When wedding bells begin to ring, say “I do” to wedding photography in Singapore because your wedding day is one of the most momentous occasions in your entire life. It’s the start of a brand new chapter for you and your significant other. Bottle up those precious moments with professionally done photos you will treasure forever. 

By working with an experienced photographer, their lovely snapshots will preserve your wedding day memories in vivid detail. From your wedding attire to your first kiss as husband and wife, every aspect of your marriage ceremony will be covered in gorgeous photos taken by a professional. And once the photo session is complete, you will receive a wedding album full of incredible shots you will treasure forever.

Types of Wedding Photoshoots 

If we take a closer look at wedding photography, you’ll find different types of photoshoots. 

For example, pre-wedding photography has become all the rage in recent years. This kind of photoshoot happens months before the actual day. Unlike the traditional engagement photoshoot, couples wear their wedding outfits during the photo session. Specifically for destination pre-wedding shoots, couples can also select any location for a relaxed shoot, without all the hecticness that comes with the wedding. 

Then, there is the actual day of the wedding. No matter the size of the event, a photographer will cover everything, from preparations to the ceremony to the reception. All of those special moments like reciting vows, cutting the cake, and first dance will be documented in beautiful pictures. 

How much does professional wedding photography cost?

It depends on the studio and what package you select. Some professional services include touch-ups and editing, to guarantee your photos look picture perfect. 

The average price range for wedding photo services varies. Some photographers can charge anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. Generally speaking, professional wedding photos are priced at around $1400 to $3000. 

If you plan a destination photoshoot, you must factor in travel expenses into the overall budget. While this might seem expensive to some, you are paying for top-notch quality photos to memorialize the happiest day of your life. And the majority of brides and grooms that choose wedding photography do not regret having a skilled photographer cover their wedding day. 

Interested in wedding photography in Singapore but don’t know where to start? Worry not. We have compiled a list of some of the most talented wedding photographers in the country. Please note that we have organized this list alphabetically and have NOT rated the photographers from top to bottom.

39 East

Meet the talented folks at 39 East Photography in Singapore. Gaining years of experience under their belt since 2003, they have traveled around the world, from Bali to London, photographing couples on their big day.

Simply take a look at their globe-trekking adventures in their amazing online gallery. Their method for photography blends storytelling and thought-provoking imagery for the perfect picture.

Treating each client as an individual, this studio will create a one of a kind wedding package that is tailored to their specific requests. Apart from wedding photography, they provide maternity and family portrait services as well.

Click here to visit the website

A Little Moment

Meet Teo Sze Lee, a skilled wedding photographer based in Singapore. For almost a decade, Teo of A Little Moment has covered engagement parties, pre-wedding photoshoots, solemnization ceremonies, overseas and local weddings.

Previous clients have praised him for his easy-going personality and his exceptional talent for photographing candid and intimate moments shared between loved ones. Finding the beauty in life’s imperfections, his striking, heartfelt photography style is a visual delight for excited newlyweds.

To view his stunning portraits of brides and grooms on their special day, check out Teo’s Instagram and the amazing portfolio on A Little Moment’s website.

Click here to visit the website

A Merry Moment 

For almost five years, Petrina and Leon from “A Merry Moment” have been photographing happy couples the day of their marriage ceremony. This brilliant studio offers pre-wedding and actual day shoots as well as cinematography options.

Past clients have lived happily ever after with the wedding albums they have received from A Merry Moment. Praised for their insight and professionalism, some newlyweds claim that working with photographers from this studio was one of the best decisions of their lives.

The team of wedding photographers that make up A Merry Moment does an extraordinary job capturing the emotions of a momentous occasion.

Click here to visit the website

Acapella Photography

As a professional photographer for several years, Joe Teng of Acapella Photography has worked with hundreds of happy couples and is considered to be a master of wedding photography in Singapore.

His elegant and romantic photography style will take your breath away. He draws out the newlyweds’ genuine personalities and love for one another in his remarkable snapshots. His close up shots of wedding bands and small details are just as beautiful as his full-length portraits of the bride and groom.

With his keen eye for detail, Joe Teng of Acapella Photography will have you singing with joy from his outstanding work.

Click here to visit the website

Agx Photographie

Three tight-knit friends make up the photographer trio behind Agx Photographie. With a strong interest in photography since 2001, Henmond, Lester, and Ken began experimenting with manual film cameras and different photography techniques.

After pursuing other walks of life while still holding onto their love of photography, the three of them reunited to create Agz Photographie. Not only do they strive for reliable customer experience for every project, but their main goal is also to preserve one’s legacy through timeless photographs.

Other than actual day wedding photography in Singapore, they do solemnization photos, family portraits, and corporate event photography as well.

Click here to visit the website


At Airisu Studio, the talented team consists of four enthusiastic shutterbugs, Nadhir Zainal, Hambali Hanafiah, Kamarulzaman and Naren Pakeri.

Working with many married couples, they strive for excellence in all of their projects. Their elegant, timeless photos capture the true essence of one’s relationship with their significant other. With their minimalist style, they find the sheer beauty in candid, imperfect shots of newlyweds.

Storytellers at heart, these photographers will craft your love story through visual narration as they follow your journey down the aisle. Not interested in wedding photography? Airisu studio also provides engagement photoshoots, corporate event photos and videography services.

Click here to visit the website


Passionate about creating camera magic, Han from Allureweddings is another fabulous wedding photographer. Ever since he was a teenager, he has been involved in wedding photography, starting with carrying lighting equipment for his father’s crew at age thirteen.

Now, with eleven years as a professional photographer under his belt, his photography skills are undeniable. After being involved with over 900 weddings, Han’s incredible insight into the wedding industry is invaluable. For five years in a row, Allureweddings has been voted the ‘best of Singapore’ by the Singapore Tatler.

Established as a prominent photography studio, they provide a variety of services, like pre-wedding, solemnization and wedding day photoshoots.

Click here to visit the website


Charles of AMusephotogragher is an award-winning photographer and member of the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers.

In 2010, he received a specialist certificate in photography from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore. As a husband himself, he understands the importance of memorializing your wedding day in gorgeous snapshots. When it comes to taking the perfect picture, his method is simply to focus on the love of a spontaneous moment.

AMusephotographer specializes in various types of photoshoots, like Pre-Bridal, Actual Day Wedding, Portraiture, Corporate and Event Photography. No matter the size of the event, Charles strives to capture the candid expressions and moments that happen during a wedding celebration.

Click here to visit the website

Andri Tei Photography

What started as a side job for a struggling engineer student has turned into a full-fledged photography career. For almost a decade, Andri Tei of Andri Tei Photography has been a part of many wedding celebrations, capturing genuine emotions of the big day in beautiful photos.

Newlyweds that worked with Andri were impressed by his photography skills, his interesting camera angles, and versatility as a wedding photographer. His intimate, candid photography style is showcased in his pre-wedding shoots and actual day wedding photos.

Take a look at their Instagram and portfolio on their website to see what happy clients are talking about.

Click here to visit the website

Annabel Law

For several years, Annabel Law Productions has covered over 600 weddings and photographed many happy couples. Featuring one of the largest, all-female photography teams in the country, this phenomenal studio has expanded its business to Guangzhou, China.

Recognized for their outstanding photography talent, they have been featured in articles for Vulcan Post, Youth.Sg, and Yahoo!. While collaborating with clients, they provide individualized care to create a one-of-a-kind photo package. Check out their blog and photo gallery to view their exceptional work.

Other than amazing wedding photography in Singapore, their editing team does a superb retouching job on all of the images selected by the newlyweds. Also, Annabel Law Productions handle pre-wedding and engagement photoshoots too.

Click here to visit the website

Antelope Studios 

Another place for wedding photography in Singapore is Antelope Studios. Their mission is to tell love stories through romantic visuals. Just look at their Instagram and portfolio on their website to view their outstanding photographs.

In 2018, this studio was voted Best of Singapore in Wedding Photography by Singapore Tatler. Previous clients have praised Antelope Studios for the fantastic snapshots of their marriage ceremony. One couple considered this team to be “reliable, trustworthy & competent photographers”, a high honor in the wedding photography world.

Apart from actual day photoshoots, they also cover destination pre-wedding shoots as well as maternity portraits.

Website –http://www.antelopestudios.com/

Avior Pictures

Check out the incredible team of wedding photographers at Avior Pictures. Receiving international recognition for their photography talents, this fantastic studio has been honored by the Wedding Photojournalist Association several times.

With a sixth sense for snapping a photo at just the right second, their non-traditional, dynamic approach to photography is a step above the rest. These wedding photographers take the time to collaborate with clients for a relaxed photo session.

Creating a comfortable photoshoot setting for the bride and groom is their number one goal. Look through their award-winning photos and the beautiful gallery on their website to see their extraordinary wedding pictures.

Website – http://www.aviorpictures.com/

Bokelicious Photography

Meet Jack Zhang of Bokelicious Photography. For ten years, he and his fellow photographers have been dedicated to documenting the special day in one’s love story.

At an affordable rate for professional services, this studio will be there every step of the couple’s journey down the aisle, snapping timeless pictures along the way. Jack’s romantic, endearing brand of photos will melt anyone’s heart. Past clients have deemed his camera work as “awesome” and compliment his friendly, engaging personality during the photoshoot.

Other than wedding photography, Bokelicious Photography provides birthday party photo sessions, family portraits, and corporate event photography packages too.

Website – https://www.bokelicious.com/

Bridelope Productions

Meet Germaine Lee of Bridelope Productions. In her three years as a professional wedding photographer, she has been a part of multiple wedding events.

This lovely studio offers both pre-wedding and actual day photoshoot options, just take a look at the gallery on their website. Her whimsical, magical photography style will enchant and enrapture you through heartwarming images. Newlyweds who hired her couldn’t be happier with their amazing wedding album and highly recommend Bridelope Productions to other engaged couples.

When she’s not photographing brides and grooms on their big day, she is also an avid pet photographer. Not in Singapore? Bridelopes Productions also travels to Bali, Vietnam, and Bangkok for photoshoots.

Website – https://www.bridelopeproductions.com

Bv Wedding Photography

If you are looking for spectacular wedding photography in Singapore, look no further than BV Wedding Photography. Available for both local and overseas photoshoots, the photographers from this premier studio specialize in pre-wedding and actual day wedding photos.

Each picture taken by BV Wedding displays a brilliant and charming design. Throughout their careers as professional photographers, they have traveled to different countries, like France, Greece, and Indonesia, to be there to photograph happy couples on their wedding day.

With years of experience, Bv Wedding photography offers extensive knowledge of the wedding industry in any project they are involved with.

Website – https://www.bvwedding.sg/

Chris Chang Photography

Check out creative director Chris Chang and the rest of his awesome team of photographers at Chris Chang Photography. Working as wedding photographers for years and collaborating with engaged clients, they understand the importance of preserving those unforgettable wedding memories in breathtaking images.

They have traveled to Austria, Hokkaido and New Zealand simply to be there for a pre-wedding photoshoot for their clients. After having a memorable photo session with Chris Chang Photography, married couples are showering this great studio with five-star reviews.

In addition to wedding photography, they also cover casual lifestyle couple shoots and fun family photoshoots.

Website – https://chrischangphotography.com/

Chris Ling Photography

With almost thirty years of photography experience under his belt, Chris Ling is an expert wedding photographer based in Singapore. Dramatic and honest, his street photography inspired signature style is well known in the professional photography industry.

Combining his instinct for storytelling with his masterful camera techniques, his snapshots of brides and grooms are utterly magical. Willing to travel around the world for photo sessions with happy couples, he has an invaluable insight when it comes to overseas pre-wedding photoshoots.

View Chris Ling’s phenomenal pictures on his Instagram, his blog, or the Chris Ling Photography website.

Website – https://www.chrisling.com

Click! Photography

Meet the talented team of photographers behind Click! Photography. This studio’s mission is to take their client’s vision of the ideal photoshoot and turn those ideas into reality.

Visual storytellers at heart, their eager, enthusiastic work ethic fuels their passion for wedding photography in every project they are involved with. No matter the type of marriage ceremony, they provide both actual day wedding photoshoot as well as couple photo session options too.

Featuring a romantic and lighthearted essence in all of their photos, joyful newlyweds were “over the moon” with the wedding album they received from the folks at Click! Photography.

Website – www.clickphotography.sg


Considered one of the World’s Top 30 wedding photographers by Signature weddings, check out Cole Kor and the rest of the team at 2 of Us Photography.

Winner of 9 photography awards from the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers, this group of Singapore natives has been snapping photos of couples for over ten years. By collaborating with their clients, they will create a one of a kind photo package, tailored to their specifications and preferences.

Adding a twist to contemporary photography style, this studio’s brand of vibrant and classic looking snapshots will make you fall in love all over again.

Website – http://www.2ofusphotography.com/

Daniel Sim Photography

Daniel Sim is another fantastic wedding photographer based in Singapore. Throughout his career, he has honed his photography skills, striving to take each project to the next level.

During a photoshoot, his method of utilizing natural light lets his artistry and his subjects shine through in brilliant images. Oftentimes, he travels internationally to be present for pre-wedding and actual day photo sessions. To him, photos should tell a story and capture the genuine emotion of joyful newlyweds.

His previous customers were impressed by his stellar work and highly recommend Daniel Sim Photography to others interested in wedding photography in Singapore.

Website – https://www.danielsimphotography.com

Darren And Jade Photography

Known as the couple who photographs other couples, meet dynamic duo Darren and Jade of Darren and Jade Photography. As husband and wife, they understand firsthand how vital preserving those precious wedding memories is.

Snapping photos of brides and grooms celebrating their love is their greatest passion. With their playful and whimsical brand of photographs, they have been honored by Wedding and Photographers International several times. Just take a look at their award-winning pictures on their website.

Clients have praised this studio for their attention to detail and their artistic flair in their wedding shots.

Website – www.darrenandjade.com


With years of wedding photography experience, the remarkable team behind Depthofeel specializes in both destination wedding photo sessions and actual day shoots.

Many previous couples have been incredibly “delighted and satisfied” with the wedding album they received from this studio. Just take a look at their stunning portfolio and blog to see their amazing photography work. Known for their photojournalistic style, they approach a wedding photoshoot as if they were telling a story through images.

Never prompting or posing their clients, they simply photograph the real, unrehearsed moments as they happen, and allow the newlyweds to enjoy their wedding celebration.

Website – http://www.depthofeel.com/

Fr Studios

Devoted to his craft, Francis Razon is incredibly knowledgeable of camera equipment and gear and strives for perfection and professionalism in every project he is involved with.

Receiving 5-star reviews across the board for his excellent work, previous patrons highly recommend Francis of FR Studios to snap pictures of their wedding day or any other special occasion happening in their lives.

Apart from wedding photography in Singapore, this amazing photographer also covers family portraits, newborn photoshoots, and many other forms of photography.

Website – http://www.frstudios.gallery/


After photographing some of his friends’ weddings, Grismond Tien began doing wedding photography professionally and discovered his talent for taking photos at just the right moment.

GrizzyPix Photography has been featured in many wedding-related publications, like Bridestory, Blissful Brides, and The Wedding Vow. Past clients also can’t get enough of Gismond’s candid, engaging style of photography.

In 2014, he traveled to 13 European cities with his fiancee to photograph their pre-wedding pictures, with only a tripod and a camera timer. Talk about a real passion for wedding photography.

Website – http://www.grizzypixphotography.com/

Jacob’s Artography

Meet Jacob James, a talented photographer based out of Singapore. As the namesake suggests, each one of his photos is a work of art.

Harnessing his undeniable passion for photography, he captures heartwarming moments shared between loved ones in incredible photographs. As an excellent collaborator with blissful newlyweds, his easy-going attitude puts them at ease during the entire day of the wedding photoshoot. Frankly, he will do almost everything to accommodate his client’s preferences and ideas.

To him, the day of your marriage ceremony should be like a scene from a fairytale. And Jacob James of Jacob’s Artography will use camera magic to bottle up the enchantment of the event.

Website – http://jacobsartography.com/

Joy De Vi

Check out Louis and the fantastic team of photographers at Joy De Vi. As the photography studio name suggests, their photos bring unbridled joy to happy couples on their wedding day.

Newlyweds felt like they were in good hands with Louis as their wedding photographer and were impressed by his passion and enthusiasm during the photoshoot. His simplistic and romantic manner of photos will bottle up the essence of anyone’s big day.

Take a look at Joy De Vi’s beautiful gallery of photos on their website. Other than pre-wedding and wedding day photography, this studio covers newborn photography as well.

Website – www.joydevi.com

Juxtapose Pix

Next on our list is Junwei of Juxtapose Pix, regarded for outstanding wedding photography in Singapore. Founded in 2014, this studio has received many kind words from the happy couples they have photographed.

Some of them even say hiring professional photographers from Juxtapose Pix was one of the best decisions they made for their wedding day. Going above and beyond for clients, they are willing to travel to any location for the pre-wedding photo session.

For a more intimate setting, an in-studio photoshoot is also an available option. Juxtapose Pix has a quirky, lighthearted brand of photography that will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Website – juxtaposepix.com

Kai Picture

Meet Kai, Keneth, and Yeow, a trio of talented photographers at Kai Picture. While they each possess their unique photography style, all three of them share the same goal; To capture the connection between loved ones during a marriage celebration.

Storytellers to the core, these remarkable wedding photographers tell a person’s love story through stunning visuals. While lifestyle photography may be their specialty, their wedding photos are dramatic and artistic, especially their black and white shots.

Head over to Kai Picture’s Facebook and Instagram to view these photographers’ lovely snapshots. Aside from wedding photography in Singapore, they offer family portraits options as well.

Website – www.kaipicture.com

Knottin’ Visuals

Meet Ricky, Ryan, and Benjamin, the amazing visual storytellers behind Knottin’ Visuals. As members of the Wedding Photojournalist Association, their mission is to tell the unique love story between two people through picture-perfect images.

With years of experience shared between them, count on these outstanding photographers to create everlasting memories of your wedding in heartwarming images. After working with many brides and grooms, this studio has been showered with five-star reviews across the board.

Previous clients have no regrets booking with Knottin’ Visuals, describing them as professional, creative and easy-going. Ricky, Ryan, and Benjamin of Knottin’ Visuals are available to travel to Bali, Australia, and New Zealand for destination pre-wedding sessions.

Website – https://knottinvisuals.com

Kw Studio Photography

Winner of the Magic Lens Award in 2017, this is Kenny Wong of KW Studio Photography. Starting as a camera assistant for Milan Wedding Bridal Studio, he went on to establish his professional photography studio and became a co-founder of KW Studio Photography.

As a photographer, Kenny’s greatest desire is to capture special wedding day moments through innovative camera techniques and creative photography methods. He has nothing less than 5-star reviews from his clients.

Further, couples are incredibly pleased with his photos and positive demeanor. One client even stated it was “the best decision to engage Kenny as our photographer,” a high compliment for a wedding photographer in this industry.

Website – https://www.kwstudio-photography.com/


Meet Sebastian Teh, an exceptional wedding photographer and the creative director at Loveinstills. Striving for professional quality in every project, he is considered a rising star in the wedding photography community.

This phenomenal studio specializes in both wedding photography and videography. Respecting their space, he manages to catch those intimate moments shared between husband and wife in a non-intrusive way through photographs. His candid, emotional shots will capture the romance of the big day.

Just take a look at the spectacular portfolio on their website and their blog. Once his work is complete, couples are guaranteed to receive a beautiful wedding album from Sebastian Teh of Loveinstills.

Website – http://www.loveinstills.com/

Luv Moments

Check out the remarkable group of wedding photographers and videographers at Luv Moments. Over the years, this studio has garnered several prestigious wedding photography awards, such as the silver award from Wedding and Portrait Photography International in 2014.

Not only do they offer photobooth packages, but they also provide local and overseas pre-wedding photoshoots as well as actual wedding day shoots. Their distinct brand of scenic wide shots will sweep anyone off their feet.

Willing to go the distance for their clients, this photography team at Luv Moments has traveled around the world for photoshoots, like Paris, Prague, Venice, and many other countries.

Website – www.luvmoments.sg


Check out the award-winning team of photographers at Luvescape studio. For almost ten years, they have provided both local and overseas pre-wedding photoshoots as well as actual wedding day photoshoots.

Devoted to creating the dream wedding photoshoot for newlyweds, their photography style exudes elegance and artistry that is truly magnificent to see. Willing to go the distance for their clients, photographers from this studio have traveled around the world, like France, Italy, and Australia, to be there for a photo session.

Newlyweds have fallen in love with their wedding album full of frame-worthy photos created by Luvescape. Also, they have cinematic videography services too.

Website – http://www.luvescape.com/

Lyrical Moments

Next, is Stephen Loh, the founder of Lyrical Moments. With his creative vision and devotion to his craft, he specializes in wedding photography and portraits.

Winning multiple prestigious awards and contests, he has gained international recognition for his photography skills. In 2009 and 2010, he was named Overseas Wedding Photographer of the Year. A member of the Master Photographer Association and spokesperson for Canon, it goes without saying that Stephen knows his way around a camera.

Other than wedding photography, he offers bridal and engagement portrait services too. Count on Stephen Loh of Lyrical Moments to take top-notch shots of your wedding day.

Website – http://www.lyricalmoments.com/

Maple Stills Photography

Meet William of MapleStills Photography, a wedding photographer based in Singapore. As a husband and father himself, he understands the importance of preserving memories of a marriage celebration in stunning snapshots.

Capturing intimacy and genuine emotion in all of the pictures he takes, his signature photography style is candid yet timeless. The majority of his clients have expressed kind words on William’s photography work and professional demeanor and highly recommend him to other engaged couples looking for a wedding photographer.

Check out his amazing Instagram that is full of romantic images from past wedding photo sessions Maple Stills Photography has covered.

Website – https://www.maplestills.com/

Mike Chen Photography

Proficient in both pre-wedding photography and actual day wedding photography, Mike Chen’s exceptional talent is unquestionable. The use of light and interesting composition in his photographs is truly a spectacle to see.

Just take a look at the gorgeous portfolio on his website and his Instagram. Going the extra mile for happy couples, he is available for traveling anywhere around the world, just to be present for a pre-wedding photoshoot.

Newlyweds, who hired Mike to photograph their wedding ceremonies, consider him “a visionary accompanied with a consistent artistic flair.”

Website – www.mikechenphotography.com

Raymond Phang Photography

Known as one of the most proficient wedding photographers in Singapore, meet Raymond Phang. After garnering 250 prestigious photography awards throughout his career, it’s safe to say his camera skills are unparalleled.

Included in the list of the world’s top 30 wedding photographers by Signature Weddings, Raymond Phang is considered a master of wedding photography. Combining camera techniques with storytelling is his true passion. His natural creative flair and his keen eye for detail is represented in his stunning photographs.

Aside from wedding photography in Singapore, he does food, architecture and children photography as well.

Website – https://raymondphang.com/


Melvin, Kelvin, and Kathleen are the talented trio behind Renatus, a wedding photography and cinematography studio. Motivated by their passion for capturing memories, these three photographers are fully invested in every photo session they are involved with.

They provide destination wedding, pre-wedding photoshoots, and with their spectacular drone skills, they offer fantastic videography packages as well. Their brand of charming yet elegant images will make anyone who sees them fall in love.

Past clients were incredibly pleased with this studio’s superb work and professional yet easy-going attitude, even suggesting Renatus to other engaged couples looking for a wedding photographer.

Website – http://renatus.com.sg/

Senica Photos

Leaving the corporate world behind, Sebastian and Monica took a leap of faith and co-founded Senica Photos together. With almost a decade of photography experience under their belts, this dynamic duo let their images tell one’s love story.

They will create a one-of-a-kind wedding photoshoot package tailored made to their client’s specific needs. Brides and grooms who collaborated with the team of photographers at Senica Photos adore their sincere work ethic during the event and their romantic, heartwarming style of photos.

In addition to pre-wedding and actual day wedding photoshoots, they offer photobooth options for the special day as well.

Website – http://www.senicaphotos.com/

Shilton Tan Photography

Meet Singapore event photographer Shilton of Shilton Tan Photography. Having a deep desire to create art, each of his lovely photos is a picture-perfect masterpiece.

As a skilled photographer with a sharp eye for detail, he can catch the intimate gestures and emotions shared between loved ones during any kind of celebration. Other than wedding photography in Singapore, he does portraits, baby shower photos, and birthday photoshoots for all ages as well.

No matter the occasion, people have their complete trust in Shilton’s ability to capture these once in a lifetime memories in brilliant looking snapshots.

Website – https://photography.shiltontan.com

Stanstills Photography

With his passion for photography, Stan truly loves his job, capturing the authenticity of a moment through beautiful pictures. He allows the setting of the photoshoot, whether it be indoors or outdoors, to accentuate the bride and groom’s appearance in images.

Simply check out his Instagram or the impressive photo gallery on the StanStills website. Traveling to places like Korea, Bali, and New Zealand, he is available for photoshoots anywhere around the world.

Previous clients feel absolutely “blessed” to have had such an energetic, kind-hearted photographer like Stan photographing their big day.

Website – https://www.stanstills.com/

The Luminari

Since 2015, photographers Tze and Sze Ping of Luminari have been snapping pictures of newlyweds on the happiest day of their lives.

Throughout their careers, they have held wedding and pre-wedding photoshoots all over the world, like Australia, Bali, Thailand, and France.
Their unique brand of photography is timeless and cinematic, just take a look at the stunning gallery on their website. Fueled by their passion for photography and creating lasting memories, their mission is to illuminate a couple’s love story through brilliant snapshots.

Other than wedding photography, they also provide pre-wedding photoshoot options, both local and overseas, as well as videography.

Website – https://www.theluminari.com/

The Vanilla Project

The place to be for lifestyle for wedding photography in Singapore is The Vanilla Project. As the studio name suggests, their signature style is sugary sweet and whimsical.

In 2019 and 2020, The Vanilla Project was considered the world’s best wedding photographers by Junebug Weddings. As renowned lifestyle wedding photographers, it’s their goal to savor memories in lovely photos. Previous clients have praised the Vanilla project’s work as “exquisite” and consider hiring them as the best investment for their marriage ceremony.

Want to view their amazing photographs? Their Instagram and website portfolio is full of beautiful shots from wedding photoshoots.

Website – https://thevanillaproject.com/

The SK gallery

This is Shabir Khan of The SK Gallery. After training with the Master Photography Association in London, he quickly became a prominent destination wedding photographer throughout Singapore and the world.

With camera magic, his grandiose, dreamlike photography style will enthrall anyone who views his photographs. He and his team of photographers give every client the royal treatment. By working with The SK Gallery, husbands and wives are treated like kings and queens, and newlyweds could not be happier with the results.

View the portfolio full of majestic shots on his website to see Shabir masterful skills of photography in action.

Website – http://theskgallery.com/

Tinydot Photography

Garnering recognition from the Wedding Photojournalists Association and the International Society of Wedding Professionals, meet the award-winning group of photographers behind Tinydot Photography.

Storytellers with a camera, Timothy, Jerald, Yu Hsin, and Donn are all inspired to photograph the unscripted moments of a wedding celebration and retell one’s beautiful love story through stunning visuals. Available for local and international work, the team at Tinydot Photography specializes in overseas bridal photography, pre-weddings, and actual day wedding photoshoots.

With a classic yet charming brand of photos, happy couples are even more pleased with the wedding albums they have received from Tinydot photography.

Website – www.tinydotphotography.com


Check out renowned wedding photographers Alwin and Kai of Trouvé. Recognized by the Wedding Photojournalists Association and Artistic Guild Wedding Photojournalists Association, this studio was also deemed the Best of Singapore in 2018 by the Singapore Tatler.

In addition to winning numerous awards and achievements, their fantastic work has been featured in the International Master of Photography as well. Previous clients of this studio agree Trouvé’s elegant, vibrant photography work is a step above the rest.

Globetrekking around the world, Alwin and Kai have traveled to places like Paris, Bali, and Japan just to be present for a pre-wedding photoshoot.

Website – www.trouve.us

Visual Artisans Photography

Meet Michael Chan, an award-winning photographer and founder of Visual Artisans Photography. As the studio name suggests, he creates works of art out of intimate visuals of blissful newlyweds on their special day.

His distinct photography style is bold and eye-catching. Look through the portfolio on their website to see a sample of Michael’s amazing photos. This globe-trekking photographer will travel around the world to snap gorgeous pictures of brides and grooms for their upcoming nuptials.

In addition to exceptional wedding photography, Visual Artisans Photography specializes in maternity, baby, family and pet photoshoots as well.

Website – http://visualartisans.net

Wabi Sabi Pictures

Born and raised in Singapore, this is wedding photographer Haolun of Wabi Sabi Pictures. As a married man himself, he understands the importance of capturing those special wedding day memories in treasured snapshots.

Inspired by his time honing his craft in Japan, his minimalist style speaks volumes. With his keen eye for composition, his passion for storytelling through street photography influences all of his pre-wedding and actual day wedding photoshoots. Newlyweds, who hired Haolun of Wabi Sabi Pictures, say that his work is “full of emotion, vibe, and character.”

View his delightful pictures in his portfolio and on his Instagram to see what everyone’s talking about.

Website – wabisabipictures.com

We Made These

Founded in December of 2014, “We Made These” has covered both weddings and portraitures for happy couples. Their simplistic, contemporary photography techniques can be seen in all of the pictures they have taken.

Showcasing the dynamic between lovers is this team’s main goal for every photoshoot they are a part of. Past clients felt immensely grateful to have professional photographers from We Made These photograph their wedding celebration, showering this studio with 5-star reviews across the board.

Not only do they put their subjects at ease during shoots, but both their candid pictures and their marvelous portraits will also make anyone smile.

Website – wemadethese.net

Wedding Around The World

Deciding to pursue his passion for photography full time, Raymond Yee founded Wedding Around the World in 2014. Open to collaborating with customers, he customizes a one-of-a-kind wedding photo package based on their specifications and preferences.

With his impressive skill for finding the right composition for a shot, there is a magical elegance present in all of his wedding pictures. For every pre-wedding photo session he is involved with, he will storyboard the day’s events and provide fun props for grooms and brides-to-be.

While Raymond’s specialty lies in pre-wedding and actual day wedding photography in Singapore, he is available for romantic engagement photoshoots as well.

Website – https://www.weddingaroundtheworld.net/

Wedding Moments Photography

For almost twenty years, Wedding Moments Photography has offered professional wedding day photoshoots to couples ready to walk down the aisle.

Straying away from stiff, rehearsed shots, they aim to catch candid interactions expressed between loved ones on the big day. In every snapshot they create, there is a natural beauty found in these unpredictable moments. Husbands and wives who have worked with Wedding Moments Photography feel blessed to have hired their remarkable service for their special day.

Aside from their selection of professional wedding photography packages, Wedding Moments Photography covers wedding portraits as well as engagement photo sessions too.

Website – www.wedding-moments.com

Withminn Photography

Check out the talented team of photographers, and in-house photo editors, at WithMinn Photography. Offering an affordable rate for their professional services, they strive for a relaxed photo session with every couple they photograph.

Past clients are amazed at the incredible photo quality and camera skills these excellent photographers possess. With a genuine passion for capturing memories in gorgeous pictures, their elegant yet playful photography style will make anyone’s heart melt.

Able to work locally and overseas, they are willing to travel anywhere for a memorable photoshoot. Other than wedding photography in Singapore, Withminn Photography also specializes in family photo sessions and corporate event shoots.

Website – http://www.withminn.com/


After you find your something borrowed and something blue, consider finding a photographer to shoot your wedding celebration. You won’t regret having wonderful wedding photos done by experienced professionals. By hiring any of the photographers mentioned on our list, you are guaranteed a wedding album full of romantic shots that will preserve the memory of your wedding day. Celebrate the next chapter of your extraordinary love story with wedding photography in Singapore. 

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