9 Extraordinary Interior Photographers in Singapore (2022)

Looking for interior photographers in Singapore? We have compiled a list of top photographers to draw in viewers, whether it's a home, restaurant or hotel.

Whether you are selling a home or welcoming patrons to your business, hiring a professional interior photographer to snap up photos of the location can capture the vibe of space in eye-catching pictures. Below is the list of skilled interior photographers in Singapore.

What is interior photography?

Interior photography focuses on the beauty of a space, showcasing the architecture and atmosphere of the area with interesting camera angles. Arguably the most challenging of all commercial photography styles, the interior photographers in Singapore thus need to take time to set the perfect scene. 

Every detail, from furniture to decorations, is meticulously arranged. Properly illuminating the room with ambient lighting equipment or natural lighting is crucial, so the overall composition is aesthetically pleasing. The bottom line is that interior photography captures the soul of space in beautiful photos, and professionally done photos are a must for interior designers, home sellers, and architects to use for their projects.

Why should you hire interior photographers?

If you are a homeowner looking to sell or rent your property then, professionally clicked photographs can be a great asset to attract prospective buyers as it will show your property in the possible light. 

On the other hand, interior photography extends to a restaurant or hotel. Exceptional interior photographs set an excellent first impression for potential customers and guests. An increase in clientele means an increase in profits for a business establishment. 

Consider getting interior photography for your project to draw in viewers, whether it’s a home on the market or a hotel advertising a vacation getaway. 

Looking for Interior Photographers in Singapore?

Looking to connect with interior photographers in Singapore, but not sure where to start? Don’t worry, the team here at Shutterturf has composed a list of the most reputable interior photographers in Singapore.

Disclaimer: Please note that all the photographers listed here are excellent at their craft, and we have listed them randomly. Their position does not imply a “rating” or “ranking” by Shutterturf.

Zainal & Zainal

Zakaria believes that high-impact visuals can make or break the digital experience with clients or consumers.

With more than a decade producing visuals for leading companies, Zakaria crafts inviting visuals that accentuate spaces at home and at work. For individuals and brands working in real estate, photographs — with clarity and vision — matter.

Besides interior photography work, Zakaria and his creative studio Zainal & Zainal crafts stories with photographs — helping brands like yours realise your full visual potential. We take on various commercial assignments, but not limited to: annual reports, commemorative books, marketing campaigns, and corporate portraits.

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Ken S.

Ken’s love for photography began when he started shooting events for his school and going into a dark room. How an exposed photo paper when dipped into a developer slowly revealing an image, fascinated him.

His love and passion for photography inspired him to create visually stunning photos. Having honed his skills for many years, Ken has a trained eye to find beauty in all his subject above all else.

Kelvin C.

Photography has been Kelvin’s passion ever since he picked up a camera in his teenage years. Kelvin has been a full-time photographer for 30 years. The core of his business is visually capturing images that reflect authenticity.

He strives to create authentic and visually appealing photos for his clients. His goal is to provide his clients the best photographic experience available in Singapore.

His forte is photographing Commercial & Residential Interiors, Architecture, and Corporate & Environmental Portraits.

Chethan J.

Chethan used to work for a 9-5 job. He took a life-altering decision to follow his passion for photography when he was over 25 years old. He began researching about cameras and photography schools.

Chethan graduated from Light & Life Academy, Ooty. The photography field has turned him into a very outgoing and exuberant. Over the years, he has worked on several projects with renowned entrepreneurs in the food and architecture industry. He specializes in Architecture, Food, Product, Travel & Underwater Photography.

Edmund C.

Edmund has over thirteen years in the field of professional photography. His mission is to journal his job with unique angles and creativity. He aims to provide professional services to his clients at an affordable price without compromising the quality of his work. His company has also won awards in several competitions like PPAC and WPE.

Titus L.

Doing what you love is the way to live has always held for Titus. With over 5 years of experience in photography, Titus is incredibly passionate about the craft. He helps clients in interior photography in Singapore.

His go-to photography service is Bright and clear photos, free pre-consultation and single revisions, and value for money at only ($250 per hour with 11-20 high-resolution edited photos).

Rachel T.

Rachel is a talented Singapore-based architecture and interior photographer who has extensive knowledge and passion for the hospitality industry. Her eye for detail, and natural flair for producing dynamic and artistic images allow her to capture the essence and the vibe of a space.

With immense experience in marketing communications, branding, public relations, and social media marketing, Rachel produces images that tell the story of brands she works with and allows her clients to attract their target clientele. She has worked with Cloudstreet (1 Michelin Star), Kotuwa, The Spot, and many brands.

Other than interior and architecture photography, Rachel does outstanding food, product, and portrait photography work.

Andy T.

Andy is a retiree with thirty-five years of working experience in sales and marketing. Before he became a photographer, photography was one of his favorite hobbies when it was popular in film cameras.

He started working as a real estate interior photographer with property portal companies on a contract basis for a short period. After his contract was completed, he became a freelancer.

He loves his job because it gives him satisfaction by providing clients with quality images reflecting the authentic decoration of the interior.

Jaden C.

As a self-taught photographer for over nine years, Jaden’s flair for photography drives him to capture photos by instilling fresh perspectives in a creative yet unique approach.

Specializing in interior photography since 2017, Jaden’s keen eye for detail and upbeat attitude has brought him to have worked with numerous Interior Design firms on major projects. His works were also featured on platforms such as 8Days.sg and Mustsharenews.com. With Jaden, you can expect him to ace your photoshoot.

Price and packages for interior photography 

Professional interior photoshoot costs can vary, mainly depending on the size of your property and the reputation of the photographer. On average, however, photographers can charge $150 to $350 per shoot for residential property and upwards of $1000 for commercial property, to cover the cost of lighting equipment, camera assistants and photo editing services. 

Options like 360 virtual tours can be an additional expense for a photo session. No matter the reason, interior photography is a wise investment for homeowners and business owners alike.  


Whether for a rental property, a restaurant, or a resort, consider hiring one of the many professional interior photographers in Singapore to showcase your property elegantly. Any of the talented photographers mentioned on our list will capture the heart and soul of a space and draw more attention to your home or business establishment. 

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