20 Phenomenal Sydney food photographers (2024)

Looking for an amazing Sydney Food photographer for your brand? We've got you covered - here are some of the best ones to choose from.

With the growing number of restaurants, F&B businesses, and food blogging in Sydney, the demand for Sydney food photographers is on a hike. These professionals click appealing pictures of food and drinks that induce viewers to place an order, like your post, or visit your restaurant.

They intend to spark desire!

And they fulfill it well. Food photography Sydney makes a difference when it comes to catching people’s attention. This is especially important for this industry since it thrives on craving and impulse purchases. 

Whether it’s online, on a billboard, through a restaurant window, or on the menu; having professionals take your food pictures means that you can be relaxed and confident. These high-quality images will lead to more social media engagement, increased footfall, and a huge profit boost. 

Moreover, these professionals understand what makes food look good. So, they help you with preparation and styling alongside photographing. From knowing great angles to preparing the right kind of food, the photographers provide excellent services of food photography in Sydney. 

So, don’t wait up! Go through the list below and check out the photographers you like. 

Looking for a Food Photographers in Sydney?

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Briefly let us know your photoshoot details and we will connect you with the most appropriate photographer.

Roman Wolczak Photographer

Roman knows how to light and take great stills of food. He recognizes what to focus on to create a shot truly worth drooling over. A dedicated, hard-working photographer based in Sydney has a passion for capturing great photography. Roman is up for any challenge and will deliver your brief and help you market your product and brand.

Great photography is a necessity, not a luxury. It’s an investment in your business and generates sales, and quickly pays a return on the investment. Whether you are after photography for your newly opened restaurant or an established chain that needs new imagery, he will deliver quality photos that whet your appetite.

Click here to visit their website.

LocKlick Images

Maxine is a well-known Sydney food photographer. She loves food and photography. There is nothing more that she loves than being able to style food while taking beautiful images! She also loves playing with liquids, making a mess, and being creative with beverage images.

Maxine generally prefers to use artificial lighting, as she will have control over how the light works. She loves the flexibility to be able to work at any time of the day, as well as knowing exactly how the light will turn out in her images. Plus, it allows her to play and experiment with lighting to create new and exciting ways to light her photos.

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Danella Chalmers Photography

Danella Chalmers has a relaxed and down-to-earth approach to photography and offers the ideal blend of technical skills and creative flair. Specializing in food, interiors, and still life photography, she is passionate about her craft and meticulous about the details.

Danella is well known for producing high-quality, clean, and unique imagery. Her photographic style captures both simplicity and elegance. Offering more than just an eye behind the lens, Danella is actively dedicated to producing the best results for each and every client. This includes both pre and postproduction support.

With over a decade of industry experience under her belt, Danella realizes the full potential of any photo brief.

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Andy Lewis Photography

Andy is an accomplished Sydney food photographer. He has his fully-equipped kitchen studio where he conducts several photoshoots with brands and businesses. Most of his work is concentrated around advertising, packaging, and editorial briefs.

Andy’s photography, lighting, and retouching skills are what make him the best in the game. Be it eye-catching images, mouth-watering videos, or engaging animations – he ensures that your brand is displayed the best. 

Besides all this, Andy is enthusiastic and relaxed at the same time. So, with him, you get one of the most memorable experiences of food photography in Sydney. Hence, his clients include some of the largest brands including Woolworth’s, Havana Club, Coles, and BBC Good Food.

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Omid Photography

Omid is all about capturing memories that ‘make people’s mouths water and put a smile on their faces. Thus, he is a specialized Sydney food photographer and believes that each food item has its style and personality. That is what he wishes to document. 

The photographer celebrates the delight of Australian cuisines (both food and beverage) by working with famous brands and local artisans alike. Some of his clients include industry leaders like MLA (Meat and Livestock Australia), Guzan Y Gomez, and David Jones.

So, if you require professional and unique food photography in Sydney, do not hesitate to contact Omid.

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Richard Weinstein Photography

Richard, an award-winning Sydney food photographer, has his studio situated in Alexandria, New South Wales. He is all about the commercial space. Be it food pictures, product photographs, or still life: Richard does it all in a uniquely technical manner.

He has been the winner of the L’otel Best Photographer competition. He also spent a year documenting the people, places, and events in Pretoria, South Africa in 1988. Some of his clients include Bloomingdales, Dulux, White Wings, and UNSW Sydney. He works as per the client’s schedules and put in extra effort to see to their satisfaction. 

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The Gourmet Guerilla

The Gourmet Guerilla is a food styling, photography, and strategic digital marketing studio located in Newtown, Sydney. They take care of a brand’s complete marketing needs by providing high-quality appetizing food pictures and other services like campaign management and 360-degree strategies.

During photoshoots, they take care of everything from background curation to food styling, from pre-production shoot design to post-production image enhancement and studio imagery to in-venue photography. The Sydney food photographer(s) tells your brand story to the world and makes the process the easiest for you. 

Thus, they have collaborated with various brands like Saskia Beer, The Daily Telegraph, Chachi’s, and Fisher & Paykel. They were also rewarded as Australia’s Top 50 Influencer. So, you know your business is in good hands with The Gourmet Guerilla. 

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Tanya Zouev Photography

Tanya is all about the commercial photography space. For over 30 years now, she has been assisting various brands and businesses by delivering quality images tailored to their needs.

She is a specialized Sydney food photographer. It brings two of her passions together: photography and food. So, you know Tanya will be assisting you in all – be it food preparation, styling, or photography.; 

She has worked with various clients like KitchenAid, Oreo, Kit Kat, OzHarvest, and Murdoch Books.

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Adrian Harrison Photography

Adrian has worked in more than 72 industries for commercial photography. He is an expertise Sydney food photographer with 12 years of experience.

Adrian understands how poor-quality images on websites, pamphlets, and marketing collaterals affect your business. So, he guides businesses right from the brief to preparation to shoot. Adrian also makes sure that everyone gets the best results. He ensures that his pictures make an impact. 

Hence, Adrian’s clients appreciate his talent and expertise. They feel that he meets ‘high-quality standards’ and delivers ‘consistent results’. Naomi Rissotto, the General Manager of LaRoyalle praised his attention to detail. 

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Lantern Studio

Run by Michelle and Andrew Young, Lantern Studio is a creatively adorned professional photography hub. It is dedicated to capturing images that are only stunning and satisfy the requirements of its clients. 

While they are also into travel, people, and interior photography and videography services, food is one of their areas of expertise. They have also been actively involved in the advertising space. Be assured that the photographs will not only be visually appealing but will also convert prospects. 

So, check out Lantern Studio and contact them for food photography in Sydney. This might turn out to be your best business decision.

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ProLens Photography

The first wave of digital cameras was when Marie Williams started developing her interest in photography. Today, 20 years later, she has become a successful Sydney food photographer.

She also specializes in other photography. Be it food, fashion, interior, architecture, corporate, or event photography and videography: Marie has it all covered. Also, her specializations are not limited to these niches. 

Besides her versatility, her clients appreciate her excellent quality work. They like how she manages and communicates, and streamlines highly stressed commercial photoshoots. The way she connects with their vision assists her in delivering a seamless experience of food photography in Sydney. 

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Louise Lister Photography

With over 20 years of experience in the commercial photography space, Louise Lister is the best Syndey food photographer. You can book her services for indoor and outdoor shoots, and she will be happy to help you.

Louise understands that each client is different, and so are their requirements. Thus, she reads the brief carefully and offers the right inputs to broaden one’s vision. Her sound knowledge of food styling, preparation, copywriting, and nutritional analysis bears evidence to her experience in the space. 

Then, Louise assembles the right team, conducts the shoot(s), and makes sure that everything is done on time.

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Hero Shot Photography

This studio is all about the commercial and corporate photography space. Sammer, the owner, and photographer understands that each business is unique and has different branding requirements. 

While a big part of Hero Shot Photography is focused on professional headshots, food is also one of their specializations; and they are exceptional. They bring out the essence of your brand and portray it most appealingly. The studio works on the motto – When you look good, we look good. 

Thus, they have over 350 five-star Google reviews and have been independently rated in the top 3 photographers in Sydney for four consecutive years (2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020). The studio has also worked with clients like Google, LinkedIn, Porsche, and CBRE. 

Hero Shot Photography undoubtedly offers a seamless and credible experience of food photography in Sydney. Do check out their portfolio.

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Benjamin Townsend Photography

Benjamin Townsend Photography provides exceptional photographic, post-production, motion, and visual marketing services for nearly 20 years now. It has worked with small to medium businesses, corporate, and government departments. 

Thriving on creativity and technique, Benjamin, an accomplished Sydney food photographer, considers photography as a medium of showing people what they haven’t seen before. 

He understands commercial photography as a way to deliver the brand message in a professional, creative, and engaging way. He tries to bring out the business’ image with the photographs so that viewers feel connected to it and convert. This strategy works very well with food businesses as they thrive on visuals. 

Besides guidance and food photography Sydney, Benjamin Townsend studio handles your content, marketing, and creativity needs. So, check them out now. 

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Mackintosh Photography

Mackintosh Photography, a Sydney-based commercial photography studio, works in different areas of commercial photography. They shoot food, corporate, and architecture.

You can contact them for food photography services and see your brand boom. The photographers’ expertise, experience, and creativity ensure this. They understand that each client is unique and that the pictures should express it. They also know how important photographs are for food businesses to brand themselves. Thus, they produce quality images for hotels and resorts to display on their websites, magazines, and annual reports. 

Moreover, their clients are satisfied with their services. They appreciate the photographers’ professionalism, creativity, and friendly demeanor. So, book Mackintosh Photography for a worthwhile experience of food photography in Sydney.

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Head Shot Factory

George Fetting is an award-winning commercial photographer. He is one of Sydney’s best commercial and corporate photographers with several large multinational clients.

George works with celebrity portraits, corporate, editorial, travel, lifestyle, and interiors. Food is one of his areas of specialization, and he does a great job with it. Be it styling or capturing food, George has got it right.

He has worked with various creative and commercial agencies, even in senior full-time roles. He knows how important it is to produce marketable content for food businesses, especially when pictures often convert prospects into customers. Therefore, he brings the viewer into his images while shooting and makes sure that they achieve the desired goals.

Besides expertise and professionalism, George’s humor has also been appreciated by his clients and colleagues. So, for fun and professional food photography in Sydney, contact George now. 

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Benito Martin Photography

Benito is an award-winning Sydney food photographer. He grew up in a fully-equipped family-run studio and learned about photography from an early age. He took the opportunity to explore the discipline and did a great job at that. 

Today, Benito has his professional studio. He has worked with several clients like Gourmet Traveller, Belvedere, Bed Threads, Delicious, and Four Pillars, and has delivered satisfactory services to all.

What fascinates Benito the most about photography is light and the way it adds another dimension to photographs. Considering photography as a passion and an art form rather than a career option is why Benito is one of the best at food photography in Sydney. Check out his website to learn about his work. 

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Sam I Am Management and Production

Sam I Am is the collaboration among several photographers and videographers who collectively cover all the aspects of visual storytelling. Therefore, Sam I Am is the one-stop solution for all your marketing and branding requirements.

Be it print media needs, webpage images, social media videos, or advertisement pictures, Sam I Am has got it all covered. They also provide complete content services across all the platforms (social media, websites, print media, etc.). Their widely sold freelance packages are specifically tailored to their clients’ needs because client satisfaction is their primary goal.

This collaboration is all about creativity, technique, brand confidence, and client service. So, contact Sam I Am Productions for the best food photography services in Sydney. Trust us – you will not regret this decision. 

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Zoom In With Eden Photography

Eden Connell is a professional freestyle photographer offering services across various domains. Be it family and wedding shoots, brand photography, or high-energy event photoshoots: Eden captures it all. He also collaborates for advertising campaigns and promotional shoots and has worked with clients like Shangri-La Hotels, Nestle, and Rydges Hotels.

He studied at the Australian Centre for Photography before taking it up as a full-time career and had held sales and marketing positions across several industries. Thus, his guidance is invaluable to his clients. So, with Eden, you get a friend and a confidant along with an excellent experience of food photography in Sydney. 

Click here to visit their website.  

Alise Black Photographic Studios

Alise is a Sydney food photographer with 20 years of experience. She works in the commercial spaces of food, fashion, and product. The studio also captures portrait and branding images. 

Established by Alise years back, it now has a well-knit team of 6 photographers and support staff. They are known for exceptional client service. Besides capturing images, they also service the campaigns of small businesses and offer suggestions for their growth. 

Their creativity, professionalism, and attention to detail distinguish them from others in the area. Clients have also applauded the studio for its combined talent and resourcefulness; not to mention the praises received by the photographers’ professional, fun, and friendly demeanor. 

Click here to visit their website.


Now that you know some of the top Sydney food photographers, you must have eyed a few of your favorites. 

However, you must understand that these pictures represent your brand. You are not just creating content for your website and social pages but also your company’s image. So, you must hire the right photographer. 

Go through their websites and portfolios, discuss with your colleagues, and shortlist the professionals you like. You can also check out Pinterest to create the perfect mood board. Then, contact them and schedule a meeting. Talk, ask the right questions, and make sure that your interests align before booking their services.

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How much does a food photoshoot cost?

For a two-hour food photoshoot in Sydney, the average price you can expect to pay the photographer is around the range of $300-500. On average, a one-hour food shoot will cost $200-250, and a four-hour shoot will cost around $800.

Why should you hire a food photographer?

Food photography is a brilliant way to promote your restaurant and menu with engaging images. The best food photography will make your mouth water and make your dining experience when you finally go there all the more memorable. This boosts your sales with visual appeal and can even help you with your SEO by building up a substantial image library.

What are the benefits of food styling?

Food styling not only creates the appearance of freshness but can also make the food look juicy or even hot. Food photography is not just about making food look good. As a food photographer, there are more creative aspects that are important for a final shot. The food needs to be styled to give the customers an idea about the actual food.

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