About Cedric Choo

Hello there, Hi, thank you for checking out my page. My name is Cedric and I am a photographer and videographer working under the company. I have been doing this right about the same time Chhay Heng started. It's really crazy how much we have done but there is much more to go and I have no intention of stopping! ​ I love coffee. I have the passion to tell a story through my videos and photos and I would love to be able to share yours through my lens and style. I have a dream I am working towards and would be honoured to have you on this journey :)

Camera Equipment

Camera : Sony A7RII Lenses : 24-70 F4 Sony Zeiss Lens, 45mm F1.8 Samyang Prime Lens Tripod : Sirui A-1005


Language Proficiency
Chinese Conversational
English Fluent

Additional Details

  • Will travel to client locally
  • Videography equipment
  • 360 degree photography equipment