. Additionally, you can request some samples from their catalog to identify better a theme that suits you. Any photographer worth their name should have a website showcasing their work. 
  • Do you have a list of clients that hire you regularly? Family photoshoots are lifelong commitments. All leading photographers always have repeat clients in their portfolio. Family photoshoots are a regular occurrence, covering milestones such as graduations, weddings, and birthdays. A consistent flow of work from repeat clients is a clear sign that the individual you are talking to is the right one. 
  • What are your payment terms, and what does it cover? Family photography in Singapore can cost top dollar. Depending on who you approach, the payment terms may not be favorable to you. Always seek professionals within your budget that still offer you the best quality of work. Ensure you have a sufficient number of photographers to choose from, allowing you not to break the bank. 
  • Do you allow for cancellations and rescheduling? Predicting the future can be challenging. The weather may not be ideal for your session, or an emergency may occur, causing you to reschedule. Seek photographers that offer a flexible schedule to help you plan accordingly for your big day. 
  • How long will it take till I get the photos? Over the years, the tools available to photographers for post-production are more sophisticated. The timeline to receive the photos is significantly shorter compared to when the photographic film was the main medium. Therefore, you should shortlist a photographer who has a quick turnaround time to ensure quick and quality delivery. Ideally, it should not take more than a week for you to receive your photos for your family photoshoot in Singapore. 
  • Where will the photoshoot take place? Family photographers can operate from anywhere. They can decide to use their studio or take you to an outdoor location. Depending on the location, your cost can significantly increase. Ask your photographer for different options and choose what is best for your budget. 

The above are the fundamental questions to ask when shortlisting for family photographers. However, you can also ask more questions to your heart’s content to verify all the information that you need. Always ask open-ended questions to get the full information. A sure formula to use is the what, how, when, and who questions. 

How to prepare for a family photoshoot in Singapore

The first task is to pick the perfect studio and photographer for your family. You’ll find my recommendations below, so hopefully one of those will jump out at you as the ideal fit for your family. 

Next up, you’ll need to choose your location. You can have either a studio shoot, outdoor location, or home session.

Coordinating your outfits is very important to gain the best results from the day. If you have younger kids, make sure you bring a spare outfit or two, as we all know they can get very messy! Pick out clothing that compliments each other’s outfits, and that makes everyone feel comfortable. For details on family photoshoot Ideas, poses, outfits, and color schemes, refer to this article.

Before the shoot, try to get the whole family excited and on board with the day’s activity. Ensure everyone has a good night’s sleep the day before and a big breakfast on the morning of the session. From there, it’s all about having fun! Follow the photographer’s instructions and enjoy your day together.

How do you make a family photoshoot fun for your kids?

  1. Choose a location that your child loves, a place she will play and pose without any prompting.
  2. Choose a location that shows off her personality. Is she a dancer, a princess, a fashionista?
  3. Choose a time of day that the light creates the best shadows and lighting for your child.
  4. Choose a time of day that is not too crowded. You want her to be happy, not interrupted by tourists.
  5. Choose a photographer that will capture the essence of your child, not just a pretty picture.

Managing expectations for your family photoshoot in Singapore. 

It is important to manage expectations for your upcoming photo shoot. Here are some tips to ensure the session goes as per the plan. 

  • Be in sync with your photographer. Every photo session revolves around a certain theme. Therefore, you need to align this with your photographer for the best outcome. You can start by looking at their past work for a point of reference. Ensure you are articulate when communicating the same since any miscommunication can result in the entire endeavor being a total waste. 
  • Workout the different poses and how best to achieve them. In line with being in sync with your photographer, you can work on sample poses beforehand. Share the same with your family, such that you prepare well before the day. Children are always unpredictable. Depending on their age, you will always have little ones who will not sit still or will want to play in between shots. Giving your photographer a brief on your children will go a long way in avoiding any mishaps while they work.  
  • Your photographer is the expert. A big no-no is shouting directions to your photographer. There is always that one family member who is a know-it-all. For your session to go smoothly, share some of the sample pictures with your family for them to get insight into the photographer’s expertise. Find a middle ground where your end vision matches your photographer’s style. 
  • Ask your photographer if they require anything from your end? In some cases, family photography sessions do require extra input from the participating family. With this in mind, it is advisable to have a list of prior requirements from your photographer. Especially for outdoor sessions, you may require to purchase the passes both for your family and the photographer. They may also need to provide transport and accommodation should the session go past hours. 

Choosing between a family studio photoshoot versus a family outdoor shoot. 

When planning for a family photoshoot in Singapore, you can choose between the studio and an outdoor venue. The resulting choice will entirely depend on your personal preferences. However, here are some points to help you narrow down on what is suitable for your family. 

Family studio photoshoot in Singapore


As the name suggests, these take place indoors. You can opt for location at the photographer’s premises or at your home. Here are some factors to help you better narrow down the decision. 

  • The weather does not influence the outcome – Since the session will primarily take place indoors, the elements are inconsequential to the shoot’s outcome. However, conditions such as typhoons or hurricanes can prevent you from getting to the venues. These are often far between, and your plans will take this into account, and you shall prepare adequately. 
  • It is cheaper in comparison to outdoor sessions – Studio photoshoots tend to be cheaper than outdoor shoots. If you plan for an outdoor shoot, you may incur extra costs such as venue entrance fees, travel expenses, and rescheduling costs, depending on the elements. If budget is your main concern, a studio or home session is your best choice. 
  • Time allowance – Studio shoots do not require a lot of time commitment from your end. Everything is at one spot, and there is not much to do in terms of planning. Your photographer will have all the tools at their disposal and can deliver the photos within the day. 


Despite all the positives, certain liberties are not available when on studio photoshoots. 

  • For example, there is more post-production that goes into studio photos. The lack of natural light does not bring out your natural appearance as would outdoor sessions. 
  • Another drawback to studio sessions is the lack of uniqueness in the photos, as the setup tends to be similar across various clients, leaving very little creativity. 

Outdoor Photoshoots. 


Taking pictures outdoors also comes with its sets of advantages. Here are the main ones that you can take into account: 

  • More creative liberties – Outdoor sessions give you the freedom to explore your creativity on set. You can bring your props to make the session more original. You can also employ different backgrounds as per your theme. 
  • Natural light promotes authenticity – Colors appear more vividly in natural light as compared to studio light. Furthermore, you can get unique backgrounds that are not possible at a studio. Settings such as botanical gardens, waterfalls, and the beach, have unique natural features that are not accessible indoors. 


  • One of the main drawbacks of outdoor sessions is that they can be cost-prohibitive. Depending on the venue, you may end up paying far more than you would at a studio session.
  • Another thing is that they can be hard to predict, given that all rely on nature. Make careful plans before you rest on a particular choice. 

Logistics for your Family Photoshoot in Singapore

As your day approaches, certain things will make or break the whole session. Here are the top tips to handle family photoshoot logistics. 

  1. Have a chaperon to guide the activities. Arriving at the location earlier than your photographer is a sure way of getting things off on the right foot. Often, family photoshoots that start off later than usual end up not being as productive. By appointing a chaperon, they can guide the activities to ensure that all those participating are on time and stick to the schedule. 
  2. Seek your photographer’s advice on an ideal time and location. Often, not all the locations you opt for are ideal for your photographs. It may be helpful to utilize your photographer’s insight in what locations are suitable for your theme and the time of day. Photography requires ample light for the results to be outstanding. Therefore, opt for a time that will give you the best light to accentuate the colors and backgrounds. 
  3. Verify with the photographer the requirements of the venue. Some venues may require reservations before the session. Ask your photographer if they have the necessary permits to avoid any surprises. Furthermore, you can call the location beforehand to confirm the same. Wherever possible, ensure that you have a copy of the confirmation as you plan your trip. 
  4. Perform a reconnaissance of the venue. A trial run of the venue is always a good idea. It will prepare you better for the photoshoot, by familiarizing yourself with the location of the facilities. In case any of your members appear anxious, a reconnaissance of the venue can help alleviate their fears. 
  5. Always bring a first aid kit and goody bag. Accidents can occur at any time. Having a first aid kit on hand is essential since you can address any emergencies quickly. Also, a goody bag is not such a bad idea if your session will be taking place outdoors. For example, your goody bag can contain some blankets, tarp, and diapers for your toddler, should they go boom boom mid-session. 
  6.  Carry some extra cash with you. Aside from what your session may cause, some extra cash with you will also help along the way. Given how the session goes, you can request more services that your current contract will not cover. The additional cash will come in handy should any other unforeseen expenses occur. 

Family Portraits

What is a family portrait?

A family portrait is a photo taken of members of the nuclear or extended family. These photos are often displayed or saved to share a family’s heritage. For families with young children, regular family photos can show how the family has grown or changed over time. Family studio portraits are taken by professional photographers in their studio location.

Why are family portraits important?

Family portraits are important for several reasons.

  • First, family portraits document growth. This can be the aging and growth of each member of the family, but also the growth over time of a family that is still expanding. For young families, regular family portraits show each new addition to the family.
  • Second, family portraits allow families to relive memories. Not only will they relive the memories of having the photos taken, but they’ll be able to relive the memories from that period of their lives.
  • Third, family portraits are a good way to show off your family. Family members often have family portraits in their home or on their desk. These photos are an easy way to show off members of the family, even if the person is not nearby.
  • Finally, family portraits leave us with something when the worst happens. When a loved one passes away, the family portraits leave us with something of that person. While we never want to think of the worst happening, having portraits can be a comfort when we miss our loved ones who have passed on.

Where can I get family portraits taken in Singapore?

There are lots of photography studios in Singapore that offer family portrait photography. If you want to get a family portrait in Singapore, search for portrait studios near you. Once on the photographer’s website, determine whether or not they do family portraits.

Once you’ve compiled a short list of photographers near you that offer family portraits, look at each photographer’s portfolio. By viewing their previous work, you can best determine if their style fits the vision you have for your family’s photos.

How much do family portraits cost?

If you’re looking for a family portrait studio in Singapore, the price you pay will depend upon the particular studio and the package you choose. If you’re purchasing several photos with different poses and outfits, the price of your family studio portraits can increase.

Some studios in Singapore offer family portrait packages for as low as $99. It’s important to remember that the cost of the portraits may not include the price of prints, framing, and other add-ons. To find out exactly what is included in your photography package, ask your chosen photographer.

How to Prepare for Family Portraits

Preparing for your family portrait session will have some differences from preparing for an individual portrait. Below are a few tips for preparing for your family portrait in Singapore.

  • First, you should plan outfits for each family member. While matching outfits can be visually appealing, you do not need to match for your family portrait. Family members should wear coordinating colors. To prepare for your photoshoot, make sure each person in your family knows what they’re going to wear. It may help to set out the outfits the night before to make sure everything is clean and ready for portraits. The outfits should be comfortable. Unfamiliar clothing may not be a good idea for young children.
  • Second, your family members should be ready to be posed. If you have specific poses in mind, it may help to run through getting into those poses before the day of your family studio portraits. If the photographer will be helping pose family members, make sure your children are ready to have strangers around them.
  • Finally, make sure everyone is rested and well-fed before portraits. As far as it is in your control, make sure your children are rested and fed before the photo shoot. If the children are eating right before the portraits, make sure they are not eating in their photo shoot outfits.

Top five locations for outdoor family photoshoot in Singapore. 

  • East Coast Park and Beach Occupying an area of 460 acres, this location is the largest park in Singapore. It features a manmade beach that is ideal for both swimming and snorkeling. Families that choose this location can enjoy different backgrounds at the Bedok, Tampines, or Marine Parade. Your family can also use the many amenities such as barbeque pits, chalets, and restaurants. 
  • Singapore Botanic Gardens. If you are a nature lover, the Singapore Botanic Gardens are your ideal outdoor location. This UNESCO World Heritage site is home to over 10,000 plant species and occupies 200 acres. You will not pay any entrance fees except for the Orchid Garden. It operates daily from 5 a.m. to midnight, making it ideal for both day and night photoshoots. 
  • Marina Bay, Singapore. Do you fancy iconic buildings, luxury yachts, and fancy light shows? Then you have to visit Marina Bay for your next family photoshoot in Singapore. Your family will enjoy some of the best backgrounds to create iconic memories that will leave everyone green with envy. Always consult with your photographer when scouting for locations to confirm availability and fees to use this location for your next shoot. 
  • Ann Siang Hill. There is no better place to capture Singapore’s history over the years than Ann Siang Hill. The area still has the old architecture from its humble beginnings in 1848. The sceneries you can choose from are traditional storefronts, brightly colored walls, and the rustic décor that is a staple in most buildings. 
  • Gardens by the Bay. Finally, we have the Gardens by the Bay. They have been operational since 2008 and feature the flower dome, which is the largest greenhouse in the world. The diversity of plants within its 110 hectares provide the perfect color background to make your photos stand.


Scheduling a family photoshoot in Singapore is the perfect way to guarantee time together as a family. During these sessions, you will create more memories to last a lifetime and enjoy laughs and precious moments together. 

The studios listed above all offer high-quality results and professional photographers, so you’ll be in safe hands whoever you choose to use.

Additional Photographers in Singapore


What is an average price for family photo shoot?

A typical package for a family photo shoot in Singapore costs between $250 to $500, depending on the photographer and the package you choose. Prices can vary depending on whether it’s an outdoors or studio shoot, how many hours, how many people, how many photos, etc. A typical family photo shoot will include one to two outfits per subject, with an average of 10 to 15 images.

Where can I take family photos in Singapore?

Sentosa Island is the best place to take family photos in Singapore. The island is well-known for its beaches, where you can have the option to have fun with your family. The island is known for its clean water. Furthermore, it also has gardens, amusement parks, wildlife parks, and more. Thus, it’s a great place to go on a family vacation. Another fun place to take pictures with your family is to go to Gardens by the Bay. There are many beautiful spots, including Cloud Forest, Flower Dome, Cloudwalk, Supertree Grove, Fountain of Wealth, Supertree Grove, Orchard, Bonsai Garden, etc.

How do you make a family photoshoot fun?

Photoshoot with your family, when done right, can be a great way to put everyone in the holiday spirit. Prepare and color coordinate the outfits beforehand and bring enough accessories and props for your family photoshoot. Further, you must take photos n a suitable environment as it can determine the mood of the photo. Make sure that there are no distractions in the background. Also, pick the right time of the day for the photoshoot. For example, if you are doing a beach photoshoot, it is important to avoid the times when the sun is too bright.

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