16 Exceptional Product Photographers in Singapore (2022)

Looking for product photography in Singapore? Here are our recommendations for top photographers who will make your product stand out.

Are you looking to get product photography done? Look no further. In this article, we will share our top recommendations for product photographers in Singapore.

Product photography is a niche in photography that is essential for businesses. Regardless of what type of product you are launching, you’ll want to capture it with professional photography for marketing purposes. 

What is product photography?

As a form of commercial photography, product photography focuses on showcasing your product in the best possible light. Using good lighting, a suitable background, and professional camera gear, you can present your products to your consumers. 

Awesome product photography will help you sell your product and showcase its features to set it apart from your rivals. You can also incorporate your product into a lifestyle shoot to show its uses and functions.

Looking for Product photographers in Singapore?

It’s essential to look for professional photographers that specialize in commercial and product photography. Product photographers require a keen eye for detail and an artistic flair to help make ordinary everyday products stand out. 

Disclaimer: Please note that all the photographers listed here are excellent at their craft, and we have listed them randomly. Their position does not imply a “rating” or “ranking” by Shutterturf.

Joyce L.

Joyce is an international award-winning food and product photographer in Singapore. She specializes in capturing images that evoke emotions and tell a story about your product. Moreover, she shapes the light and shows your product’s beauty through styling and props, capturing authentic, bright images. Also, she loves working with clients on a range of creative projects, bringing their visions to life.

Joyce has been featured on Canon Asia and Foodelia. Joyce has worked with some well-known establishments such as Old El Paso, Soup Restaurant, and Tea Tree Cafe.

Ken S.

Ken Saw has been a passionate photographer since his time at school, where he began shooting events. He is a fantastic option for product photography in Singapore. His passion and love for the craft are evident in the visually stunning photos he creates.

 Ken has honed his skills with many years of training and can find beauty in any product, regardless of how simple or mundane it is. He has worked with a broad client base, including Harper’s Bazaar, HBO, L’Oréal, and Tag Heuer. He will shoot any product to make it look luxurious and wow any potential customer.

Ya Ting K.

Kee Ya is an incredible photographer and has worked for many years, capturing products. Whether you are looking for a simple product photo or a refreshing effect behind the item, you’ll be in good hands here. 

With previous clients, including the Changi Airport Group and Reuters, Kee Ya has experience working with large brands and companies to capture their products and services for marketing purposes. 

With a 1,000 square feet studio in Woodlands, they can provide indoor or outdoor photoshoots to meet your needs. Previous clients praise the incredible professionalism and creativity that goes into capturing their products.

Chris Y.

In 2014, Chris and his team started a commercial photography studio that pursues more than just beautiful images. They became one of the versatile product photographers in Singapore. They create visuals that reflect their client’s brand values and purpose. Because business isn’t just defined by what it sells, but the story it tells of a better world that people want to be a part of.

Chris’ photography tells stories by weaving together the art of photography and the science of selling. Chris always ensures that he understands both the project’s requirements and restraints. It helps to create value beyond a photoshoot. He and his team provide visual assets of a person or product. Also, they integrate commercial photography seamlessly into your overall marketing efforts, so you can focus on what truly matters: delivering on your brand promise.

Himani S.

Himani offers a wide range of photography services, including food and product photography in Singapore. Her name reflects her love for both art and photography, which is evident in every photo she takes. 

With over a decade of experience, she specializes in product, food, and jewelry photography. She understands the need to showcase products artistically and strives to collaborate with her clients to achieve the best results. 

She has a strong understanding of angles and lighting and has been on the other side of the camera herself as a model earlier in life.

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Gunjan J.

Gunjan is a renowned product photographer in Singapore and has loved photography since she was a young girl, much preferring to play with her camera than her dolls! She loves to capture little pieces of art that she sees in the life around her, including your next product shoot. 

Always looking to improve her skills, she continually educates herself and strives to work to the highest standards. She has received a lot of recognition for her work, including being displayed on BBC’s Lonely Planet and the Times of India. 

Working across a wide range of photography, including product and food photography, she blends art, technique, and sentiment in every photo she produces.

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Victor T.

Victor is a freelance photographer who specializes solely in product photography in Singapore. Besides his outstanding photography skills, he also specializes in digital imaging. 

Victor offers product photography and food photography, as well as marketing and sales advice for product launches. He can even help you with your website or social media design and maintenance on top of this. 

Using top-of-the-range equipment and a setup designed to bring out the best in your product, you’ll be in good hands with this specialist photographer. Brands he has previously worked with include Smirnoff, Nivea, and Febreze.

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Chethan J.

Five years ago, Chethan quit his corporate job to pursue his passion and dream of capturing amazing pictures and telling stories through his lens. He believes in treating every photoshoot of his with a fresh perspective to keep originality and creativity within his work. 

Chethan is incredibly passionate about architecture and food, so if you need either of these captured, you’re in good hands. He loves to bring inanimate objects to life through his photos and will work until he feels he has the perfect story captured. 

With a passion for culture, tradition, history, and cuisine, Chethan’s interests help him understand the use and benefits of any product he photographs.

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The Peak Collective

Focusing on interior and still life photography, Andrew Wong at The Peak Collective excels in product photography in Singapore. Having worked with hotels, restaurants, and brands throughout Singapore, previous clients of his include The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Dow Jones, and Sennheiser. 

Andrew previously worked as an interior designer and has a keen eye for detail and style. He always works to showcase products in a modern and realistic manner, with a natural setup that draws any potential customer’s attention to the product’s benefits. 

He is praised for his professionalism and artistic imagination when photographing even the simplest of products or locations.

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Graeme Ching Photography

Graeme is a freelance photographer who works in both digital and film formats. If you are looking for product photography in Singapore, you are in good hands with Graeme, as he has been doing photography for over five years. 

He works collaboratively with his clients to properly showcase their products and brand. With a wide variety of previous clients, including McLaren, Livia, and Jeju, he has created artistic images and campaigns that have been successful for these brands. 

Whether you are looking for a simple product photo or a full lifestyle photoshoot featuring it, Graeme will work with you to capture your brand and showcase the true essence of what you have to offer.

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JWalking Studio

Herbert at JWalking Studio was born in Hong Kong but now works as a product photographer. With a passion for travel and capturing special moments, he has a fantastic eye for detail and believes in making your mark during the one opportunity at the life we all have. 

He loves working in fashion or food photography in particular, although he is happy to capture any of your product photo needs. Herbert understands that products need to keep developing and evolving.

He works to capture the beauty in even the most mundane products, making him a fantastic option for product photography in Singapore.

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José Jeuland Photography

José offers a wide range of photography services, including commercial and product photography in Singapore. Working within food and beverage, fashion and beauty, and product photography, he is happy to photograph any product you are looking to showcase. 

He understands that quality images play a massive role in attracting potential customers to your service or product, and with the perfect photos, you’ll quickly grab the attention of consumers. José will help to make the process easy and smooth and ensure the final results fully meet your needs and expectations. 

He has many years of experience and fully understands how to deal with businesses to promote their brand and meet their marketing goals.

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 Roaring Picture

Ryan at Roaring Picture is passionate about photography and the work they put into their images. He knows that commercial and corporate photography requires a lot of planning, and he will take the time to sit down with you to discuss how they will produce work to fit your needs. 

The team at Roaring Picture understands that developing a story is a process and that communication and collaboration are crucial to success. As the Founder and Creative Director of Roaring Picture, Ryan ensures every project he works on is focused on with a keen eye for detail and that every frame is perfect before being sent to you.

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Wen Pictures

Wen is a documentary photographer based in Singapore and has traveled worldwide for his work and even won the 2007 National Geographic Best Story Telling Award. 

He has spent four years working specifically in the advertising and commercial photography industry, and so is exceptionally skilled and experienced in product photography.

Also, he rafts each photograph he produces from start to finish, including the editing and final presentation. He is praised for his patience, professionalism, and creativity during shoots.

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So here is our list of notable photographers for product photography in Singapore. It is the perfect way to showcase your new product or an existing one that needs further promotion. 

By choosing one of these talented photographers listed above, you’ll be able to capture the full story and benefits of your product, which will help to attract new customers as a result.

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Why is product photography important?

Product photography gives you the chance to showcase and market your product to the highest standard. While anyone can take a photo on their phone, it isn’t as high quality as professional photography. Professional photographers will know how to best showcase your product without shadows or distractions from its appearance and features. You can take various shots to use in marketing campaigns and social media to create unique content showcasing your product.

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