We eat with our eyes first, right? No matter if it’s appetizing appetizers or decadent desserts, food photography will make any plate pop off the page. But sometimes, snapping a picture with your smartphone just isn’t enough. Luckily, there are a ton of talented professional food photographers in Singapore.  

Why should restaurants or eateries hire food photographers?

With the rise of social media and online food ordering services, restaurant owners want your food to look as good as it tastes for prospective customers. Professional food photography is a wise investment. By hiring with a food photographer, their mouthwatering photos can be displayed in a printed menu, in product advertising, or on the restaurant’s website. 

Delicious looking images of the meals served at your establishment will attract new customers and potential buyers. And more customers means a drastic increase in profits for your business.

Looking for Food Photographers in Singapore?

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Price and packages for food photography in Singapore

Depending on what studio you decide to work with and the size of the project, prices will vary. A few pictures used for advertising purposes is much different than photographing an entire menu. Before you contact a professional, determine how many photos you will need. 

Some photographers provide individual packages for catalogs, full online menus, takeout menus, and print advertisements. However, there are photography studios who will create a tailor-made package for a client based on their specifications. 

On average, food and beverage photoshoot could cost about $100 to $400 per hour. And typically, a session lasts about two to three hours. In total, professional food photography can cost a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on the photographer you go with. For an additional fee, some studios offer photo retouching and editing services as well. 

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In addition to the photo packages offered on ShutterTurf’s website, we’ve also compiled a list of some of the remarkable food photographers in Singapore.  

Alinea Collective

First on our list are Brayden Lim and Almanda Teo. Co-founders of Alinea Collective, Brayden is a professional food photographer and videographer while Almanda is a food stylist. 

With their eye for detail and experience combined, they are a dynamic duo in the food photography industry. They share the skill for conceptualizing and arranging a meal until the shot is visual perfection. For four years, these two have been heavily involved in commercial and campaign work for many high profile clients, like GrabFood Asia, Pizza Hut, and Marriott International. 

Their eye-catching work has been featured in numerous advertisements, such as food packaging and printed publications. 

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Bene Tan Food Photography

Meet renowned photographer Bene Tan and his talented team at Bene Tan Food Photography. Initially studying graphic design, Bene went on to become an amazing self-taught food photographer. 

Over ten years later, he has dabbled in a wide range of photography forms, like fashion, portraits, and event shoots. In 2017, he & his team won three international photography awards in the food category of the One Eyeland Photography Awards competition. 

Collaborating with clients such as Thai Express and Baker’s Oven Pattisieries, his vibrant, creative style brings culinary marvels to life. Just take a look at his portfolio full of bite worthy snapshots. 

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C.R Tan 

Meet Chun Rong, one of the many food photographers in Singapore. Growing up, he was always interested in the art of cooking while he watched his aunt prepare family meals. 

Soon after he started a blog on his kitchen adventures, he began experimenting with photography and food styling, honing his craft along the way. Often incorporating natural elements into his photos, his distinct brand of rustic aesthetics is present in all of his pictures. 

In addition to receiving multiple awards, C.R. was also included in The Food Journal’s list of the Top 50 food journalists in Singapore.

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Chethan Jayaramu

Leaving his 9 to 5 job to pursue his passion for photography full time, Chethan went on to graduate from Light & Life Academy in Ooty, India. 

Today, he is living his dream as a professional food photographer in Singapore. Some of his clients include Pot ‘o’ Noodles, Uber Eats, and Tim Tai Asian Deli. With his extensive knowledge of camera techniques, he has a knack for finding the most appetizing angle for photographing food. Paired with his exuberant personality, Chetan’s bright, inviting photography style will grab anyone’s attention. 

Aside from food photography in Singapore, he specializes in architecture, product, and travel photography as well. 

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Crisp Contrasts

Next, check out this creative agency that specializes in food advertisements. Established over ten years ago, Crisp Contrast is one of the leading food photography studios based in Singapore, offering food photography and videography services. 

Working with a bunch of globally recognized brands, some of their clientele includes Peach Garden, Tam’s Up and Locaba Cakes. This remarkable studio’s innovative, versatile approach is designed to cater to a brand’s specific vision and target audience. In addition to food photography, they also provide graphic design and digital marketing services. 

Take a look at Crisp Contrasts on Instagram to view their delicious-looking photographs. 

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Digital Negative 

Meet Chris and Sam, identical twins with an equal passion for photography. In 2014, the brothers started Digital Negative and embarked on their careers as commercial photographers. 

A few years later, at the International Photography Awards, this dynamic duo won for professional advertising in the product and still life category. The vivid, crystal clear quality to their food-related photograph showcases the varying textures and temperature of a well laid out feast. 

Previous clients adore Digital Negative’s work, citing that Chris and Sam are “professional, creative and meticulous in their work”, high praise for this pair of commercial photographers.

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Eat Crave Grub

Three years ago, Ana traded a cubicle for a camera, becoming a photographer and food stylist in her own right. Specializing in food and drink photos, her refined, boutique-like approach makes her stand out above the rest. 

She has an incredible talent for setting the scene, arranging a meal in an inviting, indulgent kind of way. No matter the size of the project, her goal is to elevate a brand through enticing photographs. 

Covering everything from staging to styling to shooting, clients feel like they are in safe hands when they collaborate on a food photoshoot with Ana of Eat Crave Grub. 

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Elodie Bellegarde

Meet Elodie, a French photographer and food stylist based in Singapore. About ten years ago, she earned a Master’s Degree In Culinary Arts from the University of Brighton. 

When she moved to Singapore, she gained a ton of experience working for food magazines, hotels, and local and international brands. She even published her first cookbook in 2015. So, her extensive knowledge of making food taste good and look even better goes without saying. 

With the main focus of all of her food-related pictures being the ingredients themselves, her signature photography style is unfussy and homely, like a real home-cooked meal.

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Glamour Wave Photography

A well-known photographer among the food photographers in Singapore, Calvin Huang strives for visual perfection in all of his work. His food photos combine his advanced camera techniques with his artistic flair.  

A rising star in the photography industry, Calvin was a top finalist for “The Big Shot 2” Nikon photography competition. Further, he founded Glamour Wave Photography in 2011, which offers photography services for editorials, events, products, food, and food styling. Each photography package at Glamour Wave Photography is individually customized per the client’s specifications. 

Over the years, Calvin has worked with some well-known establishments such as The Orange Lantern, The Latin Quarter, and Stuff’d. 

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Johna Photography

Johna started his career by assisting several notable photographers. Learning the ropes from them, he went on to open his studio, Johna Sue Photography, as a photographer, videographer, and food stylist. 

With his keen eye for detail, he is incredibly skilled at properly lighting and framing a shot, so the dish is the focal point of the image. Check out the portfolio on his website to view his flavor bomb photos. Some of his more prominent clients are Burger King, Guinness, the Manhattan Fish Market, and many more. 

Apart from food and product-related photoshoot, he also provides corporate portraits and aerial photography. 

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Nieve Photos

This studio’s goal is to be one of the leading food photographers in Singapore. And with exceptional work like theirs, Nieve Photos is quickly climbing the ranks in the photography industry. 

Specializing in food photography, they also explore other genres, like portraits, still life and advertising shoots. Using vibrant colors and exciting set designs in their photo composition, Nieve Photo’s polished style allows the food to pop off the page. Over the years, they have collaborated with many editorial publications, high-end hotels, and even a Michelin Stars Restaurant. 

Head over to the Nieve Photos website or their social media to view their tasty looking snapshots.

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One Food Story

Meet this group of photographers who are both fanatic foodies and talented content creators. 

At One Food Story, this dynamic team’s mission is to take a brand’s visions and bring it to life, telling their unique food story in the process. While staying true to a company’s image, their bold and daring photography style will turn heads. Using simple, unadorned backdrops, they put the food in the spotlight. Further, they bring a meticulous and strategic approach to every project they are involved with, everything from art direction to execution is done in house. 

Some of the companies One Food Story have provided photos for including Unilever, Kraft, and Nutella.

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Next up, check out Phocept studio, a one-stop spot for all your food and beverage advertisement needs. Specializing in food signage and photography, this studio takes a company’s vision and quickly conceptualizes images that reflect that message. 

Past clients say that Phocept’s work is “fast and hassle-free,” and feel like their brand was well represented in their top-notch food photographs. Not only will they travel to any location to provide photo services, but they also operate a set kitchen, bringing a warm, home cooked quality to food pictures. 

Other services Phocept offers include product photography and event shoots as well. 

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Pixel Musica

When it comes to versatility in the photography industry, look no further than Pixel Musica. Founded in 2012, this studio covers a variety of photography genres, like lifestyle, event, interior, and portrait photoshoots. 

Their team of food photographers in Singapore strives to deliver an appealing image that will awaken one’s appetite. Further, utilizing creative lighting techniques and display platforms, their photos focus on the texture of food items, like a glossy sauce or crunchy garnish. By doing so, they shine a spotlight on the key ingredients of a meal.  

Attentive to the client’s requests, Pixel Musica has received five-star reviews across the board for their outstanding work. 

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Pixel Workz Photography 

Meet Daniel, a renowned photographer among the food photographers in Singapore with over 10 years of camera experience under his belt. Opening Pixel Workz Photography in 2015, he offers food photography, product photoshoots, and even wedding photography services as well. 

For food-related shoots, all photos are taken on-site with studio lighting, resulting in delicious dishes preserved in scrumptious snapshots. Further, Daniel strives to promote one’s business and expand customer reach through high-quality work at an affordable rate. 

With a sharp eye for detail, his crisp, polished photography style will make anyone feel hungry just by viewing those pictures.

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Rave Photography

Andy got his first camera as a gift when he was only five years old. He enrolled in LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts and studied graphic design while still pursuing his passion for photography. 

After working for another commercial studio and gaining a ton of photography experience, he founded his studio, Rave Photography, in 1995. He is a noted photographer among the food photographers in Singapore and has been featured in publications like Artisans, August Man, and Appetit Magazine.

His clients include Itacho Sushi, Seoul Yummy, and the Coffee Connoisseur. Check out his remarkable portfolio on the Rave Photography website to view his photos.

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Rory Daniel 

Currently pursuing a Master of Photography Degree at RMIT, meet commercial photographer Rory Daniel. For 16 years, he has professionally covered architecture and food photography in Singapore and Melbourne. 

Passionate and laser-focused, Rory puts his clients on a pedestal, efficiently representing their brands in each project he is involved with. Every item in a shot, from the garnish to the table settings, has a purpose, that’s his approach to camera work. His use of color is eye-catching and pops right off the page. 

Take a look at the extensive portfolio on his website or follow him on Instagram to see his amazing pictures.

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Studio Sago

With over twenty years of experience, Eric Khor is a skilled photographer recognized for his artistic flair and his photography expertise in the food and beverage industry. 

Founded in 2004, Studio Sago is a photography firm based in Singapore that provides a variety of creative photography services. Collaborating with customers and helping them achieve their advertising goals is his number one priority. A few of his previous clients include Genki Sushi, Angliss, and Walt Disney Pictures. 

Inspired by different perspectives and colors, Eric considers his photography style to be a cross between photojournalism and fine art photography. Check out Studio Sago’s gallery to view Eric’s stunning work. 

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The Loud Kitchen

While he has dabbled in almost every genre of photography, Aaron Ang’s talents lie in still life and food photography. In his 10 years of commercial and advertising photography, his studio, the Loud Kitchen, has worked with companies like Vivant, Kitsch Coffee Bar, andTwo Tall Trees cafe. 

His simplistic, cozy brand of food photos will draw the attention of potential customers. His close-up shots, in particular, showcase the intricate details of the food photo’s composition. 

Honored with multiple prestigious awards throughout his career, Aaron Ang became the Overseas Commercial Photographer Of The Year at the MPA Diamond Jubilee Awards in 2012. 

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Tsang Photography 

Based in Singapore, this imaging and design studio covers many different genres, such as food photography, editorials, advertisements, and product shoots. 

Their photography style gives off homey vibes, setting a realistic scene for the viewer and highlighting the meal itself. Working together with their clients, this great photography studio will create a tailor-made photo package based on the buyer’s specific requests and their brand’s image and target audience. 

The companies they have worked with include Long Beach Seafood, Harper’s Bazaar, and Marina Mandarin Hotel. 

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WaiKay Photography 

Next on our list is another fantastic photography studio. Each of their food photos is visual perfection. Even the tiniest of details in a shot is meticulously crafted and arranged. 

Some of the dining establishments they have provided photos for include Loola’s, Tung Lok Mooncake, and Five Star Chicken Rice. People who have viewed their photography work absolutely adore their beautiful snapshots. One viewer praised that “the angles and symmetry are so perfect.”, a big compliment to the photographers at WaiKay’s camera skills. 

Aside from food photography in Singapore, WaiKay Photography also shoots for advertisements, hotels, architecture, and interior design.

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Weiguang Photography

Meet this team of freelance food photographers in Singapore. With their intense passion for photography and their attention to aesthetics, these photographers approach each photo with thoughtfulness and creativity. 

Evoking a person’s appetite or memories of a home-cooked meal is the primary goal of all of their food related pictures. Some of their photos are featured in menus, catalogs, and even cookbooks. Wei Guang Photography has collaborated with Gardenia, Creative Eateries, and Honest Bee. 

In addition to food photography, this studio also covers events, interior and lifestyle shoots. Check out their extensive gallery on the Wei Guang Photography website to view their outstanding photographs. 

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Whee Captures 

Meet Charlene, another enthusiastic photographer who takes brilliant snapshots for any occasion. In a diverse range of photography genres, she has covered weddings, family portraits, and of course, food and beverage photoshoots. 

Her mission is to make any product or food item look “it’s most desirable” through attention-grabbing pictures. Showcasing her culinary marvels will make anyone viewing her photos hungry for more. While she is currently based in Singapore, she travels across the globe for photoshoots. 

Past customers highly recommend her services, claiming “she will not disappoint,” a big compliment in the photography world. 

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YWL Photography

Meet Wei Lun, a talented photographer striving for exceptional quality and service in all of his projects. 

With years of photography experience and his keen eye for detail, he takes his time framing the composition of a shot perfectly. Receiving nothing but five-star reviews for their work, clients are incredibly pleased with his work and recommend his services to others searching for a skilled photographer like Wei Lun. 

His bold photography style creates mouthwatering images of delicious dishes, perfect for menus and catalogs. He utilizes dark backgrounds for photos so that the food and beverage items are in the spotlight and stand out even more. 

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Zee Marina 

Their mantra is simple; The eyes feast first. And with scrumptious snapshots like the ones taken by Zee and Marina photography, this studio is on the right track. 

Photos of lavish table arrangements, with various plates of different sizes, allow the viewer’s eye to wander and discover new details along the way. Some of their previous clients include Ikea, Unilever, and Dome Coffee. Over the years, this amazing studio has been honored with many awards and acknowledgments for their photography talents. 

In 2014, Zee and Marina photography won the Award of Excellence at the Masters Photography Awards in the UK. 

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Whether you need photos for a small take out menu or the entire menu on your restaurant’s website, consider hiring a food photographer. By collaborating with an experienced professional, you will have delicious looking pictures of the food served at your establishment that will draw in potential customers. And an increase in customers means an increase in earnings, making food photography a wise investment for businesses in the food and beverage industry.

Anyone of the skilled food photographers in Singapore mentioned on our list will create a visual feast with their crave-worthy images.

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