15 Extraordinary Interior Photographers in Singapore (2021)

Looking for interior photographers in Singapore? We have compiled a list of top photographers to draw in viewers, whether it's a home, restaurant or hotel.

Whether you are selling a home or welcoming patrons to your business, hiring with a professional interior photographer to snap up photos of the location can capture the vibe of space in eye-catching pictures. Below is the list of skilled interior photographers in Singapore (organized alphabetically)

What is interior photography?

Interior photography focuses on the beauty of a space, showcasing the architecture and atmosphere of the area with interesting camera angles. Arguably the most challenging of all commercial photography styles, the interior photographers in Singapore thus need to take time to set the perfect scene. 

Every detail, from furniture to decorations, is meticulously arranged. Properly illuminating the room with ambient lighting equipment or natural lighting is crucial, so the overall composition is aesthetically pleasing. The bottom line is that interior photography captures the soul of space in beautiful photos, and professionally done photos are a must for interior designers, home sellers, and architects to use for their projects.

Why should you hire interior photographers?

If you are a homeowner looking to sell or rent your property then, professionally clicked photographs can be a great asset to attract prospective buyers as it will show your property in the possible light. 

On the other hand, interior photography extends to a restaurant or hotel. Exceptional interior photographs set an excellent first impression for potential customers and guests. An increase in clientele means an increase in profits for a business establishment. 

Consider getting interior photography for your project to draw in viewers, whether it’s a home on the market or a hotel advertising a vacation getaway. 

Looking for Interior Photographers in Singapore?

Looking to connect with interior photographers in Singapore, but not sure where to start? Don’t worry, the team here at Shutterturf has composed a list of the most reputable interior photographers in Singapore.

Disclaimer: Please note that all the photographers listed here are excellent at their craft, and we have listed them randomly. Their position does not imply a “rating” or “ranking” by Shutterturf.

Ken S.

Ken’s love for photography began when he started shooting events for his school and going into a dark room. How an exposed photo paper when dipped into a developer slowly revealing an image, fascinated him.

His love and passion for photography inspired him to create visually stunning photos. Having honed his skills for many years, Ken has a trained eye to find beauty in all his subject above all else.

Kelvin C.

Photography has been Kelvin’s passion ever since he picked up a camera in his teenage years. Kelvin has been a full-time photographer for 30 years. The core of his business is visually capturing images that reflect authenticity.

He strives to create authentic and visually appealing photos for his clients. His goal is to provide his clients the best photographic experience available in Singapore.

His forte is photographing Commercial & Residential Interiors, Architecture, and Corporate & Environmental Portraits.

Chethan J.

Chethan used to work for a 9-5 job. He took a life-altering decision to follow his passion for photography when he was over 25 years old. He began researching about cameras and photography schools.

Chethan graduated from Light & Life Academy, Ooty. The photography field has turned him into a very outgoing and exuberant. Over the years, he has worked on several projects with renowned entrepreneurs in the food and architecture industry. He specializes in Architecture, Food, Product, Travel & Underwater Photography.

Edmund C.

Edmund has over thirteen years in the field of professional photography. His mission is to journal his job with unique angles and creativity. He aims to provide professional services to his clients at an affordable price without compromising the quality of his work. His company has also won awards in several competitions like PPAC and WPE.

Titus L.

Doing what you love is the way to live has always held for Titus. With over 5 years of experience in photography, Titus is incredibly passionate about the craft. He helps clients in interior photography in Singapore.

His go-to photography service is Bright and clear photos, free pre-consultation and single revisions, and value for money at only ($250 per hour with 11-20 high-resolution edited photos).

Book Titus or similar interior photographer in Singapore. Check out all interior photography packages here.

Adrenalin photography

Meet the team of expert photographers at Adrenalin photography. For ten years, they have completed almost 1000 projects. From homes to hotels to business establishments, they have a ton of experience in all types of interior photography settings. 

Further, with extensive knowledge of camera equipment and a talent for lighting, this studio’s mission is to take fantastic pictures that will impress potential buyers. Just take a look at the lovely interior photos on their website. 

In addition to interior photography packages, they will also cover events, food photoshoots, and 360 degrees photography services. 

Book Adrenalin Photography or similar interior photographer in Singapore. Check out all interior photography packages here.

Capture Asia Photography

Ricky Gui, Founder of Capture Asia Photography, takes his time arranging the ideal frame for an aesthetically beautiful outcome. For more than a decade, he has been redefining perspectives with their gorgeous snapshots of interior design. 

Tilt-shift lenses and ambient light sources are his favored tools during a photo session. He has collaborated with companies such as Tectus Dreamlab, Moshi Architects, and The Robbins Company. 

One of his past clients claims Ricky has an “almost magical ability to capture people’s true nature and events. I’d recommend him to anyone!” 

Book Capture Asia Photography or similar interior photographer in Singapore. Check out all interior photography packages here.

Charmaine Wu Photography

Next, meet Charmaine, a commercial & editorial photographer based in Singapore. Before pursuing her passion for photography full time, she worked in marketing communications, content marketing, and social media marketing. 

Given her experience, it is clear she understands how to produce content that sells. Inspired by photography techniques in film-making, Charmaine finds the character of a space and tells the story of a brand. Using interesting angles, her style of photography is artistic and whimsical. 

Some of her previous clients include ROOOT Studio, WeddingCrafters, and Cafe Bibliotic. 

Book Charmaine Wu Photography or similar interior photographer in Singapore. Check out all interior photography packages here.

Chow Chow Photography

Chow Chow Photography specializes in Interior photography packages at affordable rates without compromising on their high-quality service. Their primary goal is to create content that attracts potential buyers for their clients. 

Past patrons are very impressed by this studio’s interior photos, one even commenting on how “never expected the quality of their work to be that good.” A big compliment for these interior photographers in Singapore. 

In all of their professional photos, there is an expert balance between light and color, making the room look aesthetically pleasing. 

Book Chow Chow Photography or similar interior photographer in Singapore. Check out all interior photography packages here.

Christopher O’Grady Photography

Meet Christopher O’Grady, an American photographer based out of Singapore. With his extensive knowledge of the hospitality industry, he specializes in hotel photography as well as interior photography. 

He has worked with many companies like The Ritz Carlton, Holiday Inn, and Resorts World Sentosa during his ten years of experience. Past clients have seen an increase in guests after hiring Christopher to take photos of the establishment. 

As a talented architectural photographer, his main goal is to sell the space to potential customers through amazing snapshots. Apart from hotel and interior photography, he provides 360 virtual tour services too.

Book Christopher O’Grady Photography or similar interior photographer in Singapore. Check out all interior photography packages here.

Forest Productions

Founded in 2005, Forest Productions has become one of the leading photography studios in Singapore. Don Lim, a certified master photographer who founded the studio, has won multiple awards from the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International. 

The photographers at his studio use their skills and years of experience to create camera magic that showcases the minuscule details of a room. Properly illuminating a space with the perfect amount of light, their brilliant style of interior photography is a step above the rest. 

In addition to interior and real estate photography, this studio also offers pre-wedding and wedding photography services. 

Book Forest Productions or similar interior photographers in Singapore. Check out all interior photography packages here.

Jose Jeuland Photography

Born and raised in Brittany, France, Jose Jeuland started his career as a triathlete and traveled around the world, picking up an interest in photography along the way. Later on, he moved to Singapore to conduct photography workshops and to manage COCO Creative Studio, specializing in commercial photography. 

His passion in life is to share different cultures and countries through his camera lens. With his artistic vision and a keen eye for detail, he brings the scene to life by incorporating people into his interior and hospitality shots. 

Other than interior photography, he does incredible portraits, headshots, and travel photos as well.  

Book Jose Jeuland Photography or similar interior photographer in Singapore. Check out all interior photography packages here.

MarcusL Photography

Meet Marcus, a talented photographer based out of Southeast Asia. Graduating from the Temasek Design School with a degree in Visual Communication, he honed in on his passion for photography and his knowledge of camera equipment. 

Throughout his ten-year career, he has collaborated with both architects and designers alike in numerous photoshoots. Interior and architectural photography are his specialties. With a lifestyle theme to his work, his contemporary style of photography strives to capture the essence and the vibe of a space. 

Aside from real estate photography, he also has experience shooting for events.

Book MarcusL Photography or similar interior photographer in Singapore. Check out all interior photography packages here.

Rave Photography

Andy Wong developed a deep interest in photography since childhood when he received his first camera when he was only five years old. Attending LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts, he studied Graphic Design while honing his camera skills. 

Using his experience from working for another commercial studio, this outstanding photographer went on to open his studio, Rave Photography, in 1995. His vibrant, dynamic style of photography is striking, showcasing the authentic atmosphere of a space. 

Twenty years later, Andy Wong is a world-renowned photographer, covering interior photoshoots for Hotel Jen, Capella, and Marquis Furniture. 

Book Rave Photography or similar interior photographer in Singapore. Check out all interior photography packages here.

Tuckys Photography 

This professional photography studio features some of the most creative interior photographers in Singapore. Established in 2002, Tucky Photography specializes in interior, architectural and industrial photoshoots. 

Excellent at collaborating with clients, this studio helps conceptualize images that truly represent a company’s brand and the designer’s intention. With a vibrant and colorful photography style, their main goal is to capture the attention of viewers and potential buyers through striking, eye-catching images. 

Aside from amazing interior photos, this studio is also proficient in aerial drone photography and high-end portraits. 

Book Tuckys Photography or similar interior photographer in Singapore. Check out all interior photography packages here.

Wai Kay Photography

Meet Wai Kay Photography, the fantastic interior photographer in Singapore. They have covered shoots for Golden Village Cinema, Raffles Hotel, JW Marriott, and many more. 

This studio strives for visual perfection for every project. Even the smallest of details, the way they illuminate and arrange a shot is precise and purposeful. Previous clients were amazed by their stunning pictures, and one even commented that “the angles and symmetry are so perfect,” That is high praise in the photography world. 

In addition to architecture, hotel and interior photo sessions, Wai Kay Photography also offers food photography packages and lifestyle portraits.

Book Wai Kay Photography or similar interior photographer in Singapore. Check out all interior photography packages here.

Wei Guang Photography

Check out this extraordinary team of interior photographers in Singapore. This studio’s mission is to create a good impression of a space, whether it be a business location or a living room, through beautiful images. 

Bottling up the atmosphere of a venue is their top priority, and they strategically find the perfect angles to showcase a space. Wei Guang Photography has worked with well-known brands, such as Colliers International and Tembusu Projects. Check out their extensive gallery on the studio’s website to view their outstanding photographs. 

Other than interior and architecture photography, Wei Guang Photography does outstanding food and product photography work. 

Book Wei Guang Photography or similar interior photographer in Singapore. Check out all interior photography packages here.

YongHao Photography

Meet YongHao, a Singapore based photographer who is proficient in both architectural and interior photography. With ten years of experience under his belt, his deep passion for photography lies in transforming three-dimensional spaces into two-dimensional images. 

They have worked on interior photoshoots for Wheelock Properties, Artnovate, and KOBO Design. When composing a frame, his knack for adequately lighting a scene showcases a room in an eye-catching way. Check out the studio’s website to view their stunning pictures of residential properties and restaurants. 

For an immersive impression of a space, YongHao Photography is also available for 360 virtual tour projects.

Book YongHao Photography or similar interior photographer in Singapore. Check out all interior photography packages here.

Zee and Marina photography

Whether the project is for a residential property or commercial use, this studio’s photographs bring out the soul of a space. Winning numerous awards for their excellent talent, In 2014, Zee and Marina photography won the Award of Excellence at the Master’s Photography Awards in the UK. 

Lead photographer Fauzi Anuar has an eye for detail and a natural flair for producing crisp, simplistic images. He and other photographers from this studio have taken fantastic photographers for both professional establishments and on-the-market homes alike. 

Aside from interior photography, they also provide food and product photography services as well as lifestyle portraits. 

Book Zee and Marina Photography or similar interior photographer in Singapore. Check out all interior photography packages here.

Price and packages for interior photography 

Professional interior photoshoot costs can vary, mainly depending on the size of your property and the reputation of the photographer. On average, however, photographers can charge $150 to $350 per shoot for residential property and upwards of $1000 for commercial property, to cover the cost of lighting equipment, camera assistants and photo editing services. 

Options like 360 virtual tours can be an additional expense for a photo session. No matter the reason, interior photography is a wise investment for homeowners and business owners alike.  


Whether for a rental property, a restaurant, or a resort, consider hiring one of the many professional interior photographers in Singapore to showcase your property elegantly. Any of the talented photographers mentioned on our list will capture the heart and soul of a space and draw more attention to your home or business establishment. 

Where can you find high-quality, affordable interior photography packages? Take a look at the real estate photography packages on our website. Want more interior photographers? Here are more real estate photographers based in Singapore who are currently collaborating with Shutterturf. 

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