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Sports Photography

Sports photography remains one of the most popular—and exciting—forms of photography around today. However, unlike other kind of photography that are accessible to many amateur photographers, sports photography is typically undertaken by a select group of professionals. For this reason, sports photography may be differentiated from other photography forms in a number of key ways. Think for a moment about the last sports photograph you saw. Where was it? Perhaps it was online on your Facebook feed or maybe even in an addition of Sports Illustrated. Either way, consider who took the image. Was it one of your friends, your every-day Average Joe, or a professional? Our guess is the latter. The reason for this can be explained quite simply. It’s often the case that sporting events aren’t free—and even if they are, spectators typically don’t sit close enough to capture images. This means that those who do typically have special permission and access to photograph the sporting match—and they generally do so for a purpose. Most commonly, these shots are included in newspapers, magazines, and online sites to aid and supplement accompanying text. And while many sports shots have managed to become famous and easily recognizable, none comes without a story. Some may find it more challenging to capture the perfect sports photograph. Because the subjects are often in motion, special settings may be required to get a clear image. The photographer must also have a good eye and fast reflexes to capture the right shot. Being too unaware and slow can lead to missed opportunities. It’s for this reason that sports photographers are typically highly trained and have knowledge of the sports they’re capturing.