15+ Funny Photography Quotes to Lighten Up (Evergreen)

Hopefully, you enjoy this selection of funny photography quotes and the next time you find yourself in conversation with one, f-stop and break the ice using one of these lines.

If you’ve been a photographer for any length of time you’ve probably come across more jokes and puns about the business than you would care to admit. Let’s face it, for anyone who doesn’t understand the time and effort it takes to produce just one single photographic masterpiece, they are going to have something to say about it. Often those comments – as well-meaning as they may be – have become the fodder for several puns and jokes. Just for fun, put down your camera and let’s go through some of our favorites to see what develops.

I am a Plastic Surgeon, a Magician, a Stylist, a Social Media Guru, a Therapist and a Master of light – I am a Photographer

The Truth Behind The ‘Starving Artist’ Claim

Any person trying to make a living by chasing their artistic passion is going to have trouble paying the bills for the first little while. It’s just a phase you go through as you get your business established. For photographers, it is also very true. In fact, this whole concept of starving artists has become the foundation of our top pick for funny photography quotes.

What’s the difference between a full-time photographer and a large frozen pizza? The pizza will feed a family of four.

It’s Downright Criminal What Photographers Can Get Away With

We’ve been there. Days go by and the phone sits silent. No one comes into your storefront and there appears to be little if any interest in the family photo shoot special you’ve been promoting for the holidays. It’s getting to the point where you are seriously considering a part-time job to make ends meet. It also forces you to re-evaluate what you are doing.

Photographers are the only people who don’t get arrested for flashing and exposing in public

Can I shoot you with my Canon?

I’ve taken up photography as it’s the only hobby where you can shoot people and cut people’s heads off without going to jail.

Separating The Pros From The Cons

Excuse us while we shake our heads for a moment. We have seen this particular situation far too many times to not be negative about it. This goes back to public perception of the skill set required to wield around a massive camera weighed down by a lens package that looks more impressive than it should. We are talking about the wanna-bes.

Buy a professional camera and you are a professional photographer. Buy a flute and you’ll own a flute.

The Grim Reality That Snaps Photographers To Attention

Again, one of our most-used lines comes from the same territory as the ‘starving artist’ train of thought. It’s never complimentary and sometimes it comes across a tad on the insulting side. However, for some photographers, the next quote is that reality check that sometimes is the only one you are going to get and have a remote opportunity to cash and enjoy.

The quickest way to make money as a photographer is to sell your camera.

Spoiler Alert: Sometimes A Quote Is Based On Actual Science

Pop culture is a funny thing. It tends to have an influence on trends and as such can define where we were and what we were doing during a specific era. Movies and books have the most impact when it comes to trendsetting and as a result, photography sometimes feels the brunt of that activity. This particular funny photography quote is self-explanatory.

I read Fifty Shades of Grey to learn more about white balance.

The Fun Thing About Puns

The world of photography is not without a ton of puns. Puns are generally lines or jokes that make use of terms or common references to a specific area of expertise and flip them around to create funny statements. We’ve already used a couple in this article that were related to the funny photography quotes this article is about. Here are a few more for you.

I had to give up my career as a photographer. I kept losing focus.

I had a friend who kept talking about photography. I couldn’t shutter up.

I quit seeing this photographer because he kept framing me.

Poking Fun At Ourselves, When We Feel Like It

Admittedly, photographers are a rather serious bunch. It’s not hard to see why, either. With the amount of money the average photographer spends on gear, it makes sense that they would take what they do in a professional way. However, there are also a number of great funny photography quotes that strip away that tone and make fun of us.

If you saw a man drowning and could either save him or photograph the event, what kind of film would you use?

There are no negatives with entering the world of digital photography.

The only person pleased with a 100-percent crop is a farmer.

The only person a woman will listen to is a photographer.

Then There’s Even More Along The Same Line

By the time you get to the end of this article you are going to either love or question the way you feel about photography and the photographer in your life. The important thing to remember here is that although some funny photography quotes are not all that funny and may seem a bit harsh, it has nothing to do with how we value the true professionals who are out there.

Photographers are mean. They frame you, they shoot you and then they hang you.

We all have a photographic memory. Only some of us don’t have film.

In Conclusion

Hey, picture this for a moment. Nothing is better than having a professional snap photos of you doing the things you do. That’s because photographers are a special breed. They work under all kinds of conditions to make you look your best. They aim for high standards and process exactly that. Unfortunately, they also get picked on by those who don’t quite appreciate the skill they have.

If you know some more funny photography quotes, we would love to hear them. Just add them to the comment sections. Also, we have a great article on black and white photography so be sure to check that out!

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this selection of funny photography quotes and the next time you find yourself in conversation with one, f-stop and break the ice using one of these lines. If you are yearning for more, you can check out this Pinterest board on photography humor


  1. These are some of the best photography quotes I’ve seen on the internet. I find all of the puns extremely funny and relevant. Definitely going to end up using one of these for an Instagram caption.

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