4 Amazing Newborn Photographers in London (2024)

Want to click some beautiful pictures of your newborn? Check out our article to find a photographer for your newborn photography in London.

Newborn photography in London has become a rapidly growing trend among parents. Little baby hands, squishy cheeks, and a tiny belly – that will be your little one a few months from now! Excited, right?

One of the best things in the world is having a baby land into your cradle; the baby that will be your little one; all yours to love, care for, and educate. One day, they will grow into an adolescent and then into a smart loving human. Having a baby means thinking of this all before they are even born.

No wonder you would want to cherish each and every day of their lives! 

However, these days will pass soon. These hectic days and sleepless nights of crying and caring will be gone in a matter of months; and strangely, you will miss them. Years down the line, you will be sitting beside your partner and reminiscing the days when your child was a cute little ball in the cradle. 

So, why not capture these moments before they are gone? How? 

By booking professional newborn photography in London!

Newborn photography involves conducting a baby photoshoot around 2 weeks after they are born. These produce a child’s first set of keepsakes; the first tangible pieces of memory they will possess and pass on to their children. These are pictures you will look at when your child is away from home.

Of course, you want this shoot!

And we are here to help you out with the logistics. We have curated a list of newborn photographers in London to help you out with your baby’s first photoshoot.

Read on to understand more about this.

Looking for Newborn Photographers in London?

ShutterTurf is a great way to find vetted newborn photographers in London.The platform also allows for easy communication, booking and finalising details of the photoshoot. Use ShutterTurf to find the perfect newborn photographer for your next project in London. ​

Briefly let us know your photoshoot details and we will connect you with the most appropriate photographer.

Samantha Black Photography

Samantha is a heart-centred, soulful portrait photographer.

She specialises in natural newborn lifestyle photography, stories of motherhood and natural family photography. The Natural Newborn session is perfect for those who love the idea of a less traditional (posed) approach to newborn photography.

Her creative style has transitioned through her 10-plus years as a portrait and Newborn photographer. She has found wonder, beauty and peace in her Newborn Lifestyle sessions and family work.

Samantha captures meaningful portraits through real connections and creative storytelling. Her sessions suit warm-hearted souls, families and loving mamas and papas. They are also for those lovers who wish to capture their uncomplicated love and embrace their wild at heart!

She works with people who feel uncomfortable in front of the camera and those who find it easier. Samantha’s goal is to bring out the best in everyone she works with.

Samantha will tell your story of love and connection, vulnerability and courage. She wants to get to know you so she can capture your intimate connections and those fleeting and somewhat ordinary moments in your home. Her sessions have a natural look and feel, filled with light, love, laughs and lots of soul.

No matter how small or large your home is, and no matter what it looks like, Samantha will create something that works for you and creates the look and feel you’ll love.

Website – Click here | Call07958213958 | Whatsapp+447958213958

Little Crumpets Photography

Having been doing newborn photography in London for over 6 years now, Little Crumpets Studios have worked with over 1000+ newborns. They are all about capturing the moments of love, affection, and bonding between the members of a family.

The studio conducts home and outdoor newborn shoots. They also prefer taking care of the whole shoot themselves, providing the new parents with much-needed rest and comfort. 

They arrange props, backdrops, and fabrics. Also, they pride themselves on their post-processing expertise. You are just required to state your expectations, give inputs wherever necessary, and be there for feeding, cuddles, and nappy changes. Everything else will be handled by their team of experts.

Little Crumpets’ clients love them for their professional expertise. They also appreciate their ability to manage babies, and the fact that they keep everyone relaxed during a shoot. 

Website – Click here | Call07904927020

Magic Rainbow Photography

Having specialized in newborn photography in London for over 15 years, Marta is a visual storyteller. She believes in capturing the moments of joy, emotions, and love between the family during a newborn shoot.

She understands that the actual beauty comes out in intimate moments like that when a big brother sees a newborn for the first time or when a mother cuddles her tiny baby. So, she prefers indulging in lifestyle newborn photography and capturing those moments.

Also, she believes in keeping things natural; so, instead of spending hours in post-processing, she finds the perfect backdrop and lighting during the shoot. Thus, Marta clicks clean, timeless, and elegant baby images.

Moreover, she keeps the shoot informal with enough time for feeding, cuddles, and nappy changes.

So, if a personable but professional photoshoot is what you want, Magic Rainbow Photography is your best bet.

Website – Click here | Call07946380581

Heather Neilson Photography

A professional family, child, and maternity photographer in London, Heather is all about outdoor shoots. She loves scenic beauty and prefers keeping photoshoots as natural as possible. Moreover, she knows how to work with natural light at different parts of the day. This makes her pictures cleaner and brings out the right emotions.

Thus, Heather has charmed numerous blogs and magazines. Her child and family photography images have appeared in Practical Photography, UK’s leading photography magazine. She is also a photographer for the prestigious Getty Magazine. 

Website – Click here | Call07482786754

Tips on shortlisting your photographer for newborn photography in London

The first thing you should know is that the services of newborn photographers are booked at least three months before the due date, that is, during one’s second trimester. We also advise you to decide on the specifics of the shoot with your photographer before the baby arrives. 

You must also understand that newborn photography in London is tricky. Not only is it difficult to experiment with props and poses but it’s also mandatory for newborn photographers to be good at handling babies. A single mistake can prove to be dangerous. 

So, unlike other photoshoots you must have organized, you need to be really careful and cautious here.  

  • Start your research early in your pregnancy. Please make a list of 3 to 5 photographers you’d like to work with and then do a deep dive into their respective newborn photography portfolios.  
  • Only consider photographers whose work you love. The style in photoshoot for babies varies widely from photographer to photographer. Decide what style of newborn photography you like then find photographers who meet your requirements. Do you want posed photos, photos with props, or natural, unposed baby photos?
  • Once you have shortlisted a few photographers that you like, ask for references and verifiable testimonials. 
  • Where are you more comfortable with the shoot being done? Baby photo shoot sessions can be done either at home or in a studio. Go for a photographer that is flexible enough to work with whatever is comfortable for you. In such a situation, a photographer who can easily transport their equipment and set things up in your home would be the best fit.
  • Consider your budget to help you rule out photographers that you cannot afford. However, this should not be your main driving factor, and you shouldn’t make the final decision based on price alone.
  • Cheaper is not always better. While seeking for the best photoshoot for babies, cutting corners to pay less often means compromising quality, which you do not want to do when it comes to your precious bundle of joy. If money is tight, either do it yourself or work with someone who accepts a payment plan. 
  • Book your session early. The earlier you do it, the better. Try to book at least a week before your expected due date. If you want to work with a popular photographer, consider booking a month or two in advance.
  • Work with someone who has an assistant or one who accepts a lot of parental input. Depending on what your expectations are, either option might work for you.
  • Choose a photographer that takes your comfort seriously. The first few weeks with a newborn can be pretty exhausting. You want a photographer who’ll make your life a little easier by ensuring you are comfortable and happy throughout the photography process. 

Some questions to ask photographers for newborn photography in London:

Here are a few questions to ask your potential newborn photographer.

  • What is your photography style?
  • How long have you been doing this?
  • How good are you with kids?
  • What kind of props do you use?
  • Is every prop sanitized before and after use?
  • Do you work with an assistant?
  • Will you prefer shooting at home or do you have a studio?
  • Do you conduct outdoor newborn shoots? If yes, how?
  • What do you do to avoid dangers during outdoor newborn shoots?
  • What all equipment do you use?
  • Do you mind telling us how many clients you get on average?
  • Who will be the photographers shooting for us? Can we meet them?
  • Would you please explain your payment plans to us and if there could be a discount?

What is Lifestyle newborn photography?

Lifestyle photography involves documenting the lives of people or their aspects. The images captured in such a fashion tell viewers about the subject’s routine, reactions, and habits. Even though these pictures may be a little posed, they appear candid and natural. 

Lifestyle newborn photography refers to taking conducting such photoshoots with a baby. In these pictures, the baby is not propped in a basket or sleeping under a pile of blankets. They are rather captured while doing other activities like eating or bathing. 

Here, parents are involved completely in the shoot. While posed newborn photography includes capturing parents, siblings, and other family members; their involvement is not enough. A lifestyle newborn shoot requires everyone to be working around the images. 

Therefore, such images are more candid and personable boosting the demand for lifestyle newborn photography in London.

What to look for when selecting a newborn photographer?

While shortlisting a newborn photographer, you must make sure of the following things

  • See that they can handle babies: Newborn photographers need to be good with babies. They must understand that their subject is vulnerable and be able to provide for the same. It is better if your newborn photographer has been professionally trained to ensure a baby’s safety. Ask them the following questions.
    • Do you have public liability insurance?
    • Do you have permission to conduct newborn photoshoots?
    • Are you up-to-date with all the vaccines?
  • Also, go through the testimonials of their previous clients and ask the right questions. Go ahead only when you are sure that they will be good with your baby.
  • Make sure that your interests align: Decide on the kinds of photographs you would like clicked. Talk about them with your prospective photographers. Make sure that their style matches your requirements. Be on the same page with them
  • Talk about their paraphernalia: Decide if you want to have the shoot in a studio or at home. It is advisable that you have it done in a closed, safe space; outdoor shoots do not suit delicate newborns. Then, ask your prospective photographers about their photoshoot kit. Make sure that they carry all the basic pieces of equipment and that everything is safe and sanitized.
  • See that their service is within your budget: Prepare a budget before looking for a newborn photographer. Stick to it. However, since the quality of the shoot is a major requirement here, try to be flexible. 
  • Safety consideration for the baby photoshoot: Babies are more vulnerable to accidents, germs, and diseases than adults. So, while going for newborn photography in London, you must take the necessary precautions.
    • Wash your hands properly before the shoot.
    • Make sure that all of you are wearing clean clothes.
    • Sanitize all the props, blankets, and fabrics to be used during the shoot.
    • Take a tour of the shoot location with your photographer before the baby is born. If opting for an in-house shoot, make sure that you have the room sanitized and ready before the shoot.
    • Support the newborn’s neck all the time.
    • Understand that newborn babies have limitations; coercing them to do extra might be dangerous.
    • Follow the baby’s schedule; keep them relaxed at all times. 
  • Baby Photoshoot Logistics on the Day of the Shoot: While you have everything ready beforehand, there are certain things you need to make sure of on the day of the shoot.
  • Make sure that the room is ready and everything in place: If opting for an in-house photoshoot, make sure that you get the room clean and sanitized before the shoot. Also, prepare it the way you like. Sanitize and keep the props in place.
  • Call your photographer in the morning: If the shoot is to be conducted at the studio, call your photographer in the morning and make sure that everything is clean and in place. Also, understand the route and parking conditions around the studio. We advise that you visit the studio once before your baby is born to make things easier on this day. Don’t forget to ask them about refreshments.
  • Keep your baby awake before the session: The best outcome of going through the hassles on newborn photography in London is a set of sleeping baby pictures. So, keep your baby awake before the session so that they sleep soundly during the shoot.
  • Feed the baby thirty minutes before the shoot: This way, they will not be hungry during the photoshoot and sleep soundly. And you will get the best images of newborn photography in London!
  • Change beforehand: Change the baby’s clothes before the shoot. It’s better to make them wear a loose diaper as the photographer might want to take more naked baby pictures (they are the cutest!). However, if you have an outfit planned, let them wear it during the initial phases of the shoot while they are still awake. Then, change them out of it; only then, let the baby go back to sleep. This way, your newborn will relish a sound sleep while you click their best images. 


The first photoshoot is a huge occasion in one’s life. It marks a milestone; know that you are not only preparing an album but a family heirloom. So, make the correct choices. 

Book the services of the right photographer; prepare everything before the baby is born, and plan the rest beforehand. See that everything is done smoothly and on time. It is advisable that you have your partner, friend, or relative help you out with the shoot.

Make as few mistakes as possible. And you will have a memorable experience of newborn photography in London. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a newborn photoshoot cost in London?

A newborn photoshoot in London could cost anywhere between £150 to £500, sometimes even more. The price depends on the photographer you choose and the number of images you would like to have.

What age is best to photograph newborns?

Newborns are usually photographed two weeks after they are born. After this period, your baby may be too old to pose or his or her sleep cycle may have gotten too rigid to be broken.

How do you pose a newborn?

It is difficult to pose a newborn. Your best bet is to get them to sleep or stay still. We also advise you to keep the background light and use minimal props so that the viewer’s attention goes straight to your baby.

How do I keep the baby awake for pictures?

The best newborn pictures are the ones where they are asleep. However, if you want to keep them awake, you can stimulate them with toys or swing them from side to side and snap a picture before they dose off. 

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