9 Amazing Product Photographers in Toronto (2024)

Need to take photos of your products for your business? Check out our article on photographers for product photography in Toronto

Product photography should be taken seriously. It is an important part of the business but also enhances the image of the company. To be able to sell your goods online, you need to have good-quality images of your products. While good lighting and camera quality help when taking photos, the real trick is to think about what the customer is looking for.

Also, a good product photographer should be able to take photos and help you to showcase the best features of your products. In our blog, you will be able to find some amazing photographers for product photography in Toronto.

Looking for a product photographer in Toronto

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Robert Lowdon Photography

Robert is a commercial photographer specializing in editorial, industrial, and product photography in Toronto. Also, he works with clients ranging from the Bank of Montreal to Sobeys; and Google to CP Rail. This has led him to many unique situations and challenges.

When it comes to photography and serving his clients, Robert’s core philosophy is simple: a passion for the job puts perfection in the work. Also, he will not deliver you an end product that simply works – to be successful, He knows each photograph must align with who you are and the goals at hand. Moreover, Robert’s track record as a photographer in Toronto is for providing outstanding images on time, every time giving him the confidence to offer all clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Kailee Mendel Photography

Kailee is a photographer who does product photography in Toronto. She has a critical eye, boundless creativity, and insatiable curiosity. As a commercial photographer, Kailee is responsible for capturing a product in the eyes of her clients, as well as using her own skills to create unique and marketable work.

Throughout Kailee’s career, she has had the opportunity to work with clients ranging from Nestle to McDonald’s, The Globe and Mail to Reader’s Digest. Specializing in food and product photography, she demonstrates her creativity along with the ability to elevate a brand and its products through her visual imagery.

Kailee loves working with people and sharing her sets with other creatives. Also, she believes that making beautiful work is always better with a team and strives to create working environments where everyone’s creative talents can thrive, and all voices are heard.

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Toronto Product Photos

Toronto Product Photos offer a top-notch product photography service in Toronto. They ensure that their photos are compelling and attention-catching. Moreover, the photographers use a white, black, or grey background to take pictures of your product to ensure that its features are highlighted.

Lastly, the photographers are highly trained and experienced professionals in product photography and graphic design. 

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Emblaze Photography

Emblaze Photography is a specialized product photography studio in Toronto. Their team of highly-skilled photographers and creatives will go above and beyond to immortalize the best moments of your life. Also, they are all driven by a deep passion for photography and take every event they handle to heart. 

The photographers’ works are known for carrying a light, fresh, and classy sense of style, all the while featuring timeless undertones. Also, unscripted moments, natural beauty are the key elements of their stunning work. 

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Suech and Beck Photography

Suech and Beck (Chris Sue-Chu and Alyssa Wodabek) are a photography duo based in Toronto, Canada. They naturally started working together on each other’s projects that developed into a seamless creative partnership. They now shoot for a variety of clients showcasing; food, lifestyle, beauty, and travel.

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Ryan Bolton Photography

Ryan Bolton is an award-winning photographer who does product photography. Forever chasing a good story, Bolton’s work has taken him around the world working with renowned clients like Apple, Red Bull, Spotify, Gucci, Lexus, Intrepid Travel, SickKids, Universal Music, Uber, Chevrolet, Columbia Sportswear, and as a photographer for the JUNO Awards. His work has been published or featured on the CBC, The Globe & Mail, BillboardVICEToronto LifeNational Post, Fashion magazine, ForbesWeddingbellsVirgin Atlantic, and in Random House books. 

Bolton’s photography is about documenting vibrant moments. From far-flung destinations hanging out of trains to elegant wedding photography. With precision editing, bright tones, and decisive moments, Ryan Bolton’s photography makes magazine-worthy statements. Bolton has traveled to photograph with Demi Lovato, Natalie Portman, and Selena Gomez and has photographed legends like Arcade Fire, Wu-Tang Clan, and The Rolling Stones.

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F&S Photography Studios

F&S Photography Studios does product photography in Toronto. The photographers shoot furniture, motorcycles, and larger-scale sets, and then a small but sunny space in downtown Toronto for the tabletop product. 

Photographer Fabrice Strippoli also has over a decade of experience in on-location industrial photography — both in heavy industry and interiors and enjoys the interesting places location work takes him. Shawna Eberle focuses on the small stuff and takes advantage of an eye for detail in tabletop work and photoshop. Also, they always look forward to hearing about what our clients need and helping them to meet that vision.

Their photography services extend through to final prints with our large format printer and analog darkroom prints done in-house as well.

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Kimberly Lee Photography

Kimberly Lee Photography is a female-owned company specializing in product photography and videography in Toronto. Moreover, Kim is a Toronto-based first-generation Chinese woman, a graduate of fine arts at OCADU, and an internationally exhibited photographer. 

Kim specializes in understanding and embodying her clients’ brand, creating a fun work environment, and delivering high-quality production with her stylistic versatility. He has worked in the industry for 6 years with experience shooting for clients such as Crayola, Instant Pot, The Food Network, Johnsonville, GE, Beam Suntory, Wellness Pet Foods, and more.

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Candace Cosentino Photography

Candace Cosentino does product photography in Toronto. She currently running both her commercial and artistic practices from her studio in downtown Toronto.

Cosentino currently offers visual production services for not only local but international brands and businesses. Additionally, these visuals can come in the form of photography, videography gifs, and more for your brand and business needs.

With intricate care and attention to detail, your products and visuals will always be crafted with care and style. Cosentino’s artistic practice not only informs her commercial work but offers a unique perspective with an artistic eye.

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Product photography is a kind of photography that is used to showcase products. The products can be of anything like food, service, or any other type of product. The product that you are going to showcase should be looking the best. Hence, this is a way you can attract customers. If you want to reach the targeted customers, then you need to ensure the best product quality. The way you are going to present your products is going to attract customers. By checking out these professional photographers, you can easily showcase your product.

Choose a photographer who aligns with what you want and needs.


Why is product photography important?

Product photography is a lot more than making your products look pretty. It is more than just an aesthetic decision. Moreover, your product photography can actually be a deciding factor in whether or not a customer buys your product. Lastly, it helps you give a good impression of your products to the clients. Without professional photography, your website, catalog, social media, and advertising will not be as effective. It’s important to have images that capture and communicate what your brand is all about.

What does a product photographer do?

A product photographer is the one who takes photos of the products. He is the one who makes sure that the product looks attractive and appealing. Product photographers take pictures of products for advertisements, books, and catalogs. They also help to create websites, videos, and catalogs. They take pictures of products that are properly represented on websites.

What is commercial photography?

Commercial photography is a form of photography that includes various types of photography that are used for selling or promoting a product or service. It also includes photography to promote a certain message. Commercial photography is very important for most industries. This form of photography has improved greatly in recent years. It is also changing by the day due to technological advances. The Internet has played an important role in the development of this photography category. Product photography is also an example of commercial photography

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