13 Outstanding Portrait Photographers in Melbourne (2024)

Do you need a portrait photographer in Melbourne? Don't worry! Our article will help you to shortlist a fantastic photographer.

In this article, we cover what is portrait and headshot Photography and then showcase some of the outstanding portrait and headshot photographers in Melbourne.

The art of portrait photography has been around for decades. But it has evolved over the years that anyone with a digital camera can take a portrait picture today. But are these pictures really portrait pictures? A portrait picture requires a lot of skill to create, and it requires someone who knows what they’re doing.

Portrait photography is a very popular photography niche. In fact, many photographers will tell you that it’s their favorite type of photography.

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Melbourne Headshot Company

Andrew is a professional portrait photographer in Melbourne with a background in fashion shoots. His work has been used in magazines and adverts around the country. He is even nationally recognized, exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra for his exceptional work.

With Andrew’s gift of knowing his clients and a rich experience in framing and composing the perfect shot, he has turned his attention to the executive and professionals who need the perfect portrait to brand themselves. His ability goes far beyond taking excellent pictures, drawing out the elements of themselves that they want to be captured, and creating a fun, engaging shoot.

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The Melbourne Portrait Studio

Jude, the founder of the Melbourne Portrait Studio, is a full-time portrait photographer working from her studio in Altona, west of Melbourne. She has over 15 years of experience telling stories through photography, translating those experiences into gallery-style artwork, and has established her book imprint and art brand, Van Jude.

Jude originates from The Netherlands, where she also had a thriving photography studio. Her favorite part of the day is spending time with her two beautiful boys, friends and snuggling with their cats. Jude loves making her clients feel as gorgeous as they are.

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Headshot Photographer

Jules is the founder of Headshot Photographer and has been a professional portrait photographer for over 15 years. In the beginning, his clients were exclusively actors and actors’ agents and a go-to photographer for Actor headshots.

These days his clientele is more diverse and includes authors, business leaders, and celebrities. His portfolio is geared towards natural light and on-location settings, but he is equally at home in his studio, which was set up in 2010.

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Swagger Photography

Swagger Photography is a full-service commercial photography studio based in Melbourne, Australia… serving established brands, businesses, and start-ups. Owner and operator Alistair takes pride in the quality of service he offers his existing and new client base.

Alistair has a proven twenty-year history of successfully capturing and crafting innovative imagery for print, catalog, web, social, and trans-media campaigns for some of the country’s best-known brands and organizations. Accredited by both the Australian Institute of Professional Photography and the British Institute of Professional Photography. In addition, Swagger Photography is also a REOC CASA Accredited drone operator.

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Lizzy C Photography

Lizzy has been doing this photography thing for a long time now. It all started back in high school when she built a darkroom in her parents’ laundry. It was love from then on. She went on to study photography at RMIT and gained some valuable professional experience working as a staff photographer at a Queensland university for a few years.

For the last 11 years, Lizzy has been focusing on Commercial Photography. She is serious about photography.

Lizzy is a very sociable person and loves photographing people. When Lizzy is not shooting for clients, she is traveling and taking photos. Lizzy loves seeing the world around her and documenting it uniquely. It might be a weekend in the country Victoria or a train trip through Burma. There is always a story there that she wants to tell. I love the power I have to do this through images.

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Kelly Stephens Photography

Kelly Stephens is an award-winning fine art portrait photographer in Melbourne with over 15 years of photographic experience. With a background in fine art and photography, Kelly draws inspiration from classical paintings, choosing to evoke emotion and drama in her images while capturing the essence of her subjects in timeless, fine art portraits.

Her photographic work is often described as painterly. Kelly has become the go-to photographer for children and family portraits with an artistic flair, with her signature style. Kelly’s portrait studio is in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

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Brabet Photo

Joseph (Joe) Brabet, a portrait photographer in Melbourne, is the founder of Brabet Photo Studio. Specializing in portrait photography and fashion photography, Brabet Photo was established in 2013. Joe has worked for a wide range of local portrait and fashion clients in Melbourne, Australia, as well as overseas clients in Japan and elsewhere.

The photographic style of Brabet Photo ranges from crisp, striking studies in light and shadow shots in the studio to warm, sunkissed lifestyle photography shot in the natural environment. Joe brings a variety of professional experiences to his photography. Having worked in graphic design, Joe brings an awareness of colour, shape, and styling to the world of portraiture. And having worked in 3D computer graphics, Joe is aware of 3D space, volumes, and lighting.

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Melissa Hobbs Business Photography

Melissa Hobbs has been a portrait photographer in Melbourne for over a decade and loves photographing people. What’s more important than a great headshot portrait of a person to promote their personal and business marketing. Magazines and Newspapers have published her work. Also, her photos have been the avatar of many LinkedIn profiles.

“We are visual and emotional beings, and nothing is more important than being able to connect with someone through their image.” She says. “And having a good headshot photo is your chance to make a great first impression.”

Melissa admits that most people don’t like having their portrait taken but believes that by making her clients feel relaxed and comfortable. Then they’re happy with the results. She discusses the portrait photography process with her clients when first booking, from what to wear, to what they want re-touched (if anything) and then the final image.

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Pitch Visuals

Craig, a portrait photographer in Melbourne, from Pitch Visuals worked as a professional photographer since 1985, and his career has included more than two decades of work as a staff features photographer for Melbourne’s The Age and Sunday Age. Now an independent commercial photographer, he delivers a full range of photographic approaches and styles.

Craig has recognized his distinctive environmental portraiture and on-location High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography techniques that draw out a rich range of colors and tones via barely recognizable post-production processes. He specializes in both solo photography and event photography which requires more expansive photographic coverage.

To create beautifully natural environmental portraiture, Craig combines portable studio lighting on location with an HDR backdrop. This specialized technique provides clients with a uniquely dramatic and memorable portrait with exceptional lighting that integrates into the scene regardless of the appearance through the naked eye.

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Ksenia Belova Photography

As an acclaimed personal branding photographer, Ksenia Belova knows the secret behind captivating images. Confidence. That’s why she mixes 10 years of photography prowess with in-shoot coaching. So even the most camera-shy individual is at ease in front of the lens.

Her empowering approach helps female entrepreneurs share their passion and purpose. Leading to vibrant, personality-rich, and story-telling photos that instantly stand out and herald in clients. Exactly what every business needs.

When she’s not behind the camera, you’ll find Ksenia kicking up sand on Melbourne’s beaches, treating herself to fresh flowers, or breaking out into dance when her favourite songs play. Join in the fun with Ksenia Belova Photography.

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Belinda Strodder-Photography

Belinda is one of Australia’s leading dance portrait specialists with work regularly published in dance magazines, online publications, exhibitions, and promotional campaigns worldwide. She is the most active throughout the wider dance community and the official photographer for notable dance organizations, events, companies, and studios.

Belinda provides extraordinary experiences for dancers of all ages with her unique brand of stunning dance portraits in her purpose-built studio.
Her dedication to the dancer, creative vision, and innate ability to capture the perfect moment can be seen within everything she creates.

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Julia Nance Portraits

Based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Julia Nance Portraits specializes in headshots, branding, and family portraiture. With views of the Dandenong Ranges from her studio door, Julia, a portrait photographer in Melbourne, offers a unique and relaxing experience. With 10 acres of the Australian landscape, Julia’s portraiture ranges from relaxed and earthy outdoor portraits, as well as modern studio portraits. Being able to offer both studio and outdoor photoshoots is one of Julia’s favorite things about her studio.

The discovery process before each photoshoot allows Julia to connect with her clients and get to know them – ensuring the final portraits look and feel like themselves. No matter the session, it’s Julia’s priority to provide comfort and direction, allowing for a stress-free experience. Building confidence and celebrating individuality shine through in Julia’s work.

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The purpose of this blog is to help make portrait photography more popular and to provide different portrait photographers in Melbourne. There are many different reasons why you would want to get a professional photographer to take your photos, and this blog has helped you decide which type of photographer would be best for you and your needs. We hope that you enjoyed this blog and were able to find a professional portrait photographer in Melbourne who will be able to capture the moment.

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What is portrait photography?

Portrait photography is the art of capturing people in pictures. A portrait preserves moments in your life in pictures. It is most often a picture of an individual, but it can also be a portrait of a family or even a pet. Portrait photography takes many skills to be good at it. The most important of these skills is the ability to put people at ease in front of the camera. Here are some simple suggestions to make your portrait photography more enjoyable.

How much does a portrait photographer cost?

The price of a portrait photography session usually ranges from $500-$1500. Affordable options are also available but you will have to discuss them with the photographers. The budget depends on what you are expecting from the shoot and what is included in the photoshoot package

What is included in portrait photography?

Portrait photography aims to capture the personality of a person or group of people through the use of effective lighting, backdrops, and poses. Portrait photography can be artistic or clinical. A portrait is a picture of an individual or a group of individuals. Photographs taken professionally typically involve both an experienced photographer and professional models.

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