Family Picture Outfits For Your Next Photoshoot (2024)

How can you keep your loved ones looking sharp for a group photo? In this post, we will cover how to compose family picture outfits for any photoshoot.

Dress for success at your next family photoshoot. How can you keep your loved ones looking sharp during a group photo? Well, you are in luck, because we will be showing you how to compose family picture outfits for any type of photoshoot. No need to rummage through your closet and have a fashion emergency.

Today, we are talking about what to wear, and what not to wear, for whatever kind of photography session you have planned. Plus, you will even learn some of the tips and tricks behind taking amazing pictures that are frame-worthy. Let’s start organizing outfits, shall we?  

What to wear for family photoshoot

Before we dive right in, let’s go over some tips to help you decide what to wear for family photoshoots. 

  • Make sure your loved ones are comfortable in their outfits, especially if you are working with kids. If children feel uncomfortable in their clothes, their miserable mood will show in the photos. Practice different poses in your outfits, like sitting or leaning forward, prior to the photography session. 
  • Avoid matching too much. Each family members should not look identical to one another. Let each individual personality shine through in their outfits. Arrange a color scheme that reflects your family’s distinct personality. Stick with only two or three colors and be careful not to overwhelm the image with too many patterns and prints.
  • Play around with layers and textures.  Eye catching fabrics, like lace, wool, and tweed, photograph beautifully. Try not to go overboard with textures and patterns, as it will muddle the overall image. Choose a few articles of clothing with interesting fabrics to become statement pieces in the snapshots.

Follow these simple guidelines and you and your family are guaranteed to look fabulous at the next group photo. 

What to wear for family pictures outside

Choosing the right location for a photoshoot is just as important as choosing the right outfit to wear. And whether it’s a snowy backdrop or forest scene, snapshots from an outdoor photography session always turn out amazing. 

Here are some suggestions for your next family outdoor photoshoot, no matter the theme or the setting. 

  • Generally, denim and khaki are safe choices for outdoor photoshoots. Jeans, or even a simple denim jacket, pair well with just about anything. And khakis can partner up with most colors or patterns too. Both fabrics are incredibly adaptable, can be dressed up or dressed down and work well against nature background. 
  • Planning a Winter holiday photoshoot? Don that cozy winter wear, like with thick coats and warm hats. Layer up on sweaters, scarves, and gloves.
  • If you decide to head to the beach for a group photo session, wear clothing that is loose fitting and relaxed. Consider pieces made of a lighter or sheer material, such as cotton or lace.
  • When the forecast calls for bad weather, prepare for it and possibly make the most out of it. If it starts raining, rain boots and umbrellas may just become a cute addition to the group pictures.
  • Make sure you prepare some layers that are easy to remove, in case the temperature rises. However, a quick wardrobe change means multiple different looks across many pictures. This will give you more options when deciding what images get printed. 
  • What you and your family wear should be influenced by the setting of the photography session, so dress according to the theme and the background. 

Family picture outfit ideas

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s turn our attention to outfit choices for any time of year. 

A word of advice; search for seasonal trends that catch your attention. Gather ideas on family fashion for photoshoots from social media and search engines, those pictures can help you organize outfits. Also, try to arrange a color palette that suits the theme of the photoshoot as well as your family’s personality. 

Need some inspiration for organizing photo ready outfits? Here are some family picture outfit ideas you can use for your next family photoshoot.    

Fall family photo outfits

Let the beauty of Autumn to inspire your outfits. With a fall photoshoot, strive for a stylish layered look. Thick, wool scarves and classic brown boots are perfect accents to Autumn inspired attire. Break out those plaid shirts and scarves from your closet, because they will suit a fall family photo so nicely. A plaid pattern is a popular choice, so consider having a few members of your family wearing pieces with that design. Also, wearing denim, either as a jacket or your favorite pair of jeans, is another fabulous choice for fall. Just remember that darker blue jeans work better for this type of photoshoot than lighter blue jeans.  

In terms of the color palette, focus on shades of gold and deep purples, like the changing leaves of the season. Darker hues of red, like maroon or crimson look stunning as well. For a complete outfit, pair denim pieces with a button-down, a plaid shirt that features warm tones, such as burgundy red or mustard yellow. Don’t forget to pile on the layers, like a chocolate brown scarf, a purple cardigan or a grey wool beanie. 

Fall in love with fall fashion at your next group photo session.     

Spring family photo outfits

Unleash your inner Easter egg with your Spring family photo outfits. With the seasons changing, take advantage of warmer weather. Aim for a fresh, polished appearance. Opt for button-down, collared shirts with short sleeves and tan or beige khakis. Dresses and skirts fit the scene perfectly as well. Consider wearing a light sweater, preferably in crisp white color, just in case the weather is still a bit chilly. Pastels are all the rage during springtime photoshoots. In terms of a color scheme, choose hues of baby blue, lavender, and pink. Also, bright yellows and minty greens always look lovely. 

Currently, hair bows and bow ties are currently a popular choice for Spring family photos. Nothing too flashy or bright, find bows and ribbons with soft, pastel colors. And try to find bow ties with flower design for the gentlemen in your family. Another suggestion is to use a pretty floral print as a statement piece. Consider having a few key pieces of clothing that feature floral print. Be sure to keep the patterns within the desired color scheme. 

Summer family photo outfits

Summer fashion is all about casual appearance. Light cotton and sheer materials are a smart choice. Some good suggestions would be a loose, button-down shirt made of linen or a beachy dress accented with lace. Since Summer group photos are all about relaxing and a laid back vibe, wear sandals and flip flops. Maybe even dig those cool sunglasses out of the junk drawer too. 

Bold, sunset like colors are a must for Summertime photoshoots. Shades of pink and orange look stunning, especially against a beach background. If you’re looking for cooler tones, turquoise, and aqua green are gorgeous choices as well. Want to incorporate a fun pattern into Summer family photo outfits? Look out for some checkered gingham print that will stand out in the snapshots. 

Partner muted tones with vibrant colors. For example, light tan pants with a vivid coral pink or a royal blue make for a complete summer look. Also, for the ladies, wear a dress with a tropical print or gingham pattern, tying the overall attire to the beach theme. Keep things relaxed and breezy with a Summertime family photoshoot. 

Family Christmas picture outfits

Show off your holiday spirit with some festive outfits for a Christmas photoshoot. When planning an outdoor photo session in the snow, wear warm coats, scarves, and beanies. Sweaters are a must for holiday snapshots. Either the classic wool, cable knit sweaters or comedic “ugly” sweaters. Aim for that warm and toasty feeling that comes with celebrating the holidays. 

While keeping colors within the holiday theme, stick to emerald greens and ruby reds. A pop of red is gorgeous, like in striking red lipstick on a bold scarlet scarf. Another beautiful color choice is a deep, royal purple or navy blue. Elegant ivory and creamy eggnog tones work well too. One suggestion for a complete holiday outfit is a creamy white sweater with a bold red accessory, with just a hint of sparkle.

Also, a small amount of glitter goes a long away in Christmas snapshots. Consider incorporating a bit of sparkle with an accessory, like a headband or a piece of jewelry. Looking for a bit of humor in your Christmas photos? Santa hats, elf hats, and reindeer antlers will bing lighthearted holiday fun to your family photos. Plus, matching in festive, candy cane striped pajamas is a charming option too. Don’t be afraid to add a touch of playfulness to your holiday photos. 

Family portrait outfits

For pictures with a more serious vibe, plan some family portrait outfits ahead of time. Think about what you would wear to a job interview or a formal event.  Usually, portrait photoshoots take place indoors, against a simple backdrop, so dress accordingly. For men, stick with a dark suit, a button-down shirt, and a basic tie. Ladies will look elegant in formal dresses paired with a simple sweater or blazer. Pair these clothes with dressy shoes and understated accessories. Avoid loud patterns and colors, they will distract in an unflattering way. The same goes for flashy jewelry and accessories. 

Darker tones suit the color scheme for portraits better than lighter tones. Black, being a common option, is an easy choice. Everyone has at least one black article of clothing in their closet. Burgundy and navy blue are also lovely in professional photographs. 

While the goal is to look proper and well put together, items such as bowties, tuxedos, and floor length gowns may seem a bit too formal. Partner black and shades of grey with subtle colors. If you have the desired color palette, a man’s tie should match the exact color of a lady’s dress. An example of a finished would be a lovely burgundy dress with a black leather belt and shoes. This type of photo session is about looking professional and proper, so arrange outfits around that aesthetic.

Dress for Success

There is no need to pull everything out of your closet and have a fashion emergency. Plan ahead of time and make sure all of your loved ones are happy with their attire. Collect opinions from your relatives, you may be surprised with their clothing choices and their ideas for a theme. Kids will also enjoy getting involved with what they want to wear, and they will feel more comfortable in their outfit if they have chosen it.  

Research the seasonal trends and photo ready outfits for inspiration. During the colder seasons, layer up on the layers. For warmer weather, stick with lighter, more delicate fabrics. Also, choosing the right color palette is just as important as choosing the right attire. Focus on two or three colors that fit the overall theme and your family’s personality. 

Whatever you and your loved ones decide to wear, make sure you dress to impress at your next family photo.

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How to plan family picture outfits?

Do your research and gather inspiration from photos that catch your attention. If you’re planning clothes for children, let them have a say in what they wear. They will be more comfortable in an outfit they choose the day of the session. Prior to the photoshoot, try on your outfits and practice different poses, making sure that they are comfortable and easy to move around in. Keep in mind the theme of the photoshoot when organizing a color scheme. Stay with two or three colors in the palette, any additional color will muddle the overall image.

How to coordinate family photo outfits?

When organizing a family photoshoot, let your loved ones have input on their attire and be open to ideas. Communicate openly and be clear about the theme and your desired color palette for the photoshoot. Send out swatches to your loved ones of the exact colors you will be using as a reference, especially if it’s a specific shade of a color. Agree on articles of clothing that everyone already has in their closet or can easily find in a department store. The day of the photoshoot, make sure everyone is comfortable and having fun, that’s most important. At the end of the day, everyone involved in the group photos must be on the same page.

What should be the family photo outfits for the beach?

Heading to the beach for a group photo? Clothing should be relaxed and lose fitting. Consider wearing sheer cotton pieces or clothes featuring a gingham pattern. Opt for sandals and sunglasses. Lace accents are a nice touch as well. Vibrant, sunset inspired tones to suit a summertime color palette perfectly. Coral pinks and warm oranges look gorgeous against a beach background. Also, bold turquoise and seafoam green are stunning choices too. When in doubt, go for the classic look of crisp white shirts and khaki shorts. Denim paired with a cotton button-down shirt is another great option. Just be careful not to ruin your outfit with sand or seawater, especially when photographing with young children.

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  1. It can be difficult to know how to stand and pose, especially with small children who don’t always cooperate. We did Christmas photoshoots over the past year which turned out to be the most awkward Christmas photos imaginable. Very glad I stumbled upon this blog because I know what to do now for the next shots. Thank you

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