25 Amazing Wedding Photographers in Sydney (2024)

Looking for a way to capture your beautiful wedding? Let’s introduce you to some professionals famous for wedding photography in Sydney.

Looking for wedding photography in Sydney? We are here to guide you.

Your wedding is going to be the most memorable and fun-filled (read love-filled) day of your life. It will be all about happiness, laughter, fun, beauty, and joy. We are sure that you want to remember it in all its glory and cherish the memory on your happy and not-so-happy days. 

This is why it is necessary to get good pictures and videos of your wedding day, which means that you must hire the right photographer. You want your big day to be in good hands to not have any regrets later. 

We understand how difficult and overwhelming finding a good photographer is. So, here we are to help you get the best wedding photography in Sydney. 

Looking for wedding photographers in Sydney?

ShutterTurf is a great way to find vetted wedding photographers in Sydney.The platform also allows for easy communication, booking and finalising details of the photoshoot. Use ShutterTurf to find the perfect wedding photographer for your next project in Sydney. ​

Briefly let us know your photoshoot details and we will connect you with the most appropriate photographer.

Sydney Wedding Photography by Katsu

Award-winning wedding photography by Katsu Nojiri is voted Top 5 wedding photography in Sydney NSW, Australia. They are one of the most trusted and award-winning wedding photographers in Sydney with over 20 years of experience. When it comes to wedding photography, their style is natural, candid, relaxed, and storytelling.

Click here to visit their website.

Pepper Image

Pepper Image specializes in wedding photography, bridal, corporate, family, and senior portraits, often traveling to your destination to capture the perfect moment in the perfect place.

To Pepper Image, photography is about capturing the real moments and allowing you to paint a picture of that moment to remember it forever. The story that matters most: real people, real stories, real moments. Over the years, they have been featured in many well-known wedding magazines and blog sites.

As one of the top wedding photographers and videographers in Sydney with more than 15 years of experience, Pepper Image knows what couples are looking for in professionals. Pepper Image is incredibly fortunate to have a team of dedicated professional photographers who work with you on any given day.

Click here to visit their website.

Riss Productions

A notable wedding photographer in Sydney, Riss Photography is a family-owned photography business that has won the 2020 Wedding Diaries Editor’s Choice Awards. They offer multiple-day packages for Indian, Pakistani, Fijian Indian, Bangladeshi, and Sri Lankan weddings.

Riss Photography aims at capturing the trivial and large nuances of your wedding casually and unobtrusively. They understand that every couple is different and, with their experience and state of art equipment, they aim at providing quality images and videos that are authentic to you. 

Their clients appreciate their on-time delivery and commend them for being patient all through the journey. The team at Riss has also been praised for its excellent photographs, video effects, and song selection. 

Click here to visit their website.

De Lumiere Photography (de lumière photography)

At De LUMIERE, they believe that wedding photography follows trends, just like fashion. What might be ‘in season’ this year will be out of style in years to come. So, rather than this year’s hottest photography trend, they focus on what will matter to you in years to come.

At de lumière photography, they observe and document your wedding day and treat you to award-winning photography that brings out your personality. They have mastered classic photography with a hint of magic, a magic that plays with light and captures it in moments of raw emotions. 

So, if you desire anything but cookie-cutter wedding shots, they might prove to be the best wedding photographers in Sydney for you.

Click here to visit their website.

Divon Photography

Previously known as Beani Photography, Divon photography was started in 2008. This multi-award-winning wedding photography and videography company specializes in capturing the joy and romance at weddings. Their talented, professional team has been shooting weddings for more than 10 years, with specialization in an array of artistic backgrounds – interior design, portraiture, black & white artistry, graphic design, video, and sound. 

Franky Tsang, originator of Divon Photography believed that it is timeless, classic, and intimate because they value sentimentality, and they believe that the sentimental is priceless. This value let them become popular for wedding photography in Sydney.

What truly sets Divon’s timeless and intimate style apart is both their passion for telling your once-in-a-lifetime story and their transcending ability to build a connection so that they are not just an instrument of your narrative, but an important part of it. 

They believe that photography is an art form. No less than Michelangelo’s emotional connection in creating the Sixteenth Chapel, at Divon, they will create an honest relationship with each wedding. If anyone is going to attend the most important day of your life, they mustn’t be a stranger. So, Divon throws out the traditional idea of client and provider truly creates a connection.

Click here to visit their website.

By Danny Photography

Danny, a notable wedding photographer in Sydney from “By Danny Photography”, takes the time to get to know you and your vision for your day and understands what a wedding day is all about and how that day can seem overwhelming. But when you break it down, there are two people just wanting to get married to their best friend. 

Combining his obsession with wedding photography and using documentary-style shooting – he prefers to capture natural moments. Danny and his team understand that the day is yours. They know that your focus is all about the special bond between you and your partner.

The natural light and candidly laid-back approach create storytelling and spontaneous images without missing any moment. You won’t have to worry about stiff, awkward poses or fake smiles. Danny has a passion for creating authentic photos that capture true love. His clients’ reviews praise him for listening to their specific needs and being prompt and fun.

Click here to visit their website.

Ben Newman Photography

Ben Newnam is a top-notch wedding photographer in Sydney. He personally takes care of your wedding photography from start to finish. You will always deal directly with him. There will be no nasty surprises.

You receive the high-resolution files as part of any package and have total control over your images. All you have to ask yourself is. “Do I like his photography?”

Wedding photography is an art unto itself, and the finished product is almost always a reflection of the planning, experience, and expertise of the photographer. Your wedding day is a unique event, and your wedding photos are the most permanent record you will have of that day.

With over 20 years of experience in wedding photography in Sydney, Ben Newnam Photography offers professionalism and expertise when it comes to capturing your special day. Believing wedding photography is personal and subjective, Ben prefers to let his gallery do the talking. Check out his work today – you won’t be disappointed!

Click here to visit their website.

Marie Édith Weddings

Marie-Edith is a French wedding photographer in Sydney. She has been shooting weddings for over ten years, traveling regularly between Sydney and Paris. 

Her European background infuses her photography with a timelessly elegant aesthetic while picking up all the little details of life that usually go unnoticed. Even though she loves spontaneous captures, she tactfully balances this photo-journalistic approach with a dash of editorial flair. 

Marie’s style can be described as modern romantic, with clever use of light that often gives her pictures an ethereal feel. Her understated yet commanding portfolio will appeal to couples who value natural, elegant, artful, and emotive simplicity.

Click here to visit their website.

Russell Stafford Photography

Russell Stafford and his team are industry-leading engagement, pre-wedding, and wedding photographers in Sydney. Their passion is not photography, videography, or even weddings but telling your stories in the most beautiful way. They accept only a limited number of bookings per year to ensure that they can give their full attention to your wedding and your stories like they promised.

In addition to their photography offerings, their sister brand, The Pepper June Wedding Co., provides stunning wedding videography and films to complement your RSP experience perfectly.

Click here to visit their website.

Studio Zanetti

As a premier all-inclusive wedding photography service in Sydney,  Michael Zanetti established the studio back in 2001. He has become a highly recommended wedding photographer in Sydney by industry professionals. For well over 15 years, he has photographed hundreds of weddings and life events.

Over the years, Michael has built up a highly respected and trusted service. The style at Studio Zanetti is fun, candid, and natural, which our couples love. He has also won the Australian Bridal Industry award for best wedding photography in NSW for five consecutive years.

His clients recommend him to their friends when they start planning their wedding. His unique photographic and direction skills will provide you with heartfelt images. Michael has created a unique signature style to ensure that you will love the experience.

Click here to visit their website.

Ozphotovideo Studio

Ozphotovideo Studio is a photography and cinema company in Sydney. It consists of a group of award-winning professional wedding videographers and photographers. Ozphotovideo’s photographers and cinematographers are highly talented and awarded multiple AIPP and WPPI awards under their belt.

They specialize in relaxed, candid, and mixed-style wedding photography in Sydney and New South Wales. Gerry Guan leads the operations of the studio. He also takes care of most of the client communications and organizes meetings with clients.

All photographers and videographers use top-of-the-range professional photographic equipment with the latest photographic and editing techniques to guarantee a high-quality finish to all their photos and videos.

Click here to visit their website.


Besides wedding photography in Sydney, MK-Pixels also offer videography services. They have won the 2020 Wedding Diaries Editors Choice Award and have also been called as one of Sydney’s best photographers by Vogue Ballroom and Vines of Yarra Valley. 

They believe in capturing excellent photos and delivering them as fast and conveniently as possible. MK-Pixels offers easily customizable collections of high-resolution images bundled in an online gallery. Since they don’t use watermarks, you can freely download and share them with your friends and family.

Click here to visit their website.

Birch and Wattle Wedding Photography

Started by Pavel and Yana 12 years back, Birch and Wattle is a boutique photography studio that specializes in wedding, portrait, and editorial photography, and has worked with over 400 couples by now. They are Sydney-based and open to travel for photoshoots at your desired location.

Although Pavel and Yana believe in capturing stories naturally and honestly, they click amazing posed shots as well. They feel that one shouldn’t have a stranger at their wedding, so they like to form a bond with their clients before finalizing anything.

Their clients like their professional but personalized demeanor. They appreciate how comfortable they were with these efficient and friendly photographers. 

Click here to visit their website.

Wesley Vorster 

Having photographed over 400 weddings, Wesley is notable for wedding photography in Sydney. He has also shot weddings in countries like Greece, France, Croatia, Mauritius, Thailand, America, and the United Kingdom.

He believes in capturing a feeling or moment by capturing the little details around a person. He likes registering the nuances of the arrangements done by his clients. These, along with sweet moments, stolen giggles and shed tears, form the complete picture and Wesley is an expert in bringing out the personalities of the happy couple with finesse. 

His clients appreciate his professional approach and remember the sneaky, witty, cheeky, and fun moments they had with him. They say that his wit and humor make them feel at ease. 

Click here to visit their website.

Snaps by Tiffany

This small portrait photography business is run by Tiffany, a beautiful and talented photographer who believes in personally bonding with her clients before the big day. She specializes in the niches of lifestyle and wedding photography. 

Her snaps are usually beautiful and sober, the ones that can engulf you in the nostalgia of the day. Her clients appreciate her expertise in capturing intimate moments between couples, friends, and family. They also talk about how she stays in the face of any difficulty and goes out of her way to ensure timely delivery. This is why she is a go-to for many people looking for wedding photography in Sydney.

Click here to visit their website.

McApture Photography

Started by the boutique photographer Katie McAuley, McApture studios have been capturing weddings since 2013. During this time, they have photographed over 250 couples throughout NSW, QOLD, and the United Kingdom. 

Also, they work more candidly than other photography studios, that is, they prefer simple, real, and easy-going pictures. They use multiple bodies and lenses to photograph. However, the best thing about them is that McApture’s team is open to destination weddings and won’t mind traveling for your shoot. 

Click here to visit their website.

Rose 2 Ring Studio

Established in 2008, Rose 2 Ring Studio is a team of talented wedding photographers and videographers. They have won the 2019 Wedding Diaries Editors Choice Award. Also, they are members of Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI).

One of the best wedding photographers in Sydney, they use top-notch professional cameras and equipment to capture and edit your pictures so that all of them are high quality. You may also ask for their popular ‘same-day-edit’ movie to be viewed during the reception. Just collaborate with them well and you leave all your friends and families bursting into tears and laughter.

Click here to visit their website.

Neaton Photography

This 2020 #1 Brides Choice Awards winner photography studio was started by Brenden and Cass years ago. They now have a team of excellent photographers and videographers who are excited to make your special day more memorable. 

Neaton studio likes calling themselves “story tellers, memory immortalizers and heirloom craftsmen ”. Their distinguishing services include designing a fine art leather or linen wedding album customized for each client. 

Since the team is open to travel especially for shooting adventurous weddings, they are the first choice of couples opting for adventurous wedding photography in Sydney. 

Click here to visit their website.

Joseph Jones Photography

Joseph Jones Studio is home to a small team of amazing photographers who specialize in clicking top-notch images and editing them to suit their client’s needs. Easy Weddings certified them with a 5-star rating in 2020; they also won the 2021 Word of Mouth Service Award. 

Since the studio is all about experimenting and creating, they are good at working with a wide range of wedding themes. Also, they offer downloadable photos and albums.

Joseph’s clients appreciate his care and understanding of how important the day is to them. They find a friend and advisor in him, and like how he goes out of his way to click satisfactory photos. 

Click here to visit their website.

Captured by Amanda

Captured by Amanda is a small business based in the Macarthur area; it services Macarthur, Camden, Wollondilly, Wollongong, Blue Mountains, Sydney Metro, and beyond. 

It is run by Kylie and Amanda, two experienced photographers who like capturing their client’s candid reactions and genuine emotions as their wedding unfolds. They also provide other services like wedding consultation, private image galleries, and image editing. Their clients appreciate their communication skills and patience that make photoshoots easy-going and fun. 

Click here to visit their website.

OZI Productions Wedding Photography and Films

OZI Studio offers wedding photography and video packages. It is a unique wedding photographer in Sydney that is cinematic, that is, it focuses on movement, story, and quality lighting.

The team understands that each wedding is different, so they try to understand your preferences, wedding plans, and budget before starting with the work. They help you come up with the best plan and make it a point that you are comfortable the whole time. 

They believe in capturing the story, not being in it. Therefore, they stay out of your day and try to provide the feeling of leisure and pleasure for both you and the guests. 

Click here to visit their website.

NC Wedding Productions

Started in 2003, NC Wedding Productions are industrious photographers filled with passion for the discipline. They have been a part of over 2500 weddings till now and strive to go forward with the same zeal.

They are a team of photographers, videographers, wedding planners, make-up artists, wedding celebrants, MC, wedding decorations, and designers who provide a full range of wedding services. This includes assistance with planning, make-up, wedding car, and videography, and photography services. 

Their clients appreciate their expertise, hard work, and friendly but professional demeanor. NC Wedding Productions’ services were even better than their expectations. 

Click here to visit their website.

Pannila Photography

Owned by Don, this wedding photographer in Sydney has won the Easy Weddings Five Star Award consecutively in the years 2018, 2019, and 2020. It works on candid photography style.

Don understands how important your wedding is to you and aims at highlighting your personality through pictures and videos. He wants to capture your memories in a fun, natural, and meaningful way where this is no place for posing and awkward smiles. So, he will want to know you and your plans well, and then go forward with the event.

Pannila Weddings’ clients appreciate how Don invests his time, focus, and attention to understand the situation in detail, and does everything within his means to make them comfortable. His friendly, positive, and professional attitude cater to their demand for hassle-free wedding photography in Sydney.

Click here to visit their website.

Instill Photography

Instill photography was started by Jared in 1995. He is the principal photographer of the studio with over 26 years of experience. 

The team believes in catering to your needs in a smooth manner. They capture your beautiful day and deliver fully edited high-resolution images that can be downloaded through a link via their website.

Their clients appreciate their friendly demeanor, which makes them comfortable. A lot of them also say that the photographers walked in feeling like family and it was smooth sailing from the start. They like them so much that the business thrives on referrals. 

Click here to visit their website.

Ellena Photography

Established in 2003, Ellena photography is famous for videography and wedding photography in Sydney. They are a team of professional wedding and portrait photographers who cover all the areas of Sydney with their cameras.

Their photo-journalistic approach comes out beautifully as they capture every fine detail, whether big or small. They understand that your wedding is important not only for you but also for the people you share with it, and they make sure to tell your story from different perspectives. Also, they go about their work in a relaxed and subtle way. 

Click here to visit their website.

Tips on Selecting the Best Wedding Photographers in Sydney

Before starting your search for a suitable wedding photographer, you need to be clear about your requirements, expectations, and budget. So, sit down with your partner and plan. Note down the kinds of photos and videos you both are expecting, and decide on a budget. 

Then, ask your friends and family about the photographers they like and trust. Go through their profiles, portfolios, social media handles, and websites, and shortlist the ones you like. Also, remember to look for a few photographers on your own. 

After you are ready with your list:

  1. Approach them.
  2. Speak to the prospects, convey your demands and listen to their expectations. For example, if dealing with a photography studio, inquire about the person/people who will be assisting you on your wedding day.
  3. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. 

Some Questions You must Ask your Photographers:

  • What is your photography style?
  • How long have you been doing this?
  • Are you comfortable with both candid and posed shots?
  • What all equipment do you use?
  • Do you mind telling us how many clients you get on average?
  • Are you available on our wedding date?
  • Do you mind telling us about the other shoots you need to do that day?
  • Who will be the photographers shooting for us? Can we meet them?
  • Do you mind telling us how you will be dressed?
  • Do you have a backup plan in mind, just in case a problem occurs with the photographers or the equipment?
  • Would you please explain your payment plans to us and if there could be a discount?
  • What if the wedding takes longer than planned? Will you charge extra for staying more?
  • Will you also take care of editing, color adjustments, and other corrective services?
  • How much time before the wedding do we need to book your services?

Make sure that you are satisfied with the answers. Also, see that you are comfortable with the photographer(s). You don’t want to be ‘too uncomfortable’ at your wedding, right? 

Also, visit several wedding photographers in Sydney before making your choice. We strongly recommend that you hire the person/people you like. This will add one more element of charm to your big day. You may also book them for engagement or pre-wedding shoot before finalizing anything. Whatever you do, just make sure that you go with the right person.

To ease the task for you, we have curated a list of businesses known for the best wedding photography in Sydney. 


All the above photographers are top-notch. They have created quality work for their previous clients and will surely do so for you as well. 

However, you must check out their portfolios, speak to them and only then decide whom to hire. You must make sure that your needs, demands, and expectations align with your photographer’s else it might turn out to be a disaster. 

Invest time in your wedding day and make it glorious! 

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  1. I would warn anyone against using Wesley “Wes” Vorster. We are a group (6 to be exact) of couples who are all trying to still get our money back from him – he stole our funds and provided NO service. Be careful.

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