15 Top Pet Photographers in Singapore (2021)

Here are our recommendations for top pet photographers in Singapore with some general information regarding pet photography

Today, in this post, I will share some general information regarding pet photography and my recommendations for top pet photographers in Singapore.

Pet photography has become a worldwide craze in recent years, with pet owners capturing milestones and memories with their pets. What better way to remember your cat, dog, or other pet with photos from different stages of their life?

What is pet photography?

Pet photography is an enjoyable niche in the photography world that focuses solely on immortalizing pets! Just as humans would go and have a photoshoot in a studio or at their home, the same can be done with any animal. While anyone can pick up their phone and take a picture of their dog or cat, it takes a lot of skill to capture animals professionally. We all know that animals can be unpredictable and badly behaved at any time. However, professional photographers who specialize in pets have mastered the skill of turning even the worst-tempered animal into a model.

By using different techniques, including treats and rewards, photographers can capture animals in varying postures and poses. You’ll be rewarded with an album of incredible, funny photos that will provide a lifetime of memories. It’s hard to find inspiration for various images, but photographers are creative and well-trained to give you a varying selection of shots. Pet photography is available throughout Singapore and the world at large, and photographers generally have their own studios or may even visit your home.

Pet owners treat their animals like they are a member of their family, and so just as you would collect photos of children growing up, they want to do the same. For some animals, such as dogs, the puppy stage passes very quickly, and so owners want to capture their tiny, adorable animals before they grow up to be adults. A sad fact of life is that animals don’t live as long as humans, and so owners want to keep the memories of their pets alive long after they are gone.

Memories are priceless, and so pet photography is a fantastic gift to give and receive. You could even purchase a photoshoot for a family member or friend for their next birthday. It’s a unique gift that will be a fun occasion for everyone involved. Photos of pets also make great artwork, so many people go for a photoshoot to create large images or canvases to decorate their homes with.

Pet Photographers in Singapore

Throughout Singapore, there is a wide selection of pet photographers to choose from. Today I’m going to share my top choices with you that will provide high-quality memories for you and your family. It’s important to always research before selecting a photographer, as you want your pet to be as comfortable as possible. Consider your budget and what you intend to purchase as far as prints before booking your shoot.

White Room Studio

Located in River Valley, White Room Studio offers pet photography in Singapore. Their team has over 40 years of combined experience and will shoot in the studio or outdoors. They are certified SG Clean and are taking steps to ensure you and your pet’s safety. 

The studio offers a mix of natural, rustic, and minimalist setups with various backgrounds to capture your pet in. Their photographers use a variety of techniques to capture your pet’s best moments during the session. 

The studio has been open in Singapore for eleven years and has held more than 7,800 photoshoots, so you know you’re in good hands!

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Bespoke Photography

Bespoke Photography offers photoshoots for various animals, including cats, dogs, rabbits, and guinea pigs. They offer sessions in their studio, outdoors, or even at your home. 

If it’s your first time having a pet photoshoot in Singapore, they offer one hour sessions. However, if you are looking for something longer, they can shoot for two hours or more. They promise fast delivery of two weeks for your finished photographs, and natural editing is included. 

The photographers understand that all animals have different personalities and challenges, and so they try to establish a bond first with any pet they meet. They hope to provide a stress-free environment so that they can capture the natural personality of your animal.

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Momo Studio

Momo Studio is one of the top pet photographers in SIngapore and is excellent choice if you are looking for a fun and easy pet photoshoot,. They hope to capture your pets and family to give you memories to cherish forever. 

You can book shoots here for your pets, which can also include your whole family if you’d like. Momo Studio opened in 2018, and is named after the owner’s dog, Momo! As a huge pet lover, you know your animal will be in great hands here. Care is the number one principle of the studio, and your pet will be looked after during their session as if they were the photographer’s own. 

It’s a very creative and collaborative studio, so if you have something specific in mind for your shoot, this is an excellent option for a pet photographer in Singapore. 

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Furry Photos

Furry Photos is a dedicated pet photography studio in Singapore. The owner, Nicholas, is in his fourteenth year as a pet photographer, having previously worked with the K-9 unit in the Singapore Air Force. 

He works as a volunteer with animal welfare groups across Singapore, so you know your dog or cat will be well cared for during your appointment. He offers a distinct style of photography, with fun family portraits and action shots of your animal. Besides pet portraits, Furry Photos will also capture pets at parties and events, or assist with commercial and editorial photography needs.

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C.S. Ling Photography

Owner C.S. Ling is a passionate animal photographer who has been published twice in National Geographic Explorer magazine and is unquestionably one of the top pet photographers in Singapore. She loves animals and is passionate about wildlife conservation. 

Her photography style focuses on the love and bond between humans and their pets. She has a natural yet artistic style and offers fun props and décor for your photoshoots. If you have an elderly or terminally ill pet, a Tribute Session is also offered, allowing you to create photos to cherish for the rest of your life. 

C.S. Ling offers sessions to suit various budgets and needs and can create artwork and photo albums following your appointment. 

Book C.S. Ling or similar pet photographer in Singapore. Check out all pet photography packages here.

Magicdow Photography

Magicdow Photography has a distinct style of pet photography in Singapore that will allow your pet’s real personality to shine through in the captured shots. 

Offering both studio and on-location options, Bernard, the studio owner, has a strong technical ability and uses a wide range of equipment. Outdoor shoots offer natural backgrounds, whereas studio sessions can enhance the light quality in the finished result. 

Expect a very artistic and creative shoot with excellent communication. Editing will be used following your session to ensure you are happy with the final product. Magicdow Photography is also available to capture events, including your pet.

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Nothing daunts Roy at FurtographySG, who has been passionate about dogs his whole life. He believes dogs are angels in disguise, and so is passionate about capturing your animal to the best of his ability. 

He encourages you to bring along your pet’s favorite toy or treat to your session, and the rest will be left to his capable hands. Roy and his team are known for their patience and friendliness, and your dog will be in great hands. 

He knows how to gently guide dogs to capture them in the most adorable positions. Photoshoots can be booked indoors at the studio, outdoors, or at your home.

Book FurtographySG or similar pet photographer in Singapore. Check out all pet photography packages here.

Pet Loft

Pet Loft offers a wide variety of services for your pet, including daycare, spa treatments, grooming, and of course, awesome pet photography in SIngapore. Allow your animal to be truly pampered before having their photoshoot to capture them at their finest. 

Pet Loft has a comfortable studio where your pet will feel relaxed during the session. If you would like to, you can also have yourself included in some or all of the shots. Outdoor sessions are also available if you so desire. 

They can create canvases or professional prints following your photoshoot, so you don’t need to worry about getting your photos printed yourself.

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The Digital Moments

With over 11 years’ experience, The Digital Moments offers professional photography and videography services. Taking bookings at an hourly rate, you can make the shoot the length you desire to suit your needs. 

All sessions are carefully planned, and they will ask you what you hope to expect from your time together. They will provide props to suit your requirements and can use a variety of settings and backgrounds. Tailored to fit your needs, images will capture action shots, funny behaviors, and new-born pets. 

No detail will escape the team at The Digital Moments, which is why they are highly regarded as one of the top pet photographers in Singapore. 

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Gypso Media

Offering both videography and photography services, Gypso Media have professional pet photographers who will work in your home or an outdoor setting to capture your pets. 

They are happy to shoot any animal, whether that’s a dog, cat, or rabbit. Their photographers have many years of experience and skills to take natural photos that will showcase your animal’s character and your bond with them. 

They have one, two, and three hour sessions available, allowing plenty of time to get those dream photos of your beloved animal. The team will fully process your photos, and you will receive them within days of your appointment.

Book Gypso Media or similar pet photographer in Singapore. Check out all pet photography packages here.


Having worked in the photography industry for many years now, Dphotofolio is a notable pet photographer in Singapore. They aim to create beautifully posed pictures, whether they are working with humans or animals. 

With state of the art equipment and strong technique thanks to ten years of photography work, you’ll feel in safe hands during your pet’s sessions. Creating a cozy and relaxed environment is essential to the team to help take creative shots. 

They can edit your pet’s photos to include vibrant backgrounds or even fun speech bubbles and additions to the final work.

Book Dphotofolio or similar pet photographer in Singapore. Check out all pet photography packages here.

Beneath the Fur

Specializing in pet photography, Beneath the Fur aims to look beneath your pet’s exterior to see their true character and personality. 

With love for dogs, they love to continue meeting different breeds of dogs during their work. Their photography is generally portrait-style, and their signature look features a blue background with your pet as the sole focus of the shot. The team is praised for their passion and knowledge of dogs, which is evident in the final work they produce. 

Expect your pet to be treated like a superstar, which will be reflected in the images you receive following the shoot.

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Good Pet Studio

If you are looking for a great pet photography studio in Singapore, this is one of your top choices. Welcoming animals of any type and age, the team at Good Pet Studio knows that every pet is an individual who must be treated in that way. 

Offering lifestyle shoots in your own home or fun outdoor shoots, you can also have your whole family included in the photos. They encourage open communication and collaboration to ensure your needs are fully met within your booking. 

Their passion is for storytelling and pleasing aesthetics, and this is apparent in the final shots they showcase on their site. 

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Enidly’s owner, Jolene, is a passionate artist and creator. Offering lifestyle and pet photography, she hopes to use her voice to showcase everyone’s life stories. 

She is a big mental health advocate and encourages humans and animals alike to feel like they are enough, which comes across in her work. She understands that our time with pets is far too short and hopes to capture the memories and magic between yourself and your pet! 

Jolene hopes your photoshoot will provide memories to look back on for years in the future. 

Book Enidly or similar pet photographer in Singapore. Check out all pet photography packages here.

The KYT Studio

If you are looking for pet photography in Singapore in a studio setting, look no further than The KYT Studio. 

They offer indoor and outdoor shoots and are based on an impressive 1,000 square feet of land. They can take photos in natural and studio lighting settings, due to full-length windows with optional blackout curtains. 

Creatively capturing animals of all types, including dogs, cats, and even goldfish, you’ll leave with high-quality photos capturing you and your pet. Animals can be captured in a formal portrait or a more relaxed and fun action setting.

Book The KYT Studio or similar pet photographer in Singapore. Check out all pet photography packages here.


As you can see, there are endless choices of pet photography studios in Singapore. Wherever you choose to visit, you’ll be in great hands with any of these photographers, who will be passionate and caring towards your beloved animal.

Pet photography is a unique way to capture your animal throughout their life and will leave you with memories to look back on forever. 

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