10 Best Smash Cake Shops in Singapore (2022)

Here is a complete guide on how to choose a smash cake and the top ten smash cake shops in Singapore

Your baby’s first birthday is an exciting moment, and if you’ve already booked a photography session or party for your baby’s cake smash in Singapore, the next consideration is the cake itself. 

Today we’re going to share our complete guide of what to look for when purchasing a baby smash cake and the top ten cake shops in Singapore, which will help cater to this event.

How to choose a Smash Cake

A cake smash for babies typically features a different type of cake than you’d purchase for a regular birthday cake. To help you understand what you should look for from this cake, these are some of the most important considerations we recommend keeping in mind when purchasing a cake:

  • Size of the Cake – For the best effect in photos during the baby cake smash in Singapore, we recommend going for a medium-sized cake The most common sizes are 6 or 7 inches diameter. This will be big enough for your baby to get their hands on without being too large for them to tackle. A medium-sized cake will show up well in photos but won’t hide your baby when they are seated behind it. 
  • Decorations – Your decoration choices for a smash cake in Singapore are almost unlimited. We recommend getting a big “1” frosted on the cake, or otherwise, you can use a candle to show their age. Choose your color scheme for the photoshoot in advance, which you can then match their clothing and accessories to. The only colors we recommend avoiding are brown and red, as these are a little too closely related to certain bodily functions! You will probably want to stick to a lighter color, as dark cakes can become very messy.
  • Ingredients – Baby smash cakes can be made to fit your baby’s requirements, so you’ll want to let the baker know if your baby can’t eat wheat, refined sugar, or egg. Many bakers will avoid using eggs altogether, as so many babies are sensitive to this ingredient. Nuts are another ingredient to avoid, as so many babies are allergic to them. Avoid buying a cake that has too much sugar in it, as this can give your baby a sugar rush, making them either hyperactive or anxious.
  • Avoid Chocolate Cake – Even if you think your child will enjoy a chocolate cake, we encourage you to avoid it. It looks very gross when it gets all over the baby’s legs and won’t create the images you’ve always dreamed of. Stick to a plain vanilla cake for young babies.
  • Frosting – The frosting is what makes a cake smash for babies so much fun for both you and the baby. We always recommend avoiding harder fondant and instead stick with butter or whipped cream frosting. This will allow your baby to enjoy diving into the frosting and getting messy, which creates the most memorable photos from this occasion. This is one of the reasons we always recommend using one of the best cake shops in the area, as they make much softer frosting than store-bought cakes.
  • Encourage Your Baby To Eat Cake Beforehand – If your baby hasn’t eaten cake before and you’ve booked a special photoshoot or party for this occasion, we encourage you to get them familiar with the cake before the big day. You’ll be able to find out what type of cake they like best, and they’ll get used to the texture and taste of the cake.
  • Candles and Toppers – Candles and toppers are a great way to decorate a plainer cake. Remember that these will be removed within minutes, so you don’t need to spend an absolute fortune on them. As they likely will have a spike to stick into the cake, you need to remove them to avoid injuring your baby once the fun begins.
  • Pack Alternative Snacks – If you think your child isn’t going to enjoy the cake at all, we encourage you to pack some extra snacks for the big day. Something you know they will enjoy may entice them to get involved with the fun more. While you might find it surprising that a kid wouldn’t like cake, it’s a lot more common than you might expect.

Top Cake Shops for a Baby Smash Cake in Singapore

Disclaimer: Please note that all the cake shops listed here are excellent, and we have listed them randomly. Their position does not imply a “rating” or “ranking” by Shutterturf.


Delcie’s offers a full range of options for a baby cake smash in Singapore, and you’ll find they can cater to any allergies by eliminating the necessary ingredients in their cakes. They’ve won multiple local awards for their work, including the Singapore Heartland Enterprise Star Award and the 2020 Top 3 Cake Shops in Kallang. 

Previous customers praise their attention to detail and the stunning cakes they create. They bake simple yet stylish designs that will look perfect in your baby cake smash photos this year.

Website – https://delcies.com/ 


All of the cakes at Sooperlicious are handmade from scratch and contain reduced sugar, which is ideal for a baby smash cake. The company is a Muslim-owned bakery and is recognized under the SMCCI. 

They’ve won multiple awards in the past, including the Best in Singapore award. Clients praise the care and attention that goes into every cake and their ability to take a concept and make it into a reality for a smash cake in Singapore.

Website – https://sooperlicious.com/

Cake Inspiration

Cake Inspiration is known for its beautiful Korean-style cakes. They offer simple cakes or more intricate designs, depending on what you need for your smash cake in Singapore. With over six years of experience creating their stunning cakes, clients are always satisfied with the personalization and care that’s put into each cake.

They can also create custom 3D cakes, so you can create something even more extravagant if that’s what you are after for your baby cake smash in Singapore.

Website – https://www.cake-inspiration.com/

Le Petit Empire Designer Cakes

Le Petit Empire Designer Cakes offers a wide range of incredible cakes that will wow your family and friends for your baby cake smash. You’ll be impressed by the designs they can create, which can be fully customized to your baby’s favorite color or cartoon characters. 

The company has previously baked for Singapore Airlines and LinkedIn and has taken part in the Le Cordon Bleu cake decorating program in 2017. Previous reviews praise the soft and creamy texture of the cake and how great they look in their baby smash photos.

Website – https://designercakes.sg/ 

Bob The Baker Boy

Bob, the Baker Boy, is one of Singapore’s leading healthy cake specialists, who use soft and moist chiffon cake layers. Their cakes are lower in sugar than ordinary customized cakes, so they are suitable for sugar-sensitive babies. 

They’ve baked for many of the top celebrities and companies in the country, including Nokia and Prudential. Customers always praise the wide selection of 500 cakes you can choose from and the delicious taste of the low-sugar cakes.

Website – https://bobthebakerboy.com/ 

Creme Maison

If you are looking for something a little fancier for your baby cake smash in Singapore, you’ll love the gourmet cakes on offer from Creme Maison. They offer a wide range of color schemes and themes. 

Thanks to their stunning designs and excellent craftsmanship, they’ve been featured in various newspapers and online publications, such as The Straits Times and Lifestyle Asia. Client testimonials praise their quick turnaround time and the quality of the cakes they produce.

Website – https://crememaison.com/

Lynn’s Cakes

Lynn’s Cakes are a Halal-certified bakery in Singapore, who offers a wide selection of cakes in various sizes and flavors. You’ll find that they can fully customize your cakes for your baby smash cake and are well-reviewed throughout the community. 

A previous client stated they are great for babies and children and, “Cakes are freshly baked with well-balanced taste and moist texture.” They offer some really fun, colorful designs which will stand out during any baby cake smash photo session.

Website – https://www.lynnscakes.com.sg/en_SG/

Yours Sincerely

Theme your baby smash cake after your baby’s favorite color or cartoon character with a cake from Yours Sincerely. They have been featured in Best in Singapore and Mothership and offer surprise cakes and customized baby cakes. 

All of the cakes are made from scratch, which the bakers are regularly praised for by their clients. They will work with you to create a memorable cake for your family and your baby cake smash in Singapore.

Website – https://www.yourssincerelybakery.com/

Temptations Cakes

Open since 1985, Temptations Cakes is one of the most established bakeries in Singapore. They’ve been awarded the Best Cake Shop in Singapore and Best Durian Cakes by multiple publications, and their Signature Chocolate Etoile Cake is one of the best-selling cakes of its type on the island. 

They are known for their loyal customer base who repeatedly return cakes for their children as they grow up after celebrating their baby’s 1st birthday.

Website – https://www.temptationscakes.com.sg/

Bread Garden

Bread Garden can cater to any birthday or celebration and work with you to create the cake of your dreams. They offer a perfect combination of tradition and innovation, and you’ll find that each bite of the cake delights anyone who tries it. 

They’ve been baking since the 1980s, so you’ll be in great hands with Bread Garden. Customers praise how much effort they put into each cake and the stunning designs they create. Make sure you pick up a few cookies for the adults to enjoy, as they are renowned for these throughout Singapore.

Website – https://www.breadgarden.com.sg/


When planning a baby cake smash in Singapore, we recommend following our top tips listed above to ensure you purchase a cake that your baby will enjoy destroying and eating. All of the bakeries on our list today provide high-quality cakes that will look stunning in your photos and will be the centerpiece of your baby’s 1st birthday party.

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What is a smash cake? 

A smash cake is a cake that’s designed especially for a baby’s first birthday during a baby cake smash in Singapore. The idea behind the smash cake is that your baby will get involved with the fun and break apart the cake. This cake is generally softer and is created just for young children to enjoy, without some of the common ingredients a cake would usually include.

What are smash cakes made of? 

Smash cakes are made from typical cake ingredients such as flour, milk, butter, sugar, and eggs. However, many smash cakes are tailored to accommodate baby’s allergies. You’ll find that you can remove eggs, nuts, wheat, and sugar as needed to fit your baby’s needs. Many smash cakes contain no egg, as this is a common allergy for children.

What is the difference between a smash cake and a regular cake? 

A smash cake is usually much softer than a regular cake and will typically contain fewer eggs and minimal sugar. A baby smash cake needs to be much squashier for your baby to deconstruct, and the frosting will always be much creamier. A good smash cake will have a soft and crumbly texture, making it easier for it to fall apart in their hands.

What cake is best for a cake smash? 

A basic vanilla cake is your best option for a baby smash cake. We highly recommend you avoid a chocolate cake, as this won’t look the best in photos. Due to the baby’s allergies and developing tastes, we recommend avoiding any form of flavoring and keep the cake as plain as possible to make the cake more enjoyable for your baby.

Can you eat a smash cake? Can a 1-year-old eat a birthday cake?

There’s no reason why an adult couldn’t eat a baby smash cake, but you probably won’t think it tastes quite the same as a regular adult’s birthday cake. These cakes are created just for a one-year-old to enjoy and will often contain less sugar or fewer eggs than a traditional cake.

How much does a smash cake cost? 

The cost of the smash cake will be dependent on the size of the cake you go for and the decorations you choose to add. Expect prices to start at $60 for a basic, smaller cake and work up to $150-200 or more for an extravagant baby smash cake.

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