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Newborn Photography

Booking a newborn photography session is a very heart-warming, memorable experience. The first few weeks of the little one’s life are such a precious time, which also sadly flies by very quickly. Tiny feet, adorable little fingers, cute wrinkles and an odd smile – every detail of your newborn’s appearance is so special and is worth capturing.

Newborn photography enables you to create lasting memories of your adorable baby, as well as share these moments with friends and family. Whether it’s sending an email out to loved ones or displaying beautiful prints around the house, the possibilities are endless!

Ideally, you want to book a newborn photography session in the first 2-3 weeks of baby’s life. Not only your little one is extra adorable during this period, but it’s also the time they sleep a lot, which greatly assists in creating a smooth, stress-free photoshoot experience. In addition, you’ll get many cute, postcard-worthy sleepy photos!

It is recommended to make plans for your newborn photography adventure in the second trimester. Then, you will still have plenty of time to refine the details with the photographer, as opposed to trying to find someone after the baby is born. The latter is not ideal, as you want to make sure you and your chosen photographer are on the same page, as well as thoroughly scroll through their past work examples.

Whether you choose to arrange a newborn photography session in the comfort of your own home or opt for a professional studio, with the right photographer the results will leave you in total awe. Don’t wait until the last moment and enquire about your favorite photographer’s availability today! All that’s left after that is planning. Picking adorable tiny costumes and accessories can be hard work, but there is hardly anything more rewarding.