14 Exceptional Portrait Photographers in Toronto (2024)

Do you need to get some headshots? Are you looking for the right portrait photographer in Toronto? Our article will help you with that...

Portrait photographers normally take images that capture the personality and similarity of the subject. They take portrait shots of models and other people and are generally people who want to increase their visibility and be recognized. These photographers use different methods and styles to create amazing images, some use artificial lighting and others use natural light. The key elements of a portrait shoot are the camera, the model, and the photographer who uses the best technique to create the picture.

Portrait photography is one of the most popular genres of photography worldwide. It has been a part of photography since the invention of the medium. Also, the importance of portrait photography has increased with the increase in social media and photo-sharing websites. People love to take a selfie and post it on their Facebook page and other social media websites.

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King Street Photo Studio

Photography is a way of exhibiting my appreciation for graphics and colors. Prior to photography, Yugo Takashi expressed himself creatively through the use of design and motion graphics.

He gained experience working as a CGI designer in a visual effects studio. Moreover, this background made me aware of how to manipulate visuals in an attempt to convey particular emotions. Both subtle and obvious aspects play equally integral roles. I continuously am learning and in pursuit of new perspectives.

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Stacey Naglie Photography

Stacey is a portrait photographer in Toronto.  What lights Stacey up is making people feel beautiful.  Her favorite part of photography is helping you tell your story. Whether you’re in business building a brand through photos or a family capturing life’s unexpected sweet moments with candid photography, her inspiration comes from you.

Stacey’s photoshoots are fun and enlightening experiences. Additionally, the portrait sessions are empowering and are designed to help you feel like the ultimate you! 

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Darius Basher Photography

Darius is a celebrated photographer and cinematographer who works with international celebrities, best-selling authors, and thought leaders such as Seth Godin, Liz Gilbert, Lisa Nichols, and Masai Ujiri. His work has been featured in world-class publications such as TIME, Apple, Forbes, USA TODAY, Oprah.com, and others.

He is also the founder of Artist Morning, which is an international community of artists, creators and meditators. He has led and facilitated over 250 group meditations for hundreds of people around the world. In addition, Darius is also the founder and CEO of DreamZoom.co.

Prior to photography Darius was the Director of Programming and Co-Chair of TEDxToronto for 3 years and ran the team that was responsible for both finding and coaching over 35 speakers including Jordan Peterson, David Miller, Adam Garone, Dr.Brian Goldman, Ariel Garten, Drew Dudley, Joshna Maharaj, and Steven Page.

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Sara Kardooni Portraits

Sara Kardooni is a Portrait Photographer in Toronto. Also, she is an entrepreneur, content & business brand creator. Her true passion is making people feel and look beautiful and confident. Sara sees beauty in everyone. She loves to see how people transform in front of her lens and how she can show you the beauty that shines from your inside out.

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Will Wilson Photography

Will Wilson is a portrait photographer in Toronto. He is a passionate, visual communicator with a keen eye for authenticity as captured by the lens. Also, he recently returned to school and graduated with honors at George Brown College from the Media Foundations program.

Will is an avid traveler and loves to focus on the candor that people bring to a shoot. He has worked in the commercial video production sector for a decade in various capacities, now adding his authentic edge to his art to share.

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A. Richard Photo

Aron has been shooting portraits and headshots since 2016. He studied with Peter Hurley and his Headshot Crew to not only learn lighting and camera techniques but more importantly to learn body position, facial expressions, and client connection. Aron always expects to hear his subjects say “I hate having my photo taken” and tries to flip their opinion and offer an experience that is fun and informative.

Moreover, Aron believes he can teach people how to appear confident and approachable in a photo. He uses these same skills to shoot large teams of clients onsite for corporate headshots. Also, he believes that a photograph is an important first impression or a valuable keepsake of a cherished moment. Aron’s goal is to have his clients say “That’s the best photo I’ve ever taken.”

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knxStudios is a portrait, lifestyle, and branding photography studio started by photographer Mil Patel, a portrait photographer in Toronto. Mil is all about creating photography that can help brands connect to their audience. Whether it be large companies or a small business getting off the ground

One photo can communicate a lot about a person or a brand. It can show someone what it might be like to work with you or how they might feel if they buy your product. When it comes down to it, all of these elements are working to tell your unique story. Therefore, that’s exactly what knxStudios work is centered around.

They strive to make sure their clients walk away with more than strong visuals. They want their clients to feel empowered to tell their stories with more confidence, clarity, and swagger.

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Photography By Miguel

There’s a vast difference between someone with a camera and a Professional Photographer and your decision to hire one, speaks loudly to your appreciation that owning a hammer doesn’t make one a carpenter any more than owning a camera makes one a Photographer.

Whether your need is for timeless Family or Personal Portraits, or to update your Small Business website with an Online Shopping Cart, with over 20 years of professional experience, Miguel, a portrait photographer in Toronto, has the creativity and skills you need.

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Toronto Headshot

Toronto’s premier location for professional headshots. A unique amalgamation of human psychology and photography that helps get you noticed and stand out among the rest. High quality and affordable. Flexible online booking, fast turnaround available. Hair and makeup options are available. Come have an experience you weren’t expecting.

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Fordpic Photo production

Henry is the owner of Fordpic Photo Production, and a portrait photographer in Toronto in Toronto, Canada. In the decades he has been involved with photography, the landscape has changed dramatically. Initially, Henry worked with film and analog cameras, but now, twenty years down the road, he has become an ardent fan of digital cameras with faster and more creative editing software.

As a seasoned journalist, the part of photography that Henry most enjoys is the storytelling aspect. A photo is not a product of the camera but the mind of the person that pushes the shutter release. So, he creates mental outlines of stories before he takes photos. His philosophy is “a story is told through the storyteller, not the story-maker.”

At Fordpic, whether it is a profile portrait shot or any other photo of a person or group, their pre-shoot conversation is key. They engage before the photoshoot.

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THEHEADSHOT.CA studio unites Daniel Kelly, Artistic Director and portrait photographer in Toronto, with seasoned industry Makeup and Grooming Artist, Eden Bluestein in an exclusive collaboration to introduce a unique portrait and headshot experience, to Toronto.

Daniel is an internationally renowned visual effects artist, director, and published photographer who has been working with high-end celebrity clientele in London, New York, LA, Montreal, and Toronto for the last 20 years. Owner of The Faculty, a leading visual effects boutique based in Toronto Canada, Dan’s client base includes some of the world’s most familiar faces.

Partnered with Daniel Eden has been honing her artistry skills, gaining unique inspiration and valuable insight from creative beauty legends, industry greats, and talented colleagues across the globe. A working professional, and trusted Beauty Expert on The Marilyn Denis Show, Eden’s resume of clientele is unparalleled, as her obsession for cheese, and her artistry are showcased worldwide throughout high profile events from Fashion, TV, Commercial, and Red Carpet, Music videos, and Award Shows.

Together this celebrity team has changed the face of portrait photography in Canada and has set the new tone for today’s market with the mantra that “We believe a portrait is about you, you alone, nothing more and, at that moment, we share your story.”

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Yoolia Lugovska Photography

Julia, originally from Ukraine, is currently a portrait photographer in Toronto. She is the owner of Yoolia Photo business and shoots editorial, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and headshots. Julia also shoots model and actors portfolio.

Photographing people and showing their beauty is Julia’s passion. She likes making her photoshoots fun and easy, and loves capturing beauty in every face. She is open to different photography projects.

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JE Photo

Jonathan Ellul is a portrait photographer in Toronto. He helps people overcome obscurity and stand out as an expert at what they do. He serves people who are ready to invest in the quality of their business marketing.

People stand out from others because of their elite skill set, experience, and knowledge. Whether you are an actor, a real estate agent, a lawyer, or a CEO, you stand out for the way You do what you do. That should be what strikes people when they see your image on your webpage, your LinkedIn profile, your team page, and even Zoom!

Jonathan believes your headshot must contain your genuine personality with the feeling of trust attached. He coaches and guides you through his killer recipe to achieve an image that conveys self-confidence and enthusiasm to be of service.

He also wants to know what it is you do, and why. Moreover, he wants to know where you want to get to in your business. He’d be more than happy to help get to where you want to be

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Robert McGee Photography

Based in Toronto, and originally from Vancouver, Robert has been a professional portrait photographer in Toronto for over 20 years. Now working at the Davies studios in the East end of downtown Toronto, he offers a variety of photography services: actor headshots, corporate, event, and some editorials with professional models and well-known publications.

Robert particularly enjoys capturing the natural individuality and movement of each subject in front of the camera. Additionally, he works with professional makeup and hair artists should the client require that as an option. As well, he is willing to travel if needed.

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Magdalena M Photography

Magdalena M is an internationally published commercial Photographer and Art Director. Specializing in editorial portraits, commercial projects, and corporate assignments, Magdalena has worked with some of Toronto’s top legal teams and design agencies for over 16 years. Using photography to translate brand positioning is key to creating relevant, relatable ideas; but it’s Magdalena’s ability to truly connect with people that is the vital element for her continuing success. “My goal is to uncover the person behind the brand and find a genuine way of telling their story.”

That same desire for storytelling developed into a natural talent for Art Direction, through curating fashion and design publications. (Embark Magazine, Canadian Hairdresser Magazine.) It enabled Magdalena to become a stronger visual artist in all respects; utilizing her clients’ vision to create a timeless and modern aesthetic, an individual brand voice that is genuine and approachable while maintaining its true identity.

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There are many portrait photographers in Toronto. A good portrait photographer should be prompt, personable, and able to capture the mood of the subject. Additionally, they should be able to bring out the best in the subject’s photographs. A good portrait photographer should be able to do a wide variety of poses.

A portrait photographer should have a vast knowledge of various types of cameras, lighting, and backgrounds. You should always look for an experienced professional. Also, the photographer should be able to provide excellent customer service. These portrait photographers in Toronto mentioned in our blog would be able to give you that.

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How many pictures should be expected from a 1-hour shoot?

This is going to depend entirely on the photographer and the style of photography. Overall, for an average hour-long shoot you should be able to get between 20-30 different shots. However, this is assuming that you are getting good quality shots and that is something that you should always make sure of before hiring someone. Some people might be able to go over that amount, but that is unlikely. Keep in mind this is just an average, so some pictures might be less and some might be more.

Why are portraits important in business?

First of all, having a great portrait on your LinkedIn profile is an instant credibility boost. When you look great on your profile, you look like a professional, working in a successful company, with a great career ahead of you. Customers tend to trust people who look great. You can also use it on your website, marketing materials, and in your social media profiles. It’s a great way to make a statement about who you are, and the kind of service you can provide.

What makes a good professional headshot?

Your professional headshot should convey the following: Professionalism – It’s for a business card, so dress professionally. Confidence – Wear a smile, and look directly into the camera. The biggest fear is not being chosen because of bad photos, so you need to put your best foot forward. Timelessness – If your career depends on looking young, most of the headshots will be outdated before the ink dries. Choose a photo that you can wear for a decade or two.

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