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Cityscape Photography

If you’ve ever attempted to go on vacation or even picked up a travel guide or brochure, it’s likely that you’ve seen cityscape photography. Cityscape photography aims at capturing a distant or up-close view of a city’s skyline or any other region that can be used to highlight the particular characteristics of a city. In general, cityscape photography consists of ground and aerial shots, making it a versatile and useful medium in tourism.

While cityscape photography is largely used in the professional tourism industry to promote cities and highlight special locations, it is also one of the more popular amateur photography mediums. With the advent of smartphones, the number of cityscape photographers has increased dramatically. And while it’s certainly possible to capture a stunning cityscape with your phone, you’ll likely want to invest in some professional equipment in order to get the best shot.

What will you need? In a nutshell, you can expect a professional cityscape view to warrant a professional camera, a wide lens, a tripod, and any necessary filters. Because cityscape photography takes place outside and thus does not use controlled lighting, it’s essential that you understand the timing of your cityscape shot.

In general, you’ll want to get your shot during the golden hour (one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset) so that your final image is warm and soft in color. Of course, this can change depending on the particular scene and city you are capturing. It’s always advised to scope out your scene in advance to plan your composition.

If you’re looking for that perfect cityscape shot, there’s no time to waste. Your ultimate composition is waiting!