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Event Photography

If you’ve ever had those professional birthday shots taken, you’ve participated in event photography. Event photography is a photographic form that focuses on events and event attendees. As such, the medium has many subsets, including birthday and wedding photography. This makes event photography one of the most popular forms of photography—and one of the most complex.

While event photography can be defined as photography of any event, it refers specifically in many official circles to photography of corporate events. This means that while your wedding or birthday is technically covered in the umbrella term that is event photography, you may find that most who label themselves as event photographers specialize in the following areas: retirement parties, galas, trade shows, corporate anniversaries, conferences, and office open houses.

As such, event photography can also be considered as a subset to corporate photography. In general, this type of photography makes use of stop and repeat. If you’ve ever seen those large backdrops at special events, you already know what stop and repeat is. Basically, these are corporate or brand backdrops to photoshoots that provide the eventual event photograph with more layered context.

Event photography is useful in promoting corporate events and in providing company members with memories of their work lives. For example, those who participate in retirement parties may appreciate event photographs of their retirement in the years following their company leave. In this sense, the applications of event photography go far beyond marketing and brand expansion.

For the photographer, event photography offers an opportunity to strengthen his photographic skill and pad his resume while earning real money. Many event photography set ups can be lucrative, especially for beginning photographers.