14 Amazing Product Photographers in London (2024)

The better your product photos are, the more likely you will make a sale. Check out our article to know some product photographers in London.

Many might ask why do you need to hire one of the best product photographers in London. However, you should understand that having good product photography is essential for your sales and marketing.

Many companies that sell products online fail to use good photography when listing their products. They don’t understand that potential customers will not buy something they cannot see. It also helps with customer service and third-party sales.

When you are selling a product online, displaying high-quality images is essential. The better your photos are, the more likely you will make a sale. If you need help with this, you can hire a professional photographer. But how do you choose? This blog will look at different product photographers in London and give you tips to help you choose the right one.

Looking for Product Photographers in London?

ShutterTurf is a great way to find vetted product photographers in London.The platform also allows for easy communication, booking and finalising details of the photoshoot. Use ShutterTurf to find the perfect product photographer for your next project in London. ​

Briefly let us know your photoshoot details and we will connect you with the most appropriate photographer.

UniQ Studios

UniQ Studios’ work and portfolio cover almost all areas of commercial photographers. They are fully equipped to handle any photographic project from high-end creative advertising photography to high-volume, beautiful, consistent e-commerce photography that helps our clients to engage and sell more products. Their works are used by giant online retailers such as Argos, House of Fraser, Groupon, and Amazon. Also, they enjoy working with small independent retailers and quality-conscious start-ups.

They have the experience, technical know-how, and creative flair with logistical understanding and an efficient production process that allows them to keep their commercial photography rates affordable while maintaining our high-quality standard. 

UniQ Studios has a Global team working around the clock to ensure they can provide a fast and scalable volume solution that allows them to capture and process 4000+ images a week without any quality compromise.

Click here to visit their website.

Blend Studios

Blend Studios are the #1 commercial photography and videography studio in London. Working with many of the UK’s leading brands, they consistently deliver imagery that fulfills even the most ambitious briefs.
Their team of talented and experienced professionals includes product photographers in London. Also, they take great pride in producing projects that are trouble-free, cost-effective, and above all, beautiful.

Founded in 2006, Blend Studios’ staff have more than 25 years of experience in the industry so they know what it takes to make your vision a reality. So whatever your next project is, from simple product shots to large complex sets, they can undoubtedly help you make it happen.

Click here to visit their website.

Product Packshot Photography

‘Product Packshot Photography’ was founded by David Forcina. David’s experience in the photography industry dates back to his university days when he studied photography at the degree level.

After working for several photographic agencies David turned freelance and devotes his efforts full-time into his ever-expanding commercial and product photography business. Their photographic studio is based in Loughton, Essex.

Their prices cover the whole spectrum and every budget, from large companies selling thousands of products, to smaller enterprises such as Amazon sellers and individuals whose product photography needs are on a slightly lesser scale.

Click here to visit their website.

Jon Bradley Photography

Jon Bradley photography help businesses and brands bring their people, products, and services to life through creative, professional photography. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Jon Bradley, one of the outstanding product photographers in London, works for a variety of clients, from large corporations to small businesses and individuals.

Their work ranges from corporate portraits and business headshots, business branding photography for start-ups and SMEs, product photography, and events including conferences, awards dinners, and shows, exhibitions, PR events, and launches.

Jon Bradley enjoys working with a variety of clients. He and his team are chosen for their creativity and professionalism. They promise they deliver quality photos at affordable prices and help you frame your business and tell your story.

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PS Spaces

Established in 2016, PS Spaces, one of the well-known product photographers in London, was initially set up in Putney as a single studio. The goal from the outset was to provide affordable studio hire with high-end equipment and a helpful hands-on team.

From Putney, PS Spaces then moved on to Brixton for a short stint, with a studio set into the historic railway arches — before eventually moving on to the much larger unit in Wimbledon.

They have worked with different household names like Tommy Hilfiger, Wacom, Winsor & Newton, and many more.

Click here to visit their website.

Pixeleyes Photography

Pixeleyes Photography is one of London’s premiere still-life photography studios and is based in the advertising hub of London Bridge. Established over 15 years ago and with a collective photographic experience of over 40 years, our small but cohesive team provides an unparalleled service wholly encompassing all your image needs.

With a diverse and vast wealth of knowledge, our photographers’ artful approach to their craft has brought the studio the notoriety that has seen us work with brands of all sizes all across the UK and has also seen us sought out internationally for our photographic capabilities.

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Josh Caudwell Photography

Josh Caudwell is one of the best still-life product photographers in London. He has a flair for creative ideas while at the same time maintaining precise attention to detail throughout his work. 

In his images of watches, jewelry, cosmetics, fragrances, and fashion accessories, he amplifies the products’ characteristics with creative decisions on lighting, composition, and the use of set design. Josh shoots world-class advertising and editorial photography work for a variety of brands and magazines.

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FTS photo

Alex is one of the professional photographers in London. He has over five years of experience creating outstanding images that are timeless and captivating. Whether it’s a product or portrait photography, he starts every project by understanding what you wish to achieve – your preferences and style. Alex offers commercial photography for your website and promotional campaign. 

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Kathrin Werner Photography

Kathrin holds a degree in photography and biochemistry. After graduation, she spent the first year of her career assisting a renowned e-commerce photographer working with Haute couture brands on shoots in Paris, Milan, and London. 

Since 2017 she has been developing her brand and has built a repeat and expanding client base spanning the beauty, food, and product industries. Her photographic style is clean and minimal that emphasizes textures and impactful lighting. Her high-end post-production skills elevate the final results to the next level. Kathrin’s works have been featured in magazines like VOGUE UK, Harpers Bazaar UK, and Tatler.

Click here to visit their website.

Colorsnap Photography

Rozetta, a product photographer in London since 2009, has developed her career through different styles and continuously challenges herself to try new things and think out of the box. She started, like most photographers, with events, weddings, family portraits. Now, she mostly works in a studio with products and portraits/headshots.

Photography gives Rozetta new challenges every day. In addition, she likes the idea of change and finding something new in her creative path that maybe will produce new images different from before.

Her studio is in Central London, and she has worked for different agencies producing shots for their products. 

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Studio Rogue

Studio Rogue is an established production studio run by photographer Rory Gullan, covering creative and e-commerce imagery and video for start-up, established, and luxury brands. Rory is a fashion photographer with ten years of experience.

He launched his first studio in 2014. His work has been seen on billboards across London and throughout the London Underground, in print and online; since he first launched the studio, the number of e-commerce products photographed now exceeds 55,000. Above all, his team has shot still and video campaigns internationally, running all shoot production in-house.

In addition, the studio in South Bermondsey covers 1,200 sqft over two floors, and they work with a range of creatives to produce high-quality results for brands such as Rolls Royce, Timothy Everest, House of Fraser, Roger Dubuis, and Brewdog.

Click here to visit their website.

Krisztian Sipos Photography

Krisztian is one of the up-and-coming food and product photographers in London for lifestyle, editorial, and advertising photography. 

His style is clean, graphic, and moody, focusing on elegant styling and presentation with a genuine understanding of colors, harmonies, and shapes which comes in handy for styling the product, props, and food.

Krisztian’s meticulous preparation before the session is an essential step before he presses the shutter, working on ideas and concepts to ensure a polished and distinguished delivery. His personality, generous nature and supportive vibe help create an excellent experience while maintaining professional integrity.

In addition, Krisztian offers behind-the-scene creative and traditional portraits to showcase the talent behind the food/product and short product videos on request.

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Square One Studio

Paul Lovas has a robust portfolio including an award for #4 Still Life Photographer in the UK from One EyeLand. His keen eye for studio lighting and creatively controlled set-ups has guided him to specialize in product, still life, and advertising photography.

Paul’s photography creates a sense of motion and energy through carefully executed details. He enjoys crafting his sets, so when he’s not behind the camera, you’ll find him DIY-ing props and testing new techniques.

If you end up in his studio, expect a refreshing drink and laid-back atmosphere – but he’s always up to shoot on location, in the UK, or abroad.

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Emma TS Robinson Photography

Emma TS Robinson is a professional still life and product photographer in London. Working from a lovely bright studio in North London, she specializes in lifestyle product photography.  

Emma combines photography, styling, and lighting to bring products to life. As an ex-designer, she understands the process of designing and often collaborates directly with clients on ideas for the photoshoot. 

Her clients say she is always ‘well prepared and professional’ and produces beautiful images with ‘a gorgeous eye for natural and clean styling’.

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A product photographer in London is essential if you are selling products online or even just want to showcase your products on your website.

Whether you’re a fashion designer, interior designer, or even an architect, product photography helps you to market your products. A good product photographer will be able to show your products off at their best.

Moreover, they should edit them to make sure they are top quality. If you’re not sure who to shortlist, make sure you do your research to find the best product photographer in London.

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How much does a product photographer cost?

The price range for product photography in London is from £160-£450. The factors that influence the pricing are the quantity of the photos, location, and the type of products. It is highly recommended for the clients to check out the pricing from different photographers before shortlisting.

Why is product photography so important?

Product photography is an essential part of online business. It makes your website look attractive and eye-catchy. It is also used to make your products look attractive. Poor product photography can make your products look cheap. So, make sure your product photography is good enough.

What is the importance of product photography in the e-commerce business?

In today’s technical world, people have started to rely on visuals to get a clear idea about a product or a service. As a result, the vast majority of the world population pays more attention to visual content. Product photography is a great way to help your customers have a better understanding of the product offering. Also, you can capture the product from all its angles to provide a comprehensive description of the product you are offering.


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