Food Photography

Food photography is crucial for any business as it's the first thing that grabs customers attention, it can make or break a sale. It showcases the quality, taste and presentation of the dish, making it more desirable and appealing to customers.


3 Simple steps for a fun, hassle-free photoshoot

Confirm availability

Let us know your preferred date and time for the shoot. We will check availability with the most appropriate photographer and revert within 6-12 hours or sooner.

Book your photoshoot

Once we confirm the photographer's availability, you can book the photoshoot. After booking, we will share the photographer's contact details so you can plan your shoot.

Enjoy your photoshoot

Meet your photographer on the day of the shoot and have fun in your session. Depending on the number of photos, you will receive the images within 24-72 hours after the shoot.


Showcases the quality, taste and presentation of your food

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food photography Singapore a bowl of clams and oysters with a kettle beside the bowl
food stylist singapore several colourful macaroons on sticks
food photographers Singapore a steamed crab in bowl
food photographer Singapore a milk tea with pearls topped with whipped cream
photographer food a slice of delicious-looking cake
food photographers Singapore a piece of chocolate tart
food photography Singapore small pieces of fish topped with cheese, sauce, and garnish
photographer food two pieces of fried balls
food styling singapore a bowl of noodles with meat and different toppings
food photographer Singapore a loaf of bread is sliced and placed next to tomato sauce and garlic
photographer food a closer picture of a dish on an oyster
food photographers Singapore sauce is poured on mouth-watering dish
food photographer Singapore a plate of rice with chicken meat and burnt lemon slices
food photographer Singapore a delicious pastry which is topped with different berries


Ready to book your photoshoot?

Tell us your preferred photoshoot date and time and any other preferences. Based on that, we will check the photographer's availability. Once we confirm their availability, you can book the photoshoot session!

Clear package descriptions and straightforward pricing.
Instant communication with your photographer after booking.
Very responsive customer service team.
Fast delivery of high-resolution photos after your photoshoot.
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Frequently asked questions

What is your cancellation policy?

Free cancellation is applicable if you submit the cancellation request by at maximum 96 hours (4 days) before your initial photoshoot date. Click here for details.

What is your reschedule for free after booking?

Free reschedule is applicable if you submit the reschedule request by at maximum 96 hours (4 days) before your initial photoshoot date. Click here for details.

When will my pictures be ready?

For most photoshoots, you can expect to receive your edited photos within 24-72 hours if there are between 20-50 photos. If your photoshoot has 100+ photos, it may take longer to receive the edited pictures.

What if I’m running late?

If you are running late for your shoot, please inform your photographer via text or email as soon as possible. Understand that if you arrive late, your photographer may have another shoot booked immediately after, and it's unlikely they will be able to extend your shoot (although it's always possible to ask). We recommend arriving at least 10 min early, so you don't begin your experience in a rushed state of mind. Remember: traffic in big cities can be unpredictable. If you wish to extend your shoot beyond the scheduled time and the photographer is available, additional time will be charged at $75 USD per 30 minutes.

What if it is an outdoor shoot and it's raining?

We will connect you directly with your photographer so you can be in touch before your shoot to discuss the weather. We can never guarantee photographer availability on other dates, but they always do their best to reschedule if there is too much rain. In the unfortunate case, that terrible weather makes your shoot impossible and there is no ability to reschedule, we will offer a full refund.

Can I purchase extra time while in the middle of a shoot?

Of course! If you want to keep going, and your photographer is free, you can pay the additional charge afterward online. Each additional 30-minute increment is $75 USD.

Do we need to pay for the photographer's transportation and entrance fees?

All our photographers are local to the city where you will have your photoshoot, so there will be no additional charges for things like travel or accommodation. However, if you would like your photoshoot to take place in a more remote location that is further from the city center, or any location that requires an entrance fee, there may be an additional charge.


What people are saying about our services

Ted Teo Yi Xiang

"Shutterturf provided me with a smooth and seamless experience. They found an excellent photographer who met my needs and budget and they were very attentive to my needs/requests. Highly recommended."

James Ting

It’s during Covid lockdown and access to services are restricted and a source of stress. Was happy that my wife and myself found this company whose services was responsive, and professional, helping us to navigate the lockdown requirements and arranging for us the photography session in quick time. The session was professional and the photographs matched the standards that we were looking for. Will def reccomend the services again! 🙂

Keng Low

Enjoyed using the service. Fuss-free. Had a good photographer.


Tips on hiring a food photographer

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Looking for some other type of photoshoot?

Food Photography

Food photography involves clicking pictures of delicious food so that they look irresistible to the viewers. These services are mostly used by food bloggers, restaurants, fast food joints, and other food businesses. And they intend to spark desire (hunger)!

Food photography can truly make the difference when it comes to advertising or capturing people’s attention, whether it’s online, in a restaurant window, in a book, or even on a menu. Having professionals take care of this job for you means you can be confident that your food will be shown in the best possible way, appealing to those who see the pictures and making them want to eat it.

Investing in food photography means you can have high-quality imagery that can be used in the years to come, potentially making an enormous difference when it comes to making a profit and wowing people at a glance. Thus, food photographers are highly experienced in knowing exactly what makes food photograph well. They have tips and tricks designed specifically to make food look appealing to viewers, helping to achieve whatever objectives you have set out.

From knowing great angles to recommending types of food and ways to present it, these photographers will be able to make your photo shoot a success by capturing brilliant and eye-catching imagery that will impress viewers. They make sure that a restaurant becomes a total sell-out and a food blogger receives heavy engagement.

So, what are you waiting for? You are at the right place. Just go through our packages for food photography, connect with the professionals, and book their services.