15 Maternity Photoshoot Photographers in Singapore (2021)

Photograph your beautiful baby bump with a maternity photoshoot in Singapore. Here is a list of some notable maternity photographers.

Photograph your beautiful baby bump before you get to meet the new addition to your family by getting a maternity photoshoot in Singapore done. It is a celebratory time and a perfect time for maternity photography with photos of your belly with your spouse and any older children to welcome your little miracle. 

Whether it’s your first, second, or third child, your pregnancy is one of the most memorable times in your life. Many people don’t bother to record and photograph this time and look back in regret afterward. Today we will share the top maternity photo studios in Singapore with you and some top tips for your session.

What is a maternity photoshoot?

Well, a maternity photoshoot is a single session or a series of photoshoots completed throughout your maternity time. These help to capture your growing bump and increase the anticipation of the arrival of your baby. 

They can be done with props and can incorporate baby gender reveals. Photographers who specialize in maternity photoshoots in Singapore are experienced in working with pregnant women to help them feel beautiful and comfortable during the shoot.

Why should you have a maternity photoshoot?

There are so many reasons to have a photoshoot before your baby arrives. While you may not feel it at the time, after your baby is born, you will miss this magical time in your life. It will be lovely in the future for you and your baby to look back at the time he or she was growing inside you. 

Maternity photographers are well-trained to make you feel beautiful during your shoot, which can be the perfect form of pampering you need during this time. Many people find it helps strengthen the bond with their partner and increase the anticipation of their baby’s upcoming arrival.

When should you do a maternity photoshoot in Singapore?

While some people opt to do a series of photoshoots throughout the `pregnancy, for a single session, it’s generally recommended to photograph between the 24 and 28-week mark. This is when you are 6 to 7 months pregnant, and the belly is a perfectly round shape. 

However, photographers generally don’t recommend waiting any longer, as past this point, many women find it too uncomfortable to pose for photographs.

How should I dress for a maternity photoshoot?

It’s entirely up to you how you want to style your photos and remember, you don’t have to show too much skin during the shoot if you don’t feel comfortable. A fitted maxi dress is one of the most popular options to show off your bump while still looking beautiful. 

It’s best to bring a couple of outfits for varied photos and the best results. Solid colors are recommended and avoid too bright or bold clothing. Try to find a timeless dress or clothing style, so the photos are something you can look back on and admire for years to come.

Where to have your maternity photoshoot in Singapore?

Now that we’ve learnt all about maternity photoshoots, it’s time to share our top recommendations. Here are the best studio options on offer to you throughout Singapore. 

James O.

James from Lucent Moments is one of the notable maternity photographers in Singapore. He and his team offer natural and relaxed photoshoots to document the end of your pregnancy. They don’t use extravagant setups or poses, and instead, work to achieve relaxed and neutral-toned photos. 

They offer rustic modern décor, which has a boho influence with modern touches. One of the best extras they offer here is a complimentary selection of gowns, which are included at no additional charge. This really helps to take the pressure off knowing what to wear. Clients praise their patience, professionalism, and high standards during their shoots.

Book James O. or similar maternity photographer in Singapore. Check out all maternity photography packages here.

Alexandria N.

Owner Alexandria offers creative maternity shoots for women and couples and uses various techniques to capture the perfect shots in the studio or outdoors. She knows how quickly precious life moments can pass us by and so works to capture precious moments during her maternity photoshoots in Singapore.  

She is praised for helping clients feel relaxed and comfortable to create memories to last a lifetime. Her previous work includes fun props and additions incorporating baby clothing, markings on the belly, and couple’s names.

Book Alexandria N. or similar maternity photographer in Singapore. Check out all maternity photography packages here.

Ashima S.

Ashima means Limitless, and that’s the inspiration behind Ashima Suri’s photography. She has been a professional photographer for over 8 years and specializes in newborn, baby, and family photography.

Ashima’s style is essentially lifestyle and more candid. Her aim is always to capture the raw emotions of the people she works with. The idea is to make people so relaxed and comfortable that they forget that they are in front of the camera.

Ashima loves to plan every little aspect of her sessions – from the families she works with to outfits, props, accessories, etc. She works out of her studio located in central Singapore. Additionally, she offers sessions from the comfort of the family’s homes and travels to outdoor locations for sessions.

Book Ashima S. or similar maternity photographer in Singapore. Check out all maternity photography packages here.

Mermozine Photography

Catherine, the owner of Mermozine Photography, is a renowned maternity photographer in Singapore and offers a boutique studio and an online fine art prints store. 

Having previously owned studios in Washington DC and France, she opened her studio in Singapore to offer maternity, newborn, and family photoshoots and capture natural images. She aims to capture your special moments, just as she loves to do with her family. Although she can offer formal sessions, she prefers to document your maternity and family naturally. 

Simplicity and minimalism are the main traits of her work, and she uses black and white often to create this effect. She is praised for relaxing clients and working together to create incredible results.

Book Mermozine Photography or similar maternity photographer in Singapore. Check out all maternity photography packages here.

Evie Grace Photography

Emily, the founder of Evie Grace Photography, is a distinguished maternity photographer. She offers studio, natural outdoor, or home photography sessions for maternity photoshoot in Singapore.

The studio sessions provide simplistic images, and if you opt for an outdoor session, it can take place at any location that’s special to you and your family. Emily does a pre-consultation chat before any shoot, which allows you and her to be on the same page about the shoot’s desired results.

Book Evie Grace Photography or similar maternity photographer in Singapore. Check out all maternity photography packages here.

P.S. I Love You Photography

P.S. I Love You Photography Studio specializes in creating custom themed photoshoots for maternity memories. They understand that each phase of pregnancy and birth passes quickly, and so they try to celebrate and preserve these moments. It’s no surprise that they are a highly rated studio for getting a maternity photoshoot in Singapore.

They offer clean and classic styles, and their work focuses on the expressions and emotions of the mum-to-be. Further, they try to tell everyone’s unique story through the photos and take the time to relax and interact with their clients. 

They Incorporate fun props and signs into their photoshoot session to create impressive and creative photos. Whether you are looking for a simple setup or something more extravagant, you can receive a great collection of photos with this studio.

Book P.S. I love you Photography or similar maternity photographer in Singapore. Check out all maternity photography packages here.

My Precious Diary Photography

My Precious Diary Photography offers maternity photoshoots between 28 and 35 weeks. The studio is run by Derek, a father of two himself, and believes that any of the most significant life moments should last forever as memories. 

Previous clients compliment Derek for his professionalism, care, and tact during photoshoots. He is a great communicator and can work across various photography styles to achieve your desired result. Many clients also return to him with their newborn baby during the first couple weeks of their life for another photoshoot.

Book My Precious Diary Photography or similar maternity photographer in Singapore. Check out all maternity photography packages here.

White Room Studio

The team at White Room Studio has over 40 years of experience between them. Offering studio or outdoor maternity shoots, they capture real and emotional shots. 

Their studio is located in a restored heritage space in River Valley, Singapore. They are a highly rated studio for maternity photoshoot in Singapore and have over 2400sqft of space in their studio. Further, they work with their clients to ensure that the photographer clearly understands the client’s requirements before the session. 

Working to achieve natural and timeless results, with minimal posing and props, they want to celebrate the client’s unique self during your pregnancy to create memories to last forever.

Book White Room Studio or similar maternity photographer in Singapore. Check out all maternity photography packages here.

Ashley Low Photography

Ashley Low Photography, a well-known studio for maternity photoshoot in Singapore, has been running since 2011. They offer maternity shoots between 34-46 weeks with their beautiful bump sessions.

 You will be the star of the photoshoot, and they’ll make you feel relaxed, so you thoroughly enjoy your session. Two weeks after the photoshoot, you will be invited back to the studio to select your favorite photos. 

Clients compliment the passion and care that is put into every shoot at the studio. The studio is equipped with a wide range of costumes and props if you fancy personalizing your shoot.

Book Ashley Low or similar maternity photographer in Singapore. Check out all maternity photography packages here.

Bloom Photography

This photography studio in Singapore is a sister company of Ashley Low Photography that was recently founded in February 2020. The chief photographer of Bloom Photography is Su Wen, who aims to provide the best service to you and your family as you grow and bloom. 

The studio is praised for their passion and fun theming options. They continuously create new ideas and setups, with different props and styles to keep things fun and playful. 

They produce lovely maternity photos with the whole family involved and extra touches like baby scan photos. They have a classic yet modern style to create timeless photos to share with your extended family.

Book Bloom Photography or similar maternity photographer in Singapore. Check out all maternity photography packages here.

Bumps & Bubs Photography

This studio offers maternity photoshoots in Singapore and creates candid, artistic and joyful memories to last a lifetime. Their maternity package features a 90-minute shoot and is all about celebrating the baby you are soon to meet. 

They will capture your family at the start of this journey, and their preferred time to shoot is between 33 and 36 weeks. They have no restrictions regarding the location or the number of people in your photos, so it’s an excellent option for larger families. They are praised for their patience and flexibility during shoots.

Book Bumps and Bubs Photography or similar maternity photographer in Singapore. Check out all maternity photography packages here.

Wen Pictures

Wen has been a full-time documentary photographer for seven years now. After working in the photography advertising and commercial industry, he realized how much he loved capturing people’s special moments. 

Wen will handcraft every photo by himself, including the photoshoot, editing and final presentation. He loves storytelling through his photos and showing the love been mum-to-be and her baby. His maternity photoshoot in Singapore are tailored to fit your needs and can be as artistic or straightforward as you’d like. 

The location is up to you, and he’s carried sessions out previously in gardens and even swimming pools.

Book Wen or similar maternity photographer in Singapore. Check out all maternity photography packages here.


Babygraphy understands that carrying a baby for nine months isn’t an easy task for any woman. Their maternity photoshoots in Singapore help to capture that journey and celebrate this memorable occasion. 

Their sessions are treated as a celebration of you and your partner’s lives and are pampering and relaxing for any mum-to-be. They offer home, studio, or outdoor photoshoots and tailor your session to fit your needs. You then select photos for editing to have a wide selection of photos and memories to keep forever. 

Previous clients praise how accommodating the staff are and the flexibility and patience from them during the shoot.

Book Babygraphy or similar maternity photographer in Singapore. Check out all maternity photography packages here.

Eszter Tandel Photography

Having previously worked in Europe, Eszter Tandel is a mum, photographer, and traveler. She has always been fascinated by people and their cultures, so documentary photography is the perfect fit for her. 

She works to capture your unique story and family dynamic during maternity photoshoots in Singapore. Aiming to capture people’s feelings and special moments is the main emphasis of her sessions so that the photos show intimacy and emotion. 

Her photos are praised for their high-quality, and the variety of options available to you is endless and can be customized to fit your desired result.

Book Eszter Tandel or similar maternity photographer in Singapore. Check out all maternity photography packages here.

Xiaoyun Photography

Xiaoyun is a professional portrait photographer who specializes in baby and maternity photoshoots. Her photography style creates classic and stunning portraits that you will treasure forever. 

She offers a glamourous effect and is a timeless piece to have in your home. She has won many awards over the last couple of years, so you know you are in safe hands during your session. 

A selection of gowns and dresses will be provided for your session, and the shoot is completely tailored to meet your needs. Professional hair and makeup are also included, so you’ll feel truly pampered during your photoshoot.

Book Xiaoyun or similar maternity photographer in Singapore. Check out all maternity photography packages here.


The options for maternity photoshoots in Singapore are endless, and you’ll be spoilt and pampered wherever you choose to go. Pregnancy is a special time in any woman’s life, so what better way to capture this fleeting time with beautiful photos and memories.

Remember to follow the advice above regarding what to wear, and when to book your appointment, so you’re relaxed and ready to enjoy every minute of your session.

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How much does a maternity photo shoot cost?

The average cost of having a maternity photo shoot in Singapore is $400. If you are interested in maternity photography, it might be a good idea to wait until the third trimester to schedule your appointment. This is because the photos taken in the third trimester give you the chance to show off your baby bump. Also, you should wear something that makes you feel good and comfortable.

When should you do a maternity shoot?

The best time to get a maternity shoot is around 6-7 months into the pregnancy. The belly would have started to get prominent, but it would still have some time to go. Expecting mothers can enjoy a shoot as long as they’re not a little too close to their delivery dates, and they can still move around with a growing baby bump.

Where is the best place to take maternity photos?

Taking maternity photos is a great way to capture a mommy-to-be’s precious moments. To have a perfect maternity photoshoot, the woman needs to be relaxed and stress-free. It’s a good idea to take a maternity photo at a place where a woman loves to go to or where she feels relaxed. You might want to do a shoot on a beach or a beautiful park. However, if you do not have a lot of time on your hands, you might want to shoot at a studio close to your home.

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