10 Outstanding Food Photographers in Toronto (2024)

Are you looking for a food photographer in Toronto to take amazing shots of your food items? Our article can definitely help you with that..

Food can be the most important factor for your restaurant’s success. People go to restaurants for good food, and food photography can make or break your restaurant. Therefore, you need to choose a professional food photographer in Toronto to take beautiful shots of your food items. Hopefully, this article might help you find one…

The first step is to figure out what kind of food photographer do you want. Do you want to shoot your food on a plain background or on a styled set? Some photographers will prefer to shoot your food in their studio, while others will want to shoot outdoors. The second is to figure out what outcomes are you expecting from the photoshoot. The last step is to discuss with different photographers about your ideas and choose the one who aligns with your objectives the most.

Looking for a Food Photographers in Toronto?

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Ryan Szulc Photography

Ryan specialized in photographing food and surrounding culture. He has shot over 50 cookbooks, many of which have gone on to win numerous awards. His work has been featured prominently in the Communication Arts and Applied Arts photography annuals over the past ten years. He is an amazing food photographer in Toronto.

Ryan is married to his longtime collaborator, prop stylist Madeleine Johari. They have two little budding photographers, Willow and Ivy. When not in the studio, Ryan can be found wandering about shooting his personal work.

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Brandon Barré Photography

Brandon Barré is a Toronto food photographer who shoots across the world. He is a leader in the field of photographing food & drink.

Equal parts artist and technician, Brandon possesses a signature skill in lighting, an uncompromising eye for detail, and a high level of expertise in digital retouching. A visual artist in all media from an early age, his developing passion for photography led to specializing in still photography in his high school arts program and an expansion into film studies in university.

With now 20 years of experience as a highly sought-after photographer of food, Brandon’s compelling images speak for themselves.

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Kailee Mandel Photography

Kailee is food photographer in Toronto. She has a critical eye, boundless creativity and insatiable curiosity. As a commercial photographer, she is responsible for capturing a food item in the eyes of my clients, as well as using her skills to create unique and marketable work.

Throughout Kailee’s career, she has had the opportunity to work with clients ranging from Nestle to McDonald’s, The Globe and Mail to Reader’s Digest. Specializing in food and product photography, she demonstrates her creativity along with the ability to elevate a brand and its products through her visual imagery.

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Suech and Beck Photography

Suech and Beck (Chris Sue-Chu and Alyssa Wodabek) are a photography duo based in Toronto, Canada. They naturally started working together on each other’s projects that developed into a seamless creative partnership. They now shoot for a variety of clients showcasing; food, lifestyle, beauty, and travel.

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Dylan Swart Photography

Dylan Swart is a commercial food photographer in Toronto, Canada. His day-to-day includes working with talented creative professionals, premium brands, and celebrated advertising agencies to develop beautiful food imagery. The style of work that excites Dylan most is centered around creating bold visuals by combining beautiful food and interesting light.

During Dylan’s career as a professional photographer, he has captured over 100 magazine covers for leading magazines, as well as worked on a wide variety of editorial content and travel assignments. His experience in food photography is extensive and is fortunate that his regular projects include photographing commercial advertising campaigns for well-known brands, agencies, local businesses, and start-ups.

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Alaa Taher Photography (ATP Arts)

ATP Arts are photography, production, and advertising agency. They specialize in commercial photography and video with a strong focus on the subjects of the photos. Their photographers have over ten years of experience in the commercial photography field. ATP Arts have one of the most amazing food photographers in Toronto.

ATP’s vision is to create something out-of-the-ordinary. To come up with images that ignite emotions and convey ideas from new imaginative perspectives. We do this by maintaining complete artistic integrity and creative prowess while catering to our client’s needs and wishes.

Their clients include magazines, advertising agencies, hotels, restaurants, and many other clients that include Miniso, Mini Cooper, Canon, Fairmont, The Four Seasons, Martha Stewart Weddings, Procter & Gamble, Credit Agricole Bank, and SoHungry.com.

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Joanna Wojewoda

Joanna Wojewoda is a food photographer in Toronto. She specializes in food and product photography. Over the years Joanna has worked with many clients such as Penguin Publishing, Dare Breton, General Motors, Mejuri, Platinum Naturals, Nivea along with many others including small, local businesses. Besides sharing her passion for photography and food through the means of creating images, Joanna offers her knowledge and years of experience in group workshop settings and one-on-one mentoring sessions.

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Victoria Frantsev Photography

Victoria Frantsev is a Toronto-based Food and Product Photographer. She is a passionate photographer with a genuine love of food, art, and, yes, photography. As a graduate of Seneca College of Applied Arts, her formal study resulted in a photography degree that taught her a love for visual media.

Victoria is experienced in shooting at restaurants, cafes, and small businesses such as meal prep companies, bakeries, etc. She loves being creative in her photography but she always makes sure it’s in line with the brand and client’s requirements. She has a distinctive style of her own that’s noticeable across each of her works. 

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Sku Studio

Sku Studio is a Toronto-based photography studio specializing in food photography & product photography founded by Tanvi Madkaiker, an Indian-Canadian, award-winning, BIPOC, female photographer.

Tanvi has worked with high-profile brands and clients in Mumbai & Toronto over the last 10 years to produce award-winning work for her clients. Whether your business goal is brand awareness, growth, or sales, SKU Studio will create bespoke & high-quality visual content that can get you there, on-brand, and on budget.

They have worked with organizations of all sizes, from large conglomerates to mom-and-pop shops to create stunning visuals that help elevate their brands. Also, they believe great quality photography should be accessible to all entrepreneurs. SKU STUDIO was born to fulfill that requirement. 

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Davidson Photography

Rob Davidson has lived in Toronto, Canada shooting and eating some of the best food the city has to offer, and it has been his mission to convey the experience of food with my photographs.

He has been a foodie since before the word existed. He is passionate about all aspects of food, talking about it, cooking, eating, photographing, videography and sharing. Rob has been making food look beautiful in photographs for many years, working for clients like Walmart, Vintage Hotels, Foodland Ontario, and Kraft Foods.

Rob is also an avid cook and has recently started a YouTube channel with his partner Nadia Cheema, focusing on food, recipes, and photography.

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As the food industry is becoming more and more competitive, it can be a difficult task to stand out from the crowd. The food photographer plays a huge role in this, and with the use of great photography, restaurants can easily market themselves and their food. With the right kind of photos, you can easily show your customers how amazing your food looks, and help them to get excited about trying it. If you want to improve your restaurant’s food photography, you may want to hire one of the food photographers mentioned above.

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Why is food photography important?

There is a good reason why your favorite dish always looks better in the ads. Food photography is not a luxury anymore. It is a necessity. They sell more than just the taste. They sell a lifestyle. They sell the experience. Food photography is important because it conveys the emotions associated with food. It makes the viewer hungry.

How do restaurants photograph their food?

Restaurants should take photos of food with excellent DSLR cameras and professional photography techniques. Food must be lit well and shaded properly to give the right color and texture effect. To create a perfect mood, you can also use props like flowers, candles, and glasses. The whole process requires studio photography equipment, including lights and reflectors.

What is the purpose of food styling?

Food styling is the process of arranging food to make it look appealing to the eye. It is vital both to commercial food photography and food artistry. There are three important factors that a food stylist needs to pay attention to – food presentation, food props, and food styling kit.


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