Reschedule Policy

  1. Free reschedule request will be applied if you submit your request at maximum 96 hours (4 days) before your initial photoshoot date.
  2. Between 48 hours (2 days) and 72 hours (3 days), your reschedule request will be free if the existing photographer that is assigned to you is available. If the assigned photographer is unavailable, Shutterturf will find another photographer, and you will be charged 25% of the city price at the moment.
  3. Reschedule requests made below 48 hours can be processed as long as your assigned photographer is available. If all photographers are unavailable, we suggest you find another time.
  4. The date calculation will refer to the city where your photoshoot happens.
  5. Reschedule request is free If it happens due to circumstances coming from our photographer or force majeure.
  6. The new photoshoot date should be within 30 days before and after your initial photoshoot dates. Otherwise, you can’t pick this date.
  7. Please Whatsapp us or email us to submit a reschedule request.