7 Top Photo Studios In Singapore (2024)

In this guide, we’ll go over thirty-five of the best photo studios in Singapore. With services ranging from maternity shoots to newborn photoshoots and more

If you live in Singapore and are looking for the perfect photo studio then this guide is meant for you. Whether you are looking to memorialize your child’s newborn days or need a corporate makeover session for your company, the right photograph can help you get what you need.

In this guide, we’ll go over twenty-five of the best photo studios in Singapore. With services ranging from graduation photography to maternity shoots, newborn photoshoots, these studios have you covered no matter what type of photograph you need.

Fortunately, there are several quality photo studios in Singapore ready to help you get just what you are looking for. In recent decades, Singapore has become a hotspot of international photography, with several homegrown and international photographers choosing the city-state as their place of business.

With this in mind, let’s dive in and take a look at the top photo studios in Singapore. Take advantage of this list to find the ultimate photography service for you today!

Looking for a Photo Studio in Singapore?

Here are some of the exceptional newborn photographers in Singapore

Disclaimer: Please note that all the photographers listed here are excellent at their craft, and we have listed them randomly. Their position does not imply a “rating” or “ranking” by Shutterturf.

Bambini Photography

Bambini Photography brings together one of the most diverse and experienced groups of photographers in Singapore to provide you with a photographic experience you’ll never forget.

With a focus on people photography (maternity, newborn, family) and event photography, the studio has grown substantially since it was founded in 2009. Now, Bambini Photography is one of the top photo studios in Singapore and has a lot to offer you and your family.

One customer writes of Bambini, “I’m really glad to have chosen Bambini for my maternity shoot! Initially, my husband and I were slightly apprehensive because we are camera-shy. But Yong En was so warm and friendly and made us feel completely at home! She was also very concerned if I was tired or hungry, constantly checking on my well-being before proceeding. We had a wonderful time, and more importantly, we loved the pictures!”

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COCO Creative Studio 

Included on a list of the top photo studios in Singapore by The Fun Empire, Coco Creative is another exceptional studio. Photographer Jose Jeuland masterfully balances artistic vision and technical expertise in his work.

Using his wealth of photography experience, he draws raw emotion from his subjects and brings the subject to life through remarkable visuals. Willing to go the distance for his clients, he is available for local and international photo sessions.

Aside from professional photography, he also provides a plethora of videography services. Take a look at his website to view his portfolio of spectacular camera work.

Photography Services: Product, Interior, Portrait, Fashion, Hospitality, Food, and Beverage.

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Ejun Low Portraits

Ejun Low’s Portrait Studio is of the better know photo studios in Singapore for portrait photography. Previous guests have showered this photographer and his studio with compliments. 

One client wrote rave reviews bout Ejun Low, stating, “He has a distinct style and clear artistic vision, and at the same time, he can capture what is quintessentially me.” 

Utilizing the most phenomenal, 2200 sqft studio space, he has become an expert in lighting a shot and finding the most flattering angles. Ejun is influenced by film and fine art, and his work showcases his understated, contemporary camera style. 

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Fion Boon Photography

Started in 2016 by a powerful husband-wife photography duo, Fion Boon Photography is one of the top photo studios in Singapore. After years of training and working abroad, the founding photographers decided to return home and start their own top-of-the-line newborn and maternity photography studio in Singapore.

The results have been amazing. Since opening, the studio has helped hundreds of customers gain access to artistic family photoshoots that will stay with them forever. Specializing in maternity and newborn photography, the studio knows just what it takes to make your memories last a lifetime.

What’s more, as one of the first photo studios in all of Singapore to offer cake smash photography, Fion Boon has served as an innovator in the local photographic field. This is just another reason why customers love choosing Fion Boon Photography.

One customer writes, “Recently my baby girl had a cake smash session with Fion and Elmer. I literally have never written a review on anything ever in my life. I genuinely feel obligated to do so I’d like to make it be known how impressed I am and how exceptionally well they did… They were very professional throughout and delivered pictures just in time for her 1st birthday party. Thanks for capturing a great moment for us. “

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Mamamiyo Photography

Mamamiyo Photographer offers some of the most comprehensive maternity and newborn photography services in all of Singapore. With an emphasis on pregnancy and newborn photography, this is the perfect studio for those precious early childhood photographs. If you are a new or expectant mother, consider this stunning studio for all your newborn photography needs.

It’s as simple as this: Mamamiyo Photography has become one of the top photo studios in Singapore by crafting unique maternity and newborn photography sessions that both you and your family will love. The work of Mamamiyo Photography will have your friends raving.

This is because the studio emphasizes natural and organic photoshoots that show off the best of you and your newborn child. If you’re looking for work that captures the natural magic and essence of your pregnancy or your child, it’s time to see what Mamamiyo can do for you. The dedicated staff at this stunning Singaporean studio are committed to providing you with the best service you can imagine.

That’s why customers leave rave reviews such as this one: “Very professional, patient, and experienced….” And this one: “Lesley is a professional. She is very good at handling babies… [and] is well prepared and patient throughout the whole photoshoot.” With both at-home and in-studio photography options, this studio provides you with the flexibility to get that ideal shot.

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My Precious Diary Photography

Your child won’t be a newborn forever. For this reason, it’s crucial that you take the proper steps to immortalize your child’s precious newborn days through high-quality newborn photography that can last longer than a lifetime. You can do just that at My Precious Diary Photography, one of the top photo studios in Singapore for newborn photography.

Founded by an innovative photographer “Derek,” the studio offers highly-competitive rates on premier newborn photoshoots that will have you and your family gushing. Find out why parents are leaving reviews such as this one: “Thank you for the wonderful experience! We witnessed Derek’s magic on set and were very comfortable with him handling our baby boy… I would definitely recommend Derek to anyone looking for a pleasurable photoshoot experience with your little one!”

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Picspirations Photography

Picspirations Photography has built a reputation as one of the top photo studios in Singapore. Offering top of the line maternity, newborn, child, and family photography services, this premier studio has helped thousands across Singapore get those magical and memorable shots they deserve.

Founded by renowned photographer Alexandria, Picspirations offers a little bit of everything when it comes to family photography services. Over the last few years, the studio has become one of the most renowned in Singapore, and its superior photographic services have touched the hearts of many.

In other words, Picspirations Photography has left customers raving. One such customer states, “Photos melted our hearts. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a professional, caring, and patient photographer who will guide you through the process. Thanks for capturing so many wonderful memories.”

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Singapore is home to a number of comprehensive photography services. No matter your photography needs, consider choosing one of the fabulous studios above.

By keeping this guide in mind, you can be sure to find the studio that fits your needs. This list comprises some of the top photo studios in Singapore. Whether you’re looking for a perfect newborn photoshoot or those corporate portraits that will take your business to the next level, this list includes everything so you can get that incredible photography experience you deserve.

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