6 Amazing Portrait Photographers in Singapore (2024)

Need to find a professional portrait photographer in Singapore but don't know where to start? Here is a list of some amazing portrait photographers.

Proper portraits aren’t just for royals anymore. With portrait photography in Singapore, It’s more than just taking a photo of a person’s face. This photography style is all about artistically capturing one’s true self.

Today, let’s discuss the ins and outs of portrait photography. We’ll also be showcasing some of the best portrait photographers in Singapore. Let’s dive in, shall we?  

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Boban James Photography

Boban James is a renowned portrait photographer in Singapore and loves photographing people. He has photographed people from all walks of life- celebrities, corporate high fliers, DJs, creative people, models and fashionistas, musicians, actors, and anyone else who wants to get a memorable portrait taken.

His clients love the process of being photographed by him, because he realizes that getting a photograph taken can be an unnerving process for most people, and he does his best to make them feel comfortable.

He is exceptionally talented at using light to create mood and drama, be it in the studio or out in the natural or urban environment, and loves to delight his clients by capturing interesting facets of their personality through his photography.

His photos have been featured in multiple publications, such as Straits Times, BLLNR magazine, Conde Nast Traveller India, Vogue India, Gulf News, and Entrepreneur Magazine, amongst other publications.

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Theresa Olesan Photography

Theresa is a multi-award-winning portrait photographer in Singapore, where she has a fully equipped boutique portrait studio. She has worked for 12+ years in the portrait photography industry in both London and Singapore.

Theresa is renowned for adapting the style of her shoots to clients’ needs. Each portrait session is carefully planned to achieve a style and look that suits your wish and ideas. The shoot itself is a relaxed affair. It starts with professional hair and makeup, followed by the shoot, where you will receive Theresa’s expertise in posing, so it does not feel like you are ‘in front of the camera.’

Although headshots are a pivotal part of the portrait business, Theresa specializes in personal branding, women’s beauty portraits, family portraits, and individual portraits of men and women. Every single portrait is well thought out from posing, through lighting to editing.
All done in-house by Theresa herself.

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Dirgan Fasa Photography

Fueled by his passion for snapping human portraits, Dirgan captures genuine personality in every picture. No matter the occasion, he strives to find the most flattering lighting and angles for all of his photographs. 

An outdoor photographer at heart, his specialty is informal portraits with warm natural lighting. With his eye for fashion and detail, he promises to have his clients looking their very best. 

Portraits are meant to preserve a person’s attitude and personality in pictures, and with Dirgan as your photographer in Singapore, he will do just that. 

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Digital Negative

In 2014, Chris and his team started a commercial photography studio that pursues more than just beautiful images. They became one of the versatile portrait photographers in Singapore. They create visuals that reflect their client’s brand values and purpose. Because business isn’t just defined by what it sells, but the story it tells of a better world that people want to be a part of.

Chris’ photography tells stories by weaving together the art of photography and the science of selling. Chris always ensures that he understands both the project’s requirements and restraints. It helps to create value beyond a photoshoot. He and his team provide visual assets of a person or product. Also, they integrate commercial photography seamlessly into your overall marketing efforts, so you can focus on what truly matters: delivering on your brand promise.

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Viash Shah Photography

Viash was always interested in creating content. It started as a kid where he used to draw and paint. Once he got his first DSLR, he found a new Avenue to express his creativity. He started with nature photography.

However, he found that his niche was portrait photography. He loves how every individual can be portrayed creatively with the help of different types of light, angles, and techniques.

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Jose Juland Photography

Jose provides professional services for portraits and corporate headshots. Proficient in corporate and commercial photography, photographer Jose draws raw emotion from his photos and brings the subject to life.

Using his wealth of experience, he masterfully balances artistic vision and technical expertise in his camera work and creates touching portrait photos. Willing to go the distance for his clients, he is available for local and international photo sessions.

Aside from portrait photography, Jose covers product, interior, and fashion photography as well.

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What is portrait photography?

Portrait photography is a unique form of photography that emphasizes a person’s true essence. Typically, portraiture focuses on a single, close-up shot of a person or a group of people. For a trained photographer, finding the most flattering angle and balancing the amount of light is part of the job. By utilizing an uncluttered background, the subject in the foreground truly stands out. 

Eyes are the window to the soul, and in portraits, a person’s eyes are the focal point. The goal is to capture an individual’s personality and life in a photograph.

So why become involved with portrait photography in the first place? That is the big question. Portraiture is an art form in and of itself. Portrait photo sessions can be intimate and artistic. Every freckle and wrinkle tells a story in portrait photography. With this style of photography, it’s more than snapping a close-up image of someone’s face. It’s about expressing their life and spirit through seemingly simplistic photos.

Different kinds of Portrait Photography

With portrait photography, the possibilities are endless. This particular style of photography has a few distinct subcategories to choose from. Before we dive into our list of portrait photographers in Singapore, let’s discuss different kinds of Portrait photography. 

First, there are family portraits, where the photoshoot is centered around the togetherness of loved ones. Also, photos will highlight the different generations within a family tree. And if you are photographing kids, you can encapsulate those childhood memories with charming portraits of them while they are still young. 

Next, there are casual portraits, which capture a person’s genuine essence. Usually, informal portraits involve a relaxed photo session set outside, tapping into that natural sunshine or indoors in a professional studio. 

Lastly, there are corporate portraits. With professionally done corporate photos, you will introduce a team of exceptional employees working in your company, so whether it be a large corporation or small business, portraits spotlight the company’s diligent workforce. They also introduce your team to your prospective clientele.

No matter the circumstance, portraits allow a person’s true self to shine through in elegant photos. How the employees present themselves, be in through office wear or casual wear, sets the image of the overall business. By including headshots to your company’s website, it adds a personal, engaging quality to your brand that customers will resonate with. 

Posing techniques in portrait photography

Portrait photography is very popular these days, thanks to Instagram, and is most photographers’ favorite genre of photography. However, people have a common thought that says that they cannot take good portrait photos because they don’t know how to pose their subjects. They are worried that they are going to photograph their subject the wrong way. That’s simply not true.

There are lots of easy posing techniques for portrait photography out there. All you need to be able to do is know where to look for them. Here is a video on posing techniques that you can use for your subjects.

Tips for Shortlisting a Portrait Photographer in Singapore

With so many options for portrait photography in Singapore, it’s important to know how to choose a portrait photographer. We’ve compiled a few tips to help you narrow down your list of potential portrait photographers.

  • First, look through the photographer’s portfolio to see if you like their work. Different photographers will have different styles. The best way to tell if a particular photographer’s style fits with your vision is to look through their portfolio.
  • Second, consider your intended portrait setting. Do you want indoor photos or outdoor photos? If you’re doing indoor photos, what kind of backdrop do you want for your photos? When looking for a portrait photographer in Singapore, make sure the photographers on your list even take the types of photos you want to purchase.
  • Finally, find out what packages the photographer offers. Some photographers will include services like hair and makeup assistance, printing, or outfit changes. Find out how much it will cost for a portrait package that suits your needs.

These three factors are the most important when you’re making decisions about portrait photography in Singapore. Once you’ve used these parameters to narrow down your list, you can contact photographers to find out more information about their pricing and scheduling.

Managing Expectations & Communicating Vision

When you’re looking for portrait photography in Singapore, it’s important to manage your expectations. If you’re looking for a certain style of work, find a photographer whose portfolio shows similar work.

Below are some questions you can ask to help you manage your expectations:

  • How much will it cost to get what I want?
  • How quickly can I expect to see my pictures after the photo shoot?
  • How do I order prints?
  • Will the digital photos have watermarks on them? Will I be able to get them printed from someone beside the photographer?

To get the best results from your portrait photo shoot, it’s important that you clearly communicate your vision with your photographer. Below are a few tips for communicating your vision:

  • Ask your photographer how poses will be determined. If you have particular poses in mind, be sure to mention them to your photographer.
  • Use existing photos to communicate your vision. If you can use their own photos to show them what you want, it’s even better. Share what photos you like and what it is you like about them.

Studio Portraits vs. Outdoor Portraits

Studio portraits and outdoor portraits are both great options for having your personal or family portraits done. Each type of portrait has its own pros and cons.

Studio portraits are portraits that are taken in the photographer’s studio, often with a backdrop. Electric lighting provides options that you may not have in an outdoor setting.


  • Weather doesn’t impact portraits
  • Photographer has more control over lighting
  • Indoor temperatures may be more comfortable and convenient
  • Studios offer privacy
  • Indoor space allows room for changing and putting on makeup
  • An enclosed space may be more family friendly


  • Indoor backdrops may feel more artificial
  • Backgrounds are limited to the photographer’s backdrop options

Outdoor portraits are photos that are taken outside or in another public environment. These photos can be taken in any place that allows photos to be taken, allowing more creativity in the photo shoot.


  • Backgrounds are not limited to what the photographer has on hand
  • Outdoor photos offer different options for lighting
  • Photos may have a more natural look
  • There is the option to do your portraits in a meaningful location


  • Bad weather may force venue changes
  • Unexpected crowds can ruin photos
  • Lighting cannot be controlled by the photographer

What to Wear for Your Portrait Shoot

What you wear and how your hair and makeup are done can make a huge difference in the quality of your portrait photos. What should you be prepared to wear when getting portrait photography in Singapore?

For all photos shoots, you should:

  • Wear solid colors. Solid colors are easier to photograph and will be easier for your photographer to edit. Busy patterns, logos, and other distracting clothing can take away from the overall quality of your portrait photos.
  • Wear dark colors. If you want to look slimmer, wear darker colors. You can always add a pop of color with your accessories (like a scarf, your tie, or jewelry).
  • Wear properly fitted clothes. Your clothes should not be too big nor too small and should be in good repair. It’s important to wear clothing that you fit in comfortably.

Professional Shoots

For a professional shoot, it’s important to wear clothing that is nicer than casual wear. Professional shoots may be less formal that corporate photo shoots.

Ladies should wear a solid-colored blouse with slacks or a solid-colored dress. Their outfit should be nicer than day-to-day clothing, but may not need to be as formal as office wear.[1]

Men should wear a solid-colored polo shirt. Although button-up shirts are also appropriate, the texture of polo shirts photographs better than their button-up counterparts. Men can dress more casual than they would dress for a corporate shoot, but should still be dressed up.[2]

Corporate Shoots

For a corporate shoot, it’s important that each employee wears clothing that fits the image the company wants to project. If your company employees frequently wear suits and other casual wear, they should wear something similar for their portraits.

Ladies should wear solid-colored blouses and an appropriate suit jacket. For a coordinated corporate shoot, all employees should choose from a similar palette (all greens or all blues, for example).

Men should wear button-up tops, a suit jacket, and ties. It’s important that their ties do not have exceptionally distracting patterns or colors that don’t fit with the company’s desired look.[3]

Casual Shoots

Individuals in casual shoots should wear clothing that photographs well. They should wear solid colors and clothing that is in good repair. If the photo shoot is outside, dress in layers. Bring alternate outfits if you’re unsure about how something will look in photographs.

A casual photoshoot offers flexibility that a professional or corporate photo shoot may not offer. When in doubt about a piece, ask for your photographer’s opinion. They may have tips to help you wear clothing that will make you feel comfortable and confident.

How to Make Sure Your Photo Shoot Goes Smoothly

Although you cannot prepare for every situation, there are steps you can take to make sure that everything goes smoothly on the day of the shoot. As you prepare for your photo shoot, take the following steps to minimize the impact of obstacles.

  • Step 1: Make sure you know the date, time, and location of your photoshoot. Your photographer should let you know when you should arrive for your photos. Make sure to save the time and date on your phone, along with any other information you’ll need for the day of the shoot. Once you know the date and time, make sure to schedule enough time to travel to and from the photoshoot. If you are late for your photoshoot, you may lose valuable time.
  • Step 2: Sign a contract and make sure deposits are paid in advance. Most photographers will require you to sign a contract before reserving a time and date for your photoshoot. Make sure that you’ve signed all of the necessary contracts and paid your deposits before the day of the photoshoot. When you pay in advance, you won’t have to worry about payment on the day of your photo shoot. This way, declined payment will not prevent you from having your portraits taken.
  • Step 3: Select your outfit or outfits ahead of time. You should know in advance what you plan to wear on the day of your photo shoot. If your portraits will involve an outfit change, plan each individual outfit, down to the accessories. Make sure that your outfits are not only selected but ready for the day of the photoshoot. Clothing should be clean and free of damage. To minimize the opportunity for spills, try not to eat in your outfit before the photo shoot.
  • Step 4: Prepare your hair care and makeup supplies. Determine what hair and makeup products you’ll need to prepare for your photo shoot. If you’re doing your own makeup, make sure you pack all of the supplies you’ll need, including mirrors. Although the photographer’s studio may have a space for you to do your makeup, it’s better to be over-prepared than under-prepared. If your makeup is being done by someone else at the studio, make sure your makeup artist knows what style of makeup you want for your photoshoot.
  • Step 5: Plan poses for your photoshoot. It’s important that you know in advance exactly what photos you want to have taken. You may not plan every pose, but you should have an idea of what poses you want for your portrait photos. The overall vision and direction of the photoshoot should be determined in advance.
  • Step 6: Arrive early. You should arrive early so you have plenty of time to change, do your hair and makeup, and arrange final details with your photographer. If you’re late to your photoshoot, you may miss out on the time you’ve already paid for.
  • Step 7: Change quickly between outfits. To maximize the time you have for your photoshoot, you should change your outfits as quickly as possible. It may help to choose outfits you know you can change in and out of quickly. One way to cut down on time spent changing is to dress in layers and use accessories to your benefit. Accessories can be quickly changed without the need for privacy. A few small changes can change the overall look of your photoshoot outfit.
  • Step 8: Take note of important information from your photographer. Make sure you have a place to put your copy of the contract and any other information your photographer provides. You should make note of when you can expect to see your photos. Make sure you have contact information for your photographer in case photos are taking longer than expected to be delivered. Your photographer will work with you to resolve any issues you might have with your portrait photo shoot.
  • Step 9: Make sure to review your photographer online. This won’t help you with your photo shoot, but your honest review will help provide future customers with the information they need when making a decision about portrait photographers.


Each of these skilled portrait photographers in Singapore would do a fabulous job taking portrait shots. You, your employees, or your loved ones won’t regret taking portraits to share with everyone or to keep as a personal memento. 

No matter the age, anyone can join in the art of portraiture. Interested in having your portrait taken by one of these portrait photographers in Singapore? Book a photo session with any of the talented photographers mentioned on our list and let them work their camera magic. 

Additional Photographers in Singapore


What is portrait photography?

Portrait photography is focused on photographing people. Generally you would use a portrait lens. A portrait lens is a telephoto lens with a focal length of 85mm or longer. Portrait lenses are great for head shots or other close ups where you want to show the personality of the subject.

How much does a portrait photoshoot cost?

A portrait photoshoot usually costs around $200 to $350. This is a good general rule for a photo shoot with a photographer who creates a nice, edited image for you. If you want to have a professional shoot with a photographer who can create a variety of different images for you, including a boudoir shoot, a family photoshoot, a senior portrait, etc., you can expect to pay anywhere from $600 to $2000.

How can I improve my portrait photography?

Proposing to take a portrait photo of a person is a very difficult job. It’s a task to transfer a person’s character and personality, his inner world in your photo.  Portrait photography is not about the background or the clothes of the person, but it’s about the person itself. A good portrait photo should be revealing the person’s soul, so the person in the photo should feel good in it. If the subject in the photo is not comfortable, then your photography is unsuccessful.  The main focus in portrait photography is framing the person with good composition. The person should be in the middle of the photo, with an enough amount of space around, so he is the only subject in the photo. A good portrait has a shallow depth of field, so the person should be sharp, but the background should be blurred. The most important thing in portrait photography is the lighting. You can neglect all the rules of composition, but you can’t neglect the proper lighting. If you take a portrait photo with proper lighting, everything else can be neglected.

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