Lifestyle Photography – Capture Authentic Moments (2024)

Lifestyle photography is about a story which carries the audience along. In the article, we cover family, newborn, and portrait lifestyle photography tips.

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. And lifestyle photography is all about telling a story through images. Memorialize a significant moment in your life with stunning pictures that will last forever. Find beauty and artistry in simple snapshots of real people experiencing real-life events and situations. And who knows? A stunning photograph makes a fantastic holiday card for loved ones or a work of art for the walls of your home.  

How can you transform a milestone in your life into a masterpiece? Today, we will be discussing all things regarding lifestyle photography.  Also, you will find out how you can add artistic flair to pictures of everyday life. Learn how to be adaptable and manage a relaxed photoshoot environment for incredible camera roll results.  We will even go over the secrets behind taking gorgeous photos like a professional. Here is everything you need to know about lifestyle photography.

What is lifestyle photography? 

First, let us explain what lifestyle photography is exactly. The true objective of this type of photography is to find beauty in mundane things. You won’t find stiff poses and forced smiles in these photos. Nothing is rehearsed or staged. In lifestyle photography, images capture candid moments with genuine expressions. As a photographer, it is your job to gently guide the subject into natural positions and create a relaxed environment for a photoshoot. You want their personality to shine through while weaving someone’s life story into an image. 

From loved ones enjoying themselves at a family function to children skipping down the sidewalk, any moment can become a lovely snapshot. Celebratory events, like the birth of a baby or a graduation party, can be a cherished photography subject as well. Memorialize a special occasion with beautiful photographs.  No pause to “look here and smile”, subjects of the photo live in the moment as the photographer works their magic and bottle up the memory with brilliant shots.

In addition, Lifestyle photography covers a wide range of styles, such as landscape photography and street photography. This unique discipline of photography captures life in an honest form, making art from natural interaction between people. When your canvas is the world around you, a passionate artist has plenty of room to create in.

Why lifestyle photography?

Family Photo Poses With Baby and Toddlers - Shutterturf

So, the big question is, why choose lifestyle photography? Nowadays, almost everyone owns a smartphone and can snap photos at any moment. Which means, anyone can shoot lifestyle photography. Photoshoots are relaxed and go with the flow, allowing for natural expression to shine through. Truly, it’s a convenient form of photography, even for beginners. 

Sometimes, traditional “say cheese” photographs look stiff and lackluster. While those kinds of family photos are nice and pleasant to look at, at times, they can appear too polished and put together. Highlighting real human connections with sincere images can take your ordinary family photos to the next level. Plus, your holiday cards will stand out from everyone else’s staged family photos.  

And what’s really great about lifestyle photography is things don’t have to be perfect. Life can get a little messy sometimes, right? Babies will cry and faces will look silly. Embrace the imperfections and be inspired by your subject and your surroundings. In essence, this type of photography can real life moments into works of art. If you have a keen eye, you will be able to spot picture worthy moments like a true professional. 

How to shoot lifestyle photography? 

Next, let’s go over the secrets behind shooting lifestyle photos. One of the most important aspects of lifestyle photography is the lighting. The photographer must work with natural lighting that flatters the subject of the photo. No one wants an obnoxious glare of sunlight ruining an image. If the subject is not in the best light, it is up to the photographer to adjust and be adaptable.  This could mean changing the position and angle of the camera or perhaps utilizing a reflector to balance out the light. 

Another pro tip is to act fast. The perfect shot could happen in a second, so snap multiple shots quickly. Anticipate a prime moment and take photos before, during and after it happens. Also, consider using a wide angle lens during your next photoshoot. This type of lens will allow you to capture the entire space and environment of the scene. On the other hand, close up shots, focusing on tiny details, can make lovely pictures as well. Zoom in on hands being held or a significant piece of jewelry. 

Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll be taking photos like a professional photographer. 

Lifestyle newborn photography

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Bringing home a newborn is such a wonderful experience for new parents. Why not commemorate the birth of your child with beautiful pictures that will last forever?  Take adorable photographs of the bundle of joy, swaddled and asleep in their bassinet or crib. Or snap some heartwarming pictures of the newborn snuggled up with their parents in the bed or in the nursery. Simply rocking the little miracle in your arms and showering them with kisses is another sweet idea. In addition, consider taking a few wide shots of the baby’s room. Although, close of shots of the baby grasping onto a finger or their tiny feet sticking out from a bundle of blankets make for sentimental shots as well. 

When working with infants, avoid using a harsh flash. Instead, use soft natural lighting to illuminate a scene. Also, as a photographer, you must remain adaptable. Some newborns must remain in the hospital longer than usual. Be flexible and if possible, bring the photoshoot to the NICU. Think about snapping touching pictures of parents cuddling their child during their hospital stay. And remember, lifestyle photography is all about capturing real life. Photos of babies crying or yawning can be just as sweet as those angelic sleeping shots. If there are older siblings in the household, let them cuddle with the newest member of their family. 

Family lifestyle photography

At its heart, family lifestyle photography is meant to bring out relationships between loved ones through heartwarming pictures. Photograph candid, intimate gestures like holding hands, a hug or a shared smile. Even an image of a family laughing together can make a great snapshot. One idea to think about is showing the connection between the generations, like grandparents interacting with their grandchildren. 

Whether it’s a graduation, a birthday or a reunion, plan an event that brings the whole family together. Celebrations make a great setting for a photoshoot. If it’s a milestone in someone’s life, then you should memorialize the day with heartwarming shots. Let loved ones enjoy themselves in the moment while the photographer works behind the scenes to photograph everything.  

Although, photo sessions do not necessarily have to be at a family gathering. Photoshoots can happen outside, like in a park or in a backyard, or in your own home. One option is to set up a picnic blanket and have the family sit down together, chatting with and looking at each other. If you are photographing young children, make them laugh. A child’s laughter will erase any tension at the photo session and keep the atmosphere lighthearted and fun.

Wherever you decide to hold the photoshoot, consider shooting portraits in black and white for a more dramatic look. This will create a simple, honest vibe for the photos. Plus, this kind of filter will accentuate the light and shadows of an image. The polarizing contrast of these pictures will look like they were printed in a magazine. 

Show the bond between loved ones in the photos. Pictures like this will carry on the legacy of your family tree. 

Lifestyle portraits

There’s no “smile and say cheese” moment in lifestyle portraits.  As a photographer, it is your mission to create a relaxed atmosphere for your subjects. To ensure that they are at ease during a photoshoot, try having a lighthearted conversation with them or play upbeat music. Want to know a pro trick? Give the subject of the photoshoot something to do. Recommend they perform an activity, like dancing or hugging, that keeps their attention on their family and friends. This will help their genuine personalities and expressions will shine through in the pictures. If the subjects are distracted, they won’t be focusing on where the camera is and thus, act natural. 

Gentle guide them into a natural setup and give them suggestions for positions. The scene should not feel staged but rather should feel like a candid moment like the photographer wasn’t even there. Subtle hints, like asking them to tilt their head a certain way, can make a huge impact on the quality of a photo. 

Divert the attention away from their face. Try taking pictures of a standout piece of their outfit or hands holding hands or other objects. This will add some diversity to the camera roll. 

Maintain an easy going photo session and the results will be stunning images that capture someone’s life.

Life Through a Lens

Essentially, lifestyle photography is photography in its purest form, creating artwork out of the mundane. Instead of stiff models with forced smiles, subjects of the pictures are real people living their lives. Instead of harsh flashes and bulky equipment, lighting consists of natural sunlight. And if done perfectly, the image transcends into a memorable moment in someone’s life story.

It’s your job as the photographer to work with your subject as well as the environment around them. Offer gentle suggestions for poses and positions while giving them the freedom to express themselves how they want. Use the warm glow of the sun to catch the subject in the best angle. Remember to be adaptable and be quick on reflexes, the perfect shot can happen at anytime, anywhere. Anticipate a prime moment and take rapid fire shots, so you do not miss a thing. 

Find the beauty in everyday life with lifestyle photography. Whether it’s welcoming a bundle of joy into your home or sharing laughter amongst family members, any cherished memory into lovely pictures. Lifestyle photography can transform ordinary, candid pictures into top notch masterpieces. It’s truly amazing how a single image can capture authentic relationships between people and tell a story without words. 

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What is lifestyle photography?

All in all, lifestyle photography is meant to tell a story through images of everyday life. Usually, pictures focus on real life events and milestones, like birthdays, graduations and family gatherings. No stiff, rehearsed posing necessary in this style of photography. The subject is relaxed and their movements are natural as they live in the moment. Candid expressions replace “say cheese” smiles. Behind the lens, a professional photographer must work with the natural lighting and snap pictures at the most flattering angles. Photographers can bottle up cherished memories with brilliant snapshots of people living in the moment. A single image can capture genuine relationships between loved ones and turn them into works of art.

Why lifestyle photography?

With everyone owning a smartphone nowadays, anyone can experiment with lifestyle photography at anytime. An interesting photo subject could be waiting around any corner. Sometimes, traditional “say cheese” photographs look stiff and lackluster. If you have a keen eye, you will be able to spot picture worthy moments like a true professional. At the end of the day, it’s about finding beauty in the mundane. This type of photography lets you be inspired by the imperfections of life. Babies will cry and faces will look silly. Capturing genuine human relationships can take your ordinary family photos to the next level. In essence, this type of photography can transform real life moments into works of art.

What is newborn lifestyle photography?

Commemorate the birth of your child with newborn lifestyle photography. Take precious photos of your little bundle of joy during their first few days in the world. Pictures of the little miracles swaddled and asleep in their crib or bassinet are always lovely. Don’t fret about missing out on those angelic sleeping shots we all love, photos of babies crying or yawning are just as sweet. Parents, siblings and grandparents can also get involved in the heartwarming pictures. Consider snapping a few pictures of family members cuddling the infant on a bed or in a pristine nursery. And a quick pro tip; When working with infants, avoid using a harsh flash. Instead, use soft natural lighting to illuminate a scene.

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  1. I agree that there’s no “smile and say cheese” moment in lifestyle shots. It is always best to expect the unexpected and ready to capture the most precious moments. My best lifestyle photos are actually the unplanned and natural shots

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