If you live in Singapore and are looking for the perfect studio to do your newborn baby photography, this guide is meant for you. In this piece, we’ll look at 40 best newborn photographers in Singapore so you get that newborn photoshoot you deserve.

Why do newborn photography?

Newborn photography celebrates the first few days of life for an adorable infant. When the newest addition to your family enters your lives, it is an emotional and joyous time.

Kids grow up so fast, and you will want to savor those precious moments with a tiny infant forever. Let a professional photographer snap lovely photos of your little miracle swaddled and sleeping in their pristine nursery. Even parents, siblings, and grandparents cuddling with the baby can make for some heartwarming pictures.

Newborn photography preserves the memory of your child as a baby in beautiful pictures. Then, once the photoshoot is complete, the gorgeous images can be framed for your home or be sent out as birth announcement cards for your loved ones. Trust us, and you will not regret letting an experienced photographer take beautiful pictures of your newborn baby.

Not sure where to go for a professional newborn photoshoot? We have compiled a list of talented newborn photographers in Singapore. (organized alphabetically)

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White Room Studio

Your child will only be a newborn once. That’s why you must go after an established name in newborn baby photography. With the right photographer, you’ll be able to memorialize your child’s most beautiful days.

White Room Studio offers superior baby photoshoot in Singapore. Over the last decade, “White Room Studio” has emerged as one of the most sought-out and professional studios in Singapore.

As a boutique family-run team, family values are at the heart of what they do!. The expert staff takes thousands of photographs every year—making them one of the most experienced businesses.

One customer raves, “I just love your pictures… Simple and natural,]which can bring me to smile and touch my heart.” Another writes, “I have taken my maternity shoot and newborn shoot with my girl at White Room Studio. I received lots of compliments and questions about where I took those beautiful pictures.”

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Edmund Choo Photography

Edmund Choo has attended newborn workshops led by internationally renowned photographers to hone his skills. Today, this celebrated studio now specializes in top-notch newborn photography in Singapore. 

Edmund’s studio is stocked with props galore to make the photos stand out. Whether the baby is sleeping or crying, he and his talented team of photographers will help guide infants into comfortable, natural poses to create stunning images. 

Winning multiple accolades throughout the years, Edmund took the bronze awards at the 2018 PPAC PhotoAwards. In addition to newborn photography, this studio also provides family photography packages.

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Lucent Moments

James, from Lucent Moments, is an outstanding newborn photographer in Singapore. As nature lovers, their setups are inspired by the beauty of rustic tones, employing vintage-styled photography props and fabrics in our photoshoots handpicked mainly from Europe. 

For James, little details make incredible differences, and so each photoshoot session is carefully planned and designed; from the selection of props, poses to how fabrics are draped. 

Their mantra – “We absolutely love photography, and for that very reason, we aren’t trying to fulfill everything under the sun but rather bringing out the best of our ability by continuously honing our skills on crafting timeless images for your little bundle of joy.”

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Owned and operated by a husband and wife team, Shiv, the owner and Head Photographer at Cherubfoto, is an accomplished Newborn and Kids Photographer.

Amidst the myriad of highly exceptional reviews, Shiv has paved an impactful path in the Newborn Photographer scene here in Singapore. He is best known for his minimalistic and rustic approach to his carefully planned setups, which are sort after by clients all around, with props selectively sourced from Europe.

A Father of 2 himself, he is known to be the baby whisperer and extremely patient, never compromising quality. Having attended international workshops on newborn posing and safety, he is constantly honing his skills and perfecting his craft with online courses.

As the tagline reads, “Moments Made Forever”, Cherubfoto believes in providing exceptional photographs without compromise, that will last you and your family for a lifetime to come.

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Xiaoyun Photography

Xiaoyun Photography features stunning newborn photography portraits that will be cherished for years to come. Xiaoyun is one of the most prominent maternity and newborn photographer in Singapore.

She is an international multi-award winner who combines creativity with a classic and timeless style. A baby photoshoot is quite literally a once in a lifetime event, and there is only a small window to have your newborn session done. Furthermore, it’s worth the effort to be able to look back on those memories forever.

With a love of color and a wide selection of props, Xiaoyun works closely with her clients to create the perfect session from start to finish.

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Bumps & Bubs Photography

Meet RT, the photographer behind Bumps & Bubs Photography. Patient while working with newborns, RT is artistic yet has a candid photography style; thus, the images she takes appear natural and effortless.

Receiving rave reviews for her photography work, her previous clients highly recommended her studio to anyone looking for amazing newborn photography in Singapore.

One past guest said that RT is very patient and very flexible with you. She takes all suggestions well and incorporates them with her own lovely twist! We thoroughly enjoyed the entire shoot with her”—high praise for any photographer in this professional industry.

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Inessa Studio

Established in 2017, Inessa Studio is quickly becoming one of the top spots for newborn photography in Singapore. Their serene photography style brings an artistic flair to precious infant pictures, and excited parents cradling their little miracle. 

All of their previous customers are in awe of the photos of newborns and say that the photographers take the time to understand the client’s needs and preferences. This studio is also fully stocked with adorable props for those beautiful yet differentiated newborn photos.

Website – https://www.inessastudio.com/

Little Panny Photo

At a cozy setting perfect for photographing infants, this quaint boutique studio focuses on family and newborn photography in Singapore. At Little Panny Photo, they offer professional photo sessions at an affordable rate. With excellent props and backdrops in various themes, this studio also has an extensive collection of wraps and head accessories. 

Giving 5-star reviews unanimously, past clients refer to the photographers at Little Panny Photo as baby whisperers. Their playful and charming band of photography makes for lovely pictures of little ones and their parents.  

Website – https://littlepanny.com/border_galleries/newborn-gallery/

Lumiere Photography

For over ten years, expert photographer, Zep Chow, and his team have been shining a spotlight on those who want professionally done newborn photos. Bringing finesse to every photoshoot, these photographers have honed their photographic eye to snap pictures at the perfect moment. 

With a brilliant and creative camera style, they capture a newborn baby’s pure innocence in gorgeous visuals. Past clients have been so impressed by this studio’s services, that they often return for other photo sessions. As a fantastic multi-disciplinary studio, they also cover family, interior and food photography, and videography services.

Website – http://www.lumierephotographysg.com/

MS Photography and Event Services

With a passion for capturing special life moments through photos, Michelle is another exceptional photographer doing newborn photography in Singapore. At MS Photography and Event Services, they offer cute props and backdrops, like snuggly blankets and expressive signs, for a perfect newborn photoshoot. 

Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor photo session, Michelle’s vibrant and colorful brand of photos will delight anyone who views them. Besides newborn photoshoots, this studio is also available for maternity, family, and couple shoots. 

Website – https://www.msphotographyandeventservices.com/

J Production

For almost ten years, J Production has specialized in both photography and cinematography. Fueled by a strong passion for camera work, photographers Camie and J.J.will take heartwarming pictures of your little one during their first days of life. 

With their candid and natural-looking photography style, they will capture the tiny nuances a baby brings to a family. Past guests highly recommend J Production services to others looking for professional photos. 

One client commented, “Both JJ and Camie were extremely patient and also really fun. That made the whole experience super enjoyable.” Aside from newborn photography, they also provide family and wedding photo sessions as well as wedding cinematography.

Website – https://www.jstillmotion.com/photography/family

Portrait Gallery 

Known as the one-stop service for all your portrait needs, Portrait Gallery also provides adorable newborn photography in Singapore. With over 20 years of experience under his belt, expert photographer Matthew has a keen eye for detail. Capturing enchanting photos of infants, his delicate photography style is like a breath of fresh air. 

Opting for soft, textured backgrounds, Matthew and his team of photographers take beautiful images of the infant. In addition to newborn photography in Singapore, they also cover portrait photography. 

Earning five-star reviews from grateful parents, one past client commented that the photographers at Portrait Gallery were “professional and creative”. 

Website – https://www.portraitgallery.com.sg/new-born/

ABC Photography

Looking for the perfect baby photography in Singapore? ABC Photography offers unmatched newborn photoshoots! Started in 2006, the studio has quickly grown into one of the top photography locations in all of Singapore!

ABC Photography offers one of the best newborn photography shoots in all of Singapore. With an expert, friendly staff well-versed in several types of photography, ABC Photography has generated much positive press. One parent writes, “…the style of the photos is beautiful… definitely a great choice and good value!”

Website – http://www.abcphotography.com.sg/

Ashley Low Photography

Your pregnancy is a journey. From baby bump to birth, your pregnancy is full of photo-worthy moments. With Ashley Low Photography, you can document your pregnancy, as well as your newborn’s first few months. One of the most renowned newborn photography studios in Singapore, Ashley Low Photography guarantees a photography experience you will love.

Simply put, Ashley Low Photography offers some of the best newborn photography in Singapore. Offering several types of newborn and child photography, this is one studio that will go the extra mile to create lasting memories of you and your baby.

Website – https://www.ashleylowphotography.com

Baby U International

Baby U International offers newborn photography in Singapore with a twist. The only Korean-inspired newborn studio in Singapore, it provides parents and newborns with a unique experience that can’t be achieved anywhere else.

Baby U’s baby photoshoot packages have customers raving. With nearly twenty thousand followers on social media, the studio has established itself as one of the best in all of Singapore. For parents looking to give their newborn photoshoot that Korean-style twist, Baby U International is the perfect location!

In addition to world-class newborn photography, the studio also boasts toddler-safe bathrooms, baby change facilities, age-appropriate toys, and more! This makes Baby U International the perfect place to take your children for their next photoshoot!

Website – https://www.babyu.com.sg/


At the different milestones; be it newborn, full month celebration,
first-year birthday party or the remarkable first steps, Babygraphy will be able to capture the beautiful moments that only occur once in a lifetime.

With Babygraphy, all sessions include complimentary costumes to
make your child more adorable compared to the usual baby clothes.

All their packages have one thing in common – all photos taken will be returned. (That way, you are not limited to making the difficult
decision for which photos you want to keep for yourself but instead,
every single moment will be yours to keep.)

Click here to contact Babygraphy

Bambini Photography

Want to have your newborn photography done at one of the best locations in Singapore?

Bambini Photography has been providing quality newborn photography for the past decade. From humble beginnings, the studio has quickly grown into one of the best and high-rated studios in all of Singapore.

Interested? Check out some real customer reviews to find out just how amazing Bambini Photography really is! One parent writes, “Their photos are lovely; you would love them even if you’re a perfectionist… Super looking forward to our next shoot!”

Those looking for the perfect newborn photoshoots can also take advantage of the studio’s amazing maternity shoots. With so many options, you’ll be able to document the life of your child from pregnancy throughout her newborn days!

Website – https://www.bambiniphoto.sg

Bamboo Shoots Photography

An innovative studio based in Singapore, Bamboo shoots Photo offers parents some of the best newborn photography in the country! Exclusive and professional, Bamboo shoots has earned a reputation as a top-of-the-line newborn baby photography studio for those willing to pay.

Simply put, you know what you’re getting with Bambooshoots Photo. If you’re looking for perfect baby photography in Singapore, you simply can’t do better. Contact today via the studio’s official website for a full list of photography services!

Website – http://bambooshoots.com.sg/

Bespoke Baby Photography

At Bespoke Photography, it’s never been easier to get that newborn photoshoot. Offering some of the best newborn photography in Singapore, Bespoke Photography boasts a proven team of photographers who can get your newborn baby photoshoot done right.

Simply put, Bespoke Photography knows how important it is to immortalize memories of your newborn. That’s why the studio works hard to give you that newborn baby photography shoot you deserve. One customer writes, “We had the photos we wanted….natural and beautiful that captured the mood of the family.”

Bespoke Baby Photography suggests getting your newborn shot done within the first five to ten days of your newborn’s birth. Take advantage of the studio’s amazing pricing and get your own professional shot! The studio offers you the best opportunity to immortalize your newborn’s precious early days.

Website – https://www.bespokephotography.sg

Berryhappy Photography

For almost twenty years, Sok Eng from Berryhappy Photography has offered exceptional photo services for any occasion. Fueled by a passion for creating art, her picture-perfect photos bottle up all the happiness that comes with the arrival of a newborn baby. 

Always open to collaborating with her clients, she strives to have an unforgettable newborn photoshoot experience for parents and baby. Winner of the Harper’s Bazaar & Ion Orchard Photography Award, Sok Eng is a top-notch newborn photographer in Singapore that will take stunning snapshots of your baby. 

Website – http://www.berryhappy.com/

Bumptiful Photography

Nicole of Bumptiful Photography is an aspiring newborn photographer in Singapore. Her simplistic, brilliant photo style is not to be missed. With certified experience working with babies, she knows all the tips and tricks for a successful newborn photoshoot. 

Nicole guides new parents into natural poses with their infant, making for beautiful photos and provides different props to create gorgeous newborn shots. 

Website – https://www.bumptifulphotography.com/

Chicchug Creations

Take your newborn baby photoshoot to the next level! Chicchug Creations offers high-quality, professional-grade photoshoots that perfectly eternalize your child’s most special moments. This newborn photographer in Singapore offers two newborn lifestyle packages with both home and studio service.

What can you expect from a Chicchug Creations photoshoot? It’s simple: high-quality images of your newborn in natural poses, photogenic props, and an overall perfect shoot. Chicchug Creations does newborn photography on little ones between the ages of five and fourteen days (though the studio makes some exemptions for those who are up to twenty-one days old).

Website – https://www.chicchug.com

Chocolate Photography

Jerry, a newborn photographer in Singapore, preserves the special beginning of a baby’s life with a newborn photoshoot. As the name of the studio, photographs from Chocolate Photography in Singapore are delightful. 

Utilizing a fantastic studio space, Jerry will provide the perfect backdrops and props, like snuggly soft blankets and stuffed animals. Everything you will need for a wonderful newborn photoshoot. Jerry specializes in maternity and family shoots as well.

Website – https://www.chocolatephotography.com.sg/

CloudChew Photography

CloudChew Photography creates tangible memories through lovely photographs of little ones during their first few weeks of life. Their number one priority is to make sure the baby is safe and comfortable. 

You and your little one will be in good hands with Cloud as your newborn photographer. With plenty of experience working with infants, you can be sure this newborn photoshoot will turn into a special moment for new parents. All of his infant shots are absolutely charming in every way. 

Website – https://www.cloudchewphotography.com/


Looking for the best in cheap newborn photography? Dphotofolio offers both studio and at home photography options so that you can get that perfect newborn shot! Find out why customers are raving about Dphotofolio’s superior newborn photoshoot services.

One customer writes, “So impressed and amazed at the professionalism and work attitude [of Dphotofolio].” Another consumer highlights the skill of the studio’s expert photographers, “I have made the right choice in choosing Dphotofolio…Thanks so much for capturing my daughter’s beautiful moments. Such memories are precious and occur only once in a lifetime, and you made it so successful…”

Website – http://www.dphotofolio.com/

Evie Grace Photography

Emily Newell is the founder of Evie Grace Photography. She has been a professional photographer for 8 years in Singapore. The studio specializes in capturing newborn and family photographs that are beautiful, intimate, and emotional. Emily prides herself on offering a one-of-a-kind experience from start to finish.

Emily ensures your family’s memories are documented and forever recorded in beautiful keepsake artwork. With 5 out of 5 reviews, you know your baby is in safe hands with this highly experienced and sought after photographer.

Website – http://www.eviegracephotos.com/

Episode Photography

Since 2009, Episode Photography has offered a variety of newborn and baby photography packages for parents looking to get the perfect newborn photoshoot. This newborn photography studio in Singapore has become renowned for its use of diverse props and its loving atmosphere, making it a top option for parents looking for that superior shot.

If you’re looking for the ultimate newborn photography experience that will leave you just as satisfied, it’s time to contact Episode Photography. With newborn baby photography packages designed with you in mind, the studio seeks to provide you with unforgettable photography experience.

Website – http://www.episodephotography.sg/

Fion Boon Photography

Fion Boon specializes in newborn photography for babies between the ages of six to twelve days. With a warm, comforting staff, the studio offers one of the best experiences for newborn photography in Singapore. If you’re after a unique photography experience that will capture everything you love and more about your newborn, keep reading to find out more about Fion Boon’s affordable pricing options!

Fion Boon also offers customers the ability to shoot family portraits with parents and siblings. This takes newborn photography to the next level and gives you the ultimate flexibility with your shot! The studio excels at shooting in natural lighting with neutral-colored props. With a team of expert photographers, Fion Boon guarantees a professional, memorable shot every time!

Book in advance and find out why customers are calling Fion Boon one of the best newborn photographers in Singapore!

Website – https://www.fionboon.com

Jana Yar Photography

Jana Yar is one of the renowned newborn photographers in Singapore. Operated by one of the top names in Singapore photography—Jana Yar—the studio has generated rave reviews from customers all across the nation.

One customer writes, “Even her raw and unedited pictures are all we wanted and more.” Another comments, “One of the best I’ve seen and had experience with!”

Website – https://cargocollective.com/janayarphotography

Jen Pan Photography

Jen Pan Photography has been providing the best in local newborn photography for years. With a warm, traditional style, Jen Pan Photography offers unmatched newborn baby photography services in Singapore.

For newborn shoots, the studio suggests that parents bring their children in between the ages of five to twelve days old. In this way, they can ensure the best results for their shots.

It’s as simple as this: customers love Jen Pan Photography. Those who have done business with the studio rave about the hometown feel and the expertise of the photographers. One customer writes, “I was blown away by how they managed to capture their shots all in natural lighting, making the photos seem very surreal and warm, but yet not staged.”

Website – https://www.jenpan.photography

JJ Photography

Newborn baby photography has never been easier. With JJ Photography, you can get the shots your baby deserves! One of the most renowned studios in Singapore, JJ Photography offers incredible newborn photoshoot packages that you will love and with financing options available, this plan offers the best in newborn photography in Singapore.

With this in mind, there’s no reason not to choose JJ Photography. Follow in the footsteps of countless other consumers who have described the service as “fantastic” and “professional.” Simply put, you can never go wrong with JJ Photography!

Website – http://www.jjphotography.com.sg/

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Koji Photography

Are you searching for the best newborn baby photography packages in Singapore? Koji Photography offers incredibly cheap newborn photography options your family will love! If you’re looking to encapsulate your child’s special newborn days, it’s time to see what Koji Photography has to offer you!

Founded in 2012 by three siblings, Koji Photography provides customers with the ultimate family photo experience. Read what customers have to say about the superior service offered at Koji Photography: “We felt really safe to leave our baby in [their] hands for the shoot. Of course, we also love how the photos turned out!”

If you’re looking for the best newborn photography in Singapore, it’s time to check out Koji Photography! With nearly twenty thousand likes on social media, the studio has built a reputation as one of the best in the nation.

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/www.Koji.Photography/

Littleones Photography

Littleones Photography offers some of the best newborn photoshoot options in Singapore. This is because both photographers—Emily and Kate—are members of the Master Photographers Association, the Royal Photographic Society, and the British Institute of Professional Photographers.

This makes Littleones Photography one of the most elite in all of Singapore and the perfect destination for your next newborn photoshoot! With years of experience in the field, the professional photographers at Littleones are able to stage the perfect shot—the first time and every time.

Of the studio, one customer writes, “ Just received our photos today, and I can’t stop looking at them. They are so beautiful—even though our little one wasn’t in the best mood on the day of the shoot and you still seem to have managed to get her to smile and capture it!”

Website – https://www.littleonesphotography.com

Little Panny Photo

Little Panny Photo is a quaint boutique studio that specializes in newborn photography and is a cozy setting for photographing little bundles of joy. Have precious pictures shot of your little one sleeping and snug in their swaddle or being held by a parent or grandparent. Some newborn photoshoots can be costly. 

At Little Panny Photo, they offer an affordable rate so that anyone can work with a newborn photographer in Singapore. Be sure to take a look at their website gallery to view maternity and family shots.  

Website – https://littlepanny.com/

Lumiere Photography

Lumiere Photography Singapore is the premier place for newborn photography in Singapore. Bringing finesse to every photoshoot, photographer Zep Chow will snap some lovely shots of your little miracle. Commemorate the birth of your little love with an exceptional newborn photoshoot. 

No matter if the baby is sleeping or wide awake, professionally taken pictures of your infant become cherished keepsakes, you will adore for the rest of your life. His studio also does portraits and event photo sessions. 

Trust in Zep and his top-notch team of photographers at Lumiere Photography Singapore to take stunning photos of your little miracle. 

Website – https://www.lumierephotographysg.com/

Mamamiyo Photography

Parents: let’s be honest. How hard do you find it to get a picture of your newborn smiling?

If you’re in need of assistance, Mamamiyo offers the services for you. With a caring and patient staff, Mamamiyo works hard to provide top-quality newborn baby photography.

Headed by experienced photographer Lesley, Mamamiyo has won over the hearts of several new parents in Singapore. Many of these parents have commented on Lesley’s patience with newborns and her ability to catch their newborns in the best light possible. With newborn baby photoshoot packages, Mamamiyo offers something for parents on any budget.

Website – https://www.mamamiyo-photography.com

Mermozine Photography

What sets Mermozine Photography apart? It starts with the studio’s focus on loving care in every photoshoot. As one of the top photo studios in Singapore when it comes to maternity and newborn photography, Mermozine Photography takes the next step to give you those superior photoshoots you’ve been dreaming of.

Mermozine Photography was launched in 2012 to provide families in Singapore with a better way to get maternity and newborn shoots. Focusing on pregnancy and early childhood and family photography, Mermozine knows just what it takes to give your family that next-level photoshoot.

One customer writes, Cathy is a fantastic photographer. She is creative and passionate about her work. She loves children and is very patient when it’s time to take pictures with them…Cathy was always able to capture superb facial expressions of our babies and sweet moments between siblings. We will definitely ask her again to come and capture more beautiful memories and family photos for us in the future.”

Website – https://www.mermozine.com/

My Precious Diary Photography

Dubbed a “legit baby whisperer” by satisfied parents, Derek at My Precious Diary offers some of the most talked about newborn baby photography in Singapore. The winner of the Professional Photographers Asia Community 2018 award, My Precious Diary Photography provides new parents with the images they’ve dreamed of.

What really sets My Precious Diary Photography apart is their use of handmade international props and clothes. This helps them ensure that babies remain comfortable throughout the whole experience.

As a father of two, Derek has the experience and the vision necessary to take the perfect newborn baby photoshoot.

Website – https://www.mypreciousdiary.com

Nina Tantzen Photography

Nina Tantzen Photography offers full-scale, all-inclusive newborn photoshoots. Based in Shanghai, Nina also provides baby photography in Singapore.

Nina’s portfolio includes numerous satisfied clients who praise her ability to capture the right image.

“When I saw our images, I teared up,” wrote one user. “She was very good at dealing with my son who hates having his photos taken,” wrote another. “Nina sets herself apart,” noted one satisfied parent, who also stated that his family had “struck gold” with Nina.

Nina’s newborn photography shoots allow for parents to join in, capturing perfect new-family moments.

Website – https://www.ninatantzen.com

Orange Studios

Taking the perfect newborn photoshoot requires a skilled and patient photography. That’s just what you’ll get at Orange Studios. Parents note that photographers Ryan and Wini are great with newborns, leaving glowing reviews such as:

“Wini was patient and attentive towards both the mother’s and baby’s needs. She’s also very experienced in catching a baby’s hungry and tired cues!”

What really struck most couples, however, was the pair’s ability to provide a comfortable and relaxed setting that allowed for natural photographs to be taken.

Website – https://orangestudios.sg/

Picspirations Photography

Picspirations Photography Chief Photographer Alexandria Neoh has the following message for potential consumers, “When you book a session with me, you are not only hiring someone to professionally take your [newborn] portraits for you, you are also hiring someone to advise and guide you on creating these beautiful heirlooms for your family that will last generations.”

In other words, Picspirations offers parents an unforgettable newborn photoshoot experience that you and your family will never forget!

Customers say this about their experience with Picspirations, “Alex has been following our journey as a new family from my maternity shoot, to B’s newborn, milestone, and first-year shoots. Being a mum herself, she is very understanding about [your] baby’s needs and knows how to connect and draw a baby out of his shell.”

Website – https://www.picspirations.sg/

P.S. I Love You Photography

P.S. I Love You Photography offers superior newborn photoshoot options for families in Singapore. The studio, which offers a variety of newborn and maternity photo options, is run by renowned photographer Patricia.

With nearly a decades’ worth of experience in the newborn photography field, Patricia has established herself as one of the premier photographers in Singapore.

With reviews such as this one, “All the photos and album were tastefully done. It exceeded my expectations, and I am very happy with the results. Everyone was asking me where I did my photography,” there’s no better time to schedule your own newborn photography photoshoot appointment with P.S. I Love You Photography today!

Website – http://www.psiloveyouphotography.com/

Hayley Durack Photography

Spearheaded by renowned and award-winning photographer Hayley Durack, the studio offers unmatched quality when it comes to your newborn photoshoot. Based in Singapore, this legendary studio will provide you with an unforgettable experience you’ll be talking about for ages.

Your baby will only be a newborn once. After just a couple of weeks, that newborn magic will be gone, and your opportunity for that perfect newborn photoshoot will be over. With this in mind, don’t you want to turn to one of the world’s photographic leaders to satisfy all your newborn baby photography needs?

One customer raves, “Don’t hesitate to book this photographer! Hayley is a consummate professional who takes the time to really listen to what you are looking for. The results are then even better than what you hoped for!”

Website – https://hayleydurack.com/

Sage Clover Photography

Sage Clover was founded in 2008 to offer families in Singapore with a more specialized, high-quality newborn photoshoot service. Chief photographer Kymberly (Kym) works only with natural lighting so that you get the ultimate newborn baby photography experience.

Over the last decade, Kym has established herself as one of the top newborn photographers in Singapore. As such, her newborn packages are among the best in the nation.

With thousands of followers on social media, Sage Clover Photography has become one of the most visited destinations in all of Singapore—and for good reason!

Website – http://www.clovertree.com.sg/

Sealey Brandt Photography

Looking for a great newborn photographer in Singapore? Sealey Brandt Photography offers that perfect newborn photoshoot. One of the most seasoned newborn photographers in the world, Sealey Brandt has established a reputation unmatched by nearly any photographer in Singapore.

This makes Sealey Brandt Photography the best place to get that newborn baby photography in Singapore! Sealey Brandt offers a variety of newborn photoshoot packages that give you the ultimate flexibility in your shot. Capturing your child’s newborn days has never been easier!

Website – http://www.sealeybrandt.com/


StudioPlay offers superior baby photography services in Singapore for newborns fourteen days old or younger.

The studio prides itself on warm, welcoming, and inclusive newborn photoshoots—both in home and at the studio. This provides parents with the ultimate flexibility when it comes to getting that perfect shoot.

With years of service providing quality newborn images to Singaporeans, StudioPlay has racked up five star reviews. One customer writes, “Audrey connected with my little one easily; made it easier to get her to smile for the photos…[She] was also really accommodating when my little one started to be restless.”

Website – http://studioplay.com.sg/

The Studio Loft

What sets the Studio Loft apart when it comes to your next newborn photoshoot? It may have something to do with the fact that the studio was voted the best photography studio for newborn baby photography in Singapore.

The studio offers fun artisan shots that will help you make the perfect memories of your newborn.

Find out why customers are calling The Studio Loft “efficient” and “flexible” and why the studio has emerged as one of the most visited in Singapore!

Website – https://www.thestudioloft.com.sg

Tomato Photo

Tomato Photo was started in 2008 to provide Singaporeans with quality newborn baby photography. Over the course of the last decade, the studio has helped pioneer natural light and artistic newborn photography in Singapore.

With a dedicated staff that has been awarded by the Master Photographers Association, Tomato Photo has distinguished itself as one of the top newborn baby photography studios in Singapore. A staple on various top ten lists, the studio has quickly become one of the most renowned in Singapore.

One customer reviews, “Hart [founder and chief photographer] far exceeded our expectations. He is amazing with kids and managed well both our newborn and toddler…His shots are all great and the hard print photos that we got are of very high quality.”

Website – https://www.tomato.sg

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Finding the right newborn photography studio in Singapore doesn’t have to be difficult.

By following the information in this guide, you’ll be able to find the perfect studio for you and your newborn child. This piece provides you with thirty-three of the absolute best newborn baby photography studios in Singapore.

If you can’t wait to get that perfect newborn photoshoot, it’s important that you book your appointment as soon as possible. Fortunately, with the information contained here, you’ll be able to reduce the decision making time so that you get the shoot you deserve at the studio of your choice.

So don’t wait! Reach out to your favorite studio and contact them today. Also, read our newborn photography guide to be prepared and have an awesome photoshoot!

Further, we have also compiled a list of top 35 photo studios in Singapore which is as comprehensive as this one with all their contact details. So if you are looking for a photo studio to do a family portrait, this list could be helpful.

Last but not the least, if you are interested in a cake smash photoshoot session for your baby’s 1st birthday celebration, do check out our list of 17 best cake smash photographers in Singapore with contact info and reviews so choose the one that would work best for you.