12 Notable Real Estate Photographers in Toronto (2024)

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As a realtor or a seller of a property, you need quality images to help sell the property. A few good images can help a property sell, especially when these images are of high quality. If you are looking for real estate photography in Toronto, you are at the right place.

This blog will look at why real estate photography is important and the recommended real estate photographers in Toronto.

Looking for a photographer for real estate photography in Toronto?

ShutterTurf is a great way to find vetted real estate photographers in Toronto.The platform also allows for easy communication, booking and finalising details of the photoshoot. Use ShutterTurf to find the perfect real estate photographer for your next project in Toronto. ​

Briefly let us know your photoshoot details and we will connect you with the most appropriate photographer.

Lighthouse Media

The professional real estate photography service covers small condos to large luxury properties. With hundreds of properties photographed, they are known as leaders in the real estate photography industry across Toronto and GTA. Above all, their photography team is professional, and they are great with their clients.

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Prostudio real estate photography sets the standard for high-quality residential real estate photography. They utilize a combination of traditional flash technique and ambient light photography, which requires taking multiple flashes and natural (ambient) shots of each scene, but provides images with unmatched color, clarity, and appeal.

All images are individually edited and corrected for color, lighting, and distortion during our post-production phase, ensuring that the images we provide are of top quality and represent your listing to the fullest.

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Jagged lens photography

Professional photography is the most important tool you have to get potential clients through the door and ultimately the end goal of selling (sell) your property. As the owner and operator of Jagged Lens, Raffi am your full-time photographer. He doesn’t outsource my work or cut corners.

For Raffi’s business to grow he needs his clients’ businesses to grow. He can provide expert feedback on marketing techniques and material. Also, his business is not only a service but also a reputable brand you can align yourself and trust for high-level service.

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NAVID Real Estate Virtual Tours & Photos

Navid Photography’s mission is to offer High-End Interior Photography for architectures, builders, interior designers, and magazines. They provide luxury real estate photography services to Realtors, interior designers, architects, builders, and management companies across Toronto and the GTA.

They also provide premium real estate marketing content including HDR Photography to attract more visitors to your properties in Toronto.

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Realtograph’s mission is simple: improving your property’s online curb appeal through high-quality imagery to get properties sold faster and to increase your professionalism. They provide exceptional interior, exterior photos, and video tours, all created using professional equipment.

Realtograph’s fast 24 hour turnaround time, customizable packages, and competitive pricing starting at 100 CAD are what make them stand out. Matthew, an experienced photographer, and student in Toronto, runs Realtography. . He is easy to work with, responsive, and has a true passion for what he does.

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Stallone Media

Matthew Stallone and his team from Stallone Media are one of the top real estate photography and marketing companies in Toronto. Delivering the mantra of “One call, we do it all,” the Stallone Media team provides stunning multi-flash and twilight photography, awe-inspiring cinematic videos, engaging social media content, viral reels, and impactful print marketing. 

The properties they feature range from landmark commercial buildings to multi-million dollar estates. By embracing Stallone Media’s large following on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, Matthew and his team have obtained over 100 million views and helped sell over $800 million in real estate. Some of their clients include real estate builders, interior designers, celebrities, as well as luxury brands such as Gucci.

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Aphua Photography

Andrew was born in Indonesia and spent his time growing up in his hometown of Pontianak and Melbourne, Australia. From a very early age, his curiosity and sense of wonder about the world encouraged him to explore and express himself creatively through many mediums, including dance, music, film, fashion design, drawing, and photography.

 After graduating from the Fashion Design program at Melbourne’s RMIT University, Andrew began creating his clothing and documenting the process through photography and video. It was during this process that Andrew decided to pursue his passion for photography by enrolling in the Creative Photography program at Humber College in Toronto Canada.

Since graduating, Andrew has uses his acute sense of observation and editing skills to create stunning photographs that record new and unusual sides of everyday objects and subjects. Andrew had started his own real estate photography business called APHUA in Toronto right after he graduated and because of his warm and easygoing personality instantly connects him with his subjects, rapidly earning their trust.

He had a diverse clientele he worked with from architects, interior designers, fashion designers, restaurants, tourist agencies to factory companies, and more. He offered not just still photography but aerial photography, 360 photography, and videography. His works have helped many other business owners to express their vision. His perfectionist spirit and determined drive are evident in his imaginative finished images.

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John Reid Photography

We provide the best photos & videos you’ve ever seen, with reliable and dedicated service so you can sell homes faster, easier, and for more.

Using a combination of traditional and modern photography techniques, as well as advanced lighting and editing – our images capture your property at its absolute best.

The images look so sharp, clean, and true to life, you feel like you are there! Real Estate Photography, video & 3D 360 virtual tours are available in Toronto East, Durham Region, and Northumberland.

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Zendo Photo

Zendo Photo is an independent real-estate photography unit based in Toronto, Ontario. It offers real estate photography using a dynamic lighting method, as well as aerial photography.

Zendo uses various artistic techniques to capture the unique selling points and features of a location. This includes finding attractive angles and composition while presenting the photos appealingly and artistically. Their approach also looks for a way to capture the most ‘organic’ feeling in a property, such as how one room connects with another, by telling a story through images.

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The 6 Real Estate Photography

As a Real Estate Agent, your main goal is to sell your listing as soon as possible to the best buyer. As the world moves forward and technology becomes ever more prevalent in our daily lives, it is more important than ever to make sure your listings stay up to date looking the part.

Just having unattractive low-quality images can cause you to lose potential sales to someone else who could have 360° virtual tours, UHD photos, and videos of the property. The way you present your listings online will determine whether or not a buyer will be inclined to contact you for business. The presentation of your listing is a direct reflection of your service.

That is why THE6REPS, a real estate photography in Toronto could be of great help for you!

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Real estate photography is performed by real estate photographers to help potential home buyers and sellers visualize the space they’re selling or renting. In this blog post, we’ve gone over the importance of real estate photography and amazing photographers.

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Why is real estate photography important?

Real estate photography is an important part of the sales process. It is one of the most powerful tools in a realtor’s toolbox. It is the most effective way to convey property information to a potential buyer. It is also a great marketing tool to get buyers through your doors and into your listings. Photos sell homes. Most buyers will not contact a realtor or go see a listing without pictures first.

What is professional real estate photography?

Real estate photography is meant to represent a property in the most authentic light possible. Most real estate photographers are capable of taking photos to show a home’s interior and exterior. The photographer should be able to take photos that don’t necessarily sell the house, but make it appear more attractive. The proper use of lighting and innovative techniques can help realtors make properties appear larger and more beautiful.

Why should you hire a professional real estate photographer?

A great picture will always have a positive effect on the sale of the property. The online world does not have any space for mediocre pictures, it’s all about the quality.  Most buyers judge a home based on the pictures that are online. A professional real estate photographer will capture the best angles for every room and every nook and corner of the property, enhancing the appeal and the value of the property.  A good real estate photographer can also adapt to any situation and will come with the right equipment and lighting. So, if you are looking to sell your property, spend the money on a good photographer and the returns will be worth it!

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