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Fashion Photography

Who doesn’t love fashion photography? This artistic medium highlights the pleasing aesthetics of male and female clothing. Fashion photography is one of the main tools employed in the fashion industry and seeks to emphasize the beauty, form, shape, and design of certain clothing. We’ve all come face to face with this photography at some point in our lives (and likely on a daily basis).

That GAP ad you see on Facebook? That’s fashion photography. The countless dresses you see in the latest edition of your favorite magazine? That counts as fashion photography, too. In general, it helps to conceptualize fashion photography as any form of photography that uses fashion and designer clothing as the main subject of the composition.

Fashion photography has existed nearly as long as photography itself. Despite this, it wasn’t until the 20th century that the medium took off, with magazines such as Vogue emphasizing contemporary fashion. In many cases, it is through fashion photography that new fashion and designer trends are set. Certainly, it is the case that fashion photography is one of the main selling tools employed by fashion companies and retail stores.

What does the form focus on? As with other types of photography, fashion photography uses light, form, and color to emphasize its composition. Fashion photography employs both male and female models to enhance the look and appeal of the fashion being photographed.

Contrary to popular belief, fashion photography does not simply center around clothing. Other fashion accessories such as bracelets, tiaras, necklaces, and more can be used as props in a fashion photoshoot. In general, it is up to the photographer to frame each fashion shoot in a way that promotes the fashion being shown.