20 Top Newborn Photographers in Melbourne (2024)

If you are looking for newborn photographers in Melbourne, then this guide is for you. We have listed 21 top newborn photographers.

Looking to get a newborn photography photoshoot in Melbourne? The options are endless, with some world-class photographers offering you the chance to capture your little one soon after their birth. Babies grow up so quickly, so there’s no better way to remember those precious first few weeks of their life than with a newborn photography session.

Today we’re going to share with you our guide to the top newborn photographers in Melbourne, as well as tips for selecting your photographer.

Looking for Newborn Photographers in Melbourne?

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Alana Taylor Photography

Alana Taylor Photography is a specialized newborn and baby photography in Melbourne and its surroundings. Due to her experience in Newborn Photography, she is Melbourne’s most highly sought-after newborn and baby photographer. Her knowledge, patience, and bubbly nature ensure happy clients and gorgeous photos to treasure.

She has her own complete studio setup with years of experience in the Newborn Photography Industry. She has eight years of experience in newborn photography.​

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Susan Bradfield Photography

Susan Bradfield Photography is well-known newborn photography in Melbourne. The photographer, Susan started her career as a professional photographer eight years ago. She has completed training on safe newborn posing and handling, and when it comes to her clients, safety is always her top priority.  

With newborns, she works from her studio in the Melbourne bayside suburb of Brighton. The studio has lights, props, and drops, perfect for photographing newborns and their families.  

Her aim is to show connection, love, and soul in all her photographs. She doesn’t focus too much on props but on the baby and family. She wants her clients to fall in love with their timeless images that are treasured for generations to come. 

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Niki Sprekos Photography

Niki Sprekos Photography is one of the top newborn photographers in Melbourne, Victoria. With over eight years of experience, her studio is the perfect place to capture timeless newborn images. Niki’s studio is warm and so inviting. It is the best space to capture the love between families, siblings, and babies.

From the moment you walk into the studio, Niki will look after your baby and is extraordinary at her craft. It is just wonderful to sit back, relax and watch while Niki beautifully photographs your baby.

Niki’s studio has a client wardrobe for parents to use and all the newborn props, bonnets, headbands, wraps, and blankets. There is also a coffee machine for parents to enjoy too! After your session, you also get an opportunity to create stunning albums or artwork to share and display in your home.

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Vanilla Images

Karen from Vanilla Images has 20 years of experience in newborn photography. Her work is of natural feel and style. They specialize in photography for families with newborns and babies of all ages. 

Karen is an expert at creating artwork for you that captures those precious fleeting moments for you to remember for a lifetime. The studio, situated in Melbourne’s inner eastern suburb of Kew East, has been designed to be a dedicated baby space. 

Vanilla Images provides optimum conditions for your baby’s comfort and safety. Obtaining beautiful, natural photos that keep your memories alive has never been easier than with a Vanilla Images newborn photography session.

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Pitter Patter Portraits

Pitter Patter Portraits is one of the best newborn photography studios in Melbourne. Award-winning and highly qualified with over 15 years of experience, Ellie Williams, the heart and soul of Pitter Patter Portraits, will create magical images of your beautiful newborn and capture heartfelt moments of your family for you to cherish forever.

Extremely focused on safety, Ellie is up to date with all her vaccinations, including Whooping Cough and Covid, and has trained with the best international newborn photographers.

Pitter Patter Portraits’ Boutique studio, in the heart of South Melbourne, is specifically designed for newborns and parents. Everything you need for the portrait session, including props, blankets, hair ties, hats, outfits, and wraps, is available in the studio. All you have to do is bring milk for the baby and enjoy the calm and relaxed session.

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Emma Pender Photography

Emma Pender Photography is a multi-award-winning newborn photographer in Melbourne. They offer stunning, rustic, and vintage-inspired newborn sessions. Their clients are amazed by the vast selection of props, floral headbands, and bonnets. Most of these props are handcrafted by them.

As a husband and wife team, there are always two sets of eyes to ensure that the babies are secure. Everything from lighting, camera, editing equipment, and printing is of the highest quality available on the market. With over five years of experience, they give their clients gorgeous photos of their babies to treasure them forever.

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Beloved Photography

Beloved photography is one of the most loved and trusted newborn photography studios in Melbourne. You will forever cherish capturing those precious early days with your newborn baby, their sweet little face, and tiny details and creating these memories.

Cazz is a multi-award-winning master AIPP photographer with over 13 years of experience safely posing and caring for Melbourne babies.
A mum herself to three young men, she knows all too well how fleeting this time is and how important these photographs will become.

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The Fitzroys Photography

The Fitzroys Photography specializes in natural and timeless newborn portraits documenting your baby’s first days timelessly.

Aga is a passionate and dedicated photographer, focusing on maternity, newborn, baby, and family photography. From the natural light studio in Mill Park of North-East Melbourne, she brings light, love, and grace into all her newborn photo shoots capturing, exceptional portraits.

Being a mother of two beautiful kids herself, Aga is patient and dedicated. She is passionate about delivering stunning photos that vividly portray the innocence and natural beauty of newborn babies. Also, she strives to ensure both the safety and comfort of newborn babies during the photoshoot.

She is well accomplished in her craft and the safe handling of newborns and is fully vaccinated against the flu and whooping cough, together with being insured and trained.

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Marnie Hibbert has been photographing newborns and families in Melbourne since 2006. Her purpose-built studio provides the ideal environment to visit and create stunning photographs. Marnie prides herself on creating an enjoyable, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere at every session. She says this is essential in taking genuinely natural photos of children.

Photobaby’s signature newborn style is white and clean. Marnie adores newborn babies in white and comfortably posed, so they represent calm and peace. Newborns are simply perfect, so she focuses on the precious connections that they bring to the family.

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Tory D Photography

As the father of four young children, you are in great hands with Tory. He specializes in maternity, baby, and newborn photography in Melbourne. His images create a timeless yet fresh look and feature luxurious textures and gentle tones. 

The studio is located in Werribee, and it’s a bright and comfortable space to bring your little one to. Tory understands it is an unforgettable day for your whole family, and you’ll love watching as he creates incredible snapshots of your newborn. 

The studio offers everything you might need for your comfort, including a comfortable sofa, powder room, change table, and nappies.

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Always Belle Photography

Thanks to Elle’s pediatric nursing background, you’ll be in great hands with Always Belle Photography. She services Melbourne and the surrounding area and has been working with babies for over twelve years. 

When not working as a photographer, Elle still works as a nurse at the Royal Children’s Hospital. With over eleven years experience as a registered nurse, your baby will be safe and happy during your photo session.

Elle understands that having a baby is one of the most exciting moments in most adults’ lives. She is always praised by her clients for being patient and knowledgeable. She creates a relaxed environment for you and your baby.

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Something Meaningful

Located in Melbourne’s Western suburbs, Something Meaningful specializes in fine art newborn photography. Brittany is a professional photographer with many years of experience capturing maternity, baby, and newborn photography in Melbourne. 

The studio offers plenty of natural light, making it the perfect setting for your newborn photo shoot. Brittany works to capture your growing family and is excellent at photographing the special moments between parents and their children. 

She understands how unpredictable babies can be and is very patient and kind when working with them.

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Siobhan Wolff Photography

Siobhan has handled an incredible “eight-hundred babies” in her studio in Melbourne in the last eight years. She is accredited by the AIPP, which is the professional photographic board for Australia. 

Clients who have used her for newborn photography in Melbourne praise her attention to detail and the excellent results they receive from the session. What sets Siobhan apart from other studios is her strong emphasis on the consultation and design phase. 

Each shoot is tailor-made for the newborn baby so that you’ll adore every single photo that’s created during your session. Clients praise Siobhan for her artistic style and the care she takes with every photo she creates.

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Kristen Cook

Kristen Cook is an award-winning photographer in Melbourne who primarily offers newborn and baby photography. Her natural light studio allows her to capture candid and pure photos of your newborn. 

Over the years, Kristen has received many awards for her work, regularly judges photography competitions, and teaches photography workshops. She is proud to work as a memory maker and loves documenting family relationships and stories.

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Bump to Baby Photography

As a mum to a pre-teen, Kiran at Bump to Baby Photography understands how special it is to look back on those moments with your newborn. She understands that the first few weeks and months of a baby’s life pass so quickly, so you want to preserve those memories forever. 

Kiran treats every newborn photography session with care and loves learning about the newborn baby and their parents. Clients praise her ability to connect with anyone and how easy Kiran is to work with and speak to. You’ll create timeless memories to last a lifetime and beautiful photos to share with your family and friends.

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Dee Palma Newborn Photography

Dee at Dee Palma Newborn Photography in Melbourne loves capturing those keepsake moments of your little one’s first few weeks. As a mother to two children, Dee appreciates the need to preserve the memories of your newborn, so you can look back and treasure these times for years to come. 

Dee is passionate about photography and has taken many courses to educate herself and perfect her craft over the years. She knows how to make the most of your time together, and clients praise her ability to get the perfect shot even when working with temperamental babies.

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Lorna Kirkby Photography

Lorna’s heart lies with newborn photography, and she understands how fleeting the moments are with your newborn. She’ll help to capture your baby in their first few weeks of life so that you can treasure those memories forever. 

Lorna has worked as a newborn photographer since 2004, so she is very experienced in this field. You’ll love the spacious and well-equipped studio, where parents can relax with a cup of tea or coffee during the session. Lorna understands how hectic life can be as new parents and works to give you a few hours of relaxation and fun together as a family.

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Louise Treacy Photography

Since a young age, Louise has been passionate about photography and loves capturing little ones with her newborn photography in Melbourne. She works to give every client a heartfelt experience while capturing those precious moments with your newborn. 

With over twelve years’ experience working with newborns and babies, your family will be in good hands with Louise. She offers maternity, newborn, baby, and family photoshoots, so you can keep returning for years to come to capture your family growing up with Louise.

Previous clients praise Louise’s warm and inviting studio and her friendly and caring nature.

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Tiffany’s Photography

Tiffany’s photography offers a wide range of services and has a beautiful indoor studio space in Endeavour Hills in Melbourne. This indoor space offers natural lighting and is the perfect intimate spot for young babies. 

The newborn photoshoots take place in the morning to try and capture those sleepy images of your newborn. Tiffany aims to capture your baby between the age of five to ten days when you can get the best photos for your gallery. 

Tiffany’s Photography started in 2015 with lifestyle photography, and Tiffany loves to shoot in a minimalistic style. She is passionate about serving families and aims to create fun and intimate shots that you’ll treasure forever.

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Sienna Skies Photography

Samira at Sienna Skies Photography is based in Point Cook and has a purpose-built studio for newborn photography in Melbourne. The studio offers everything you might need, so you won’t have to bring anything with you on the day of your session. 

Since 2013, the company has been photographing families and babies in the Melbourne area and now welcomes more than one hundred families to the studio each year. 

You’ll be in safe hands with Samira, who continues to enhance her skills to ensure her newborn photography sessions are safe for everyone involved.

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By selecting one of these studios for newborn photography in Melbourne, you can be sure you’ll capture your little baby in photos that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. 

All of these studios specialize in newborn and baby photography and will ensure your baby is safe and relaxed throughout your session. Newborn photography is a beautiful way for you to all bond as a family, creating memories that you’ll look back on for years to come.

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Why do Newborn Photography?

Every parent wants to remember the first few weeks and months of their baby’s life. You’ll cherish your newborn’s photos for the rest of their life and enjoy looking back on how tiny they once were. 
By scheduling a session for newborn photography in Melbourne, you’ll create memories to last a lifetime. If you have family and friends spread across the country or world, you’ll also find these photos are a great way to share the excitement of your little one’s birth. While we can all take pictures on our phones nowadays, you want to capture these moments professionally and in the highest definition possible. 

When should newborn photos be taken? 

The best time to take baby photo shoot is between 5 to 12 days after birth. You have a window of about two weeks to take one of those classic sleepy, curly newborn photos. After that, it is harder for them to curl up. Babies are also easier to manage after the first week because they’ll have adopted a predictable feeding schedule by then. You can also opt to wait until three to five weeks to take your newborn photos. Your baby will be a little chubbier at this point, which is great if you want to capture all those rolls. However, they will also be quite alert and too big for some props, which can pose a challenge when posing.

What do I need for a newborn photoshoot? 

On the day of the photoshoot, you need to make sure that your baby is well-fed. Bring formula to the shoot, or, if you are breastfeeding, be prepared to step away to breastfeed during the shoot. While your photographer will usually have lots of props on hand, if you have any special props or family mementos that you would like to be included in the photos, be sure to bring them with you. When it comes to clothes, if you want them to be dressed up during the shoot, be sure to get clothes that fit them well. If you prefer the classic nude newborn photo with a blanket wrapped around them, dress them in loose sleepwear that you can quickly take off about 30 minutes before the shoot. This will help prevent any clothing indentations on your baby’s skin in the photos.

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