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What we look for

Professional Experience

You are a full-time or part-time professional photographer with multiple years of experience doing paid work

Have professional gear

Owns professional level equipment (DSLR camera, flash, and a range of lenses)

Great Work Ethic

You arrive on time, you deliver results, and you understand the importance of an incredible customer experience.

Awesome Human Being

You are personable, friendly, kind, fun, and connect easily with people

Amazing Talent

Your images are inspiring, moving, and tell a story. You have the skills and experience to produce truly beautiful work.

Unbending Passion

You love your job and, like us, are passionate about changing the way clients remember their experience and photos with you.

Frequently asked questions

I am a photographer. How can i join Shutterturf?

To join shutterturf, the 1st step is to tell us a little about yourself via submitting a form. Once we receive your information, someone from our team will view your information and contact you.

How does it work?

The platform is straightforward, and you have complete control. Till you accept, no booking is confirmed. Here is how it happens.-

  1. You list your photography services on our platform. You can create multiple listings.
  2. The interested client sees your profile, portfolio, reviews, and messages you.Y
  3. You communicate with the client on our platform, and if they are interested in booking, you ask them to book through our platform. Please do not accept direct bookings as that violates our policy.
  4. Once the client initiates the booking, you will get an email to accept the booking. Only once you accept the booking is confirmed.
  5. After the photoshoot and delivery of photos, the client completes the order, and we release the money to you (minus our commission.
  6. You and the Client review each other. Reviews build your reputation so you can get even more bookings and repeat business.

Please note that if the client initiates a booking and you don't accept it in 2 days, it automatically cancels. 

We are multiple photographers who work for the same business. Do we each need a separate account?

Yes, even if you are part of the same business, each photographer needs to create a separate Shutterturf account. However, if that is not feasible then you can create just 1 seller account and assign and manage the orders to your photographers internally. Shutterturf will treat you as a single entity.

After creating a listing, can I change the price, delivery time etc at a later time?

Yes, absolutely! Once the onboarding is complete, you will get access to the seller's dashboard. From there, you will be able to change all aspects of your listing as many times as you want. However, please be aware that every time you make any change, the listing would be submitted for approval so there may be some downtime. Our team works very fast to approve all listings requests, usually within minutes, but in some cases it still may take upto 2 days.


What photographers are saying about our services

Dirgan Singapore Photographer

Dirgantara Fasa

Being a photographer, Shutterturf helps me and the clients a lot. It is one of the best, unique and fair system in the digital world that full of the copycats.

Liew Junliang

I registered onto this platform less than 1 month ago, and in just few days time, I got my first booking from their website. Their service is also fantastic. They are extremely helpful and responsive, and made sure I am well taken care of as the photographer/service provider. Looking forward to working with you again 🙂


Shutterturf is a lovely platform for connecting the customers to photographers and vice versa. Website is very easy to use and convenient. As a photographer, I have done projects with them and its been really smooth and very quick response time for any clarification. Highly recommend.


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We are looking for professional photographers with experience doing paid work. Once you apply, our vetting team may take up to 3 business days to review your application (though generally, it's much sooner).

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