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Corporate Photography

Corporate photography is the backbone of any successful marketing campaign. Though this form of photography is largely passed over, it offers serious benefits for businesses and photographers alike. Understanding the importance of corporate photography is crucial for any business. Likewise, knowing how to properly take corporate photographs can be a boost to any photographer’s career.

So what is corporate photography? In general, it involves the photographing of a corporation’s members or workplace. A good example of corporate photography would be an image of Bill Gates sitting at his desk at Microsoft. Other examples would include CEOs discussing plans with their partners or shots of a meeting that will ultimately used as stock photos.

Corporate photography can be used in a variety of settings to promote business initiatives. For example, this form of photography is featured across several business websites and is routinely included in magazines such as Forbes. For business owners, corporate photography offers a great way to get the brand out there—often in a very subtle way. This form of photography also involves the snapping of corporate headshots (which are great on any company profile), snapshots of tradeshows or other company events, and images that can be used in e-training materials. As such, corporate photography can be deemed as any photography that’s meant to grow or promote a company’s brand, reputation, ideals, or business.

For the photographer, corporate photography offers a chance to grow. As many corporate photographs are taken in highly-controlled environments, it can be difficult to frame an artful shot. Compared to other forms of photography, the amount of freedom given to the photographer is minimal. Therefore, corporate photography is a great medium for diversifying skill and increasing versatility.