Whether you are looking to memorialize your child’s newborn days or need a corporate makeover session for your company, the right photograph can help you get what you need.

In this guide, we’ll go over twenty-five of the best photo studios in Singapore. With services ranging from graduation photography to maternity shoots, newborn photoshoots, these studios have you covered no matter what type of photograph you need.

Fortunately, there are several quality photo studios in Singapore ready to help you get just what you are looking for. In recent decades, Singapore has become a hotspot of international photography, with several homegrown and international photographers choosing the city-state as their place of business.

With this in mind, let’s dive in and take a look at the top photo studios in Singapore. Take advantage of this list to find the ultimate photography service for you today!

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White Room Studio

Since its inception in 2009, White Room Studio has emerged into one of the top photo studios in Singapore. The studio boasts an impressive array of professional photographers and awards and services thousands of clients every year.

This makes it one of the best stops for your next photography session. White Room Studio offers a superior catalog of work, including newborn photography, couple photography, growing up photography, bridal photography, graduation photography, and corporate photography. As a leader in the field, the studio provides customers with affordable packaging across a vast array of photographic genres.

Wondering what sets White Room Studio apart? Take a look at this real customer review: “It’s our first Christmas with our baby boy, and we wanted to capture the essence of all that is Christmas for little ones… White Room Studio did a FANTASTIC job… Excellent customer service and the photographs are just gorgeous—we are so in love!”

With several packages and a staff committed to helping you, your family, and your organization have the best photoshoot, White Room Studio should be one of your top choices for photography in Singapore.

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ABC Photography

Founded in 2006, ABC Photography has emerged as one of the premier photography services in Singapore. The studio offers a wide range of services such as newborn photography, kid and family photography, maternity shoots, graduation pictures, and more.

As the studio has grown over the past decade, ABC Photography has begun to offer some of Singapore’s best corporate and commercial photography.

Being one of the top photo studios in Singapore, ABC Photography has earned a solid reputation in the field. One customer writes, “Fantastic makeup, photography, touch up of photos were all done very well and very efficiently. Thank you so much for the beautiful photos and a pleasant experience. Will definitely be back.”

Website – http://www.abcphotography.com.sg/

Annabel Law Productions

Featuring one of the largest, all-female photography teams in the country, Annabel Law Productions is one of the best photo studios in Singapore.

For several years, this team of photographers has covered over 600 weddings and photographed many happy couples. With their business booming, this phenomenal studio has expanded its market and opened a second location in Guangzhou, China.

Recognized for their outstanding photography talent, they have been featured in articles for Yahoo!, Vulcan Post, and Youth.Sg. When collaborating with clients, they provide individualized care to create a one-of-a-kind photo package.

Photography Services: Actual Day Wedding, Pre-wedding, Proposal, Engagement, Boudoir.

Website – https://www.annabellaw.com/

Ashley Low Photography

Over the last decade, Ashley Low Photography has carved out its spot as one of the top photo studios in Singapore. Specializing in maternity and newborn photography, Ashley Low has become one of the most respected names in the Singaporean market.

The studio offers a variety of affordable maternity, newborn, and child packages that will have both you and your family smiling for years to come.

With a focus on artistry and capturing your family’s natural essence, Ashely Low Photography knows just what it takes to create lasting memories for you and your loved ones.

One customer writes, “We had a fantastic family shoot at Ashley Low’s studio. She was very patient and professional with us and knows her craft well. Very happy with the results she got for our family.”

Website – https://www.ashleylowphotography.com

Bambini Photography

Bambini Photography brings together one of the most diverse and experienced groups of photographers in Singapore to provide you with a photographic experience you’ll never forget.

With a focus on people photography (maternity, newborn, family) and event photography, the studio has grown substantially since it was founded in 2009. Now, Bambini Photography is one of the top photo studios in Singapore and has a lot to offer you and your family.

One customer writes of Bambini, “I’m really glad to have chosen Bambini for my maternity shoot! Initially, my husband and I were slightly apprehensive because we are camera-shy. But Yong En was so warm and friendly and made us feel completely at home! She was also very concerned if I was tired or hungry, constantly checking on my well-being before proceeding. We had a wonderful time, and more importantly, we loved the pictures!”

Website – https://www.bambiniphoto.sg

BabyU Studio

Inspired by Korean culture, BabyU is one of the first Korean concept photo studios in Singapore. At their photography space, they provide props, outfits, and interior furnishings in various themes. 

Since 2006, this studio has been home to a spectacular team of Photographers, Assistants, Makeup artists, and Coordinators. Aiming to take the picture-perfect shot, its natural and organic brand of photographs has charmed clients for over ten years. 

Receiving 5-star reviews across the boards, past patrons described this studio as “welcoming, lively and positive that we felt comfortable instantly”. 

Photography Services: Maternity, Baby, Children, Family, Couple, Cake Smash. 

Website – https://www.babyu.com.sg/


Founded by award-winning photographer Ng Sok Eng, BerryHappy has quickly developed into one of the top photo studios in Singapore.

Ng Sok Eng is the winner of the Harper’s Bazaar and Ion Orchard Photography Awards, as well as a top-five finalist for the Asian Top Fashion Photographer of the Year. This makes BerryHappy uniquely qualified for your business.

Specifically, the studio offers superior maternity, newborn, children and family, graduation, couple, corporate, and wedding photography. Additional services such as passport photography are also available. BerryHappy is one of the most popular and well-renowned photography services in all of Singapore.

It’s time to find out why customers leave BerryHappy so satisfied. One client writes, “Sok Eng is great at what she does—people photography. It’s been seven years, and we still reach out to her for our family portraits. Friends and families have always commented on how well her pictures have captured the essence of love in our family.”

Website – http://www.berryhappy.com/

Bespoke Baby Photography

Are you looking for the ultimate in Singapore newborn and baby photography? Bespoke Baby Photography has built a reputation as one of the top photo studios in Singapore by providing unmatched newborn photography over the last several years.

Looking for more than just newborn photography? Don’t worry! Bespoke Baby Photography has you covered! While the studio specializes in providing superior newborn photography for families across Singapore, the staff also offers top-of-the-line graduation, family, event, maternity, fashion, pet, wedding, and birthday photography. This means you can count on Bespoke Baby Photography for all your needs!

What truly sets this studio apart from the rest, though, is its flexibility. Bespoke Baby Photography offers both in-home and at-studio photoshoots so you can make your child the most comfortable.

In short, the studio works with you to make sure you and your family get that next-level photoshoot you deserve.

Overall, the studio offers several packages at affordable rates designed to give you top quality at prices you can afford.

Website – https://www.bespokephotography.sg

Beauty Box Studio 

Established in 1998, Beauty Box Studio offers professionally done photoshoots at an affordable rate. Tasteful and simplistic in style, they create a powerful image for the ideal first impression.

For over 22 years, this photography studio’s mission has been to snap the perfect picture, focusing on quality rather than quantity. Previous clients highly recommend this studio’s work, saying they were “Impressed with their professionalism, creativity, and willingness to listen to their client’s needs.”

Apart from photography services, they also offer top-notch styling and makeover services.

Photography Services: Maternity, Family, Portraits

Website – https://www.beautyboxstudio.com.sg/

COCO Creative Studio 

Included on a list of the top photo studios in Singapore by The Fun Empire, Coco Creative is another exceptional studio. Photographer Jose Jeuland masterfully balances artistic vision and technical expertise in his work.

Using his wealth of photography experience, he draws raw emotion from his subjects and brings the subject to life through remarkable visuals. Willing to go the distance for his clients, he is available for local and international photo sessions.

Aside from professional photography, he also provides a plethora of videography services. Take a look at his website to view his portfolio of spectacular camera work.

Photography Services: Product, Interior, Portrait, Fashion, Hospitality, Food, and Beverage.

Website – https://cococreativestudio.com/

Chicchug Creations

Since its inception, Chicchug Creations has quickly emerged as one of the most dominant names in Singapore photography.

Offering a wide variety of family photography services, the studio has built a caring reputation on top-notch customer service and artisan photoshoots that will leave you and your family stunned.

No matter your personal photography needs, Chicchug Creations has something for you. From competitively-priced and high-quality maternity photoshoots to newborn sessions that will leave you breathless, Chicchug Creations promises an unmatched photographic experience that will have you coming back for more.

Chicchug Creations also offers top-quality event, lifestyle, and cake smash photography that gives you more freedom in choosing the style of photography you want. When it comes to superior family and event photography, it’s hard to beat Chicchug Creations in terms of quality, style, mood, and care.

Customers around Singapore are hailing Chicchug Creations as one of the top photo studios in the nation. From loving service to high-resolution and artistic photoshoots, the studio provides everything to make your photographic experience rewarding and fulfilling. You’ll absolutely love the freedom and quality this top Singapore photo studio provides!

Website – https://www.chicchug.com


DeReminisce offers high-quality photographic services that distinguish it as one of the premier Singaporean photo studios. With one of the most distinguished staff in Singaporean photography, the studio promises a high-quality experience for both individuals and businesses alike.

Specifically, DeReminisce offers customers superior corporate/event, studio, family, outdoor, and wedding photography. This means that you can use their services on your big day or for a simple family photoshoot. Whatever it is that you are going for, you can bet that the experts at DeReminisce have got you covered!

The service, which has an extensive online portfolio, boasts some of the most artistic shots in Singapore. If you’re looking for a service that combines the ultimate in style, mood, and professionalism, DeReminisce is for you.

With this in mind, let’s take a moment to look at what real customers are saying about DeReminisce. One customer raves, “Jaeden is very professional. He is very pleasant to work with. Prompt with a response when checking on quotations and his availability. Very polite and attentive. He is very passionate and goes beyond the call of duty. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for good pictures, creative pictures to capture those special moments.”

Website – https://www.dereminisce.com


Over the last several years, DStudioLab has developed into one of the premier photography services in Singapore. Offering top-of-the-line family and graduation photography, as well as passport and wedding photographic services, DStudioLab asserts itself as one of the top photo studios in Singapore.

But what is it that separates DStudioLab apart? With packages starting at just $388, the studio is one of the most affordable options in Singapore photography. What’s more, the studio is full of qualified photographic experts who are passionate about what they do and the artistry they can develop.

This means that there’s no better place to get your next studio photoshoot! Specializing in both individual and group photography, DStudioLab has something for everyone. In other words, you never have to worry about getting that top quality shot! Instead, simply sit back and enjoy the comfortable environment this top Singaporean photographic studio offers.

Website – https://www.dstudiolab.com

EO Digital Studio

Founded in 2004 by award-winning master photographer Vince Yeo, EO Digital Studio has been providing top-quality photography services in Singapore for nearly two decades. With one of the most qualified staffs in the area, EO Digital Studio has emerged as a major player and one of the top photo studios in Singapore. The studio offers a wide range of photographic services perfect for customers of all types!

Let’s take a look at all that EO Digital Studio covers: graduation, family and kids, wedding, corporate, commercial, product, fashion, and event photography, as well as masterful digital imaging services that will have you jumping in joy. Without a doubt, this is one of the premier photo studios in the nation—meaning it should be your one-stop shop for all your photographic needs.

Whether you are a mother looking to document your family’s growth or a business wishing to improve their corporate image, EO Digital Studio has something for you. It’s time to find out why real customers are calling EO Digital Studio the “best” photographic studio they’ve ever worked with! Take advantage of this excellent level service to get that ultimate photoshoot in Singapore!

Website – http://www.eodigitalphoto.com/

Fion Boon Photography

Started in 2016 by a powerful husband-wife photography duo, Fion Boon Photography is one of the top photo studios in Singapore. After years of training and working abroad, the founding photographers decided to return home and start their own top-of-the-line newborn and maternity photography studio in Singapore.

The results have been amazing. Since opening, the studio has helped hundreds of customers gain access to artistic family photoshoots that will stay with them forever. Specializing in maternity and newborn photography, the studio knows just what it takes to make your memories last a lifetime.

What’s more, as one of the first photo studios in all of Singapore to offer cake smash photography, Fion Boon has served as an innovator in the local photographic field. This is just another reason why customers love choosing Fion Boon Photography.

One customer writes, “Recently my baby girl had a cake smash session with Fion and Elmer. I literally have never written a review on anything ever in my life. I genuinely feel obligated to do so I’d like to make it be known how impressed I am and how exceptionally well they did… They were very professional throughout and delivered pictures just in time for her 1st birthday party. Thanks for capturing a great moment for us. “

Website – https://www.fionboon.com

Firefly Photography

Are you looking for the ultimate in family, event, corporate, and wedding photography? Firefly Photography is one of the top photo studios in Singapore and specializes in giving families and organizations game-changing photograph services.

What all can you expect from Firefly Photography? It’s simple: the service offers superior maternity, newborn, family portrait, graduation, birthday, outdoor, and extended family photography, as well as wedding and event photography that will have you and your family smiling for years to come. That’s why the service is trusted by big-name partners such as Nestle and Cordlife Group. Working with both huge brands and individuals alike, the service has quickly become one of the most trusted photography studios in Singapore.

With several packaging options available designed to give you the most in affordable family photography, Firefly offers flexible, versatile services that will fit anyone’s needs. Take advantage of this superior affordability to give your family the photoshoot they deserve! Customers in Singapore are calling Firefly the most incredible name in all of Singapore photography.
It’s time to find out why. Book your appointment today and see what Firefly Photography can do for you! One thing’s for sure: you won’t be disappointed!

Website – https://fireflyphotographysg.com

Instant Glamour

Over the last twenty-three years, Instant Glamour has earned the distinction as one of the top photo studios in Singapore. Founded in 1996, the studio has since emerged as a major player in both personal and corporate photography.

Specifically, Instant Glamour offers corporate, single, family, kids, couple, and friends packages. Designed to give the customer the ultimate in pricing and artistic freedom and flexibility, these packages include high-quality photographic sessions and access to digital images to fit any occasion. With various other options such as passport photography and outdoor photography available, Instant Glamour offers everything you need and more for that perfect photoshoot.

Let’s take a look at what real customers have to say about the professional services Instant Glamour offers. One writes, “I just took my pictures here, and it turned out very perfect. Their services are good. No hidden costs and every price/charge are clearly explained and is up to you to choose, and they are not pushy, trying to sell their packages.”

As can be seen, Instant Glamour has a lot to offer you and your family. Whether you are looking for that stellar graduation shoot for your child or would just like a simple corporate portrait, Instant Glamour has you more than covered.

Website – https://www.instantglamour.com

J Studio

Those who’ve done business with J Studio can attest to one simple fact: the location is one of the top photo studios in Singapore. If you’re looking for an unforgettable photographic experience that will leave you and your family happy, it’s time to book your trip to J Studio today.

What does this superior photo studio have to offer? Specifically, they offer top-of-the-line corporate and industry photography, as well as next-level people, product, food, interior, and personal photography. This means that—no matter what your photographic need—J Studio has you covered.

J Studio has worked with countless individuals, families, and businesses across Singapore, giving thousands the quality products they deserve. With a distinguished staff that goes the extra mile, the studio has earned a reputation as being one of the most thorough in all of the Singaporean photography.

This means that there’s no better place to do your next photoshoot. If you’re looking for the ultimate in professionalism, it’s time to see what J Studio can do for you. The service offers an extensive sample portfolio online to show businesses and individuals a taste of what is to come.

Website – https://www.jstudio.com.sg

Jen Pan Photography

Are you ready to experience the ultimate in artistry from one of the top photo studios in Singapore? Jen Pan Photography has built a reputation as a premier photography service in the region, servicing thousands of customers and their families. Offering superior maternity, newborn, and family shoots, this is one studio that has everything—and more—that you could ever want in family photography.

But what makes Jen Pan Photography different? It starts with creativity. The expert staff at this top Singapore photo studio work hard to make each shoot different and unique to your family. With one of the most experienced staffs in all of Singapore, Jen Pan Photography assures quality—the first time and every time.

What’s more, Jen Pan Photography shoots in analog and digital, giving your final photos that timeless feel. One customer writes, “Thank you, Jen and Ray, for achieving the impossible of an outdoor shoot with a grumpy one-year-old and two hyper furkids! Love the photos!”

Another boasts, “If there is a sixth star, we would absolutely give it…[the photos] exceeded our expectations. Thanks for helping to capture and preserve the precious moments for we will look back fondly at them.”
If you’re ready to achieve similar results, it’s time to book your own appointment with Jen Pan Photography!

Website – https://www.jenpan.photography

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Koji Photography

Started in 2012 by siblings Koji and Karen—along with their longtime friend Lina—Koji Photography has grown into one of the most respected newborn photography services in Singapore. The studio focuses on maternity and newborn photography and strives to create a space where parents across the nation can enjoy next-level family photography services. As one of the top photo studios in Singapore, Koji Photography is worth a look—and is perhaps the ideal place for your next booking.

What all can you expect from Koji Photography? Specifically, the service offers outdoor maternity, newborn, kids and family, and milestone sessions for you and your family. These flexible sessions, which vary in length and in pricing, give you the freedom you need to get that quality photoshoot you deserve.

So what does this mean for you? Simply put, it means that there’s no better place for your next newborn or family photoshoot than Koji Photography.
Book your own appointment today to find out why customers are so ecstatic about Koji Photography. One customer raves, “The shoot we had with Karen was relaxing fun, and definitely much, much easier than I thought! She is very thoughtful towards what we like—theme style, colors, down to the different props. She’s amazing with babies…Just checked out our photos and we loved them!”

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/www.Koji.Photography/

Littleones Photography

Only two major Singapore photographers are members of the exclusive Master Photographers Association, the British Institute of Professional Photographers, and the Royal Photographic Society: Emily and Kate of Littleones Photography. Winner of the Best in Singapore Award from 2012-2014, this premier photography studio has helped hundreds of families get those stellar photoshoots they’ve been looking for.

Littleones Photography specializes in maternity, newborn, children and babies, families, seniors and teens, and cake smash photography, meaning there’s a little bit of something for everyone. The studio offers competitive rates on a variety of packages that help you create those lasting memories you deserve. Whether you’re looking to document your pregnancy or take that special cake smash photography for your child’s first birthday Littleones Photography has you covered.

What are customers saying about this premier photography service? One client writes, “Hands down the easiest child photography experience. All three kids had a great time, and I really liked being able to order products directly.”

Another state, “The photoshoot was such a lovely experience, and Emily made me have tears of happiness with the images she was capturing. The tears didn’t stop there… when we went along to view the photographs I was so overwhelmed with how beautiful the images Emily had captured…”

Website – https://www.littleonesphotography.com

Mamamiyo Photography

Mamamiyo Photographer offers some of the most comprehensive maternity and newborn photography services in all of Singapore. With an emphasis on pregnancy and newborn photography, this is the perfect studio for those precious early childhood photographs. If you are a new or expectant mother, consider this stunning studio for all your newborn photography needs.

It’s as simple as this: Mamamiyo Photography has become one of the top photo studios in Singapore by crafting unique maternity and newborn photography sessions that both you and your family will love. The work of Mamamiyo Photography will have your friends raving.

This is because the studio emphasizes natural and organic photoshoots that show off the best of you and your newborn child. If you’re looking for work that captures the natural magic and essence of your pregnancy or your child, it’s time to see what Mamamiyo can do for you. The dedicated staff at this stunning Singaporean studio are committed to providing you with the best service you can imagine.

That’s why customers leave rave reviews such as this one: “Very professional, patient, and experienced….” And this one: “Lesley is a professional. She is very good at handling babies… [and] is well prepared and patient throughout the whole photoshoot.” With both at-home and in-studio photography options, this studio provides you with the flexibility to get that ideal shot.

Website – https://www.mamamiyo-photography.com

My Precious Diary Photography

Your child won’t be a newborn forever. For this reason, it’s crucial that you take the proper steps to immortalize your child’s precious newborn days through high-quality newborn photography that can last longer than a lifetime. You can do just that at My Precious Diary Photography, one of the top photo studios in Singapore for newborn photography.

Founded by an innovative photographer “Derek,” the studio offers highly-competitive rates on premier newborn photoshoots that will have you and your family gushing. Find out why parents are leaving reviews such as this one: “Thank you for the wonderful experience! We witnessed Derek’s magic on set and were very comfortable with him handling our baby boy… I would definitely recommend Derek to anyone looking for a pleasurable photoshoot experience with your little one!”

Website – https://www.mypreciousdiary.com

Mount Studio

Mount Studio was founded in 2017 by two childhood friends who shared the same vision; to offer professional photography and videography services for all types of businesses.

Located in the vicinity of Bishan. Singapore, Mount Studio has three different studios which include a newly built Cyclorama Studio. Today, Mount Studio has accommodated its service to many happy clients for Portrait, Family, Fashion and E-commerce Photography & Videography amongst many others.

Website – https://mountstudio.com.sg/

Picspirations Photography

Picspirations Photography has built a reputation as one of the top photo studios in Singapore. Offering top of the line maternity, newborn, child, and family photography services, this premier studio has helped thousands across Singapore get those magical and memorable shots they deserve.

Founded by renowned photographer Alexandria, Picspirations offers a little bit of everything when it comes to family photography services. Over the last few years, the studio has become one of the most renowned in Singapore, and its superior photographic services have touched the hearts of many.

In other words, Picspirations Photography has left customers raving. One such customer states, “Photos melted our hearts. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a professional, caring, and patient photographer who will guide you through the process. Thanks for capturing so many wonderful memories.”

Click here to see more photos and contact Picspirations Photography
Website – https://www.picspirations.sg/

The Beautybox Studio

Without a doubt, The Beautybox Studio is one of the top photo studios in Singapore. Started over two decades ago in 1998, the service has grown into one of the most trusted names in all of Singapore photography. Specializing in corporate and people photography, The Beautybox Studio offers an array of packages for both individual and group clients.

The Beautybox Studio offers group, family, and couple photography packages, as well as maternity photography options. With such diversity, the studio has established itself as one of the premier locations in Singapore.

With prices such as these, Beautybox has earned its spot as one of the top photo studios in Singapore. That’s why customers are calling it one of the “best” they’ve ever visited.

Website – https://www.beautyboxstudio.com.sg

The Family Man

KC Wong of the Family Man knows just what it takes to capture that perfect newborn and child shoot. Father of two himself, KC knows the trick of working with kids to produce high-quality photoshoot that will last a lifetime. In short, KC is a true “family” man who will work with you every step of the way to give you the work you deserve.

With both outdoor and indoor photography sessions available, the studio is flexible and willing to meet your demands. KC strives to capture the energy and free-spirited nature of your children in every photograph—helping you keep those perfect moments forever.

With more than two decades’ worth of experience in the field, KC has distinguished himself as one of the premier photographers in the nation. As such, the Family Man can rightly be called one of the top photo studios in Singapore—but don’t just take our word for it. Find out for yourself why customers are calling KC’s work “unforgettable” and “moving.”

Website – https://www.thefamilyman.sg

The Studio Loft

The Studio Loft is one of the top photo studios in Singapore and has the awards to prove it. Winner of the Photographers National Association of Professional Child Photography Award in 2017, and both the 2015 and 2016 Living Reader Awards in photography, The Studio Loft knows how to give you that perfect newborn, family, or maternity shot you deserve!

What makes the studio so renowned? It starts with quality photoshoots available at industry-leading prices so it’s no wonder that the studio has earned a solid reputation all across Singapore.

It’s time to find out what real customers are saying about this top-of-the-line photography studio. In the words of one customer, “They are really efficient and flexible, managing to work around my 3-month-old who got cranky during the shoot. Love the sets, lighting, and framing. I couldn’t have asked for more. Keep up the good work!”

Got an important event coming up? It’s time to schedule ahead and book your appointment with this award-winning studio in Singapore!

Website – https://www.thestudioloft.com.sg

Tomato Photo

Looking to do business with one of the top photo studios in Singapore? Over the last eleven years, Tomato Photo has serviced 2,458 clients, making it one of the most experienced and trusted names in all of Singapore photography. The studio offers a variety of photography packages to suit all your needs.

Whether you’re looking for that majestic maternity shoot or wish to memorialize your graduation, Tomato Photo has something for you. Specifically, the studio offers photoshoots in the following areas: big family, black and white portraiture, children, family, graduation, locations, maternity, newborn, sample shots, sibling, and studio photography. As you can see, you can expect just about everything from this amazing photo studio in Singapore!

It’s time to book your own appointment to find out why customers love Tomato Photo so much. After just one session, you’ll likely leave a glowing review like this one from a real customer, “There were about twenty of us. Ages spanned from ninety-eight to two, members of the family who wanted to play photographer, children who did not want to smile for the camera, and tired members of the family from traveling…[They] made everyone feel right at home…[and] took great natural shots of all of us, and we absolutely love the photos.”

Website – https://www.tomato.sg

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Singapore is home to a number of comprehensive photography services. No matter your photography needs, consider choosing one of the fabulous studios above.

By keeping this guide in mind, you can be sure to find the studio that fits your needs. This list comprises some of the top photo studios in Singapore. Whether you’re looking for a perfect newborn photoshoot or those corporate portraits that will take your business to the next level, this list includes everything so you can get that incredible photography experience you deserve.

Getting a studio for a photo shoot is one thing but before the photo shoot, you need to be prepared in order to have a smooth and enjoyable experience. Check out our detailed posts on cake smash photography tips for your child 1st birthday or our newborn photoshoot guide which has a wealth of information. Further, if you are just looking for newborn photo studios check out this list where we cover 35 top Photographers for Newborn Photoshoots in Singapore.