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Cake Smash Photography

What’s better than a one-year-old smashing cake? Getting a picture of it, of course. That’s the goal of cake smash photography, a relatively new photographic niche that is the delight of moms everywhere.

Cake smash photography aims at exploring a different facet of baby photography. While other forms focus on more traditional poses and scenes, this photographic form takes a hammer to traditional expectations by smashing photographic norms.

What does it involve? Like any traditional photoshoot, cake smash photography requires extensive setup. For starters, while it’s up to the photographer to stage the scene, it’s generally the role of the parent to choose the cake. As a rule, you want to choose colorful cakes that will pick up well on camera and jive with any background you’ve got going on (this means no chocolate).Once the cake has been chosen and the scene has been set, it’s all about waiting for your baby to smash her cake. Obviously, this is often easier said than done. In many cases, extensive practice is required to get the child to smash the cake.

This doesn’t mean, of course, that your baby will have to smash multiple cakes for practice. Instead, you can practice at home with similar-looking cupcakes. This will help your child associate cake with smashing and be prepared for her big moment when the time comes.

The result will be a photograph too cute to ignore. As the name implies, cake smash photography can often be pretty messy—but that’s where the fun lies. By choosing the right photographer, you can snap a memory that’s sure to generate laughs for years to come.