22 Outstanding Wedding Photographers in Toronto (2024)

Looking for a wedding photographer in Toronto to shoot your beautiful wedding? We have a list photographers for you to choose from.

Toronto is a beautiful city with a lot to offer families and couples. There are a lot of things to do when you are in Toronto. Now along with all of the fun activities that you can do in Toronto, there is also a lot of planning involved with a wedding especially if you are not familiar with the city. No need to worry about all the planning when you can hire a great wedding photographer in Toronto . This blog will go over the process of hiring a great wedding photographer in Toronto.

Looking for a wedding photographer in Toronto?

ShutterTurf is a great way to find vetted wedding photographers in Toronto.The platform also allows for easy communication, booking and finalising details of the photoshoot. Use ShutterTurf to find the perfect wedding photographer for your next project in Toronto. ​

Briefly let us know your photoshoot details and we will connect you with the most appropriate photographer.

Purple Tree Wedding Photography

Purple Tree family is a team of passionate photographers who had the lucky chance in life to turn our passion into a career. They love cracking jokes and don’t take life too seriously (unless we have to!) – The photographers are down to earth and easy to deal with.

The photographers have dedicated to ensure your wedding experience is as seamless as possible. With various strengths, they have created a balanced system where everyone can do what they are best at. When they are not in the studio or at a wedding, they usually hang out together in different Toronto neighbourhoods.

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515 Photo Co.

515 Photo Co. started as a one-man show back when bejeweled dresses and big bangs were all the rage. They have a collective of passionate people who adore each other, the work they do, and the people they dream with.

We care so much about the photos. We want you to have dreamy images that you’ll proudly display on your walls for years to come. But we care just as much about your experience. So we’re constantly growing in knowledge and looking for ways to improve it all.

The team members spend months (sometimes years) training under Mike and Eric. Mike and Eric love growing the team because they learn something from each new person. 515 Photo Co is about sharing ideas and challenging the average. We think of our newer members as apprentices and they only take on weddings of their own when our principal photographers see their work float up to greatness. The faces below have done just that.

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Ryanne Hollies Photography

Ryanne is a wedding photographer in Toronto, Canada. Her photography style is simple and natural. She strive to capture the subjects as they are with a very comfortable and relaxed shooting style. Ryanne has refined her interest in curatorial practices relating to the subjects of space and interaction. 

Ryanne’s dynamic experience has led her to the pursuit of wedding photography. As a wedding photographer she works to capture moments that trigger those sentimental memories. So that when you look at them you feel that little tingle of happiness. She captures your wedding day in the most authentic and beautiful way so you can feel that tingle. Each photograph has it’s own story and all your photographs will tell the whole story.

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Kotsy Photography

Couples looking for a wedding focusing on cliché formalities & tired traditions to satisfy & impress others should scroll to the next photographer. 

At Kotsy Photography, you’ll find a photographer who will authentically capture your wedding story. A wedding photographer in Toronto with a quirky & fun personality who feels like a friend hanging out with you all day. A photographer that is 1 part socially awkward, 2 parts child-like silliness, and a ½ part potty-mouth.  

If this all sounds like your perfect 3rd wheel then Kotsy is the right person for you! He would love to hear about you and your fiancé but also tell you about how much he respects wood, loves streetcars, and destroys dancefloors with his David Brent-like moves.

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Based as both Toronto & Sudbury wedding photographers, Flofoto has the privilege of bouncing back & forth & anywhere else they can! The photographers love travelling

On their many adventures together working on projects, they’ve realized that working together made them better. Flofoto photographers love offering the advantage of two lenses throughout a wedding day & just the organization & creativity that comes with two minds building solutions.

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Collide Photography

Collide Photography specializes in capturing authentic moments that tell honest stories. Often you’ll find it’s the overlooked quiet moments that mean the most and we want to document those special memories. Hence, when you look back on those photos, you feel that love all over again. 

There’s nothing more incredible than finding the one person you can’t live without. Collide photography has one of the finest wedding photographers in Toronto who canto capture this connection!

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John and Veronica Photography

John and Veronica Photography is an international award-winning studio based in Toronto. With the studio’s dramatic style of imagery, combined with exceptional abilities in capturing emotional candid moments on the wedding day, John and Veronica Photography is one of the top wedding photographers in Toronto! 

On your wedding day, it is overwhelming to absorb everything at once with so many emotions in the air, ranging from happiness, excitement to tears of joy. So our goal is simple; help you to remember your wedding day in the most beautiful way possible!

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Right Moments Photography

The Right Moments Photography is an award-winning and published wedding photographer serving Toronto, London, and all of Southwestern Ontario. Their style is artistic and documentary.

They are a great match if you love timeless beautiful portraits and natural candid images capturing the real moments. Also, they are passionate about LOVE and preserving those sentimental feelings and memories, and want an amazing personal experience customized just for you

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Rabbat Photography 

Danielle, a wedding photographer in Toronto, founded Rabbat Photography in 2001. The groom of the second wedding she ever photographed won a silver medal for Canada in bobsleigh. However, she was hooked on wedding photography when he sang beautifully to his bride. Weddings are about emotions and Danielle and her team wants you to look at your photos in 30 years and feel what you did when those moments were captured. 

Sarah has been working with Danielle since 2008. She studied photojournalism and loves documenting happy moments. They also both enjoy taking dynamic group photos. They would love to document the most important and happiest day of your life so far!

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The Big Day

The Big Day has a team of wedding photographers located in Toronto. They capture the intimate moments throughout your entire wedding day.

The Big Day’s style is light & bright, airy, romantic yet candid, fun and creative, capturing the ultra-wide and nifty details. Their team is more than your everyday wedding photographers. They are professional dress fluffers and boutonnière pinners, a shoulder to lean on and an extra bridesmaid cheering you on.

The Big Day also provides engagement shoots, same-day edits, sneak peek photos (ready the next morning!), albums, drone footage + more. 

It’s your Big Day, so let them capture the love, the laughs, the happy tears, and everything in between!

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Shotlife Studio

Shotlife Studio is a team of established wedding cinematographers and photographers in Toronto. Having captured hundreds of exceptional weddings and creatively directed & photographed luxury magazine spreads, they continue to wholeheartedly devote themselves to weddings and editorials that evoke feelings and inspire hearts. 

Lusine, Jacob, and Martin draw on their years of expertise in wedding photography and cinematography, depicting authentic moments with a signature elevated aesthetic. They see beauty in subtleties and are constantly inspired by stories, art, architecture, fashion, tradition, and all things that leave a lasting impact.

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Avangard Photography

Avangard Photography specializes in a modern storytelling approach to wedding photography. Their style mixes the raw emotions of documentary photography with the elegance and sophistication of fine-art photography.

The wedding photographers in Toronto believe that a wedding is a personal story that they are there to document. They believe the best results come from telling it as it happened.

On the day of the wedding, the photography team comes along for the ride as observers on the outside looking in. They are not there to turn any wedding day into a photoshoot. At the same time, every picture they take has a purpose, every frame has a meaning. It is a part of the story that they are there to tell.

Awesome wedding photography for Avangard Photographers is when the unobtrusiveness of journalism combines with the challenge of creating art. It is capturing the telling detail that is emotionally true but never forced. Achieving this is what motivates us, and why we love what we do.

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Gillian Foster Photography

After developing her first photograph, Gillian, a wedding photographer in Toronto, discovered her love for photography at the University of Guelph. Gillian loved the hands-on aspect of processing and printing her images. Film photography also introduced Gillian to the importance of color and light – her primary sources of inspiration.

Since completing her BA Studio Art, Gillian continued to shoot digitally, focusing on wedding and lifestyle photography. Her work has been featured on the Huffington Post, Love Inc Magazine and exhibited as part of Contact Photography Festival, Queen West art crawl, and Culture days.

With ten years of experience capturing weddings and families, Gillian loves to tell stories filled with emotion, silly quirks, and full of personality. She puts her heart, energy, and creative drive into her work. 

Gillian believes photo sessions are best spent doing something you love in meaningful places or discovering new ones. As a photographer, she wants to capture photographs filled with love, honesty, and lasting memories.

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KS Studios

KS Studios is a team of wedding photographers and videographers in Toronto. They offer affordable photography and videography services to all areas including, Toronto, Toronto GTA, York Region, Simcoe Region, Durham Region, Malton Region, and more. With over 10 years of experience, KS Studios will provide you with the best customer service and the most flexible photography and videography services in the industry! 

Whether you’re looking to have your wedding day memories captured for a lifetime, to encapsulate those very first moments of your newborn, or to make your dream of a creative fashion shoot come true, let KS Studios capture your vision!

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Blair Atkins Photography

Recipient of multiple 5 Star Google Reviews, Blair Atkins Photography has been a wedding photographer in Toronto, for the past ten years. The cornerstone of their business is and will always remain as a Customer Service-based Wedding and Portrait Photography Business.  

Their Company’s values embrace a singular virtue that great Wedding and Portrait Photography shouldn’t just be for the rich. That everyone should be able to afford and enjoy outstanding Customer Service and workmanship at affordable rates without breaking the Bank! 

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Origin Weddings

Origin Weddings is a Toronto Based wedding studio, built on the idea of, one-of-kind, truly unique wedding films and photos. Moreover, they know that every wedding day is different and so should every package we offer. Origin Weddings do their best to provide as much value as possible, and truly put our art into it. 

Their couple’s wedding journeys are always so diverse and I guess that’s a part of the creativity and passion of the wedding industry. We strive to provide a great experience from start to finish and that’s just the bottom line. A lot of work goes into our training and working with each other to improve. We thank all the couple’s who have trusted us thus far and we can’t wait for 2022-2023.

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Under the Umbrella

Under the Umbrella are a creative team of wedding production and experts specializing in videography, photography, and graphic design. They have been wedding photographers in Toronto for over 5 years.

Under the Umbrella team works professionally and closely with their clients in all aspects to ensure that their clients will be able to re-live the greatest day of their life!

Their video team skillfully combines several styles in their video production, including storytelling, documentary, traditional, short form, and cinematic styles.

And their photography team are the easiest and friendliest people to work with, guiding clients in front of their cameras to make them look the best on their wedding day!”

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Tara Weddings

Tara Weddings was founded by a happily married couple, who started their career in fine arts and photography and decided to dedicate their lives to what they love most. Their passion for beautiful images, life-long memories, and people’s happiness was the key. 

Years of practice and experience brought them towards the establishment of their own company – Tara Weddings. Tara means “Star” in Sanskrit. It represents their goal – to make every couple feel special on their Wedding Day. High-quality services, top-notch equipment, enthusiasm, and a world of ideas secured them a spot among Toronto’s best wedding photography and videography companies.

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Acorn Production Wedding photography

Acorn Production wedding photography is a Toronto-based studio that specializes in creating story-telling collections of candid, emotional, and timeless images. Their photography style can be described as refined photojournalism, which combines traditional documentary style with some styling and posing direction. This style has helped us capture couples in their most natural and beautiful angles. 

The wedding photographers in Acorn Production serve the greater Toronto area (GTA) and surrounding regions. Their affordable wedding photography packages start at under 2k and include hundreds of edited and print-ready images with a fast turnaround time. Also, they offer engagement sessions, additional photographers, and videography coverage as optional services. 

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Amanda Soriano Photography

Amanda Soriano Photography’s work is best described as bright, colourful and timeless. She is an inclusive vendor and welcomes and celebrates all couples! Best known for her personalized approach with every couple, Amanda’s biggest goal, outside of taking incredible photos of your wedding day, is to ensure her couples feel present throughout the day by providing stress-free photography experiences. 

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Rose Vine Studios

Rose Vine Studios is a wedding photography and videography boutique based in downtown Toronto & the GTA. They are storytellers that bring the biggest moments in your life, to life. Because their documentary approach and cinematic style apply both to photos & films, they offer a unique experience for you to work with one team that gets to know your quirks, what makes your insides turn, and what makes your love story unique.

‘Our art form is heavily influenced by cinematic visuals that capture experiences and moments that truly matter to you. You can’t be everywhere on your wedding day, so we’re there to save even those moments you don’t see. We promise that if you give us your trust, we will create heart-stopping images and films that are uniquely you. After all, we don’t just use the camera to capture beautiful moments, we use it to set them free.’

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The wedding day is a very special day in every couple’s life. When you are planning your wedding, you want everything to be as perfect as possible. This is why you should hire wedding photographers in Toronto to take pictures of your wedding. Wedding photographers in Toronto can make your wedding day memorable.

We hope you enjoyed our article about wedding photographers in Toronto. With this information, you will be able to find a wedding photographer in Toronto that is perfect for your big day.

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Why do you need a wedding photographer?

Hiring wedding photographers is very important. Wedding is the most important and special event in one’s life. although it’s very important to capture the whole wedding ceremony on camera, it’s also very important to have a photographer who knows how to work and interact with the crowd. A wedding is usually a day full of fun and laughter. But it’s not always the case. There are times when the bride and groom experience challenges and tension.  You don’t want to have such wedding photos as part of your historic collection. It’s important to choose wedding photographers who understand and knows how to capture the essence of the wedding and include it in the photos.

How many pictures should be in a wedding album?

Most wedding albums have somewhere between 50-100 pictures and they tell the story of your wedding day. Your wedding album should have a picture of every aspect of your wedding day, from your first look, bridal party pictures, ceremony, to the reception dinner and dances.

What should a wedding photographer include?

Choosing a wedding photographer is an important step when planning your big day. A photographer is your link to the memories of your wedding, and it’s important to choose someone you connect with, who can capture the personalities of not just each other, but your families and friends too. Also, ensure the photographers provide you with a package that includes the services you are looking for.


  1. You missed an awesome pick – Nicole Amos of Nicole Alex Photography. Her website is “www.nicolealexphotography.com”. Her work is truly amazing as she focuses on elopements and weddings for the adventurous at heart.

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