25 Notable Wedding Photographers in Melbourne (2024)

Here is a list of notable wedding photographers in Melbourne and our tips for selecting a great wedding photographer.

No wedding day is complete without capturing your special day with a wedding photographer in Melbourne. During your wedding ceremony, the last thing you want to be worrying about is taking photos of your family and friends. Instead, most couples opt to hire someone for their wedding photography in Melbourne, who will capture photos you can look back on and treasure for years to come. 

Today we will share our tips for selecting a wedding photographer and our recommendations for the top wedding photographers in Melbourne.

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Alen Kotra Photography:

Alen from Alen Kontra Photography is a Melbourne-based wedding photographer who loves to capture authentic images, which will remind you how you felt on your wedding day! He believes that your love story should be written with unforgettable moments. His main goal as a photographer is to make every couple feel comfortable and unique in front of his camera.

Years from now, when you look at your images, he wants you to remember and feel the way you did when he captured those past moments. If you want your wedding to be unique, relaxed and for you to focus on being present with your loved ones, Alen from Alen Kontra Photography is your photographer! He photographs weddings around Melbourne and Victoria (Yarra Valley, Macedon Ranges, Mornington, and everywhere you want to get married).

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Rohit Jhawar Photography

RJ’s imagery is about capturing authentic, timeless, and joy-filled moments. His passion and love for storytelling in both nature and urban settings is heartfelt and fun-filled. For him, each couple and their story are truly unique. He takes the time to form a genuine bond with them. Self-transformation and creatively refining his craft is something that truly drives him.

RJ loves being silly and making his partner Emily laugh endlessly. He is often found rolling on the ground with his six-month-old daughter Florence stealing heaps of kisses. He is capable of cooking some mean curries and hilarious dance moves. Since 2013 he has photographed over 250 Weddings and each day feels blessed to be following his dream path.

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Matt Elliott Photography

Matt fell in love with shooting weddings because of the stories he gets to absorb. He has spent the last ten years as a photographer capturing and telling people’s stories in the most creative way.

He creates an environment for the couples where they feel confident with themselves and comfortable with him. He builds a real connection with you so that your photos and film tell your story the way it deserves to be told. Creating natural and relaxed wedding images and videos for couples who do not usually feel that way in front of a camera is where he found his joy. 

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Love Journal Photography

Love Journal is a team of professional and passionate award-winning master photographers, creating unique moments for you and your family to love.

They are proud of their ability to capture every wedding event perfectly. Their friendly team of award-winning wedding photographers creates beautiful, elegant wedding photography in Melbourne for countless couples over the last decade. 

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Rosa Photography

At Rosa Wedding Photography Melbourne, they believe in fairy tales and everlasting love. Their nine years of valuable experience have made them one of the most trusted wedding photography studios in Melbourne, Australia. They have photographed over 1050+ weddings and counting. They strive to make your wedding journey fun and enjoyable. 

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Studio Edge Photography And Video

“Studio Edge Photography and Video Melbourne” was established in 2000. The team is one of the most experienced, reliable, and professional wedding photographers in Melbourne. Their style is diverse and of the highest standards in weddings and events. They provide a naturally candid style using natural light imagery. They also provide direction and mood lighting when required to create some breathtaking and romantic images.

They generally book no more than 35 weddings a year to provide a personal level of service to each of their clients. All wedding photos and videos are edited in-house by the team. And as a result, all of your wedding images and video keepsakes are simply amazing.

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La Moment Photography

Adrian makes a real connection with you and captures the memories that will forever take you back to those irreplaceable moments. He aims to capture the magic in an authentic, creative, and natural way. He will be there with you every step of the way to help minimize any stress by keeping everything that he does transparent.

He understands that it is essential to find a photographer you feel comfortable with and someone who captures the moments of your special day. His passion is to deliver your treasured moments at the highest quality that will last for generations to come.

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Boyfriend Photography

Benjamin and Dhyan, an easy-going team from Boyfriend Photography, adore capturing your entire day – from champagne with the girls in the morning to dancing to The Jackson 5 in the evening.

They came together through chance in 2011, when Dhyan joined a studio Benjamin was managing. After several years working between Perth and Melbourne, they gained a reputation as well-dressed and wildly fun creatives who adapt and deliver spectacular work in the most challenging situations. Moreover, weddings turned out to be the perfect showcase for their passion for fashion, festivals, and portraits. But most of all, as natural storytellers and romantics at heart, they fell in love with capturing moments of love.

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Marcel Van Der Horst Photographer

Marcel is the owner and lead photographer of the business. His company has been going for 13 years now. There have been over 350 weddings photographed for various leading studios and under his company.

His careful eye for detail and composition is incorporated into his wedding work as precise lines, framing, and editing. Having a customer service background, he is very client-focused and aims to get down to the crux of his clients’ purpose of hiring a photographer. His primary goal is to serve his clients better. 

Marcel’s photography brand is always evolving, precise, consistent, constantly upskilling, and keeping his gear up to date with the latest technology.

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DUÜET offers wedding photography in Melbourne and covers both still photography and videography. Their team of photographers uses a documentary approach in their photography, which will enhance the memories of your special day. The company specializes in natural and ambient images, and they offer candid shots capturing your friends and family enjoying your wedding day. 

Their team is praised for their expertise and discretion, and clients feel very comfortable welcoming the team into their private wedding ceremony. Clients praise their hands-on approach, starting with the planning process where they’ll help you decide what shots you want to capture, all the way through to the big day.

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ATEIA Photography

ATEIA Photography has a full team of wedding photographers in Melbourne and also offers videography services. Clients praise them for their artistic creativity and their ability to capture the story of a couple’s ceremony through still photography. 

The ATEIA Photography team is used to working at big and small weddings and will easily interact with your wedding guests to capture the best shots of your friends and family. They are often praised for their customer service levels and professionalism and how calm they remain while capturing your love and the atmosphere of your wedding ceremony.

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Wild Romantic

Wild Romantic offers wedding photography in Melbourne, and they are passionate about sharing the story of your wedding day through photography. They use documentary-style photography techniques that will capture the love and sense of community at your ceremony.

You’ll receive photos that are captured in front of timeless landscapes. Clients praise the contrasting shots they received from their wedding day, including fun and fashionable photos and portraits of friends and family members. Whether you are having an intimate wedding ceremony or are hosting a huge event, you’ll be in good hands with Wild Romantic.

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Wedding Snapper

Simon is a professional wedding photographer in Melbourne who also works in Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula, and Gippsland. His photography team offers relaxed and natural wedding photography and hopes to capture your big day so you can look back on it for years to come.

The team is happy to work on weddings of all sizes. Whether you are planning an elopement with just you and your partner or a large event with hundreds of guests, they’ll be able to provide enough photographers for your needs. Clients praise their relaxed and professional manner and their ability to interact with guests to get the best results.

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Icon Photography

The Icon Photography team was recently voted in the top ten wedding photography in Melbourne studios by Easy Weddings, so you know you’ll be in good hands for your ceremony. Their team of photographers and videographers will work to capture photos you’ll look back on for years to come.

Previous clients always praise their ability to have fun with their guests and family members and to create photos everyone will enjoy receiving after the ceremony. Even during the longest of wedding ceremonies and parties, the team always remains professional and enthusiastic.

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Lena Lim Photography

Lena Lim is a warm-hearted wedding photographer in Melbourne. She is driven by love, a pursuer of beauty, and a storyteller for dreamers.
Lena believes your story is important and deserves to be told beautifully and timelessly.

Not only will she curate your photographs using composition, creativity, and colour palettes that showcase your personality as a couple, Lena will also illustrate the intricate sentimental details that shape your unique love story. She artistically captures the intimacy between you and your loved one in the most ethereal, intimate, and romantic way.

Since photographing her first wedding in 2010, Lena has purposefully documented those moments that move your heart, light up your soul, and inspire you to cherish your loved ones. Your precious memories are preserved in elegant, quality heirlooms that you will treasure forever.

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Dezine by Mauro

Dezine by Mauro has over twenty-five years of experience working as a wedding photographer in Melbourne. They’ll work with you and your partner to turn your visions for your special day into a reality. Before every ceremony, they take the time to meet the couple to plan their dream shoot and ensure they get the results they desire.

During your wedding day, the team at Dezine by Mauro will capture candid shots of your guests socializing, portraits of your friends and family members, and cinematic shots of the wedding venue and decorations. Clients praise the team’s professionalism and ability to bring even the most complex ideas to life.

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Victor Yang Photography

Victor was born and raised in Beijing, China, but now offers wedding photography in Melbourne. He is a father of four and loves to capture the special moments between family members during wedding ceremonies. He has won many awards over the recent years for his work, so you’ll be in good hands with Victor for your wedding photography.

Victor works to retell your special day through photography and creates natural and intimate images you’ll treasure for a lifetime. Clients praise the great results he captures, which don’t look too posed or forced. He has a fantastic ability to interact with guests and capture candid shots without them even knowing he is there.

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PiXRay Photography

At PiXRay Photography, their number one priority is capturing the beautiful moments of your wedding ceremony. They add creativity and flair to their photos to create images you’ll treasure forever. Clients praise their ability to capture raw emotions and to take candid shots that you didn’t even know were being captured at the time.

Pula, the founder, and principal photographer at PiXRay Photography, is always looking to try new techniques and find new ways to capture wedding ceremonies. The photo quality is of top priority, and Pula is praised for capturing artistic photos which capture the heart and soul of your wedding day.

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Black Avenue Productions

Black Avenue Productions offer boutique wedding photography in Melbourne and limit the number of clients they work with each year to provide the best service. They have an entire team of photographers and videographers, who are all passionate artists. They work to create a fun and relaxing experience for couples and families, which results in artistic and moody shots.

Their previous clients praise the stunning images they capture and their precise photography skills. They aim to create a cohesive look throughout your wedding day, regardless of the weather and conditions on the wedding day.

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Corey Wright Photographer

Corey understands that even though a wedding day takes months or years to plan, it’s over before you can even blink. His beautiful and natural wedding photography will help to capture your day so you can enjoy remembering this special moment for the rest of your life. Corey strives to avoid cheesy and posed photography and instead captures authentic moments between couples.

Clients praise Corey’s ability to make couples and family members relax in front of the camera, resulting in joyful photos of everyone. Dozens of LGBTQI couples have worked with Corey since the Marriage Act was changed, and he loves working with couples to capture their momentous occasion.

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Motta Weddings

Alex Motta at Motta Weddings has been working as a professional photographer since 2008. He’s photographed weddings around the world, including in Europe and Central America. For Alex, it’s important to capture moments naturally and artistically, and he avoids forced photos at a wedding.

Clients praise Alex’s ability to work independently, and he can provide direction when needed to capture the perfect shots of your special day. He works to be unobtrusive during your big day, so you won’t believe how incredible his results are when you see them. Clients praise his professionalism and natural ability to interact with guests of all ages.

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Madeline Druce Photography

Madeline Druce grew up in the New Zealand countryside and has traveled around the world shooting weddings. She loves being part of a couple’s big day and always follows her heart when capturing your special day. Wedding photography in Melbourne continues to surprise Madeline, and she understands no two weddings are the same.

Madeline always feels privileged to be invited into a couple’s special day, and she works to offer everyone a fun experience from their first meeting. Clients always notice that Madeline has a smile on her face during every moment of a ceremony and say she is fantastic at interacting with guests. She works to make everyone feel comfortable, which always results in incredible photo memories.

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Jackson Grant Weddings

Jackson Grant Weddings offers modern wedding photography in Melbourne and will create fun and colorful shots to remind you of your special day. Rain or shine, Jackson Grant will work to capture your ceremony and create photos you’ll enjoy displaying for years. He works by planning everything to the best of his ability to make the most of the natural light available during your ceremony.

Jackson is admired for his ability to handle family photos quickly and gracefully, so no one is waiting around for hours. He’ll allow plenty of time for both parties to get ready and then will focus on the natural chemistry of you together as a couple.

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Love is Sweet Weddings

Nada is the studio manager and principal photographer at Love is Sweet Weddings and makes a considerable effort to get to know the couples she is photographing. As she knows you’ll be spending the whole day together, she loves to learn about your relationship and backstory. This helps her to create timeless photos that you’ll treasure forever and which capture your love.

All of her team members work together to offer a consistent service with a similar style and aesthetic. The team is commended for how professional they are, and they always understand the honor they have to witness this special moment between couples.

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Phenomena Photography

Phenomena Photography is a boutique wedding photography service in Melbourne. They offer a tailor-made and personalized service that creates stunning images. With over ten years of combined experience, their team of photographers and cinematographers work to capture your special day candidly.

The team is appreciated for creating individual and high definition photos, as they only use state-of-the-art equipment and technology. They are based in South Yarra and cater for weddings across Melbourne and South Australia.

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Tips on Shortlisting Wedding Photographers in Melbourne

When comparing companies who offer wedding photography in Melbourne, it’s essential to have a good idea about what you’d like your wedding photos’ style to look like. This can help you shortlist wedding photographers who appeal to your sense of style. 

Take the time to look at the portfolios of wedding photographers in Melbourne, so you can see the results they’ve achieved from real-life wedding ceremonies. 

We always recommend calling and meeting a wedding photographer before making a booking or putting down a deposit. You can have an in-depth conversation to ensure you and the photographer are aligned in your vision for the big day. 

A good wedding photographer should be able to answer your questions surrounding their services, so you’ll know if they are the right choice for your wedding.

Remember, you only get to live this special day once, so make sure you select the right photographer for the job. Have a budget in mind when comparing photographers, so you can decide who is and isn’t within your intended budget. 

By reading a photographer’s testimonials and reviews, you can get a good idea of how happy their previous customers were, so you can minimize any concerns you have about the service. 

Finally, some couples like to test out photographers by booking them for an engagement or a couples shoot beforehand. This is an excellent way to try out services offering wedding photography in Melbourne without committing to a photographer too quickly.


Whichever one of these wedding photographers in Melbourne you select, you’ll be in good hands for your big day. Ensure you take the time to assess their portfolio and speak to a potential photographer ahead of making a booking to ensure you find the right fit for you. 

Your wedding day is a moment you’ll remember for the rest of your life, so make sure you capture it with one of the top photographers in the area.

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