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Still Life Photography

Still life photography deals with the photographing of inanimate objects. In other words, one may say that “still life photography” is a fancy way of referring to some of the most common types of photographs available today. That’s right—you encounter still life photography every day—even if you didn’t realize it. One of the most popular forms of still life photography, for instance, is food photography. Found on millions of TV commercials, billboards, and coupon advertisements across the country, this form of still life photography is easily recognizable. But it doesn’t stop there. Chances are that you’ve been an amateur still life photographer yourself. That time you took a photograph of your plate when you went on that expensive date? Yep—that was still life photography. You may have even seen several different still life photographs come across your Facebook timeline or Instagram feed. (Or, let’s face it—you may be the one flooding others’ timelines with your still life shots. And that’s okay.) From this, it’s easy to see that still life photography has both personal and professional uses. Before the advent of smart phones, it would have been fair to say that the most influential form of still life photography was likely professional. These images would include those used by big-name restaurants to entice people to come and eat. Camera-enabled smartphones, however, have now made nearly everyone a still life photographer. In this way, it may be said that still life photography has witnessed an explosion of popularity in the past two decades. With this in mind, however, remember that the best still life shots are still those taken by professionals. If you’re in need of revenue-generating still life photography, be sure to contact reputable experts.