22 Amazing Photographers for newborn photography Sydney (2024)

Expecting a new family member? The time for newborn photography is here! Check out some of the amazing newborn photographers in Sydney.

Small hands, tiny toes, squishy cheeks, and a cute little belly – that will be your cute little newborn a few months from now! Excited, right? We’ve got you covered. Here are some amazing photographers for newborn photography in Sydney.

We understand how happy you must be to think of a baby landing into your cradle; the baby who would be your kid; the kid who would grow into a wild adolescent and then into a smart loving person. Oh, you must have thought of everything from their first day of school to their wedding day!

However, after they grow up, you will miss their baby days. For instance, just picture yourself sitting beside your partner and reminiscing the days when your child was a cute little ball in the cradle. You will talk about the most hectic days with a tinge of nostalgia and wish you could relive those moments. The pictures of your newborn will help you do exactly this.

Kids grow fast. One day, they can barely lift their heads; the next day, they are crawling around the house dirtying their hands and feet. Your little infant of few weeks will grow up in no time and newborn photography will preserve these initial moments of innocent vulnerability.

A newborn is photographed usually around 2 weeks of their birth. This is their first and the most beautiful photoshoot session; these pictures are the first tangible pieces of memory they will possess and pass on to their children. Just think of your kids showing their little ones the adorable face of their mamma or dada snuggled in natural fabrics enjoying the tranquility of the times.

Of course, you want to have that!

Don’t worry about the ‘how’. We are here to help you out with it.

Looking for newborn photographers in Sydney?

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Briefly let us know your photoshoot details and we will connect you with the most appropriate photographer.

Bijou Bubs Photography

Haichen is a multi-award-winning newborn photographer in Sydney who specializes in newborn, maternity, and family photography.

Based in Sydney’s inner west, Bijou Bubs Photography Studios captures your baby’s most precious moments in a timeless and elegant style. The photographer, Haichen works closely with her clients to create the perfect session from start to finish. She looks at pictures as a way to preserve moments in time for generations to come.

Thus, the studios aim to capture legacy, memory, and love.

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Kristy Jauncey Photography

Kristy Jauncey Photography is one of the best multi-award-winning Sydney newborn photographers. It’s both family and newborn photography in Sydney.

Kristy has been capturing Sydney newborn babies and families for the past nine years. She understands how fast those first few weeks and months pass by once your newborn baby has arrived and attempts to deliver the best to you.

Kristy is very passionate about documenting her client’s beautiful moments and turning them into keepsakes for families to share and treasure for a lifetime. She is appreciated for her patience and calmness during the shoot is called by her newborn clients a ‘baby whisperer’.

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Rebecca Connolly Photography

A specialist newborn photographer, Rebecca Connolly Photography is one of the most sought-after Sydney newborn photographers based on the city’s north shore. She aims to capture the first memories of your baby in images that will last forever.

Rebecca has won both international and national awards and is the founder of Sydney Newborn Photographers Network. Her work has featured in Australian national newspapers, as well as in numerous newborn photography journals. She is also one of the leading educators in newborn photography, speaking at international conferences and holding teaching workshops across Australia and the world for newborn photographers on topics such as newborn safety, newborn posing, and photography skills. So, Rebecca assures the safety of your baby during the shoot.

 The photographer also assures high standards and quality of the shoot and images.

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Nat Knight Photography

Nat is an award-winning newborn photographer in Sydney, featuring in many international publications. Having started a decade ago, she captures images that are timeless, classic, and organic. Nat is an Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP) Accredited Photographer and has been asked by many families for newborn photography in Sydney.

She understands that each baby is a miracle and perfect, and her images show the unconditional love between a new family and their little bundle of joy. So, she loves taking photos of newborns and all the incredible little details that make them special. 

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My Little One Photography

My Little One Photography is a boutique studio specializing in custom maternity, newborn, baby and family portraiture. The studio is located in North Ryde, NSW. The studio space is charming, warm, and perfectly tailored to a new mother’s needs. 

They offer a fully equipped nursery with a changing table and feeding area. There are also plenty of places to sit, relax, even take a nap! They have photographed over 300 babies, and their goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible during your photo session.

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Justkidi Photography Studio

Sissi Wang is the founder of JustKidi Photography Studio. It is a multi-award-winning studio for newborn photography Sydney, and is internationally recognized, and named as one of the top 10 newborn photography studios.

Sissi has become one of the most sought-after photographers in the industry. She, being a design-orientated photographer, likes utilizing home decor ornaments like floral baskets, fluffy blankets, etc., to create vintage and simple/pure photos. She has a keen eye for details, and her creativity is unparalleled, bringing her success within a short period of 5 years since establishing her studio.

Blink of Light Photography is a professional newborn and maternity photography studio offering artistic newborn photography and timeless maternity portraits throughout Hills District and North-West of Sydney.

Olga, the owner of Blink of Light photography, is one of those Sydney newborn photographers who have unlimited patience and skills to turn unsettled babies into priceless memories. She is trained and fully insured to handle the newborn for her photoshoot.

Her studio has a free client closet for mothers and newborns. Clients will receive their baby’s photos within a few weeks. The environment of the home studio is also very cozy and relaxed.

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Goldflinch Photography

Goldfinch Photography, newborn photography in Sydney, has professional photographers specialized in the art of newborn and family photography. They aim to create beautiful and timeless images using natural tones and textures that best compliment your baby. 

They believe that a beautiful portrait should portray so much more than just a smile. The pure innocence of a sleeping newborn baby, a mother cradling her baby, and the love your family shares will be captured by their talented photographers. 

Goldflinch Photography has been photographing babies, children, and families for the last eight years. Safety has always been their priority when photographing your baby. They create portraits of the baby that last for generations.

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Millimetre Photography

Millimetre photography is a team of Sydney newborn photographers who aim to bring a bit of magic back to the realm of family photography. They specialize in maternity, newborn, toddlers, and family sessions with both in-studio and outdoor locations. 

Started by Emily and Rachel in 2015, the studio has grown intending to bring amazing flair and exuberance to every photo session. It is in a quiet yet beautiful street in Croydon, NSW. Their recognitions include “2017 AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) Silver Award – Family category”, ” Featured by Portrait Photography Magazine in October and November 2018, 2019 and 2020 issues, and Speaker on Children photography summit China 2018. They have also provided services to more than 3000 families.

So, to experience the best newborn photography Sydney, contact Millimetre Photography Studios.

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Lauren Kennedy Photographer

Lauren Kennedy is a newborn photographer in Sydney whose photography style is very natural and relaxed. She focuses on capturing all the love and connection in each family. She prefers conducting sessions in your home where your bubs and you feel the most relaxed, something necessary for the natural feel of the photos.  

Her lifestyle approach is stylish and simple and beautifully captures your family. Lauren hopes to capture the loving surroundings your little one has, along with some stunning photos of the baby by including the siblings and other family members.

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Image Technique Photography

Image Technique Photography is a family photography studio located in Sydney’s Inner West. It has all the comforts of home – from kitchen and bathroom facilities to a private area for parents to change and feed infants. Their photo session involves photography as well as nappy changing, and a sweet slumber or two.

The photographers’ natural style of newborn photography involves parents embracing your little one over your arms, your shoulder, or with their little head in your hands instead of using props or baskets. They aim to celebrate your most precious creation with beautiful photos that capture your bub’s enchanting innocence.

Philippe, the founder of Image Technique Photography, has been in the field for 20 years. He promises to provide excellence every step of the way.

Image Technique Photography prides itself on sourcing only the finest locally made albums, frames, canvas prints, and acrylics to display your beautiful photos. So, if you relate to the idea of the studio, contact Image Technique Photography now.

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Little Manly Photography

Little Manly Photography, renowned for newborn photography Sydney, captures uniquely modern and natural lifestyle portraits of your newborn, family, and pregnancy. They offer an emotive collection of photographs that capture the connection of your family in a beautiful, natural, and fresh way. They give a new definition to the idea of a portrait: soft, natural, and raw.

The style of this studio aims to capture you and your family in a creative but authentic way. They collaborate on working with you in your happy place, the area where your children feel comfortable. It can be a beach, a park, your any other favorite place outdoor, or your own home. Contact Little Manly Photography to be in the hands of good Sydney newborn photographers.

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Hello Baby

Hello Baby Studios are one of the best Sydney newborn photographers. Also, they also specialize in maternity photography. The Director, Reka is an award-winning portrait photographer from Hungary, who aims to capture timeless and elegant images.

The team works to foster a culture of commitment, dedication, and reliability. What distinguishes them from many other newborn photography studios is that they charge at a flat rate and have parent-sibling sets without extra cost and provides all the props for the shoot.

Their customers appreciate their hard work and hospitality. They say that all the images are delivered fast and timely. Hello Baby Studios’ team has also been commended for their knowledge about babies and their ability to settle them lovingly during the shoot.

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Howe Studios

Howe Studios is another amazing place you can visit for family, wedding, and newborn photography in Sydney. They are known for offering a personalized experience to their clients without losing the professional that helps them bring out the right emotions through their pictures.

The founder, Natalie is an Accredit Master Photographer II through the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. She was the National Newborn Photographer of the Year 2016 and NSW Newborn Photographer of the year in 2017.

So, if you opt for Howe Studios, be assured that you are in good hands.

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LookyLooky Photography Studios

LookyLooky Photography Studios specialize in children’s photography; you can hire them for everything from maternity to birth and beyond.

They consider it an honor to be a part of your delicate and important moments. Therefore, the experts at Looky Looky Photography go out of their comfort zones to keep the baby calm and intrigued during the shoot. They aim to catch different emotions and capture memorable photos of the entire family along with the baby. They also offer you different themes, props, and costumes to choose from.

The studio’s clients appreciate them for conducting fun and cheerful shoots with a professional demeanor. Their quality and service are also up to the mark. So, to have a good taste of newborn photography in Sydney, contact LookyLooky Studios.

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Amy Tong Photography

Started in 2012, Amy Tong has been recognized as one of Sydney’s best baby photographers. She is an Academy of Newborn Photography Certified Photographer who has worked with over 300 clients to date and won multiple awards.

Her studio is situated in Sydney Inner West. It is equipped with all the required paraphernalia including props, outfits, wraps, and headbands. Amy also provides her clients space to nap and relax for a while before starting with the shoot because she believes that calm parents make calm children. She perceives photography as a way to preserve memories for future generations and is passionate about her work.

Her clients appreciate her talent and gift of creativity. They love the fact that her sessions are fun and never rushed with enough space for unpredictable events. So, contact Amy Tong Photography to work with one of the best Sydney newborn photographers.

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Faithful Photography

Started by Dalia and Marten in Campbelltown Area, Faithful Photography Studio is one of the best newborn photographers in Sydney. They aim at freezing your sweet and personal moments to capture your newborn baby and the family.

Dalia is a nurse with a passion for photography. Her patience and gentle touch when dealing with babies have been appreciated the time and again. She settles newborns and keeps them calm during the whole shoot. Dalia is also a makeup artist so you know whom to contact to get ready for the shoot.

Marten, on the other hand, is the tech guy. He takes care of editing and ensures that the lighting and composition of the pictures are up to the mark.

They have a studio in the Mount Annan area that is equipped with all the necessary props and outfits. The photographers understand how important the shoot is to you and go out of their comfort zone to ensure quality work.

They have been appreciated by their customers for ensuring comfort and professionalism during the shoot.

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Captured by Elly Photography

Elena is one of the premier Sydney newborn photographers on the list. She specializes in pregnancy, newborn, baby, and family photography. Her style is mostly natural and organic with a definitive charm of its own.

Elena understands how important the special moments of the day will be for you and is ready to go out of her way to ensure a memorable experience. She is all about quality and safety. A member of the Professional Photography Association and the International Newborn Photographers Association, Elena is trained in newborn posing and safety and is insured. She has also mentored Erin Elizabeth, one of the best newborn photographers in the industry.

Her studio equipment includes all the necessary props such as bowls, baskets, beds, blankets, and wraps. Elena is happy to include sibling and family shots as well. Her clients appreciate her flexibility, and accommodating and friendly nature. They like her patience and style.  

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Families by Ella Photography

A professional boutique photography company, Families by Ella specializes in newborn and maternity photography. The photographer, Ella Martin has been working in this niche for the past ten years and has developed a natural style.

She shoots at your home or any other location you are comfortable with as she aims to make the session relaxed and stress-free. The company brings all the necessary equipment including lighting, props, and outfits to your home to click the best possible images.

Parents, siblings, and even extended family members may join the shoot. So, for one of the most loving experiences of newborn photography Sydney, contact Families by Ella.

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Jazzy Photography

Jasmine is a newborn, family, and wedding photographer based in Sydney. She aims to capture your magical moments in natural and engaging photographs.

An accredited Professional Newborn Photographer with the Academy of Newborn Photography (ANP), Jasmine has over 17 years of experience in the field. She grew up in a creative household and understands how much your newborn baby matters to the whole family. She aims to make you relaxed so that your and the baby’s most genuine emotions are captured on the camera.

Her clients have appreciated her expertise and patience and blessed her with a 5-star rating every time. They enjoy the overall experience and liked how calm and clear Jasmine is with instructions.

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Polly Jane Photography

Another amazing Sydney newborn photographer, Polly is based in Southerland Shire. She conducts ‘in Home Photography Sessions’ for newborns, that is, she comes to your home with the necessary equipment and captures the precious moments between you and your baby. She aims to capture joy, love, and connection through her photography.

Polly’s style is natural, the kind that evokes emotions. She will interact with your other children and keep them engaged so that the shoot is conducted without any hassle. She also understands the need for breaks during newborn shoots and handles them wisely.

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Newborn Photography by Jade

This amazing boutique studio started by Jade is one of the most easygoing and chill places you can have a photoshoot at. The notable photographer makes it a point to make his clients and their babies comfortable before, during, and after the shoot to ensure a good experience for all.

Also, the studio gets its props from all around the world to ensure quality. Jade understands that specific requirement are to be met in the case of newborn photography and she has been specializing in this for years. She aims to provide a tangible piece of your memory that you and future generations can cherish.

Many of her clients drive hours for a photoshoot with her. They like her professionalism and appreciate the quality, presentation, and delivery of the photograph.

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Valent Lau Photography

Do you want something for your newborn baby that is less posed and more natural? Do you want to capture the cuteness of your baby authentically? Would you like to relive these moments and feel the love you have right now?

Valent Lau Photography focuses on capturing the connection between you and your newborn. Instead of using the same props for different babies, they learn about your story and use that to help you to make your photo shoot unique.

The results are timeless photographs that remind you of all the love that you feel for them now.

Valent Lau is an AIPP Accredited Professional Photographer with over 10 years of experience. With a fully equipped studio in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, you can start with your maternity progression photography to family photography with them.

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Now that you have gone through the names and descriptions of 23 Sydney newborn photographers, you would have a few favorites. You might have shortlisted the ones you liked at the first glance, right?

However, you must understand that the first photo shoot is a huge occasion in a person’s life. We would like to remind you that you aren’t creating just an album, but a family heirloom. So, take a wise decision.

Make a list of the photographers you like and specify what you like about them. Show the article to your partner and consider their suggestions as well. Together shortlist the ones you will be approaching. While you are on it, prepare a budget.

Then, take suggestions from your friends and family who have opted for a newborn photoshoot of Sydney, and more names to your list. Now, that you have your final list prepared, research extensively. Go through the photographers’ websites, social media handles, and portfolios. Don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a meeting. You are taking a big decision for which you need to know that the person is the right fit.

Talk to them, ask relevant questions, and make sure that you all blend. Make sure that their interests align with yours and that they can handle emergencies and unpredictable events efficiently. Ask them about refunds and reschedules. Don’t forget to consider your budget.

Trust your instincts and you will find the best among the best Sydney newborn photographers. We wish you all the best for the shoot and the life ahead!

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How much do photographers charge for newborn photos?

Usually, the price range for the newborn photo shoot is around $200-$350. The price depends on the photographers and the requirements of the clients. Therefore, it is recommended to discuss with different photographers.

How soon after birth do you do newborn photos?

Usually, newborn photography should be done by when the baby is 2 weeks old. This allows you to take photos of your baby when they are in curly poses. Photographers recommend the shoot to be done as soon as possible.

How do you prepare a baby for a photoshoot?

Babies and newborns are very unpredictable, and you can never be 100% sure about what will happen during a shoot. So there is no way to prepare a baby for a photoshoot. The only thing you can do is to make your baby feel comfortable and relaxed before the shoot. With new, advanced technologies available, it is possible to take amazing pictures of your baby. You can also put theme-based costumes for the newborn. For example, princess and superhero outfits.

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