36 Outstanding Wedding Photographers in London (2024)

Check out our article to find you one of the outstanding wedding photographers in London for your special day!

Have planned the perfect wedding? Great! Now, you just need the right photographer.

One’s wedding day is one of the most joyous occasions in their life. It is a celebration of love, joy, laughter, and togetherness.

That’s why people spend months planning, micromanaging, and arranging everything for the ‘big day.’ Anything less than perfect isn’t acceptable, be it, the place, the ambiance, the dress, the music, or the cake. 

And why should it be? After all, it’s one of the best days in your life, right? 

However, another essential thing is to capture the day in all its essence. So, when your wedding day is over, you will have more than intangible memories to remember it by. 

This is where professional wedding photographers come in. They document a couple’s big day through timeless photographs and videos and give them the opportunity to relive it. These snaps remind you of the love, togetherness, and happiness you shared with your friends, family, and partner that day. 

Years down the line, when you find your wedding album in some obscure part of the house, the memories will come rushing back. These photos will help you feel each moment vividly and fully relive the day. Remember that these are the pictures that you will show to your kids. 

Just think of them looking at their parents’ young days in surprise excited to learn all about them. They will point out each quirk and would want to know the stories behind every picture.  Your keepsake will serve as a family heirloom being passed onto your kids as a gateway to love, beauty, and nostalgia. 

This is why you want your wedding pictures to be absolutely stunning and the only way to do this is by hiring the right wedding photographer. 

You must be thinking, “Where do I find a good wedding photographer?”

Don’t worry; we are here to guide you with it. Read the article to find out all that you need to know about the wedding photographers in London.

Looking for Wedding Photographers in London?

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Emma Jane Photography

As one of the award-winning fashion and wedding photographers in London, Emma-Jane creates fashion-inspired romantic imagery. In other words, she makes sure that the angles, backdrop, props, venue, and every other element align to give a complete picture of your wedding day.

Emma-Jane has been in the game for over ten years now. Also, she has been photographing destination weddings for around 2 years. Her unique photography style and organizational talents get her amazing clients from around the world.

While being creative, Emma-Jane is a problem solver. She loves scheduling, managing, organizing, and dealing with things. So, she handles a lot of activities behind the scenes and makes sure that the wedding goes seamlessly. 

Also, she has been featured in Elle UK Magazines as one of their Top 12 UK wedding photographers.

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Babb Photo

Laura Babb is an award-winning wedding and family photographer based in London. She is an advocate of candid photography style and believes in capturing moments as they happen. 

She has photographed 300 weddings in the past 10 years, capturing real sparks and emotions each time. Laura wants to build the best possible memories of the people who invite her to their big day. So, she is completely unobtrusive while working.

She has been Rangefinder Magazine’s 30 stars of worldwide photography. She was also the photography judge at The Wedding Industry Awards. So, with Laura, be sure that you are in good hands.  

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Sharron Gibson Photographer

Sharron Gibson is a multi-award-winning wedding photographer based in London.

Her wedding photography style is authentic and artistic. She loves to capture the real and honest moments that happen naturally at weddings. Her aesthetic is beautiful and creative, and her relaxed, friendly nature quickly puts clients at ease, thus providing the space for more such moments.

Her style is a mixture of fine art and photojournalism. Also, she loves using interesting light to create beautiful portraits that are really special and unique to her clients.

Sharron loves photographing weddings and has been doing it for nearly 10 years. For her, the best part if feeling all the emotions that happen at a wedding. They are days filled with pure joy, nerves, excitement, and laughter; and that’s what she tries to capture. She feels that these images bring back all the love that surrounds the couples when they see their photos.

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Nick Tucker Photography

Nick Tucker is an internationally acclaimed wedding photographer, based in London and the South East. He has shot weddings as far afield as Australia and Hong Kong.  

Nick’s photos have appeared in the magazines, Hitched and Vogue.  

His style of shooting is an unshowy mix of natural journalistic coverage, shot with an editorial eye.  Blending his equal love of documentary and fashion to create something truly unique is what Nick actually does. This approach has made him one of the best wedding photographers in London as of this day. His photos have appeared in the magazines, Hitched and Vogue.

However, it’s his storytelling that really stands out. His pictures are not your everyday wedding photos—each one is a story with a real sense of immediacy. Looking back, you feel like you are back in the day itself.

Also, Nick is an easy and relaxed presence on the day, letting your day unfold naturally. For him, nothing is staged so nothing has to be awkward.  The day belongs to you and the photos reflect you and your loved ones, so they should be amazing.  

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Jay Rowden Wedding Photography

Jay is a wedding, portrait, and fashion photographer based in London. He has been photographing candid wedding memories since 2009 now. 

Jay uses a documentary style of wedding photography to capture the authentic moments of couples between themselves and their loved ones. He likes clicking happy images of everyone present and believes that the pictures should be able to recreate the joy, happiness, and love everyone felt that day. 

Jay understands how shy people can be in front of a camera, so he tries to keep a low profile and be as unobtrusive as possible. He loves weddings because of these emotions, sentiments, and beauty. He likes how each wedding is different and, despite all the planning, they are full of surprises. 

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Helen Abraham Photography

Helen Abraham is another wedding photographer you can contact if you don’t prefer posing. She understands shy clients well and makes sure that she gets them comfortable with her calm and easy-going approach. Also, Helen uses the documentary style of wedding photography. 

She is a people person who understands people and their stories well; she aims to bring out the same in her pictures. 

Helen takes candid pictures of her clients; the ones that bring out the maximum love, joy, and other beautiful sentiments. She connects with them emotionally, blends in with the guests during the wedding, and unobtrusively captures everyone’s great photos and videos.

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Adams Wedding Photography

Adams is another great award-winning London-based photographer. He uses the reportage style of wedding photography with an artistic touch that distinguishes him from others in the game. 

Also, he is all about candid images and authenticity. Adams captures the beautiful moments between couples and their loved ones. He notices little moments of eye contact, gestures, and affection between them and expresses this through his pictures. Adams lets everyone sees the world through his eyes; that is, beautiful, joyous, and full of love. 

He understands that this is possible only if he is unobtrusive and easy-going. Also, he has worked with weddings of different cultures like Asian, Chinese, and Nigerian. This has broadened his perspective and given him a deeper understanding of everything. 

He has won the Best Wedding Photography Wedisson Awards in 2015 and was labeled as one of the 50 Best UK Photographers in 2020. 

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Douglas Fry – Wedding Photographer

Douglas is another London-based wedding photographer who specializes in the reportage style of photography. He is passionate about the subject; this fuels his creativity and lets him do the job better.

Also, Douglas is a fan of natural light. He doesn’t use flash and prefers not using elaborate lighting experience when he can use sunlight to brighten up his images and videos. 

Moreover, he is all about authenticity. He doesn’t enjoy taking strictly posed shots and feels that it is best when couples and their loved ones can be themselves. After all, a wedding is all about spending time with your close ones. 

So, Douglas blends in with the guests and unobtrusively captures the best images. 

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Jermaine Chandra

Jermaine is one of the most vivid wedding photographers in London. He shoots weddings and lifestyles. Needless to say, his style is more or less documentary.

Jermaine believes that even the smallest of elements can make or destroy a picture. So, he works with light, energy, composition, and color to make sure that they all complement each other before capturing the best images. 

His pictures are authentic; they bring out the emotions and sentiments of the couple and guests on the wedding day. He observes their beautiful moments, understands their importance, and unexpectedly brings them out through his photography and videography skills. Also, Jermaine is creative enough to think on his feet and punctual enough to work with a tight timeline.

If that sounds like something you want, do check out Jermaine’s website. 

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Haych Weddings

Haych Weddings is run by Haris and Chloe, two of the best videographers and wedding photographers in London who seek to capture special moments in a way that’s “thoughtful, natural, and authentic”. 

Though the globe-trotting duo is based in London, they’ve covered weddings of various cultures around the world — from traditional English weddings to Asian ceremonies, and even interracial couples. 

Their style of shooting is very candid and relaxed, capturing the intimate details that are usually overlooked. Thus, their work is unique in its own way. Also, through simultaneous capture of both photos and videos during the event, they ensure perfect coverage to help couples relive the memories of the day. 

Their clients often praise their non-intrusive and fun-loving work ethic. As one couple put it, it’s like having “another pair of friends”.

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Wedding Photoz

Kishen Borkhatria is an award-winning Asian creative offering wedding photography services to weddings of various cultures (including Hindu, Sikh, and Muslim) worldwide.

He works mostly in Watford and the UK with his team. Together, they capture Asian and Indian weddings in documentary style and ensure that their clients have a lasting memory of the day. Their photojournalistic approach will help you relive every moment of your wedding day.

Kishen feels that photographing weddings is more than just posing for portraits. These pictures are the only tangible thing left over after a wedding; they should capture all the emotions of the wedding day as they happen. He considers it an honor to be able to document those feelings by creating timeless memories that will be cherished for generations.

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Moments Catchers Photography

Moments Catchers is a wedding photography and videography creative company based in London. 

This husband-wife duo is one of the best wedding photographers in London who do what they really love: capture love, moments, and emotions in photo and video. 

Moments Catchers’ style is natural and candid with fewer posed shots. They feel that their clients can be more relaxed this way and can enjoy their day with family and friends. 

On the wedding day, you will find them among your guests capturing the day as it happens. They don’t intrude and make sure that you enjoy your moments with your family and friends. 

If that sounds like something you want, do check out their website now!

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Promenade Studios Photography

Another one of the best wedding photographers in London, Mike lives in Market Harborough, the UK with his wife, two kids, and a dachshund. He has worked as a wedding photographer for over 17 years and loves absolutely everything about them: the details, colors, the jokes, people’s reactions as well as those most precious moments.

Mike doesn’t believe in stiff posing and producing sterile records of the day. He has a passion for unobtrusive, fine art documentary wedding photography and making people comfortable in front of the lens. Thus, his approach is always friendly and flexible. Besides, Mike is a technically sound photographer who maintains the utmost professionalism.

Thus, his clients love him and appreciate his service. They like how he t show the REAL person in his pictures without any fakery, just by using his creative palette and method. 

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Vistolia Photography

Vistolia is a professional wedding and event photographer who has been capturing beautiful moments in big and small ceremonies for years now. He has worked across the UK and has also photographed several destination weddings abroad.

His style of photography is quite versatile so much so that he tailors the look of his photographs based completely on the client’s preference. Also, he uses top-grade equipment, including a high-resolution camera, an arsenal of lenses, and lighting tools for all occasions. Moreover, he is a competent retoucher and can edit photos to a very high standard.

Vistolia offers a variety of wedding packages for all types of weddings and budgets.

So, no matter what your preference is, it is worth going through Vistolia’s website. Do check it out now! 

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Veronica Aguilar Photography

Another of the amazing wedding photographers in London, Veronica started her journey in quite a unique manner, when two of her dearest friends were getting married. They were shy and knowing Veronica’s photography experience and how much she loved photography, they asked her to be their wedding photographer. Veronica took the call and, since then, she never stopped. 

Veronica loves wedding photography because of the joyous ambiance. Everyone is happy; they are having a great time surrounded by family and friends. And they welcome her to be a part of it.

So, her goal is to not only capture the amazing little moments that you didn’t even know were happening, but also give her couples the best possible experience. She loves to know them and what they value before turning those values into pieces of art that they would cherish forever. 

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Benni Carol Photography

This Italian sister duo is another of the best wedding photographers in London. They work around the UK and also provide services in Italy.

They specialize in sustainable, outdoor, and bohemian weddings, adventurous elopements, and intimate destination weddings. As a team, Benni Carol’s unique and alternative style of photography reflects their love for nature, blending boho-chic elegance with a candid, reportage approach.

They are both passionate about environmental issues; they specialize in sustainable outdoor and intimate weddings for their lower impact on the environment. Also, they mainly work with the suppliers that share our ethos. So, they have created an eco-friendly supplier network to promote a more sustainable approach in the wedding industry.

If that sounds like something interesting, do check Benni Carol Photography’s website now! 

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Alex Beckett Photography

Alex Beckett is one of the best multi-award-winning wedding photographers in London. He captures weddings across the UK and other destinations worldwide. 

Consistently voted as one of the top Pre-Wedding and Wedding Photographers in London, Alex first won international recognition with the Junebug Best of the Best award in 2015. Since then, he has won major, prestigious awards every year. 

He is also regularly featured in “The Times” newspaper and was recently profiled on UK television as the leading expert in London pre-weddings. 

Besides the wedding, Alex helps you plan the perfect pre-wedding shoot. His team ensures the best experience possible in any situation. They work hard to create fantastic photographs and give you an unforgettable trip and a slide show that will really wow the guests at your wedding banquet. 

If that sounds like something you want, do contact Alex Beckett Photography now. 

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SanShine Photography

San ‘Sanshine’ Shawe is a multi-award-winning photographer, widely regarded as one of the best wedding photographers worldwide. While based in Uk, San and her team frequently travel around the world to capture weddings, proposals, and engagements.

Their photography style is often described as ‘natural light artistry’. This is mainly because Sam likes to showcase the beauty of natural and ambient light to tell the love stories of her clients. This is why her pictures are unique and beautiful.

Moreover, Sanshine Photography is best known for its unique and fairytale style of capturing events and putting a little bit of subtle magic into every photograph. This makes the memory of each wedding moment worthy of being cherished for generations.

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Kristian Leven Photography

The proud owner of a prestigious Wedding Industry Award, and now one of the judges for the highly respected awards, Kristian is one the best wedding photographers in London.

He uses a documentary style of photography as a unique combination of photojournalism and street photography to create wonderfully natural photographs. His pictures are solemn; they don’t just tell the story of the weddings but also manage to capture the character of the special couple in front of the lens.

Thus, his work has gained him praise from around the world. He has been featured on the BBC, The Times, and Hello magazine. 

If that intrigues you, do check out Kristian Leven Photography now!

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Queen Bea Photography

Queen Bea Photography is based in Chelsea, West London. The studio offers relaxed, unposed, and un-awkward wedding photography, perfect for easy-going couples who want to enjoy their wedding day while also making sure of the beautiful images. 

Here, your story is sneakily captured in pictures; it is all about the real moments; delirious laughter, happy tears, wide grins, and all the little bits in between which you may miss in the whirlwind that is your wedding day. So, the studio’s relaxed, friendly approach allows you and your guests to just be themselves, forget you’re on camera, and have an awesome day without being pulled out of an amazing moment and being asked to ‘smile!!’.

Visually, their photos lean towards the light and airy, fine art style, but with lots of fun and fewer flatlays of invitations. That is soft, film-like tones, creamy skin, and muted greens. 

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Filmmakers of London

Chris and his company, ‘Filmmakers of London’ have been capturing weddings since 2014. The studio is all about the documentary style of wedding photography.

Filmmakers of London believe in sharing a story through their images and videos. They take a subtle approach to photography and capture the natural moments of a day, mixed with the odd traditional shots. Their easy-going and systematic approach puts even the most camera-shy couples at ease.

Also, the best part is that Chris’ upbeat attitude resonates in his images. And having a team who can cover video as well as photography means his photos and videos style will complement each other to provide total coverage of events. 

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Couple of London Photography

Karolina and Zibi are two of the best wedding photographers in London who follow a candid photography style. They are all about authentic moments, connections, beauty, and joy. So, they blend in with the guests, carry a small camera, and capture these unforgettable memories for the couple and their loved ones.

They are easy-going professionals with an eye for details. Their clients love this attitude and highly recommend them. They appreciate how these photographers put their happiness above all else to deliver the most satisfactory results. 

So, if you are looking for beautiful candid wedding images, you would love a Couple of London Photography. Do check out their website!

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Moments like These

“Moments Like These” Wedding Photography is run by Andrei Kertesz, one of the best wedding photographers in London. Andrei has a passion for photographing people. And he loves the buzz and emotions on a wedding day.

Andrei started his photography journey with a degree in photography that helped him learn the key skills needed to capture a wedding day beautifully. Since then, he has worked in the industry on a variety of weddings to develop and adapt his skills over time. He has learned how to customize his potential differently for every individual couple, and deliver the most satisfactory results.

He also shoots destination weddings around the world. So, no matter where your wedding is, you can check out the studio now. 

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Horaczko Photography in London

Ewa is a professional portrait photographer based in London. She shoots weddings, secret proposals, pre-wedding, engagement, and lifestyle family sessions. She is also into destination wedding shoots and feels honored to be a part of a couple’s beautiful journey.

Ewa likes being motivated and believes in taking inspiration and ideas from everywhere. So, she is one of the most cooperative wedding photographers in London; her goal is to make her clients happy with her work. After all, it’s their day!

Thus, everyone she works with loves her. They respect her for her creativity, photographic abilities, and professionalism that, along with her easy-going attitude, deliver the best visuals. 

If that sounds like something you want, contact Horaczko Photography now.  

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Luis Gomes Photography

Luis Gomes Photography & Videography is a wedding photography company based in London, England. 

The owner, Luis is an approachable and energetic professional whose goals are to make you feel comfortable from the first photo to the last. He believes in hearing his clients’ stories and knowing them before working with them. This way, he brings out the apt emotions through his pictures and tells their stories. 

Luis has been traveling in different countries and is in England since 2016 trying to establish his company. The studio looks forward to capturing your special day in the form of high-quality prints and beautiful videos. 

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Rik Pennington Photography

One of the best wedding photographers in London, Rik Pennington, is all about real moments, captured naturally and sympathetically. His style can be best described as creative documentary wedding photography with contemporary couple portraits, shot sympathetically and naturally. Thus, Rik indulges in documentary wedding photography with feeling. 

He has a strong composition sense and is obsessed with getting the light right. However,  the emphasis is very much on capturing the real moments of a wedding that creates lasting memories for couples. 

Also, having shot hundreds of weddings over the last 13 years, Rik has become increasingly aware of how photography creates an impact in his clients’ lives. He respects that and aims to create a memento of their weddings day that be can be cherished long after the day itself has passed. 

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Boutique Wedding Films and Photography

Boutique Wedding Films & Photography are an award-winning creative team in London. If wedding film and photography are at the top of your wedding planning priorities, they are your perfect choice.

Boutique Wedding Films and Photography have shot hundreds of weddings, from beautiful beaches in Greece to iconic London venues such as The House of Parliament and The Shard. They have also had the pleasure of being present at weddings of different cultures like Hindu, Jewish, Indian, African, Afghan, and Persian. They love their vast experience and use it to create unique wedding films and creative photography.

The studio team believes the most beautiful moments are those of real and natural emotions. So, they won’t have you spending your day parading around in cheesy poses. They would rather capture the true story of your day discreetly and naturally. Then, they would carefully piece it together to create your own beautifully unique cinematic wedding film.

Because of this approach, Boutique Wedding Films and Photography is highly recommended by some prestigious wedding venues like Quendon Hall, Fennes, Gosfield Hall, Leez Priory, The Lawn, Creeksea Place, and That Amazing Place.

Click here to visit their website

In.Twos Photography

“In.Twos” is a husband and wife duo specializing in luxury wedding photography. 

Between them, they have spent the last 8 years capturing beautiful moments between couples, their families, and friends. They have covered grand events with over 800 guests and scenic country houses, and also intimate Covid weddings. They aim to capture natural, fun, and intimate moments, while throwing in a few contemporary posed portraits.

These creatives love their team dynamic. As a married duo, they feel that it is not only fun working together but that they also make great partners. They feel that their going through the ups and downs of the wedding process has facilitated a healthier partnership.

Also, while they shoot the wedding, they also deal with everything behind the scenes. They make sure that the wedding goes seamlessly. 

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Matt Badenoch Photography

Matt Badenoch is a moment-capturing wedding photographer based in the multicultural mixing pot that is London. He blends in as a guest while capturing the energy and atmosphere of your celebration and you and all your guests having a fantastic time. He has won multiple awards for his natural and documentary approach to wedding photography.

The experience you and your guests have with Matt on your wedding day is just as important to him as the photos themselves.

While being based in the UK, Matt has photographed amazing weddings all around the world, from Nepal to Ethiopia and Mexico.

If you are planning a relaxed and fun wedding and want to spend your day partying with your guests instead of posing for staged photos, then Matt might be the perfect photographer for you.

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Monir Ali Photography

Monir Ali’s photography captures amazing people, their moments, and their emotions across the globe to tell their stories. He has always loved telling stories, through photographs.

Stories across all cultures are passed down from one generation to the next, and we use them to engage and relive moments in time, learn about our past, and prepare for the future. Monir aims to capture the essence of your wedding with a series of photographs that take in the little things that make up the bigger picture.

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Hannah Larkin Photography

Hannah is one of the amazing wedding photographers in London. She works in a relaxed, natural style that focuses on capturing emotions and telling the story of your day. She travels across the UK photographing weddings from intimate elopements to multi-day wedding celebrations with hundreds of guests.

Her multicultural wedding celebrations in the UK and Malaysia showed her how to include traditions, cultures, families, and personalities in a wedding. She loves to hear how clients would love to personalize their wedding photoshoots.

Hannah has a very calming personality and helps her clients to relax so that she can capture authentic moments. She looks for small, secret signs of love – a glance, a gesture – and personal touches that tell your story and show what makes you unique.

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Philip Bedford Wedding Photography

Philip Bedford Wedding Photography is a wedding photography company based in South East England. He has been working in the wedding industry for over a decade and has photographed more than 300 weddings.

Philip loves those tender moments shared between couples throughout the day and draws inspiration from your wedding venue and decor to shoot some creative wedding photography. He shoots a mixture of a documentary, reportage style, catching authentic, and candid moments. He also gets creative with flash lighting and some more adventurous shots!

Brides and grooms love Philip’s relaxed documentary style, with minimal posing (if any). They book him as their wedding photographer because they want natural, candid moments while looking amazing on their wedding day. Philip loves working with everyone in wedding photography.

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Tips on shortlisting a wedding photographer in London

Now that you have gone through the list of the top 32 wedding photographers in London, you must shortlist the ones who match your expectations. Then, you need to talk to them and decide whom to hire for your wedding. 

  • Plan: Start by deciding on the kinds of wedding pictures you want. Look up wedding photos and videos on the internet, scroll through social media, and talk to your partner about it. Also, decide on the other kinds of expectations like the apt time coverage for yourself, budget, and other specifics.
  • Talk to your acquaintances: If someone you know had a wedding recently, do approach them for suggestions. Tell them about your requirements; they might know just the right professional for you.
  • Create your own list: Read through the aforementioned list of wedding photographers in London. Pick out the ones you like and go through their websites, portfolios, and social media handles. Research thoroughly about them before shortlisting further. Once done, list the ones you like the most.
  • Interview: Now that you have prepared a shortlist of your prospective wedding photographers, connect with them. Talk to them about their styles and methods of photography; tell them what you like about their work and how they can assist you. Convey your expectations and requirements freely. Also, do ask them about the cost and inclusions of the package. Talk about cancellation and refund policies beforehand.
  • Hire: After talking to your prospective wedding photographers in London, you would surely be inclined towards one of them; the one whose style resonates with your expectations, the one whose charges are in your budget, the one whom you get along with. Don’t wait up; book their services as soon as possible!

Photography package – what all should be included

One of the things you must ask a prospective photographer is what their package includes. You need to balance the inclusions with cost and assess their worth for you. 

Some of the things that are included in a photography package are:

  • Coverage: The time of the shoot should be distinctly mentioned on the photography package, along with the other events you might need photographed like pre-wedding, engagement, and secret proposal. Several wedding photographers provide elaborate packages that include rehearsal dinners and trash-the-dresses. 
  • The number of pictures: Do ask your photographer if there is a cap to the number of pictures you can get in digital and/or print form. Also, ask them if they can give you a USB memory stick of all the final images; this way, you can get them printed from whomever you want. 
  • Albums: Most photographers create wedding albums for their clients. While this may hike up the cost, it’s usually worth it. You can also opt for a password-protected online image gallery. 
  • Canvas frames: A canvas frame is a big collage of wedding pictures that you can hang on your wall just above the mantelpiece or anywhere else in your home. 
  • Charges: Photographers must clearly mention their overall charges and the cost of including additional services. Remember that, if you opt for a destination wedding, you might also have to pay for travel and accommodation. 
  • Second photographer: Usually, photographers don’t capture a wedding alone. They have a colleague, junior or a team assisting them.


Hiring a wedding photographer is easy provided that you follow the right way. Just go through the aforementioned list, do your research, and talk to the shortlisted photographers.

It is recommended that you select the one whom you get along with. Remember that whoever you choose will stay with you throughout the wedding.

We also suggest that you book the services at least 9 months before the wedding else your preferred photographer might get their calendar booked for the day. Also, make sure to be completely open with them; inform them about the decorations and color palette for your wedding. Be receptive to their suggestions.

Just ensure healthy communication for the best results. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a wedding photographer cost?

The average cost of wedding photography is around 1500 pounds to 2000 pounds. However, the charges vary depending on your requirements, the experience level of the photographer, package inclusions, and several other factors. This is why a few professionals provide these services for less than 1200 pounds while other wedding photographers in London charge over 5000 pounds.

  • What should be included in a wedding photography package?
  • A wedding photography package must contain all the details of the agreement between you and the photographer. It must include the time coverage, charges, number of pictures, specific package inclusions (like an album or a canvas frame), and all the other deliverables.

    How many photos do wedding photographers take?

    Wedding photographers take about 2000-4000 photographs each shoot. However, of these, they can deliver only around 300-500 after filtering and editing. 

    How long does professional wedding photography take?

    Professional wedding photography is usually booked in terms of daily packages that include 8-12 hours of shoot time. However, one may select a package for as low as 6 hours. 

    When should we take wedding photos?

    While the ceremony and reception are to be captured at their own times, one can be flexible with the couple shoot and group shots. We advise you to go for the couple shoot during the interval between the ceremony and reception when the guests travel to the reception area and socialize. Also, you can take group pictures after the reception.

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