14 Fabulous Interior Photographers in London (2024)

Are you looking for a photographer to take photos of your property? This article is going to help you find a London interior photographer.

Interior photography is one of the most important aspects of any residential or commercial project. Finding the right interior photographer can be very tricky. You want someone who will capture the room in the best possible way, but at the right price. In this article, you will find some of the exceptional interior photographers in London.

Interior photography is the process of taking pictures of the interiors of space. These can be offices, residences, hotels, shops, etc. Interior photography is an art that requires both creativity and precision.

Interior photography illustrates the rooms and the furniture in a real estate property. Unlike exterior photography, interior photography shows the inside of the property and how it looks. Interior photography is a crucial part of any real estate property, and it significantly impacts the sale. Many buyers often base their decision to buy a property on the quality of the interior photograph as they cannot see the inside of the property in person.

Looking for interior photographers in London?

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Prime Perspectives

Prime Perspectives’ story starts with two young entrepreneurs eager to create a business that combines their strengths and passions: interior photography and marketing. It led Prime Perspectives to become one of London’s leading property marketing companies. In addition to interior photography, Prime Perspectives provides a range of other services and custom-made videos of properties. 

With a mission to provide the highest quality of service possible, they handpick only the best creative photographers who are given extensive training regularly to stay on top of their game. The team behind Prime Perspectives shares decades of experience, so you can be assured that you are in good, professional hands. It also reflects their reviews on Google and Trustpilot, as they seem to receive only straight five stars!

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Peter Bauman, the founder of SpacePhoto, and Ieva Sira started to work in the Real estate industry as Photographers. They both had an event photography background for years but more as a hobby. SpacePhoto is now a team of 16 people.

SpacePhoto now is focusing more on individual tasks than running a one-man-band. It is not run by two people and consists of industry professionals and specialists where everybody plays a part and has potential growth within the company as far as he/she wishes to stretch his/her capabilities.

The SpacePhoto team consists of Property Photographers, Floor Planers, Domestic Energy Assessors, Property Surveyors, Administrators, Editors, Accounts, and Office Managers.

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Alex Upton Photography

Alex’s approach to architectural photography is informed and complemented by his background in studying both Fine Art (BA Fine Art First-class Honours, University of the Arts London) and design. It not only enhances his attention to detail and quality but enhances his understanding of form, space, composition, and materials concerning architecture.

Having since left full-time education, Alex has been working as an architectural photographer for several years, gaining knowledge and experience as the diversity of his client base increases. 

His service includes everything from the initial documentation of the project to the delivery of the high-resolution images, with post-production and image enhancements included. Alex is CSCS approved and possesses the appropriate documents to access construction sites in the United Kingdom.

Some of his notable clients are Sheppard Robson, HLM Architects, Christian Dior, Off-White™, BRP Architects, Structura UK, Max Fordham, Forterra, GEZE, Modular Studio, Paul Murphy Architects, Get Living London, and Troldtekt.

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Mark Hazeldine Photography

Mark Hazeldine is an architectural photographer based in Surrey (near London), UK. He is a specialist in architecture, interiors, and hospitality photography.

Mark is passionate about creating, curating, and publishing strong images with bold lines and an understated colour palette. He aims to tell stories with images that convey the beauty of architecture, urban spaces, and interior designs which are related to real-life and yet also have an artistic quality. Mark enjoys helping you document your work, showing it in its best light, and helping you to promote your business through great imagery. He uses a mixture of natural light and subtle artificial lighting to produce images that have depth.

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Will Pryce Photography

Will Pryce is one of the professional interior photographers in London working internationally for editorial, corporate, and advertising clients.

Pryce believes a photograph works when it describes an idea about a subject. The idea does not need to be complex. It can be really simple. But it needs to exist before (even a split-second before) the shutter is released.

Will studied photojournalism at the London College of Communication. his student project won the second place in both The Observer Hodge Award and The Sunday Times Ian Parry Award. He is a member of the Association of Photographers (AOP). In addition, he has seven books published in eleven languages. Some examples are ‘Brick, a world history’ with text by JWP Campbell (Thames & Hudson 2003) and ‘Architecture in Wood’ (Thames & Hudson, Rizzoli 2005).

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Interiors Photography London

Based in London, Neil, founder of Interior photography London, has over 20 years of experience in creative commercial interior and exterior photography. His Studio is firmly based on practical real-life marketing and branding success. He believes in the power of excellent images to show what a company does – to inspire customers and prospects, and to be memorable. 

Neil and his team travel all over the UK, Europe, and North America to photograph completed projects for clients’ websites, marketing materials, and case studies. The success of the brands they have worked with has been built on photography. It is the key to making brands stand out, and professional photography builds credibility into what otherwise could be more words in the sea of information bombarding the world today.

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Simon Callaghan Photography

Simon Callaghan is one of the well-known product photographers in London. His clients include global brands, London-centric businesses, and local charities, all requiring quality commercial photography.

Product photography includes many niches. It could be being a promotional photographer to advertise a new service or product, a website photographer to help tell a story or a social media photographer for cross-channel marketing.

Simon creates photographs for commercial purposes is often a blend of photographic niches. He mixes environmental portraits with product photography, architectural with editorial, and seamlessly fuses them to deliver consistently outstanding images.

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Francesco Russo Photography

Francesco is one of the interior photographers in London with a background in architecture. He is based in London and Venice and works worldwide, specializing in architecture, interior design, and the built environment.

Francesco strives to produce simple but bold and striking images for architects, designers, design agencies, engineers, developers, and contractors. He is a co-founder of Mass, a collective of photographers documenting the built environment.

His clients include Andrea Nalesso Architetto, Artangel, CarverHaggard, Clinicaurbana, Collective Works, Condé Nast, dRMM Architects, Dallas–Pierce–Quintero, Evans McDowall Architects, Foster + Partners, Gagosian HAZE, HeskethHayden, JaK Studio, Morris+Company, MZC+, Rocket Properties, Serpentine Galleries, Tatiana Trouvé, and The Building Centre.

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Simone Morciano Photography

Simone Morciano is one of the interior photographers in London. With an MFA in Photography, he focuses on finding compelling ways of representing the urban space through his camera lenses.

He enjoys the challenge of working around the constraints imposed by architectural spaces, as he finds a sense of fulfillment in being present in the moment and resourcefully responding to the environment around him.

His work revolves around themes like representation and perception, so he looks for different angles to interpret a project. To him, no space is dull. He offers a range of options to his clients to support and enhance their vision with his expertise.

During his career, he’s worked with architecture firms, interior design studios, developers, PR companies, art galleries, furniture makers, artists, retail and hospitality businesses.  

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Enrico Biga Photography

Enrico Biga obtained a diploma in photography in 1998 in Turin and started working in the industry immediately after. In 1999, he moved to London and kept studying photography at the London College of Communication.

Since he had covered different aspects of professional photography through ages (starting as an assistant first and naturally developing as a freelance after), he developed a keen eye for details and was passionate about architecture and design. He has worked with architects, construction companies, interior designers, hotel managers, and estate agents.

Since 2007 he made Property Photography his main specialized field and became one of the amazing interior photographers in London.

Enrico enjoys being a property photographer as he always meets different people in different environments, and he feels his photography helps them increase their sales. 

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Nacho Rivera Photography

Nacho is passionate about creativity, people, and natural light. Specializing in portrait, interiors, travel, and lifestyle photography, he works as one of the freelance property photographers in London helping a diverse range of clients to share their values through inspiring images. 

With an artistic, warm, and minimal approach, he works with different clients. Some notable clients are The Prince’s Foundation, Spanish Embassy in London, These White Walls, Roberto Di Donato Architecture, and Cocoro Kaiseki.

Aside from his editorial and commercial work, he carries out personal photography projects around the world. Photography helps Nacho to see and understand himself and others from a humanistic perspective. Moreover, it helps him to experience life more vividly. 

His projects have been displayed in Museums, Galleries, and International Photography Festivals including The Mediterranean Museum in Catalunya or Hoxton Gallery in the UK. You can also find my Silver Gelatin Prints in public and private photography collections.

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ShapeConcept Photography

ShapeConcept Photography, founded and directed by prestigious photographer Javier Fernandez, based in the UK for the last few years, is a hi-end photography projects startup backed in London by highly experienced professionals inside the photography industry, mainly in areas as interior design, architecture, and products.

Currently, providing customized imaging solutions throughout the UK and Internationally. Their knowledge and experience have been developing and growing for several years in different cities around South America & Europe.

From a tiny bedside table lamp to an entire hotel, they will always offer you their full range of imaging solutions, customized to your specific needs. Lately, the team is working side by side with strong partnerships on different projects across London and the entire UK.

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Marek Neumann Photography

Marek Neumann is a winning London-based photographer and retoucher specializing in interior and architectural photography with over 15 years of experience. He is very passionate about the geometry of the design, the character of form, and the symmetry of structure what purely reflexes in his images.

His photographs were published in various national and international magazines, newspapers. Moreover, his work was exhibited in several countries. He is highly skilled in digital retouching and editing using a special combination of techniques and professional software.

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Interior photography is the application of many skills and techniques to make high-quality images of inside a building or structure. It is a subset of architectural photography.

Interior photography is an essential part of today’s home buying process. A good photographer should capture the true beauty of a room. It allows potential buyers to get a better idea of the home they are hoping to buy. A good interior photographer should know his way around lighting, angles, and other techniques to showcase the features of a home in the best way possible. So, shortlist the photographer whose style aligns with your objectives.

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Why is interior photography important?

Good interior photography is essential for the growth of the interior design industry. It allows interior designers to market their work. Good interior photography increases the value of the property and also makes it more appealing to the buyers. Interior photography is very important for a home seller because it creates the image of the house in the prospective customer’s mind. It can show off special features about the house, even if these features aren’t visible in the exterior shots. It can also bring out the colours of the interiors, making the house stand out from the competition. A good photographer not only captures the space itself but the lifestyle of the people who live in it.

How much do real estate photographers charge UK?

A simple property can be photographed very quickly, and a complex interior may take a lot longer to photograph. The costs for a day’s shoot and several days of pre and post-production can range from £550 to £2200. The package usually includes image adjustments, retouching, non-advertising usage, and delivery of High Res jpegs via a transfer site.

Does professional photography help sell homes?

It can. High-quality professional photography can do wonders for the property, especially if it is new or has been recently renovated. A professional photographer can capture the best angles of a room, highlight the home’s best features, including the furnishings, and avoid distracting elements. If the property is in pristine condition, professional photos can improve the listing’s appeal tremendously. That’s why many real estate professionals prefer to work with professional photographers rather than taking pictures themselves.

When should you photograph real estate?

It is recommended to photograph real estate properties when you are trying to sell them. For one thing, you have to have the images available on the Internet for potential buyers to see it. You don’t want to photograph real estate when it’s in the worst light or the worst season. Speak with the photographer and find out which time would be appropriate for you to have your interior photoshoot. Also, plan according to when you want to advertise your property.

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